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21 Best Things to Do in Silverthorne, CO

  • Published 2022/09/08

Did you know that the town of Silverthorne in Colorado sits at an altitude of 8,730 feet above sea level?

Given its location, many consider this place as a winter season skiing destination.

However, it offers more than just majestic slopes to ski or snowboard across.

Many great outdoor activities are available in and around Silverthorne for the entire year.

Here are the 21 best things to do in Silverthorne, Colorado:

Trek Across the Blue River Trail

When you head over to Silverthorne, you will find one of the most popular trails around.

Explore the outdoors and head over the Blue River Trail.

Apart from the amazing scenery you can witness here, it also gives you access to other stunning outdoor areas nearby, including eagles Nest and Ptarmigan peak.

In town, you will find two trailheads where you can start your trek.

You can find one at North Pond Park and another near Silverthorne Elementary School.

The hike here is easy as the trails are well-groomed.

Apart from gorgeous scenic landscapes, you will also have the chance to witness a wide variety of local flora and fauna.

In winter, you can go cross-country skiing or snowshoe through this trail.

Discover Hidden Gems by Entering the Willowbrook Trailhead

From Silverthorne, there is another trail that you can access.

Entering from the Willowbrook Trailhead, you can head over to the South Willowbrowbrook Loop Trail.

This hike spans about 4.5 miles and is popular among the town locals.

While your trek here would be incredible, it offers a few rocky and challenging areas for those seeking a thrill.

Here you can encounter numerous small creek crossings, beautiful wildflower patches, and majestic pines towering over you.

Alternatively, you can hike 6.5 miles from the same trailhead to reach a hidden gem near town.

After reaching a fork on the trail, instead of keeping right and following the loop, go left to reach the incredible South Willow Falls.

Witness water cascading through a fantastic arrangement of boulders along the mountainside.

You will surely witness something incredible as you hike no matter which trail you follow from Willowbrook trailhead.

You can also witness wildlife around these two trails.

Sometimes, even bears and moose are spotted nearby.

Hang Out at North Pond Park

Are you looking for a nice and fun place to hang out?

You can find North Pond Park right at the heart of town.

This 5-acre park is essentially a mountain wetland and pond area measuring 5 acres.

It features an enclosed pavilion open all year round.

It also has two docks, a fire pit, and an open pavilion for those who just want to hang out.

During the winter, if the weather freezes the pond well enough, visitors can go ice skating.

You also have access to some walking trails from this park.

Get Around Silverthorne on a Snowmobile With High Country Tours

Fancy a ride in a snowmobile?

When you plan on doing so in Silverthorne, get in contact with High Country Tours.

This place provides snowmobile tours around Silverthorne and its neighboring towns.

They employ well-equipped and knowledgeable guides that provide you with a great time.

This tour company also provides you with the gear and equipment needed for the tour.

You can also choose from an array of snowmobiles that can seat up to three people and have a warmer to make your ride more comfortable.

For fun on the snow around Silverthorne, let High Country Tours take you to the best snowmobiling areas in town.

Go Fly Fishing With Cutthroat Anglers

You may have already guessed that most visitors seek outdoor activities in Silverthorne.

However, you have choices here apart from trekking the many gorgeous trails or doing snow sports in winter.

At Silverthorne, you can also go fishing, and you can let Cutthroat Anglers help you if you want to try out this activity.

This place has a shop offering everything you need for fly fishing.

Apart from equipment, they also provide a guide service for those who want to learn more about fly fishing in the area.

They aim to provide tourists with an excellent time when fly fishing in the area.

Their guide services include private water trips, wade trips, float trips, and even exotic trips.

You can also choose to fish at a saltwater flat or a clear stream.

Check this place out if you want to learn how to fly fish, especially if you’re visiting Silverthorne.

Explore the Region on Horseback With Gore Range Outfitters

With the many scenic landscapes surrounding you, you will find that a nice horse ride through some fantastic trails in the area is the best way to appreciate the view.

To do so, don’t hesitate to head to Gore Range Outfitters.

They can provide you with guide services for a myriad of outdoor activities, including hunting and hiking.

However, their most popular service is horseback riding.

They will take you and guide you through the most beautiful scenic routes in Silverthorne and around Summit Country.

Don’t miss out on this pleasant and excellent activity when you’re in the area.

Try a Game at Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks

Landscape of Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks

Ndebel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to experience playing a game of golf in one of the best courses in the nation while being surrounded by majestic landscapes?

If you do, then head over to Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks.

This renowned golf club features playable landscapes that may be challenging but still enjoyable.

