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20 Best Things to Do in Seaside, OR

  • Published 2022/11/19

Seaside, Oregon, is famous for its beaches.

It’s also known for its excellent surf breaks, a wide variety of hiking trails, and scenic nature views.

Moreover, tourists love the city for its birdwatching attractions, historical walking tours, and beautiful beaches.

If touring the area is on your bucket list, then you might be interested in getting to know some of the best things to do in Seaside, Oregon:

Take a Walk along the Seaside Promenade

Scenic view of the sunset from the Promenade in Seaside, Oregon

Christopher D Elliott /

This attraction started as a wooden walkway and turned into a concrete structure much later.

If you are in the mood for taking a walk, checking out the seaside promenade, famously known as the prom, is a popular idea.

A person riding a bike along Seaside Promenade

CSNafzger /

Imagine the view of seashore sunset beauty on one side and the hustle and bustle of urban rush on the other; interposed between them is a trail where you can take a stroll while appreciating both sights at once.

You could choose a bike over walking, too.

You have to ask around the local shops and rent one from a nearby store.

Monoculars and a light post along Seaside Promenade

Rigucci /

Feel Inspired at the Lewis & Clark Salt Works

Lewis & Clark salt works in Seaside, Oregon

Paul R. Jones /

There is a very curious story related to this place.

When the corps of discovery were on their travel expedition, their supply of salt dwindled to nothing when they arrived near this part of the city.

Forging on ahead without the basic needs would have been a bad idea—especially something as vital as salt.

So rather than losing hope, they showed great determination and creativity and built a forge that could produce a large amount of salt converted from seawater.

If you are the kind of tourist who always wants to know the story behind the historical sites, visit this spot.

Its inspiring story will undoubtedly be imprinted in your memory.

Go Hiking at Ecola State Park

Rocky Cliffs and seashore at Ecola state park

tusharkoley /

Ecola State Park is famous for its spacious area and great views of the inland rocky cliffs and the calm seashore.

Path of Ecola State Park leading to a beach

Elena_Suvorova /

The trekking trails are loved by hiking enthusiasts; you can follow the tracks near the beach by going through the rocky region.

If you are looking for a romantic date, bring your partner along for a stroll down the sandy beach.

Elk on green pastures of Ecola State Park

Thye-Wee Gn /

Participate in recreational activities, drink some wine, enjoy the sunset together, and make some immortal memories at this lovely park.

Trees framing Ecola State Park's road

Bob Pool /

Awaken the Child in You at the Seaside Aquarium

Seaside Aquarium

Rigucci /

How long has it been since you last visited an aquarium?

There is something enchanting about getting the opportunity to take a peek inside the secret lives of the creatures found in the dark depths of the ocean.

There is an indoor section of the display, as well as an outdoor section.

Fish tanks at Seaside Aquarium

M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The indoor one consists of smaller creatures, while the outdoor one has larger marine creatures on display.

The seaside aquarium is famously known for the seals and their frank interactive nature.

Seals at Seaside Aquarium

M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Go Birdwatching at the Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park

Birdwatching is a hobby that not many people nurture.

But those that do go to great lengths to follow exotic birds in their natural habitat and witness their daily activities and seasonal migration habits.

The park is home to other forms of wildlife that include green herons, elk, and otters, too.

There are wooden platforms built specifically for birdwatchers to safely capture images of exotic birds.

Photographers usually flock to this place for the rare opportunities it offers.

Explore the Best Places to Eat in Seaside

Nonna Emilia, Italian Bistro in Oregon

M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Want to try some local specialties, or looking for a specific cuisine?

Here are some restaurants you might want to add to your must-try list.

Nonny’s Italian Bistro is known for its great coffee, full-service bar, and authentic Italian pasta with homemade sauce.

Ruby's restaurant sign at Seaside

Esteban Martinena Guerrer /

If you want to try out an authentic American menu full of creative burgers, trendy sandwiches, some shakes, and perhaps a few beers, then Ruby’s Roadside Grill is an excellent choice to try out.

