15 Best Things to Do in Sheridan, IL

Sheridan, IL
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Discover various hidden gems by visiting the village of Sheridan in Illinois.

Sheridan is a village founded by the Rowe Family and incorporated in 1897.

You can find this village in the northeast area of LaSalle County and along the Fox Riverside.

The village is approximately 5.6 square kilometers and features a population of 2,499.

Sheridan may not seem like the most notable place in Illinois in terms of size, but it offers multiple unique places to explore.

From history to culture and food, you'll find plenty of options in Sheridan.

With that said, here are the 15 best things to do when visiting Sheridan, Illinois:

Learn Norwegian-American History at the Norsk Museum

Sheridan may be a city in Illinois, but one of the things it features is Norwegian-American history.

To learn how this came to be, you need to visit the Norsk Museum.

Norsk Museum is a museum you can find within a Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Some of the exhibits you'll see when visiting the museum feature Norwegian art, religion, and culture.

You can find the museum at East 2631st Road, and the best time to visit the museum would be the summer.

Aside from featuring different exhibits, the museum also has a gift shop for fun souvenirs.

For anyone interested in learning a different culture and history, the Norsk Museum is the place to go.

Discover Old Figures at the Norwegian Settlers Memorial

Explore more history in Sheridan by checking out the Norwegian Settlers Memorial.

It may be a rather odd place to visit when exploring the village, but it does provide interesting information.

The memorial has been around since 1934 and commemorates both the Fox River and Norwegian-American settlement, among other local histories.

There may not be plenty of activities you can do in this location, but there are plenty of markers you can seek out markers with interesting information on them.

If you are interested in visiting the Norwegian Settlers Memorial, you need to go to the Illinois Route 71 roadside.

Check Out the Pirate's Cay Indoor Waterpark

For those looking for entertainment that the whole family can enjoy, head for the Pirate's Cay Indoor Waterpark for you and the kids to have fun.

With 31,000-square-feet in land size, the indoor waterpark offers a fair share of features for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to cruise down a lazy river or make a splash at the tubes, there are plenty of fun options at the waterpark.

Whether you are a guest or not, you are free to visit the waterpark within Fox River Resort so long as you pay the admission fee.

Shop and Dine at the Norway Store

There is a selection of shops you can check out in the village, and one of them is the Norway Store.

The Norway Store is a business that has been around since 1848 and acts more than a store.

Aside from a store, you'll find that the Norway Store contains a restaurant and gas station.

When checking out the store section of the Norway Store, you can find a wide range of wines, meats, and more.

In the restaurant area, you can enjoy a list of dishes ranging from burgers to soups and breakfast options.

By visiting the Norway Store at IL-71, you get to find a unique spot and get a treat.

Seek Out the Sheridan Elevator

The Sheridan Elevator is a bar and restaurant you can find on North Robinson.

Once a storehouse, the venue offers various food and music to enjoy.

Depending on the week, the food and music can vary.

Other than food and performances, the venue offers different drinks and holds events for you to check out.

The Sheridan Elevator is a relatively new location in the area, but it does have plenty for you to check out.

If you want to see what's going on at the Sheridan Elevator for the week, you can check out the venue's social media page for announcements.

Set up Camp at the Rolling Oaks Campground

Anyone who's an outdoor enthusiast will want to check out the Rolling Oaks Campground.

The Rolling Oaks Campground is an outdoor venue you can find at 4251 Street Road, less than 10 miles away from Sandwich, Illinois.

There are multiple facilities you can enjoy on the campground and nearby.

Some of the facilities you can find in the Rolling Oaks Campground include a lake and a snack shop.

As for the facilities near the campground, they include a park with a volleyball court and playground.

From outdoor scenery to seasonal events, there is plenty for you to find at the Rolling Oaks Campground.

Go Racing at the Concept Haulers Motor Speedway

Indulge your need for speed by racing at the Concept Haulers Motor Speedway.

Located at East 2603rd Road, the go-kart racing venue is an ideal location for any racing enthusiasts.

Whether you have experience with go-kart racing or not, there are different classes and programs to accommodate all guests.

There are also different events and competitions for you to try out.

Whatever you choose to do at the Concept Haulers Motor Speedway, there are plenty of experiences for you to try.

Have Some Drinks at the Corner Tap Inc.

The Corner Tap Inc. is one of the top places to enjoy a drink in Sheridan.

You can find the bar at North Bushell Street and enjoy different drinks ranging from beer to whiskey.

In addition to offering a range of drinks, the bar has different dishes you can pair with your choice of drink and hosts events.

By visiting Corner Tap Inc., you can take a break from exploring the village and check out the local drinking scene.

Grab a Meal at the Calico Cafe

If you're looking for places with delicious meals while visiting the village, Calico Cafe is one of the top options.

Calico Cafe is a restaurant running since 1999 and sits by North Robinson Street.

When visiting this cafe, you'll find a wide range of options for breakfast and lunch, with pancakes, sandwiches, and rolls, to name a few.

Aside from providing morning and afternoon meals, the cafe offers a catering service.

For anyone that's craving a hearty brunch, Calico Cafe is where you need to go.

