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15 Best Things to Do in Seaside, FL

  • Published 2021/10/21

Seaside is a beachfront town located along the scenic 30A highway in Northwest Florida.

This quaint town is the gateway to every vacationer’s dream boasting its glistening shore and sprawling white sand along with the charming pastel architecture in the community.

The cozy small-town feel with the sense of connectedness to the community will make you your Seaside vacation unlike any other.

Seaside is also home to plenty of artisans contributing to the beauty of the community; you can stroll through the lush gardens and explore the number of art spaces in the town.

If you’re planning a trip to Seaside, read on for 15 best things to do on your vacation to Seaside:

Join a Relaxing Yoga by the Beach at Seaside Pavilion

If you are looking for a way to relax on Seaside, your best option is to join the yoga classes on the Seaside Pavilion.

Breathe in the calming warm sea breeze and breathe out the stress while listening to the relaxing music of waves crashing by the shore.

View of Seaside Pavilion

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Classes will depend on the weather, so make sure to head out early on a lovely sunny morning because the space is limited to only 14 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Brighten your day with yoga surrounded by the soothing sound of the waves, head out to the pavilion and make sure to bring your yoga mat and water.

Score on a Limited Edition Book at Sundog Books

Stop by this quaint local bookstore and feel like the main character in an old Hollywood film scheming through the isle of bookshelves.

Sundog Books is a family-owned bookstore that has been in business for more than 30 years located in the heart of Seaside.

Bibliophiles will surely appreciate the large selection of book genres offered in this small bookstore.

If you’re looking for a specific book, make sure to approach the helpful staff of the bookstore to find the exact book you want.

Make sure to head out to this bookstore and be welcomed by the warm, homey feel of the place.

Catch a Show at Seaside Central Square Cinema

Located in the Seaside Amphitheater is the outdoor family movie event’s place, the Central Square Cinema.

A movie on a Friday night is the perfect bonding activity for you and your family—the cinema features family-friendly shows, so make sure to check what’s on schedule and go for a movie night out.

Don’t miss out on a show to get acquainted with the fun community of Seaside because the shows are free and open to the public.

Grab your popcorn and head out to the Seaside Amphitheater for a unique movie viewing experience under the stars; both the young and the old alike will indeed have a wholesome time.

Take Photos With Seaside’s Famous Purple Wall

As you’re strolling along Seaside Central Square, make sure to spot the famous wall-sized mural of Vincent Scully.

The mural is in commemoration of Vincent Scully’s contribution as a historian and educator of art and architecture.

Vincent Scully is one of Seaside’s early supporters who believed in the potential of the beachfront city to prosper into a beautiful urban town, and he inspired many architecture students who developed the design of Seaside.

The wall-sized artistic portrait was created by the world-renowned street artist Andrew Pisacane, also known as Gaia.

Stop by The Chapel at Seaside

Outside View of The Chapel at Seaside

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Located behind Ruskin Place Park is an interdenominational chapel in Seaside; this chapel welcomes everyone for some peaceful time.

Its iconic architecture, picturesque setting, and sublime interior invite visitors to appreciate the relaxing location for worship.

Outside View of The Chapel at Seaside

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The Chapel at Seaside is worth stopping by when you visit the city, this hidden gem is open for the public, and it’s an ideal destination to reflect and gather your thoughts.

This ornate cathedral is nestled in a quiet residential area, but it’s accessible from the main road and shopping district.

Learn How to Ride the Waves With Austin Magee’s Surf School

If you are looking for a more exciting way to spend your beach vacation in Seaside, make sure to sign up for a surfing class with Austin Magee’s Surf School.

The surf school offers a one-hour private surf lesson that is ideal if you want personalized surf instructions, this is a recommended lesson for vacationers who wish to be introduced to the world of surfing.

If you are traveling with groups, you can also avail of their group surf lesson, where you can still learn what is offered in a private surf lesson minus the personalized surfing instructions.

Prepare for a thrilling ride with the waves and dive into the world of surfing—you can learn basic surfing skills like surfboard positioning, paddling, safety, proper ways to stand up, and land on the water properly.

Note that all surfing equipment is provided with the lesson, so you would just have to bring your dedication to learning and excitement for a new adventure.

Sculpt Your Sand Castle With Beach Sand Sculptures

Step up your sandcastle building skills with Beach Sand Sculptures—they are a creative team of individuals dedicated to teaching the art of sand sculpting.

Experience engaging sandcastle lessons in Seaside for a unique activity to spend by the beach, so make sure to book your lessons with them.

Create memories with a unique family experience on 2-hour sand sculpting lessons and prepare to flex your creative muscles along the process of building your creation.

Sandcastle building may require a lot of physical activity, but it is still a fun experience for the young and the young-at-heart alike where the whole family will surely enjoy a unique bonding experience.

Make sure to bring your cameras and flash your proudest smile beside your incredible sandcastle creation.

See a Large Selection of Art Glass at Fusion Art Glass and Fine Jewelry

Walk into an eclectic art glass gallery in Seaside and marvel at the unique creations of over 100 featured artists in Fusion Art Glass and Fine Jewelry.