It is a trendy place among the citizens of the area.

Tour the Seaside Museum and Historical Society

Exterior view of the Seaside museum and Historical Society

M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Seaside is known for its many beaches, but that is not all it offers.

If you are a learner or a person of a curious mindset, then perhaps you would instead enjoy visiting museums over hiking or beaches.

The Seaside Museum and Historical Society records, collects, and preserves the local history through changing times.

You can learn about the background of the city’s hotel industry, culture, and tradition through the years.

There are some classic photographs of the area dating far back in time.

Indulge in Good Quality Wines at Evoke Winery

Since its opening in 2005, Evoke Winery has produced captivating wines appropriate for all occasions.

Their craftsmen in the Hood River winemaking plant manufacture most of their wines.

Visitors are welcome to stop by for a personal tour and sampling!

Each year, they can obtain the greatest grapes from the top locations since they carefully select them from producers around the West Coast.

Without artificial flavors or additions, their wines are made entirely from quality wine grapes imported from Oregon, Washington, and California.

For an event, an exclusive tasting, or a private meal in their tasting rooms or winemaking site, Evoke Winery is glad to assist you in organizing a special occasion.

Expect a Fun and Exciting Day at Funland Seaside Arcade

Signage of Funland Seaside Arcade

melissamn /

Discover the biggest arcade on the North Oregon Coast, with dozens of arcade videos and redeeming games!

The newest and best virtual reality games, along with classics, are available at Funland Seaside Arcade.

Super Mario Cart, Guitar Hero, Fruit Ninja, Bumper Cars, Pinball, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are just a few new games they have.

Eat and drink at Seaside Fultano’s, which is at the center of all the Seaside attractions you adore.

Enjoy your food while sitting down, watching any or all of the six large-screen TVs, and taking in the wind coming through the entrance.

In Seaside’s renowned Funland Arcade, the kids may play video games while you unwind after your weekend trip.

Feel Adventurous at High Life Adventure Park

Dave and Lancey Larson are the owners and managers of High Life Adventure Park.

Anyone looking for excitement on the Oregon coast will undoubtedly have a memorable experience because of this.

Every age group and degree of expertise will find something useful in the training.

Adventure seekers will love the rush of navigating the aerial obstacle course at the high life adventure park, which has a range of difficult obstacles high above the earth!

The players may pick their complexity level through the octagon of obstacles, and their guides will help them along the route.

The ideal team-building exercise for a family gathering, birthday celebration, or business event is Adventure Park.

Admire the View from your Room at Lanai at the Cove

Your weeklong trip, private retreat, or intimate vacation will be ideal at Lanai at the Cove.

Each apartment is a studio with a kitchen and space for up to two or four guests.

The beachfront apartment features a terrace or Lanai where you can enjoy the mesmerizing ocean views.

Free parking, cable TV, fast internet, beach lighting for viewing the ocean at night, and many more amenities are available.

Enjoy the day relaxing on the beach, taking a dip in the heated pool or the sea, or just enjoying the scenery from your beachfront or poolside condo.

In a cove beside the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon, The Lanai at the Cove provides a distinctive oceanfront experience.

Shop and Snack afterwards at Seaside Carousel Mall

Exterior of Seaside Carousel Mall

melissamn /

In 1985, the Seaside Carousel Mall was erected on the location of the well-liked Bungalow Dance Hall.

Seaside Carousel Mall is a popular site for residents and visitors looking to shop, have fun with their families, and eat.

It is a well-liked shopping destination for toys, jackets, caps, and apparel in various designs and sizes, particularly for kids.

Indoor carousel in Seaside Carousel Mall

Frank L Junior /

Find a warm hoody to wear around the campfire or beach, or grab a funny T-shirt to remember your trip to the Seaside.

There are 175 options on the lunch and supper menus at New Garden Asian Cuisine.

Grab some coffee at Caffe Latte, plus whipped cream if you’ve got a sweet craving!