Dig into Pizza at Francesca's Pizza

Do you love pizza?

Then Francesca's Pizza over at East 2631st Road is the place you need to visit.

Francesca's Pizza is a restaurant that offers different pizzas ranging from stuffed to thin crust.

More than pizzas, the restaurant offers a selection of sandwiches and pasta dishes for lunch and dinner.

While this restaurant may not be the most prominent place in Sheridan, it does offer a hearty selection of meals for you to enjoy.

Shop at Sheridan Food Market

The Sheridan Food Market is one of the many places where you can find fresh products and treats.

Located in West Si Johnson Avenue and running for over sixty years now, the Sheridan Food Market has plenty of items for you to peruse.

Outside of being a grocery where you can find a selection of meats, the Sheridan Food Market offers a food section where you can enjoy dishes like burgers and fried chicken.

The food market is a fairly simple place to visit in Sheridan, but it does offer its share of features to check out.

Reserve a Stay at the Fox River Resort

Find a comfortable stay in Sheridan by booking a stay at the Fox River Resort.

You can find this resort at North 3653rd Road and enjoy three types of rooms.

If you are interested in the facilities the resort has to offer, you'll find there is plenty for you to enjoy.

Some of the facilities you can find at the resort include an indoor park, an outdoor pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Aside from different facilities, the resort has convenient access to hiking trails and other natural sights.

From comfort to fun, you can find all kinds of features to enjoy at the Fox River Resort.

Browse Some Products at Sheridan Tobacco & More

Sheridan Tobacco & More is one of the many shops you can find in Sheridan and offers various types of products for you to peruse.

The store sits in the West Si Johnson area and has a selection of alcohol and tobacco for you to peruse.

Aside from having drinks and tobacco, the shop has an ice-cream corner where you can enjoy some sweet treats and a drive-thru area to pick up your items.

If you're looking for fun treats in Sheridan, the Sheridan Tobacco & More store is where you need to go.

Check Out the Sheridan Rod & Gun Club

The Sheridan Rod & Gun Club is a club that's been around since 1934 and sits on East 2603rd Road.

Contrary to the name, there are no guns in the club but rather facilities for recreational activities.

These activities include fishing and camping, to name a few.

You can find plenty of activities to enjoy if you join this club.

If you want to learn more, you can contact the staff for a consultation or check out the club's social media page to see what they do.

Either way, the Sheridan Rod & Gun Club is one of many options to check out local activities.

Visit the Sheridan Seventh-day Adventist Church

Among the different historical spots available in Sheridan, the Sheridan Seventh-day Adventist Church is one of them.

The Sheridan Seventh-day Adventist Church is a church that's been around since 1875 and sits on South Main Street.

Whatever belief you may have, it is worth checking on the church for its architecture and experiencing the pastor's teachings.

If you go next door, you can also enjoy fresh products at the Better Life Natural Food Store.

For anyone exploring the history of the village, this is one item to add to the list.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy Outdoor Activities at the Illini State Park

Sunny day at Illini State Park
Wandering Introvert / Shutterstock.com

Immerse in nature by exploring the Illini State Park.

Located 24 minutes away from Sheridan and set by East 2350th Road of Marseilles, the park is an ideal spot for any outdoor enthusiasts.

Banks of Illini State Park near the Illinois river
Wandering Introvert / Shutterstock.com

It was in 1935 that the location became a state park.

Currently, the park has 510-acres for you to explore and different facilities you can use.

When it comes to the facilities available at this park, you can find different picnic spaces, shelters, and campsites for tents and trailers.

Table and chairs near the waters of Illini State Park
Wandering Introvert / Shutterstock.com

Aside from this, the park features a river where you can enjoy fishing and boating.

Enjoy nature and different activities by visiting the Illini State Park.

A shaded picnic area at Illini State Park
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Catch a Performance at the Indian Valley Theatre

Located 15 minutes away from Sheridan and set within Sandwich, Illinois, is the Indian Valley Theatre.

The Indian Valley Theatre is an ideal spot for any art enthusiasts and has been around since 1983.

You can enjoy different shows throughout the year or check out the workshops available at the theater.

As a community theater, there are different performances you can enjoy at the Indian Valley Theatre and different opportunities for you to join a production.

Try the Slides at the Raging Waves Waterpark

Sheridan may have its share of fun spots, but there are also nearby spots in Illinois where you can find entertaining activities.

One such place is the Raging Waves Waterpark in Yorkville, 27 minutes away from Sheridan.

When visiting this waterpark, you can find several attractions, including multiple types of slides, a lazy river, and a sandpit.

You'll find no shortage of water attractions to try out when visiting the Raging Waves Waterpark.

In addition to the attractions, you can find several snacks to dig into for breaks.

You can also book lodging or reserve a cabana to relax in.

Raging Waves Waterpark is where to go if you're looking for fun water attractions.

Final Thoughts

Sheridan may not have a traditional village charm, but it does offer its share of sights and attractions.

From historical structures to fun shops with various items, there is plenty for you to discover in this Illinois village.

If you're looking to find unique spots and other old locations, consider Sheridan as your next destination.