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15 Best Things to Do in Sisters, OR

  • Published 2021/12/01

Charming, vibrant, and artsy — these are some of the words to describe Sister City, also known as “Sister Country,” in Oregon.

Seated in between the high desert and the breathtaking Cascades mountains is the little city of Sisters.

The city is a wonderland of rivers, lakes, and mountains and a utopia for hikers, bikers, fishermen, tourists, and many more.

A lifetime’s worth of adventure and exploration is what Sister offers to its visitors with its abundance of activities and recreations.

In Sisters, you can also relax in high-class accommodations, unwind in spas, enjoy arts and crafts, and dine at exquisite restaurants.

Indeed, there’s a lot of activities to keep you busy in Sisters.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Sisters, Oregon, that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Jump and Dive in Sahalie and Koosah Falls

View of Sahalie Falls

Stephen Moehle /

These two picturesque waterfalls are located by the McKenzie River and are an easy stop if you are on a hiking trip on the McKenzie River Trail.

Sahalie falls has a spectacular surge of foamy white water that crashes down over a lava-formed reservoir.

During periods of high water, there is an additional stream of water that flows down a lava basin to the rightmost part of the waterfall, which adds beauty to the falls and makes it more appealing to the eyes.

View of Sahalie Falls

Rick Obst, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Koosah Falls, on the other hand, is a smaller version of the waterfall.

This 70-feet high waterfall also presents a breathtaking view.

The waterfall is divided into two in the drier months, and it merges into one when the water is abundant.

This place also provides other outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and swimming.

View of Koosah Falls

Michal Balada /

Participate in Sisters Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour

Do you want to try a new and fun way to spend your day?

Why not try to get out and join an interactive game like a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour is now here in Sisters City!

That means you’ll get to experience a unique adventure.

The scavenger hunt is full of exciting tasks and challenges to solve in which you can team up with your friends or compete against them.

Kids and grown-ups will certainly like it.

Enjoy an Old-fashioned Beer at Three Creeks Brewing

Front View of Three Creeks Brewing

JasonRenfrow /

Nothing beats a cold beer after a long day of work or a tiresome trip.

Located in the heart of Sisters city, Three Creeks Brewing is renowned as one of the best breweries in Oregon.

This brewery is firm to its ground and sticks to its traditional ways of crafting beer.

If you happen to like an old-fashioned beer, head on to Three Creeks Brewing’s Pub.

Three Creeks Brewing ensures that their beers are made from the finest ingredients, like the finest malts imported from around the world.

You’ll definitely get what you paid for as you get the best drinks and good eats here in Three Creeks Brewing.

Walk the Trails of Sisters Tie Trail

Bored of being indoors? Lace up your boots and go out for a trip in Sisters Tie Trail.

Sisters has so many hiking spots you can visit, depending on your expertise.

If you want to spice up your adventure, take the Sisters Tie Trail and start your backcountry adventures.

Sisters Tie Trail stretches over six miles alongside Highway 20, and it begins at the northern tip of Pine Street until Indian Ford Campground.

Behold the wilderness on your trails and enjoy the trails of Sisters City.

Roam Around the Village Green City Park

Located in the heart of Sister is the heritage spot that serves as an inclusive recreation center.

This quaint, covered venue accommodates food and craft sellers and provides service for beer and spirits.

The Village Green City Park is also a principal destination for customer bookings and the events souvenir shop.

This charming park also features a sheltered pavilion, a covered area for grilling BBQ with tables, a play area for kids, and a plethora of trees where you can sit under the shades.

Rent a Room at FivePine Lodge

Front View of  FivePine Lodge

Victoria Ditkovsky /

Looking for a place to stay in Sisters City?

Say no more because FivePine Lodge is here to accommodate you.

FivePine Lodge is not just a simple place for a getaway; it is regarded as one of the best hotels in Sisters.

This hotel is a one-of-a-kind Oregon whimsical destination, and it offers more than just lodging.

FivePine has a personalized service of bed and breakfast, the beauty of privacy, snug cottages, and all the resorts’ facilities make it a perfect place for a romantic retreat.

The hotel’s building combines modern and classic design and is fashioned just like a traditional forestry outpost.

Whether you’re up for some romantic getaway or an exciting adventure, FivePine’s cabins will provide you with comfort and a unique hotel experience.

Join a Guided Tour by The Fly Fisher’s Place

In Sisters, the go-to venue for fly fishing guided tours, expertise about fishing, and the best equipment for fishing is the Fly Fisher’s Place.

Over forty different tours are available Fly Fisher’s Place, ranging from single to multi-day trips.

The Central Oregon Cascade Lakes provide a wide range of fly-fishing opportunities for everyone.

There are plenty of activities to do with Fly Fisher’s Place.

You should also try visiting the shops nearby the lake and check out their products and offerings.

Go on a Roundtrip Along McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Loop

View of Santiam Pass Loop

Shaun Che from Oregon, US, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This 82-mile circular road northwest of Bend boasts scenic views of mountain fields, icy volcanic summits, and panoramic waterfall vistas.

On your drive, you can witness a variety of sceneries along the route, which includes the highest mountains in Oregon, golden meadows, and pine trees; you’ll also pass through its green forests and mossy river valleys.

