15 Best Things to Do in Seneca Falls, NY

Seneca Falls, NY
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Seneca Falls is a lovely quaint town in the Finger Lakes region in New York.

This beautiful town has focused on women’s rights and movements, featuring many historic sites that honor these advocacies.

You can find several tourist attractions all over town, from museums, historic homes, local eateries, and state parks.

Its location between different lakes provides terrific, relaxing views.

You can also feel a cool breeze while exploring everything this town has to offer.

There’s so much to do and see in this historic town.

Here are the best things to do in Seneca Falls, NY.

Take a Trip to Women’s Rights National Historical Park

Visitors center at Women's Rights National Historical Park
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Seneca Falls has a rich history that primarily focuses on women’s rights and similar advocacies.

Start your vacation to this town by visiting the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.

Built in 1980, this particular state park details the first Women’s Rights Convention in July 1848.

The convention delved into the societal, political, and economic issues and gaps that remain a problem.

Bronze statues of women at Women's Rights National Historical Park
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This park also houses significant historical markers.

Check out the Wesleyan Chapel and the homes of memorable women who contributed to the equal rights movement.

Check out exhibits, displays, programs, and presentations that honor the struggle of feminists and women’s advocates who fought for equality.

Brick building of the Wesleyan Chapel at Women's Rights National Historical Park
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Occasionally, the park also screens the educational and iconic film, “Dreams of Equality,” an overview of the struggle of these women.

Explore the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and learn about women’s suffrage.

Unwind at Cayuga Lake State Park

Cayuga Lake State Park is a popular outdoor recreational site just east of the town center.

You can visit multiple historical sites in this park, which makes it an excellent spot for educational field trips.

You can also enjoy its nature centers to learn about the park’s wildlife.

Likewise, check out the thriving ecosystems and creatures that have lived in Cayuga Lake State Park.

This park is perfect for those who love to explore the wilderness as they provide camp amenities and cottages.

Swim or try other activities on the waterfront.

Otherwise, you can play golf.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, check out their other amenities, including hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling.

Whether you want to have fun or wish to unwind and relax, Cayuga Lake State Park gives you everything you need.

Explore the Ludovico Sculpture Trail

The Ludovico Sculpture Trail is a terrific place for art enthusiasts, thanks to the sights along the path.

You can go on a hike or take a leisurely walk along this trail.

Admire the one-of-a-kind sculptures scattered throughout that should fascinate you.

This trail gets its name from Frank J. Ludovico.

He has also received credit for installing these sculptures.

Hike the mile-long trail, where you can commune with nature.

Otherwise, sit on a bench and have a lovely day by the canal.

Its location next to the water also keeps you cool as you spend the day at the Ludovico Sculpture Trail.

Drop by the National Women’s Hall of Fame

Exterior of National Women's Hall of Fame
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The National Women’s Hall of Fame is a cultural institution less than a mile from the heart of town.

This establishment is the first of its kind in the nation.

In 1968, a woman named Shirley Hartley envisioned the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Exhibits at National Women's Hall of Fame
DanielPenfield, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This building currently contains several exhibits and exceptional archives.

You can also find books that share tales and stories of notable women from the past to the present.

The Hall of Fame has inducted over 300 inductees from all over the country, representing different backgrounds and professions.

Some famous names include former first lady Rosalynn Carter, astronomer Dr. Judith Pipher, Bernice Resnick Sandler, Emily Warner, and many more.

Ceremoy at National Women's Hall of Fame
Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, CA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every inductee in the National Women’s Hall of Fame should inspire everyone, regardless of age, gender, and occupation.

Learn about these women’s contributions to the country at the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

See the Attractions at It’s A Wonderful Life Museum

If you’re a fan of the iconic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” check out the “It’s A Wonderful Life” Museum.

This museum honors the classic Christmas movie with posters, photos, and other material on the film and its characters.

Their main attraction takes place in December, known as the It’s A Wonderful Life Festival.

This event lasts up to four days, with different scheduled activities each day.

Likewise, they feature special guests, including some of the movie stars themselves.

This museum can tell you all about the movie and its connection to Seneca Falls.

Add the It’s A Wonderful Life Museum to your Seneca Falls itinerary.

Go on a Scenic Hike at Seneca Meadows Wetland Preserve

The Seneca Meadows Wetland Preserve is a hotspot for birdwatchers.

Try to spot some of the rarest fowls living within the preserve.

Dubbed an Important Bird (IBA) area, the area sees birds constantly flying overhead.

Some birds have even started living at the Seneca Meadows Wetland Preserve.

You can also take on an adventure by hiking the wetlands that span over 500 acres.

Visit their Exhibit Room and check out the educational information for those ages nine and up.

Magnificent species of butterflies also migrate to this preserve and stay there during migration season.

Keep your eyes peeled for them.

You can even spend some quality with family and friends by having s’mores around a fire.

Seneca Meadows Wetland Preserve mixes education with adventure, so drop by when you can.

Check Out the Historic Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home during winter
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Elizabeth Cady Stanton is an activist, suffragist, and pillar of the women’s rights movement.

Her former residence, the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home, has since become a popular attraction in town.

This historic home is also a part of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.

Furnitures kept for display at Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home
Jane023, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1830, this well-preserved structure attracts individuals interested in women’s equality and civil rights.

Admire its simple structure and reminisce about its history.

Enjoy an educational experience at the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home.

Learn History at Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry

Another fun and exciting museum you can visit is the Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry.