An arcade in Seaside Carousel Mall

melissamn /

Other Things to Do Nearby

Loosen Up at Del Rey Beach

Birds in Del-ray beach

Gregory Johnston /

If you’re the type of traveler that seeks solace and some privacy, then there is one spot where you can get to relish the scenic sunset site as well as some much-needed privacy.

Away from the rat race of urban activity, Del Ray beach offers you peace and quiet, unlike other beaches.

It is not known for being crowded.

Sandy shore at Del Rey Beach

Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That does not mean it’s not a place good enough to visit; rather, it has its class of people that frequent this place.

One of the popular recreational activities that make it stand apart from other beaches is the option of horseback riding.

The sky reflecting on Del Rey Beach waters

Cheryl Zion /

Go Surfing at Oswald West State Park

Calm shore at Oswald west state park

steve estvanik /

Are you a nature lover that enjoys long walks on forest trails?

Or are you a surfer that prefers spending their time riding the waves?

People walking along the trail of Oswald West State Park

Bob Pool /

Either way, Oswald West State Park has something to offer to both.

The park has a lush green rainforest as well as a vast sandy beach, making it a perfect place to visit for nature lovers.

View of the Oregon coast from Oswald West State Park

Chelsea Johnston /

It is also a place swarming with surfers, adventures, and explorers.

Visit with the family and enjoy recreational activities at the beach, hang out with the gang, go surfing in the ocean, or go hiking deep down the trails in the rainforest.

Rushing water under a tree at Oswald West State Park

Michael J Thompson /

Have Fun at the Arcadia Beach Recreation Site

Humbug point at Arcadia Beach Recreation Site

Dana Hutchinson, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you one of those travelers that hunt for the best sunset views wherever they go?

The Arcadia Beach Recreation Site is just the location for you to visit.

Whether you are alone, with a partner, with friends, or with family, you could choose to participate in different recreational activities.

Heavy fog at Arcadia Beach Recreation Site

Lincoln Rogers /

The site’s sunset views are famous throughout the region, so make sure not to forget to bring a camera with you.

Take some pictures for your Instagram feed and some personal memories.

Enjoy taking a walk at the sandy beach, grab a beer, lean back, and relax.

Witness the Uniqueness of Lewis & Clark NWR

Aerial view of the islands at Lewis & Clark National wildlife refuge

Amos Meron, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This attraction comprises 20 little islands that collectively make the National Wildlife Refuge.

One of the things to note before you come here is that you can only get here by boat.

Despite that, this place is always crowded with visitors, local citizens, and foreign travelers alike.

Whether you’re a birdwatcher or nature lover, or perhaps even a wildlife preservation activist, you will find that this will become one of the best places you have ever visited.

From various amphibians and reptiles to waterfowls, raptors, and songbirds, the variety in local inhabitants of the region is quite diverse.

Discover the Regional History at Clatsop County Historical Society

Front view of the Clatsop County Historical Society

Visitor7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Travelers, residents, and anyone interested in historical architecture fall in love with this place.

Clatsop County Historical Society is categorized into four sections.

Every section showcases a different kind of architecture from a different era, with different styles.

The Victorian architecture of the Flavel House is one such example.

First and foremost, Clatsop County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the traditional sites and educating the visitors about their rich history.

Learn Provincial History at Fort Clatsop

Sunrise at Fort Clatsop

Thye-Wee Gn /

Stories and legends related to the corps of discovery, one of the first extraditions in the area, are well-received and respected in the province.

One of the main reasons behind that is that the city’s regional history is intervened tightly with their travels and stay in the area.

Names sign of Fort Clatsop

Paul R. Jones /

Fort Clatsop is where they made their encampment.

Somehow this place is still in good shape, even after the event back in 1805.

Interior of Fort Clatsop's log cabin

Thye-Wee Gn /

Now this place has been turned into a place for education.

School and University students are brought here on educational tours, and foreign visitors and locals also visit this place for its significance.