The loop starts at Sisters and just drive the byway northwest, and you’ll reach a secondary road that leads to Camp Sherman.

As you continue driving along the byway, you’ll get a sight of Mt. Washington, as the road takes you to Santiam Pass.

The route borders the picturesque sliver of Suttle Lake, formed by glaciers and famed for boating and fishing activities.

At the 4,817-foot pass, you can sight various grey rock formations and other volcanic formations.

The road will also pass by the bizarre “Lost Lake,” filled with water during the spring season, and then vanishes as the water flows down a hole down a lava tube.

Take your family and friends on a fun ride in McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass and catch a glimpse of all these views as you go on a weekend road trip.

Appreciate Native Art in Raven Makes Gallery

Raven Makes Gallery is an art gallery in Sisters, Oregon that is dedicated to showcasing Native American artworks.

Since the closing of Portland’s Quintana Galleries, Raven Makes Gallery took over its place as Oregon’s art gallery that features Native America as its subject.

You can find different kinds of masterpieces in Raven Makes Gallery such as sculptures, portraits, dolls, crafts, and many more.

This gallery also features famous artists such as Cliff Fragua, Claudia Peina, Wilmer Kaye, and Mary Tafoya.

Raven Makes Gallery is one of the destinations that represent the artistic side of Sisters, Oregon.

De-Stress at Shibui Spa

This Oregon-based Spa symbolizes serenity and renewal.

Located in the FivePine area, Shibui proudly offers a peaceful location to find oneself.

This spa has a wide array of services, including facials, massages, body treatments, waxing, and other wellness services.

Shibui is dedicated to fulfilling its role as a health and wellness spa while providing a lavish and soothing surrounding.

To see is to believe, so visit Shibui Spa and experience the tranquility that the spa claims to have.

Camp at Sisters Creekside Campground

View of Sisters Creekside Campground

Orygun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sisters Creekside Campground is a public campground featuring 60 spots for campers and a spacious grassy field.

Each camping site comes with a patio area where you can set up a campfire and a picnic table for your snacks.

You will enjoy staying outdoors here in Sisters Creekside Campground while stargazing, sharing stories around the campfire, or making your own smores!

Additionally, Sisters Creekside Campground has showers and restrooms and a place for automatic waste disposal.

Watch Films in Sisters Movie House

The city of Sisters is known for its artistic community, which strives to provide exceptional artistic opportunities for its local community.

The Sisters Movie House contributes to the community by showcasing a wide range of movies available, such as major films, indie films, documentaries, international films, and animated movies.

The Movie House can accommodate 20 to 200 viewers.

The Sisters Movie House offers movie showing, complimentary snacks, and a wide choice of beverages.

If you want to watch alone, you can also rent the entire movie house.

Play Golf in Aspen Lakes Golf Course

The Aspen Lakes Golf Course is a facility for the general public in Sisters.

It features breathtaking views, iconic red sand bunkers, and the best customer service from trained staff.

Aspen Lakes Golf Course was ranked as the second for providing an outstanding golf experience in Oregon and seventh place in the previous Brainstorm NW survey for its great value.

Aspen Lakes Golf Course is definitely a destination that you should include in your checklists.

The Golf Course also offers excellent tasting cuisines for private events and celebrations.

Because of its stunning location, the place is an ideal venue for events like weddings and other ceremonies.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’re exploring the Sisters’ area, make sure to check out the neighboring locations that are equally fantastic as Sisters.

Catch Fishes at Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

View of Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

Hills Outdoors /

Located 17-miles north of Sisters, Oregon, is the Wizard Falls Hatchery.

The Deschutes National Forest surrounds the hatchery.

There are several activities to try, such as camping, trekking, and catching fish.

View of Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

HDDA Photography /

The Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery features a park-like environment, a display lagoon with fishes, and informative signages where you can read about interesting facts.

There is also a viewing platform in the pond if you want to watch the fishes swim around the waters.

Put Up Your Tent in Three Creek Lake Campground

This picturesque campground features scenic views of nature and the wonderful waters of the lake.

Three Creek Lake Campground is based in Deschutes County, 14 miles south of Sisters, Oregon.

This campground offers 11-site locations for camping, a great beach setting, and activities such as fishing, backpacking, hiking, and boating.

Canoers can use a makeshift boat ramp on the east coast.

Have a Picnic in the Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint

View of Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint

Orygun, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just 14 miles away from Sisters, Oregon, is the Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint.

This serene rest stop is located on the banks of Deschutes, which offers a shelter for picnickers and nature lovers.

It’s the perfect place to take a break, eat lunch, or simply unwind and relax under the shades of the trees that surround the area.

The park has a huge space filled with flowers and trees that reaches all the way to the river.

View of Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint

Orygun, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint is also a habitat for different species of birds and wildlife.

It is a favorite recreational place for Redmond residents and visitors because of its proximity to the riverfront.

The park offers access to the river where you can catch different kinds of fish.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re into an active excursion, a relaxing stay, or a little bit of fun of both leisure and fun, Sisters, Oregon has it all for you!

Let the city take away your breath by the most amazing sceneries in its surroundings, enjoyable pastimes, and have a memorable stay in Sisters, Oregon.

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