Found in the heart of town, this museum shares the history of waterways and the industrial activity of Seneca Falls.

A trip to this establishment for first-time visitors should provide an enjoyable experience.

In 1998, this museum opened to the public.

Nelson and Edith Delavan own and operate the museum.

You can learn about the influence of the surrounding canals and rails on the existing community members.

The surrounding canals and rails changed how the residents dressed and the food they ate.

Besides its exhibits and displays, this museum also hosts events year-round open to the public.

Gain a new perspective of Seneca Falls’ rich past at ​​the Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry.

Tour the Seneca Falls Historical Society

First-time visitors of Seneca Falls can learn a lot about the town’s rich history and brief background at the Seneca Falls Historical Society.

Established in 1896, this facility features a great collection of local history archives and various genealogical history materials.

You can also check out the exhibits, photographs, and many more.

Located in a 23-room Victorian mansion, the establishment offers tours and travel back in time.

They also carry informational displays on various topics, including the history of women’s rights activists.

The displays cover the movement and how it changed the town’s future.

There’s so much to learn and see at Seneca Falls Historical Society.

Take Pictures at the “It’s a Wonderful Life” Bridge

Side view of the Matallic green “It's a Wonderful Life” Bridge
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You can find the iconic bridge in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” in Seneca Falls.

Visit the structure that has inspired one of the turning points in the Christmas classic.

This bridge played an essential part in the life and role of George Bailey.

Since this bridge attracts several tourists, the community has called it one of the town’s most famous landmarks.

You can spot various bronze plaques around the bridge that testify to its cultural significance.

Take some pictures and make lasting memories on the ​​“It’s a Wonderful Life” Bridge.

Join the Seneca Falls Canal Fest

Seneca Falls doesn’t shy away from fun events.

Join the Seneca Falls Canal Fest!

The community has celebrated the festival since the 70s.

You can join various activities and special events lasting up to three days.

You can bring your kids and have a blast at the Petting Zoo tent, admiring all the different animals.

Make the most of this festival’s rides, amusements, and concessions.

You can also explore the waters on your own.

If you have a rental boat, you can dock for free.

Special and featured artists also take the stage, providing entertainment throughout this event as you sit back and enjoy the show.

The Seneca Falls Canal Fest only gets better and better each year, so stop by when you can.

Play Golf at the Seneca Falls Country Club

Seneca Falls’ natural landscape and surrounding beauty make golf even more fun than it already is.

With views of the stunning Cayuga Lake, Seneca Falls Country Club sets the standard for a high-quality golfing experience.

This golf course boasts 18 holes and can cater to golfers of all skill levels with its manicured, well-maintained layout.

Since opening in 1925, this facility continues to attract even the most seasoned players who wish to tackle their most challenging courses.

With the perfect mix of breathtaking sights and an excellently groomed course, Seneca Falls Country Club can provide the relaxing day you’re looking for.

Don’t forget to book your tee time and reserve a slot at Seneca Falls Country Club.

See the Wildlife at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Wetland at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
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Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge opened in 1938, one of the oldest establishments in Seneca Falls.

Its mission is to provide a haven for different species while also providing a variety of activities for guests who visits.

Enjoy cross-country skiing in the winter while also getting the chance to spot the mesmerizing white-tail fox.

Avid birdwatchers often drop by this refuge since it attracts over 300 species.

Nature trail amidst thick vegetation at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
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They also provide fishing options where you can cast your reels and catch some fresh Atlantic salmon.

Thrill-seekers may ride ATVs and mountain bikes within the designated trails and paths.

Whether you’re visiting to spot some wildlife or indulging in active recreational fun, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge has what you’re looking for.

Landscape of Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
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Sip Wine at Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery

If you have a palate for wine, sip some award-winning wines and spirits from Montezuma Winery.

Established in 2001, this winery has since gained traction for its delicious selection of wine, winning more than 300 awards and counting.

The owner also has 30 years of beekeeping experience which jumpstarted their distillery business and led to the success of this winery.

They even offer freshly harvested honey straight from Martin’s Honey Farm.

This winery’s location on the northern end of Seneca Falls grants you splendid panoramic views of the lake’s entire coastline.

You can also visit their tasting room which is open daily.

Try their vast collection of bottled drinks that cater to different wine preferences, including red or white and sweet or dry.

Drop by Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery for their selection of wines and spirits.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy the Nightlife at del Lago Resort & Casino

The Del Lago Resort & Casino is an award-winning tourist attraction and destination with active, thriving nightlife.

You can book a room at this resort.

Get yourself in the center of the fun and activity.

Stop by their casino, which received three major awards in 2021.

They also offer entertainment and game centers where you can play various slot machines and table games.

If you get hungry, grab a bite in the restaurant renowned for its fresh, delicious seafood dishes and other food options.

Exploring the town may also get tiring, so unwind at their spa, which has a herbal steam room and a cedar wood sauna.

You might be the next person to hit the jackpot, so try your luck at del Lago Resort & Casino.

Final Thoughts

Seneca Falls is rich in history and provides many tourist attractions for you to see and explore.

From learning about women’s rights to honoring the notable figures in the movement, this town’s colorful past is in its historical attractions.

You can also visit the many museums in this town and learn about a wide variety of topics, mixing education with fun.

This historic town also offers entertainment centers, local wineries, and culturally significant landmarks to complete your vacation.

Look no further for the perfect vacation and book your next trip to Seneca Falls today!

You might find more things to do in Seneca Falls, NY after you arrive.

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