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15 Best Things to Do in Seminole, FL

  • Published 2022/08/02

Located in Pinellas County, Florida, Seminole is a city that offers a good balance of urban and suburban living.

Many consider this city an excellent place to live since it has many convenient establishments to support their lifestyle.

However, it’s also a great place to visit on holiday.

Situated near Florida’s Gulf Coast, Seminole sits in an area blessed with beautiful nature.

However, it doesn’t fall short regarding fun and exciting attractions.

Seminole also offers an extensive array of attractions perfect for tourists who love being on the go.

Here are the best things to do in Seminole, FL.

Try Water Sports at Lake Seminole Park

The waters of Lake Seminole Park

Norm Lane /

Outdoor and fitness junkies alike will surely love Lake Seminole Park.

Lake Seminole Park is a famous destination in the area as it provides the amenities and the opportunity to join outdoor activities.

Hiking and fishing enthusiasts, bikers, and even kayakers flock to this place to absorb the wonders of nature while staying active.

The park houses several scenic trails that you can stroll through and spot various wildlife.

Hawk on a tree at Lake Seminole Park

Ken Donaldson /

The trails also have shaded areas and water fountains for your convenience.

Since Lake Seminole Park is quite famous, keep in mind that it might get crowded occasionally.

On weekends, the park usually gets packed, so prepare accordingly.

The best part is that the Lake Seminole Park doesn’t charge admission fees!

Paved trail at Lake Seminole Park

Pietz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Find Respite in Seminole City Park

Another relaxing green space in this part of Florida is Seminole City Park.

It’s another perfect place to find peace and de-stress in the city.

You can find ample green spaces that are perfect for a picnic with the family.

You can even find access to a lake and watch ducks move gracefully across the water.

Likewise, you can find multiple playgrounds here that your kids can enjoy.

If you visit alone, you can relax in the shelter near the lake.

Take a break from your busy life at Seminole City Park.

Stroll through Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Seminole is known for its fantastic nature and greenery.

Because of this, you can find many parks and attractions where you can bask in the embrace of nature.

Another park worth visiting in the city is the Boca Ciega Millenium Park.

This attraction provides visitors and locals with a place to relax and be with nature.

It features multiple picnic shelters where you can take your family or travel party and hang out.

You can also find trails and a boardwalk to stroll through and discover the beauty of the mangroves.

The park also has an observation tower that you can access by crossing the boardwalk.

You can witness scenic vistas featuring the bay, the park, and the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s one of the best spots to visit here, especially during sunset.

Apart from this, the park lets you canoe and kayak to your hearts’ content.

Do keep in mind that you can’t bring pets onto the boardwalk.

Nevertheless, the Boca Ciega Millennium Park is a fantastic site that you shouldn’t miss.

Have a Drink at Rapp Brewing Company

Are you looking for something to do with your buddies in Seminole?

Head over to the Rapp Brewing Company.

It’s a great place to end the day, especially with a bottle – or more – of some delicious cold beer.

Rapp Brewing Company is a microbrewery located on Endeavor Way.

This place usually offers over 40 different kinds of beers, so anyone can indeed find something they like.

The brewery doesn’t offer food to go with your drinks, though.

However, you can easily find something to munch on and pair with your beer from the food trucks on the lot.

Many locals also frequent the Rapp Brewing Company, giving you and your friends an excellent opportunity to socialize.

Challenge Yourself at Seminole Lake Country Club

Do you fancy a round of golf?

Then, check out Seminole Lake Country Club.

Built in the 1960s, the golf club features 18 holes that a lot of people still love.

Regulars and visitors of this club describe the course as both enjoyable and challenging.

If you plan on visiting, you can choose from package options that include delicious meals and the things you need for a day of golf.

After all, apart from the golf course, this country club is also famous for its restaurant’s tasty offerings.

Given the finicky nature of supply and demand, the club does real-time pricing.

Prices for peak days and non-peak days may vary significantly.

Nevertheless, for golf enthusiasts, whatever the price you pay at the Seminole Lake Country Club is worth every penny.

Go Bowling at Seminole Lanes

Sometimes, outdoor activities are not the best things to do, especially when it’s too hot outside.

Such days call for indoor activities, like bowling.

When you come to Seminole, check out Seminole Lanes and play bowling with your travel buddies.

This is the place to go to enjoy quirky, multi-colored bowling shoes to impeccable amenities.

You can also check out the on-site bar and restaurant if you need refreshments.

Don’t let the weather stop the fun; visit Seminole Lanes during your holiday.

Explore Nature at Walsingham Park

Rail fence at Walsingham Park

Philipp Michel Reichold, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Seminole’s most popular tourist attraction is arguably Walsingham Park.

This green area in the city showcases the beautiful nature that grows in this region of the United States.

The park spans 354 acres, and it features multiple scenic trails.

It also features terrific amenities for outdoor activities.

If you like to hike and stroll while observing nature, head to one of the trails.

Are you interested in fishing or other water-based sports?

Walsingham Park provides access to the lake where you can participate in such activities.

There are eight picnic shelters on the premises for people who want to hang out and have a picnic.

Kids can even play in the park’s playground.

Start your trip to Seminole, and don’t miss visiting Walsingham Park.