 Statue of Sacajawea at Fort Clatsop

Joseph Sohm /

Savor the Higher Perspective from Tillamook Head

Tillamook head with brown fields and dusty road

RodriguezPix /

One of the best places for hiking lies just five miles away from the city.

Hike up the rock formation, which stands at 1,000 feet tall.

Name sign of Tillamook Head

Bird On Fire /

Be sure to bring your hiking gear, along with medical first aid and necessities.

After working hard to reach the top of the rock formation, you will be awarded one of the best views the entire region has to offer, from the top of Tillamook Head.

Cloudy sky over Tillamook Head

Bob Pool /

This site offers some of gorgeous sunset scenes.

Gaze at the horizon from a higher perspective and feel humbled by the grandeur of nature.

Tillamook Head's rock lighthouse

melissamn /

Join a Jogging Group at Clatsop Plains

Is your tour to the city going to last a few days?

Or perhaps you are newly settled and looking for a place to jog?

You should definitely check out Clatsop Plains.

This place is named after the Native American tribes that settled here around the 18th to 19th centuries.

This region of the city is not only historically but also financially crucial to the province.

It provides the area with a fresh and ample supply of razor clams on a regular basis.

Rev Your Engine and Experience Life in the Fast Lane at Captain Kid Amusement Park

Located at Roosevelt Drive, Captain Kid Amusement Park is a great place for families to enjoy some fun together.

Here, you can take a trip down memory lane by playing a round on an 18-hole mini-golf course built in 2020.

A year later, the park added an exciting go-kart track, where you can enjoy the twists and turns of competitive racing at its finest.

Children under five feet tall are welcome on double karts; they may ride with an adult.

Captain Kid Amusement Park also features a 26-foot rock climbing wall that can accommodate up to five climbers at once.

And ever heard of GyroXtreme, a ride that simulates weightlessness used by NASA to train astronauts?

You’ll also find that amazing ride in Captain Kid Amusement Park!

This amusement park also has rides for all ages, including a Rollercoaster for thrill-seeking adults and children alike.

There are three thrilling rides for younger rodeo enthusiasts as well, with even more upcoming in future seasons!

Bask in the Beauty of Painted Rock Beach

When it comes to chilling out, nothing beats being near the seashore.

Couple that with areas like Seaside, Oregon, where the sand is always warm, and the surf is rarely too harsh on your bare feet, and you have a recipe for serenity you can’t find anywhere else.

One of the best places to try in this beautiful, laid-back resort city is Painted Rock Beach, which will end up being one of your personal favorites because of its vibes.

A secret spot known only to those who know of it, Painted Rock Beach is tucked away in the small undiscovered corner west of Avenue W and Ocean Vista Drive.

The small humble beach shack offers delight to the travelers upon its arrival with a delicate mixture of sand and grass.

Visitors are greeted by the rocky cliff-face deck that overlooks the calm oceans encompassing nearby islands for a serene experience.

Painted Rock Beach is a wonderful place for taking photos or catching up with old friends on a lazy day out.

Experience a Unique Photo Adventure at Seaside Inverted Experience

Seaside Inverted Experience has a simple mission: to bring people together so they can create lasting memories and take home a brand new perspective—a unique concept that’s fun, creative, and endlessly customizable!

Whether you’re looking to preserve or predefine an image, Seaside Inverted Experience offers you a totally unique keepsake that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

At Seaside Inverted Experience, you can have your photo taken while doing things that seem weird and a bit ridiculous to an outsider peering in.

At this location, you can find the kind of quirky photos that capture you holding onto a lamp post for dear life and looking afraid as the strong wind blows hard.

This is not at all like the typical tourist traps where everyone is dressed up and wearing their best smiles for the camera.

Seaside Inverted Experience is for those who want to experience something more unique and enjoy candids shots in-between pure cheesiness.

Final Thoughts

Overall, suppose you are someone who enjoys beaches, hiking, biking, museum touring, learning the local history, or even interacting with adorable seals.

In that case, you will have a lot of fun in this city.

To maximize your trip, make sure to keep this list of the best things to do in Seaside!

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