This place is a must-visit if you are into unique artistry, where you can walk around the exquisite glass art gallery and appreciate the eye-catching displayed pieces.

Fusion Art Glass and Fine Jewelry features a large selection of glass art pieces ranging from functional ones to ornamental crafts, and they also have pieces of jewelry, ceramic and metal pieces, coins, and more.

You can take home the piece of art that resonates with you—whether if it’s a small trinket or a colossal installation, they can arrange a safe delivery for you.

Make sure that you are careful on your walk around the gallery and don’t get too excited to go near the beautiful art pieces as they are prone to break if you knock into something.

Bask Under the Sun at Seaside Beach

View of Seaside Beach

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A trip to Seaside, Florida, wouldn’t be complete without basking under the sun surrounded by the warm sea breeze and gentle sea waves, so put your sunscreen on and head out to Seaside Beach for a fun day at the beach.

The sun-bleached sandy shore sprawling through the glistening blue seawater on beautiful weather will entice you to spend a day by the beach.

Whether you want to relax under the sun or try exciting water sports, this location is perfect for your idyllic day of sun and fun.

Aside from the beaches, you can take a leisurely stroll along charming walk paths to check out dining spots near the beach for great food or enjoy beach nightlife activities.

Shop for Fresh Local Produce at Seaside Farmers Market

Support local growers and craftspeople who offer products in Seaside Farmers Market located in central Seaside, Florida.

Various local products in the farmers’ market are reasonably priced, so make sure to stop by to get a dibs on the freshest produce sold in Seaside Farmers Market.

Almost all of the products sold in Seaside Farmers’ Market are healthy and sustainable options made by environmentally conscious vendors.

This year-round farmers’ market is organized in the Seaside Amphitheater every weekend, so make sure to stop by and get dibs on the freshest local produce.

Go for a Stroll in Ruskin Park at Central Square

If you want to spend your day by the community center, where you can chill and enjoy the vibrant ambiance of Seaside, Ruskin Park is the ideal location to visit.

This quaint park is located north of Seaside’s Central Square, surrounded by art galleries and boutiques, where you can have a casual stroll along central Seaside.

If you get too tired to explore the city, you can sit under the canopy of towering oak trees lined in the entire park.

Get acquainted with the town locals and strike up a conversation when you stop by Ruskin Park—a great vacation must include getting to know new people and building lifelong friendships.

Spot some fairies when you look upon the north side of the plaza named the “Fairy Forest,” the fairies are crafted from clay by local children placed in the hidden perches of the park.

The plaza also hosts events where you can enjoy live music, great food and meet incredible people.

Appreciate Contemporary Art at Newbill Collection By the Sea

If you want to venture for more artistic locations, this art gallery is a must-stop on your weekend getaway at Seaside.

Newbill Collection by the Sea is a quaint art gallery that features a wide selection of fine crafts, original paintings, folk arts, photographs, and garden sculptures.

This cozy art shop is tucked away from Seaside’s central district, located along the relaxing tree-covered and tranquil streets.

Make sure to stop by so you can score on unique finds from here!

Experience Urban Street Food Crawl From Airstream Row

View of Airstream Row

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Your visit to Seaside wouldn’t be complete without trying out foods from the gleaming Airstreams lined in front of Seaside.

There is a variety of food options ranging from cold treats, snacks, and even vegan options.

The Airstream Row started from Case Cooper, who was selling shaved ice at Frost Bites, he was asked to relocate immediately, and he chose to park a vintage Airstream in front of Seaside to continue his business.

View of Airstream Row

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Many vendors choose to use an Airstream to house their businesses following Case Cooper’s path, establishing the famous Airstream Row.

Just walk along the Airstream Row and order from the window of an airstream selling your food choice.

You can dine in front of the beach and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Airstream Row.

View of Airstream Row

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Delve Deeper Into Seaside’s Local Art Scene at Red Bird Gallery

Nestled in the shady oaks of Ruskin Park is Seaside’s best-kept secret, the Red Bird Gallery.

Art enthusiasts will surely appreciate the expansive collection of unique artistry, the gallery showcases a number of artworks like paintings, clay art, jewelry, and other crafts.

The gallery is run by Tricia Moore for over 12 years, she is the person behind carefully curated art pieces that will surely pique your interest in creative expression.

Nothing beats a souvenir from a local gallery, so take home a unique artwork that resonates with you to commemorate your memories in Seaside.

Shop for Classic Vinyl Records at Central Square Records

Located just above the Sundog Books is the Central Square Records—you can hang out in this little music nook to escape the hustle and bustle of Seaside Crowd.

Central Square Records is one of America’s classic music stores and vinyl record shops, featuring a collection of released records.

They sell up-to-date albums and indie exclusive releases, so you’ll never miss out on what’s hot in the music scene.

You can also score on new and used vinyl records, along with vintage turntables, instruments, and other accessories.

This cozy music store also hosts live music events where the community can gather for a chill music night.

Final Thoughts

This laid-back town is an ideal destination if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of busy cities.

Whether you want to wade in the water or go for a relaxing stroll, you’ll find something that will captivate you.

Seaside offers many exploration opportunities for the young and the young-at-heart, so make sure to reference this list on your trip to Seaside.

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