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20 Best Things to do in Seminyak

  • Published 2020/06/20

People usually ignore the beautiful area of Seminyak in favour of other Balinese attractions, such as the famous Kuta or the steadily-growing-popular Ubud. Seminyak, known as the Bali’s hippest district, sits almost at the edge of the Bali island and is characterized by beaches, resorts and alluring nightlife. Spread over a vast area, Seminyak district, however, not only offers pristine beaches and resorts, but also aesthetic cafés, pretty restaurants, relaxing getaways, and so many other fun things to do.

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club

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Seminyak has lately become synonymous with Potato Head Beach Club, owing to its deservedly growing popularity. Potato Head Beach Club is one of the premiums, most sought-after clubs, not just in Seminyak, but in the whole of Bali. It is a beach-side club, where you can enjoy sunbathing while you dive in the club’s beach-facing swimming ‘infinity’ pool. Tunes such as Tropical house and Balearic are played in the day, while the night is filled with the energetic beats of international DJs, on the frequently-held event nights. The food at the club is extraordinarily delicious, including small bites, main meals and sharing platters, all of which is an ethereal blend of local and global cuisine.

Prana Spa

Prana Spa

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Spas in Bali are actually some of the best ones can find across the world. One of them, Prana Spa, is a luxurious one, located in Seminyak. The décor is ethereal, resembling the style of Palaces found in Rajasthan, India, where every furnishing, carpets used, wooden doors, silk painting are handpicked with great care. A soft, restorative sound greets you when you enter in, as you breathe in a pleasant and calming scent. The Spa consists of 24 massage rooms – including single and double – along with two saunas, three steam rooms and four rain shower massage rooms with hot and cold plunge pools. There are also sections where treatments on beauty and reflexology are given. The Prana restaurant can satiate your hunger once Prana Spa satiates your soul.

Pura Petitenget Temple

Pura Petitenget Temple

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The Pura Petitenget Temple is one of the most visited temples in Bali, not only because of the mesmerizing architecture of the structure but also because of the peace it showers on its visitors. It is an ancient Hindu temple, perched on Petitenget beach in Seminyak. The location has the Balinese Hindus believe that the temple is the one defending them from the raging sea in its front. A number of religious ceremonies and annual festivals are organised here, and most of the times, directly on the beach. The temple has come to be adored by the local community, where regular prayers and local customs and traditions are still maintained with faithful enthusiasm, even today. An amazing religious façade right by the shimmering waters of Petitenget beach, one just can’t miss out the beauty that is Pura Petitenget Temple.

Blow Bar

Do you wish to go to places where you can sip on a glass of champagne while getting your hair done? Now that is something that is not allowed in salons and parlours. Seminyak, it seems, has found a way to get this tiny little dream come true, with the help of Blow Bar. Blow Bar is a specially designed place, its literal purpose being to combine a bar and a beauty salon. Situated on Oberoi Road, the bar is designed in a NY-Soho theme. The treatments they offer range from hair treatments and waxing to even manicure and pedicure. There is also a neat little barber area for men. While getting pampered, choose from champagne, wine and cocktails to juices, coffees and teas to sip on.

W Bali Seminyak

W Bali Seminyak

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W Bali is a beautiful Resort & Spa, situated in the northern part of Seminyak. It is one of the most visited resorts, which not only is luxuriously modern but simultaneously showcases true Balinese culture also. While the 24-hour spa, seven different restaurants and bars and the huge pool providing a picturesque view of the beach are all impressive, most of the spectacular and trademark attraction here is the bamboo forest entrance. The entrance outside the property is so beautiful that most of the people visit here to get some amazing images. Leafy, towering bamboos on either side of the road form an arching canopy overhead, making a whimsical background for people to take selfies or photos there.

Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach

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Double Six Beach seems to be a little part of paradise created for us on Earth. Complete with white sands and glittering clean water, Double Six is a countryside beach, from where you can gaze at lush forest, located right opposite of the pristine waters. The beach is essentially hit among not only tourists but also members of the local LGBT community as well as surfers. Since people frequently visit this beach, many watersports and beach sports have cropped up for their entertainment. There are seemingly uncountable shacks and eatery options, lined up perfectly on this 500-meter-long stretch of beach. You will definitely experience the calm you have been searching for on the Double Six Beach.

