15 Best Things to Do in Smyrna, TN

Smyrna, TN
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The former farming community of Smyrna is a travel destination in Texas that's full of natural preserves.

In its ancient eras, the community went by the name "River Fork" and welcomed its first settlers in the 1850s.

Other names that this place goes by include Lowery and Chinita.

Interestingly, Smyrna also has a Civil War history that it continues to remember through a museum that still stands today.

Now, it's a place that brings out the wandering spirit in everyone with its numerous recreational sites.

From dining to nature exploration, Smyrna always has a place everyone can enjoy, no matter what age.

Are you eyeing this place as your next dream travel spot?

Here are some of the best things to do in Smyrna, Tennessee, that you ought to know before you start planning your trip:

Admire the Furnishings at the Historic Sam Davis Home

Exterior of Sam Davis Home
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If going to Smyrna is more of a historical undertaking, you might want to visit the historic Sam Davis Home.

This 168-acre property is a great source of research and exploration for those studying architecture.

The house is a Greek Revival style one with a large old tree carefully adding a nice touch.

If you're not into architecture, there's no need to worry—you can learn more about history instead.

The Sam Davis Home is a tribute to the man of the same name who served in the Civil War.

Sunflower farm at Sam Davis Home
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The boy hero was a great root of inspiration throughout Tennessee for his displayed bravery and loyalty.

When you visit his home, you'll find original home pieces left by his family, as well as added exhibits celebrating his life and legacy.

Various planned programs include Family Nights at the Museum, afternoon tea-inspired events, and adult workshops.

Come and visit this historical treasure on Sam Davis Road.

Cabins at Sam Davis Home
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Play at the Splash Pad at Gregory Mill Park

At Smyrna, outdoor fun is always at its peak, especially at Gregory Mill Park.

This 48-acre neighborhood park houses several family-friendly amenities and trails.

After its grand opening in 2006, it has seen various renovations and additions to the park's features.

A fenced splash pad is set at the park's center, dedicated to children and their affinity for fun.

This is also the perfect area to wind down from the heat of Smyrna and enjoy the water with loved ones.

The popular Bobby Campbell Shelter resides at the park for rental and use.

For those wanting to exercise while enjoying the scenery at Gregory Mill Park, there's a 0.45-mile walking trail.

Gregory Mill Park is on Enon Springs Road East.

Watch the Sunset at the Pavilion at Lee Victory Recreation Park

Lee Victory Recreation Park is the most visited among Smyrna's parks.

Originally called Smyrna Recreation Park, it was officially renamed Lee Victory Recreation Park in 2004 to honor the man with its namesake.

If you take a trip down Sam Ridley Parkway East, you'll find tons of activities you can do at this striking park.

Several athletic fields are within the site, including softball, football, and tennis courts.

This makes it an ideal practice area for those playing any of the sports mentioned.

Stand by the pavilion and get a clear view of the sunset as it paints the sky a golden hue.

Let your child explore the playground, too.

This park has it all, so you should never miss this spot in Smyrna.

Learn about One of Smyrna’s Tragedies at the Captain Jeff Kuss USMC Memorial

The Captain Jeff Kuss USMC Memorial fully showcases one of Smyrna's biggest losses in history.

The in-flight accident of Blue Angel #6, handled by Marine Corps Captain Jeff Kuss, shocked the whole community in 2016.

There was a huge show of support for the bereaved, and eventually, construction started for the memorial of the deceased.

Learn more about this story when you schedule a tour at the site.

This can also be an ideal time to discover more about Smyrna's heritage way beyond what history books can provide.

Find the Captain Jeff Kuss USMC Memorial on Sam Ridley Parkway.

Get a Massage at Blue Sage Massage & Day Spa

If exploring Smyrna has taken a toll on your muscles and joints, feel free to drop by Blue Sage Massage & Day Spa on Rock Springs Road.

This day spa offers a calming atmosphere for you to re-energize and find your center.

The services this center offers include facials and massages that relieve your emotional and physical discomfort.

New treatments, like the CBD massage, are also up for those interested in trying something new to their therapeutic treatments.

Should you need a customized plan for your massage sessions, you can request one at Blue Sage Massage & Day Spa.

This way, you feel rejuvenated and ready to go for more sightseeing activities.

Win Prizes at Game Galaxy Arcade

Craving for some pinball action and old school arcade?

Game Galaxy Arcade lets you enjoy its arcade machines and other gaming equipment.

The store hosts group match plays and competitive tournaments, so you can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.

Feel like a kid again as you explore the consoles and old games up for rent and purchase.

Game Galaxy Arcade is in downtown Smyrna on Lowry Street.

Customize Your Own Belt at Buckle and Hide Leather

When you're at Smyrna, prepare to buckle up.

At Buckle and Hide Leather, shop for leather garments, including belts and vests.

This local leather retail shop opened for service in 2013, but its online shop served the public for four years before that.

Priding itself on providing a unique mix of leather all over the Nashville area, it gets you prepped for comfort and style with all sorts of leather materials.

Opt for some of the shop's bestselling belts or customize your own to complete your runway fashion look.

Maybe you can try a pair of leather boots or be more subtle with your purchase with a premium wallet.

Whatever the case, there's more for you to see at Buckle and Hide Leather on Enon Springs Road West.