Apart from that, the course is situated in an area surrounded by fantastic views of majestic snow-capped mountains, pristine creeks, and a forest of tall pine trees.

Here, you will experience one of the most enjoyable and exciting games of golf that you can play.

Consider checking this place out!

Spend a Fun Afternoon at Rainbow Park

For a fun time with the entire travel party, check out Rainbow Park.

This park at the heart of town spans 7 acres and features some of the best recreational amenities around.

It features a nationally recognized skateboard park that you can try out when you’re here.

It also has a multi-purpose field, several sports-related courts, two playgrounds, and three picnic areas.

If you’re lucky, you can also catch some of the many community events and festivals held at the multi-purpose field during your holiday in Silverthorne.

For a relaxing or fun and lovely time, check out Rainbow Park.

Have a Blast at Silverthorne Recreation Center

If you want to have a blast and stay active, then take your family to Silverthorne Recreation Center during your holiday.

Apart from being a place with exceptional amenities, it also serves as one of the hubs of the town.

Therefore, while you try out your favorite sport, you can also witness what the locals love doing when it comes to recreational activities.

The center features four pools where you can splash around and three thrilling water slides where you can slide down from.

It also has a gym area, an indoor track, and wellness amenities like a sauna and steam room.

You can also make use of the center’s tennis and pickleball courts, skateboard course, and picnic areas.

Catch a Show Organized by the Lake Dillon Theatre Company

Incorporated in 1993, the professional theater group, Lake Dillon Theatre Company, provides the public with a space to witness and enjoy performing arts shows.

Here, the entire local community bands together to provide others with shows and programs that many will truly love.

It organizes performances of some of the most iconic plays and musicals around, so check its calendar when you’re in town.

Other than that, it also hosts workshops to educate the public about the wonders of professional arts.

Grab Dinner at Mint Steakhouse Restaurant

Apart from serving sumptuous meals, Mint Steakhouse also offers a bit of history.

This outstanding restaurant calls the oldest building in Summit County its home.

The place has been serving delicious steaks and seafood dishes in Silverthorne since 1862, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Here, you can enjoy your meal at a place with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

So, if you’re looking for a place to dine in Silverthorne, look no further than Mint Steakhouse.

Explore Silverthorne through Colorado Rafting Company

The best outfitter for river excursions, equipment rental, and more in Colorado is Colorado Rafting Company, your all-inclusive shop for action!

Choose between the half-day, full-day, and overnight excursions on the Blue and Upper Colorado Rivers, or check into their activity packages that feature mountain climbing, trekking, and rock climbing!

They provide a range of choices, from activities suitable for families to more thrilling excursions.

Aside from rafts, Colorado Rafting Company also offers inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

Enjoy a stunning scenery float on the Colorado River or a thrilling half-day whitewater trip on the Blue River.

Drink Beer at the Terrace of the Bakers’ Brewery

The Bakers’ Brewery and Restaurant serve delicious lunch, dinner, and fresh artisan Summit County beers.

There are heartier alternatives, milder, healthier selections, and a comprehensive kids’ menu with crayons on the menu item.

They provide a variety of session beers, including “big” beers, and a few taps from special guests in addition to their house brews.

They also provide wine, cocktails, hard seltzer, beer, and cider.

Enjoy the breathtaking views, beer garden terrace, freshly baked pastries, and lively, welcoming environment at The Bakers’ Brewery.

It’s the ideal location for a lunch meeting, pit stop, or everyday delight.

Pamper Head-to-Toe at Corpus Sanus Massage, SkinCare & Acupuncture

Corpus Sanus Massage, SkinCare, and Classical Acupuncture is a well-known wellness center where clients may unwind, feel positive, and improve their health.

They provide a range of massages, including customized traditional, oncology, prenatal, sports, hot stone massages, and treatments for aches and pains.

Acupuncture performed by Corpus Sanus is known as Five Elements Worsley Classical Acupuncture.

Additionally, they provide personalized facials that include microdermabrasion, hair elimination, and service for teens with problematic skin.

The clients can maintain good physical and mental health thanks to their individualized services, personal, friendly setting, and holistic view.

Eat Breakfast at Sunshine Cafe

Breakfast is available all day long at Sunshine Cafe, a delightful casual restaurant where you can enjoy traditional American-style dishes.

For more than three decades, their filling breakfasts have kept the residents of Summit County pleased and healthy.

You shouldn’t leave Silverthorne without sampling their specials like the fish & eggs, a local favorite at Sunshine Cafe.

Their all-day breakfast menu also offers other well-liked options, including salmon benedict, breakfast burritos, shrimp, mushroom omelets, and more.