Shooters Bali

Shooters Bali is a fun amusement centre and a café, build in a way so as to resemble a happening carnival. There is a mini-golf course, which people love to frequent, but there are around 14 other games that you can play here, including table tennis, basketball and even foosball. The décor is shaded white, red and blue which not only gives out retro vibes but also reinforces the fair fun. The menu is equally exciting, with delicious dishes and fizzy drinks. A photo booth nestles in the confines of this café, where you can get some Instagram-worthy pictures. You can play with a giant set of Jenga or just hog on huge cotton candy – Shooters Bali can actually keep you occupied for a whole day!

Kim Soo

Kim Soo is one of the aesthetic shops which one only get to see on Pinterest. A blend of bohemian and classic, as well as contemporary and ethnic themes was aesthetically bound in one to birth this shop. It was an ancient Dutch Colonial building, which the owner conveniently transformed into a chic and cosy shop, filled with exotic products and items. You can purchase anything from wooden kitchen utensils to raffia fashion items, not to forget accessories made from clams and shells. All the products here are either entirely handcrafted or are rare Indonesian product. Kim Soo also has a small café, where you can enjoy a delicious menu, from French Toasts, homemade cakes to pancakes and refreshing coffee and tea.

Seminyak Night Market

Nights in Seminyak is a whole different picture altogether. One of the things you can do in the night is a wholesome visit to the Seminyak Night Market. The night market here extends over a wide expanse, where many small shops and stalls are lined up in a neat and colourful display. It is a favourite place for the locals as well as tourists, as you get to haggle for the prices of the items and products to your heart’s content. You can also find some good quality and authentic Balinese food at many of the food outlets here. If you want to take back souvenirs in the form of memories – may it be for yourself or for your loved ones – hit the Seminyak Night Market right away.

Bali Joe Bar

Bali Joe Bar is nothing like the usual bars one encounters around the world. It is one of the famous only LGBT places in Bali, where members of the LGBT community can gather and have fun without having any inhibitions. There are regular shows held, featuring drag queens and sexy boys, which can last up to early morning hours. The menu here is quite irresistible, especially the cocktails. Bali Joe Bar is one of those places where harmony and acceptance run high in the air, coloured with the fun and chill factor of partying. Bali Joe actually provides you with a different kind of experience where you can open-mindedly learn and understand various aspects of the Balinese LGBT community.

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta

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Ku De Ta is the place where you can experience the ultimate nightlife and that too, by the side of an amazing beach. Located on the Southern Coast of the Balinese island, Ku De Ta is a hip and trendy party stop, where a well-stocked bar, a lush lawn on the beach and a private loft area, available exclusively for VIPs. The two dining destinations in this oceanfront club provide every kind of food dish that you can think of, including bite-sized food to fulfilling lunch and dinner options. Many of the tourists and partiers are seen flooding this glittering club literally every day, leading it to become the most fun and chicest chill-out spot in all of the Bali.

Jalan Laksamana

Jalan Laksamana, or alternatively known as ‘Eat Street’, is something no tourist or traveller should miss out on. The street stretches from Ku De Ta and the Oberoi Hotel right up to Raya Kerobokan and is an extension of Jalan Kayu Aya, which is shopping heaven. You are literally provided with a seemingly infinite array of cafés, restaurants and bars. Some of the must-visit mentions here are Corner House, where you can sip on delicious coffees in a vintage setting, and The Bistrot, a European style café. Some of the best bars include Motel Mexicola, a Mexican-themed bar, well-known for tequila, and Char Char Bar and Grill, with street-facing seating arrangement and an eclectic menu, including candy floss cocktail.

Santo Mikael Church

Santo Mikael Church is well-known for its beautiful and gothic architecture, coloured in the pleasing shades of white and blue. This Protestant Church in Seminyak is as impressive as the Balinese temples. A tiled pathway extends towards the entrance, which is surrounded by lush trees and flowery bushes. Detailed wood carvings decorate the altar, and the interiors are all designed in a baroque style. The stained glass in the front of the entrance is absolutely beautiful, having originated from England. The entire setting is something one shouldn’t miss out on, which looks like a quintessential fairytale church. You can visit the church on any day and if lucky, you might just find a beautiful wedding taking place in the church.

Totem Room Escape Bali

Totem Room Escape Bali, located in Seminyak, is the first and also the largest escape game to have ever set foot in Indonesia. Here, you and your group are locked in a room, where you have to solve puzzles in order to escape the room, all the while keeping an eye on the ticking clock. While it is just a game, Totem room escape promises to give you a life-like experience, including giving you the right costumes for your adventure. There are four difficulty levels, with the easy level comprising of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is just for kids and the medium level of Jungle Book. The hard level is Egyptian Secret and the fourth level is Mission Impossible. Totem Room Escape is truly a fictionally real adventure.