Explore the City on Bikes from Trail Sport Bicycle

You can explore Seminole by renting a bike and riding it to the city’s many attractions.

Visit Trail Sport Bicycles for some of the most affordable bike rental prices.

They can provide you with high-quality and well-maintained rental bikes at reasonable prices.

The rental not only includes the bike by also safety gear that lets you ride around without worrying about injuries.

This bike rental service also offers visitors suggestions on what trails or parts of the city you should visit.

Rent a bike from Trail Sport Bicycle and get on the road to experience Seminole in a different but enjoyable way.

Spend a Fun Afternoon at Treasure Island Fun Center

Create unforgettable memories with your family at Treasure Island Fun Center.

This destination is a must-visit for any travel group heading to Seminole, especially if you have kids.

This center features a wide array of arcade games that both kids and adults can enjoy.

If you get hungry, don’t hesitate to check out the fun center’s snack bar and pizzeria for some delicious treats.

You and your companions can spend hours and hours here without a minute of boredom.

Add Treasure Island Fun Center to your Seminole vacation itinerary.

Experience Upscale Moviegoing at Studio Movie Grill

Level up your movie-going experience by heading to Studio Movie Grill.

This is the place to go if you love a good movie and want to see films differently from the typical theater experience, with popcorn and all.

This place has 12 auditoriums equipped with state-of-the-art lounge seats, keeping you comfortable throughout the film.

Forget the popcorn and order some tasty full meals from the establishment’s American Grill.

From classic films to kids’ movies, you and your companions can find a film you will enjoy while you’re here.

Studio Movie Grill also has a lobby bar where you can hang out with your family or friends after watching the film.

Try Frozen Treats from Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard

In Florida, the weather can get hot.

So, it’s always a welcome treat to have some ice cream.

Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard is the best place to get some of this tasty treat in Seminole.

Their offerings are not limited to just simple ice cream, though.

Instead, their menu includes a wide array of refreshing, cold treats, such as Italian ices, frozen custards, flavored water ice, and more.

Are you wondering where all the delicious flavors are coming from?

This establishment prides itself on making its amazing frozen treats with only the freshest ingredients.

Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard is a must-try when you visit Seminole.

Hang Out with Friends at Time Out Sports Bar

Another fantastic Seminole destination for you and your buddies is the Time Out Sports bar.

When you come here, you can chill with your friends over drinks and play several rounds of pool.

It’s a bar with a welcoming ambiance that’s perfect for those who want to keep everything lowkey for the night.

At the bar, you can choose drinks from a menu, including 20 draft brews and some delicious cocktails.

Pair your drinks with fabulous meals, including this establishment’s famous chicken wings.

Apart from the pool table, you can also play with the dart boards and arcade games that you can find here.

Bring your friends to the Time Out Sports Bar!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn about Local Wildlife at George C. McGough Nature Park

A dock at George C McGough Nature Park

Heather Joyce /

Learn about the region’s diverse and exciting wildlife in Largo, Florida, 14 away from Seminole.

This place is the George C. McGough Nature Park.

Here, the entire family can discover how unique the area’s flora and fauna are.

Most people know this destination as the “turtle park,” thanks to the large turtle population you can find here.

A turtle at George C McGough Nature Park

Linda White Wolf /

Along with the beauty of nature, this park also features an array of unique amenities for your convenience.

These include the Narrows Nature Center, several exhibits, picnic shelters, and a butterfly garden.

The George C. McGough Nature Park also has playgrounds, a 0.9-mile trail, a playground, a boardwalk, and a canoe launch.

An observation deck at George C McGough Nature Park

Linda White Wolf /

Beat the Heat at Splash Harbour Water Park

If you want to beat the Florida heat, the best thing to do is to go to a waterpark.

Just 15 minutes from Seminole is the incredible Splash Harbour, Water Park.

You can find the water park in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

Here, you and your entire travel party can take a splash in this park’s many exciting amenities.

For younger visitors, they can go to the Treasure Cove Splash Zone.

Meanwhile, the adults can get their adrenaline pumping in one of their thrilling slides, such as Smugglers Run and Pirates Plunge.

If you want to relax, you can head to the Great White Lazy River or the Blue Lagoon Big Pool.

The Splash Harbour Water Park also has a snack and beverage bar for your convenience.

Learn More Local History at Pinewood Cultural Park

Whether you’re a history buff or not, check out Pinewood Cultural Park in Largo, just 15 minutes from Seminole.

This park features a Heritage Village, a 20-acre area filled with historical buildings.

You can get a glimpse and learn about the region’s history and the lives of the people who once lived in the area in its early days.

Apart from the Heritage Village, the park also houses the Florida Botanical Gardens.

Discover the area’s beautiful flora from various cultivated and uncultivated grounds.

You can go from one of these botanical sites to another via well-marked trails running through the park.

Spend a day at the Pinewood Cultural Park with your entire travel party, learn to appreciate nature, and make lasting memories.

Final Thoughts

Providing tourists and locals the right balance of fun and relaxation, Seminole is one of Florida’s top underrated travel destinations.

There are many things to discover here: from bowling alleys to turtle parks.

The attractions in Seminole offer endless hours of fun and learning for people of all ages.

When planning your trip, include this city in your itinerary.

Book your trip today and discover more things to do in Seminole!

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