Sunshine Cafe is popular among travelers towing RVs, trailers, and other large vehicles searching for a welcoming alternative to the neighborhood fast food scene. There is enough parking for all sizes of vehicles.

Go on a Float Trip with the Colorado Angler

The Colorado Angler provides customers with the best fly fishing attire, gear, modern equipment, and the most knowledgeable and skilled guiding service in the industry.

A supervised float trip on either the Down River structure rafts or any Drift Boats is the best way to enjoy fly angling in Colorado.

Some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and skilled fishing expert guides work for The Colorado Angler.

You will have sufficient access to some of Colorado’s greatest fly fishing waters and views of the Colorado, Roaring Fork, Eagle, and Arkansas River.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Be Surrounded in Nature at White River National Forest

Scenic view of White River National Forest

f11photo /

If you want to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, as seen in Summit County, White River National Forest is an amazing destination to visit.

It features almost 300 hiking trails that run throughout this area.

You can find this place 8 minutes outside of Silverthorne.

The waters of White River National Forest

Dweeb /

When you come here, you can follow one or several of these trails and explore the beautiful forest in this part of the state.

Alternatively, there are areas where you can stay, hang out, and picnic.

Consider heading to this place when you visit Summit County.

View of White River National Forest

f11photo /

Challenge Yourself by Trekking the Buffalo Mountain Trail

For those who seek thrilling and challenging hikes, consider heading over to the Buffalo Mountain Trail.

Located just outside Silverthorne, this trail measures 5.3 back and forth.

It’s one of the most challenging trails around.

Here, you can find several steep areas for a thrilling hike.

However, you are rewarded with awe-inspiring scenic views when you reach the top of the trail.

Many experienced hikers usually take six hours to complete a round trip, but that duration is time well spent.

Apart from adrenaline-pumping natural obstacles, you will be surrounded by stunning plants and landscapes as you traverse through this trail.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, try completing this hiking trail out.

Try Water-Based Activities at Dillon Marina

Paddle Boats and House Boats for rent on Lake Dillon

Jim Lambert /

Are you looking for a bustling recreational hub?

You can find Dillon Marina just 3 minutes away from Silverton.

Here, you will find a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreational activities.

You will have access to amenities for watersports or to a sandy beach where you can hang out.

Aerial view of Dillon Marina

Mile High Aviator /

Around this area, there are places where you can hire boats and kayaks.

Some of them also offer kayak and boating tours that will help you explore the marina.

For fun and fabulous time near Lake Dillon, check this site out.

Sailboats at Dillon Marina

Katy Haas /

Follow the Lily Pad Lake Trail

The landscape in this Colorado region provides every visitor with some of the best panoramic views around.

One of the best places to witness such a scenic spot in Summit County is the Lily Pad Lake Trail.

Despite being outside Silverthorne, you can easily access it from town as it’s only 9 minutes away.

Many tourists who want to visit the Eagles Nest Wilderness tend to go to this beautiful trail.

When you follow this path, you will encounter woodlands where aspen and pine trees tower over you.

You can also encounter beaver ponds, streams, and fantastic flora and fauna.

Don’t be surprised to see plenty of local wildlife here, too, as they are commonly spotted in the area.

Pack your hiking shoes and check this trail out when you visit Summit County.

Discover the Region’s Heritage at Frisco Historic Park and Museum

Exterior of the Frisco Historic Park and Museum

Elkman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another historical place to visit in Summit County is the Frisco Historic Park and Museum.

This place aims to promote the town and the surrounding region’s heritage.

You can find Frisco historic Park & Museum just 10 minutes away from Silverthorne.

It features a collection of original historic structures, including the Schoolhouse Museum nearby.

It also showcases a collection of artifacts and photographs about the region’s history.

Discover the colorful history of this area in Colorado by visiting this place.

Take a Step Back in Time at Dillon Schoolhouse Museum

When you come to this area in Colorado, you might be curious about the history of the place.

A historical place you can visit near Silverthorne is the Dillon Schoolhouse Museum.

Many communities across the United States back in the 1800s had one-room schoolhouses.

This museum used to be one of them.

Built in 1883, the schoolhouse became the museum that it is today.

Located just 5 minutes from Silverthorne, this place features many artifacts significant to this schoolroom back in the 19th century.

It has furniture and school items from the era, and it also has an 1885 piano on display.

It’s a great place to visit if you want a glimpse into this area’s past.

Final Thoughts

When you visit the stunning town of Silverthorne, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful aspen and pine forests, majestic mountains, and fantastic landscape.

Take advantage of your time here and discover the natural beauty this region has to offer.

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