Nyaman Gallery

If you want to get your brain stimulated, then Nyaman Gallery in Seminyak is the one for you. This is an International art gallery, filled with collections of contemporary artists, locals as well as global artists. The gallery prides itself in showcasing works that convey a meaningful message, may it be a social message, a personal one or something related to emerging trends. Nyaman Gallery is an eclectic amalgamation of artworks; in fact, you can find canvas paintings, traditional bone sculptures and even blow-glass art pieces, along with other kinds of artworks here. No wonder the place is comfortably cosy because ‘Nyman’ means ‘cosy’ in Indonesian. You can also purchase homemade wearable art, such as jewellery pieces and the likes.

Even if you are a solo traveller, a romantic couple or a fun group of friends, Seminyak has everything you would need, transforming itself in order to entertain the visitors. After visiting there, you will definitely realize that Seminyak is so much more than its one most-popular spot (you already know which beach club I’m talking about) and all of it is just so good!

Swim and Surf at Seminyak Beach

The gorgeous, golden-sanded Seminyak Beach is a well-known tourist attraction.

Although the surf can be a little unpredictable, the waves offer chances for surfing and is a great spot for swimming.

There are a ton of booths that are delighted to offer ice-cold beer and soft drinks as the ideal accompaniment to the magnificent sunsets.

If you prefer, you can hire a sun lounger and simply soak in the scenery.

Due to the type of audience it draws, Seminyak Beach distinguishes itself from its southern neighboring beach resort communities like Kuta and Legian.

Beautiful sunsets go hand in hand with Seminyak’s stunning coastline, which ranges from yellow to black sand.

Re-energize at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

A destination where centuries of history and culture are merged, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is found in the center of one of Bali’s most active neighborhoods.

Experience a one-of-a-kind holiday at one of Seminyak’s greatest hotels, where ages-old tradition and a chic modern way of life collide.

Every element of Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach’s diverse décor and quality services incorporates the colorful flavors of Seminyak, Bali’s most fashionable seaside neighborhood.

The private terrace with a daybed, which is part of the eclectically decorated room with an ensuite bathroom with a spa-inspired design, lets in plenty of natural light.

It is one of the best beachfront resorts in Seminyak that can provide guests with a memorable vacation.

Dine at Naughty Nuri’s Warung Seminyak

Naughty Nuri’s Warung Seminyak is a bustling, well-liked chain restaurant with stylish furnishings and a patio offering ribs and drinks.

Their distinctive ribs are extensively marinated in Balinese spices before being coated with legendary barbecue sauce and cooked over charcoal.

Their ribs are soft and succulent because they have spent years honing their technique and taste.

Each cold serve of their renowned Nuri’s Martinis contains 110ml of delicious vodka or gin.

They are, according to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, the greatest martinis outside of New York.

Numerous celebrities have dined at Naughty Nuri’s and raved about the ribs, beverages, and fun ambiance, notably Julia Roberts and fashion designer Donna Karan.

Have a Food Trip at Seminyak Square

Due to the numerous posh restaurants that line it, Seminyak Square is a retail center known as “eat street.”

On the bottom floor, there is typically an outdoor art market where you may look around for mementos and bargains.

Additionally, there are toy and jewelry stores, a batik shop, a renowned bookshop, and sports and fashion retailers.

A complete shopping experience is offered under one roof by this colorful range.

For dining, there are restaurants like Bali Bakery, Casa Gourmet, and many others that serve a blend of eastern and western cuisines.

Explore Artworks at Reservoart Gallery

Bali has no other galleries like Reservoart!

The goal of Reservoart Gallery is to make your selection and assessment process as enjoyable as possible.

Throughout this process of discovery, the painters’ skills and originality will be showcased.

More than 50 artists’ unique creations are available from them.

Every canvas is unique and reasonably priced.

All paintings are shipped in waterproof, international standard wood boxes for paintings on frames or protected PVC tubes for rolled paintings.

Furthermore, a certification of originality is provided with each painting from their collection.

Final Thoughts

Seminyak is Bali’s burgeoning fashion, eating, and leisure district; it is a posh beachfront neighborhood just north of Legian and Kuta.

World-class restaurants, upscale spas, fashionable boutiques, international surf shops, and stores for lifestyle brands are all present in it.

Some of Bali’s best and most reputable restaurants can be found in Seminyak, and several of its streets are known as must-visit dining locations.

Explore the brilliant colors of Seminyak, where chic boutiques, a mix of flavors, and a pulsating beach feel entwined with Bali’s rich culture, and explore the art of surprise.

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