Stay for Happy Hour at Sullivan's Sports Bar

Sullivan's Sports Bar is on this list because of its late-night, out-with-friends-for-drinks destination potential.

Whether you are staying up to date on NFL or want to have a chilling time with the bros, this bar has your back.

Choose from various bar games, including darts and pool, while you wait for your sports game to start.

Enjoy live music while indulging in sandwiches or pizza slices.

Most of all, be sure to stay for Happy Hour—you won't regret it.

Sullivan's Sports Bar is on President Place.

Roam around the Corn Maze at Walden Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin scarecrow at Walden Pumpkin Farm
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Walden Pumpkin Farm is a Smyrna landmark that's a hit among family travelers.

This farm on Rocky Fork Road opened its doors for tours in the fall of 2000, and from September to October, it provides a venue for entertainment for family members.

Should you need some pumpkin decorations for your Halloween festivities, you may get them here.

There are also corn stalks and Indian corn that offer the best autumn ornaments.

If you're not visiting Walden Pumpkin Farm for pumpkins and other related goods, you can always go for a hayride.

Enjoy the landscapes of the 265-acre farm and even greet animals along the way.

The Activity Area is also notorious for giving families time to race around themselves, get out of the corn maze, and do other surprising activities.

Within the property, you can also pet the farm animals and ride the Pumpkin Train.

Practice Your Roller Skating Skills at Skate Center Smyrna

Go back to the 1970s and fall in love with roller skating again at Skate Center Smyrna.

This skating rink on Plaza Drive opens its doors for planned parties and events.

There's a live DJ available to make your party even more memorable with a good playlist and even better company.

If you prefer to visit without booking the whole place, you can.

Skate Center Smyrna has designated programs for certain days of the week for everyone, including game nights and nostalgic music.

It's never too late to start fun aerobic exercises with a friend or a group while on your roller skates.

At Skate Center Smyrna, you burn calories and learn to move and groove.

Play Games at Stars and Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center

Do you think you might need a place to have fun with friends and family at Smyrna?

Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center gets you started on premium fun you won't get elsewhere.

Opened in 2005, this center has a collection of play areas focused on everyone's enjoyment.

Play laser tag in high technology and improved settings.

Challenge your friends with a round of bumper racing and enjoy the laser lights within the arena.

Best of all, there are tons of arcade games that you'll surely enjoy.

Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center also has centers all over Metro Atlanta and other states.

In Smyrna, you can find this place at North Lowry Street.

Shop for Vintage Finds at Lowry Street Pickers

Don't leave the Smyrna area without at least bringing a souvenir with you.

At Lowry Street Pickers, you are sure to find an assortment of vintage goods to complete your travel collection or bring a gift to a loved one.

There's furniture and upholstery you would want in your house.

Purchase some baubles, including jars, articles of clothing, figurines, and more.

Have a good eye for chinaware and other kitchen supplies?

You'll find there's a place for you at Lowry Street Pickers, with its kitchenware for sale.

Drop by this vintage shop on Hazelwood Drive as soon as you can.

Sit by the Fishing Pier at Sharp Springs Park

On Jefferson Drive, there's an outdoor center that allows you and your dog to get your muscles moving.

Sharp Springs Park is the ultimate destination for dog owners and small and large canines.

While it's been a long time since its beginning in 1997, it still does not fail expectations when it comes to its amenities.

With an outdoor classroom and bird blinds, it's also a venue for little kids to explore the environment.

It also has 18-hole disc golf and sports practice fields, so anyone looking for a great avenue to improve their skills will find their place.

Catch and release fish at the pier while feeling the water soothe you.

Sharp Springs Park is your outdoor home in Smyrna away from home.

Hike around the Walking Trail at Paul Jones Neighborhood Park

On Iona Drive, allow yourself to find amazement outdoors.

Despite only being a nine-acre property, Paul Johns Neighborhood Park has a lot to offer.

Also known as Rock Springs Park, this neighborhood park has been a popular spot among residents since 2004.

It serves as an exercise-slash-walking center for people every morning.

Runners and other athletes also frequent the place to boost their energy.

If you're traveling with your kids, take them to the playground.

A shelter and pavilion rentals are also available on-site at Paul Jones Neighborhood Park, so you can take a breather after a round of walking.

Find Relief at the Float Tank at The Salt Barn

Located on Cedar Grove Road, The Salt Barn is a wellness center that offers salt-centered therapy services.

Its Salt Cave gets you seated in a zero-gravity chair surrounded by Himalayas-sourced salt all over the room.

Relax while listening to soft music and put on a blanket to keep the mood soothing.

Another of its renowned services is the Float Tank, which can help with sleep regulation and a range of other physical and mental benefits.

Other than the salt-based programs, this center also offers esthetician services.

Feel your stress and tension move away with a massage, a facial, or a peel.

At The Salt Barn, there's always a way to keep you refreshed and worry-free.

Final Thoughts

A place where vibrancy and city life abound, Smyrna doesn't disappoint with its rural offerings.

Whether you need a place to relax in nature or experience a different kind of fun in indoor facilities with friends, the town delivers with excellence.

On your upcoming trip, remember to bring your list of the best things to do in Smyrna, Texas.

Having seen what this community has to offer, do you have a favorite yet?

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