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15 Best Things to Do in Searcy, AR

  • Published 2022/08/18

If you’re in Arkansas and want to check out its bigger cities, go to the seat of White County, Searcy.

As the largest city in the county, Searcy has a land area of around 38.3 square kilometers.

This city has several attractions to explore, especially historical ones since it dates back to 1835.

These features include several locations for different activities.

There are also plenty of sights you can discover for fun.

If you want to plan ahead for your Arkansas trip, here is a list of the best things to do in Searcy.

See Art and History at the Historic Benjamin Clayton Black House and Art Gallery

Exterior of The Historic Benjamin Clayton Black House and Art Gallery

Valis55, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Historic Benjamin Clayton Black House is a local historical site you can find on East Race, which doubles as an art gallery.

The old house has existed since 1874, gaining recognition as a historical site a century later.

The building is a single-story structure that hosts visual art exhibits throughout the year.

It also features a variety of art pieces and vintage furnishings.

You can visit the Historic Benjamin Clayton Black House and Ar Gallery any day except Sunday and Monday.

Enjoy a combination of art and history in Searcy!

Explore History at the Pioneer Village

Step into the past by visiting the Pioneer Village at Higginson Street.

The village features a collection of buildings dating back to the 19th century and is a prime spot for history enthusiasts to explore.

There are various types of buildings to discover in this village, including a smokehouse, log cabin, and barn, to name a few.

You are free to tour the village any day.

If you want to experience everything the park offers, you can contact the staff for more information.

See a Local Performance at the Harding University Theater

Searcy is a unique city because it features several places to catch a show.

Among the places to enjoy a performance in Searcy, the top spot to check out local talent is the Harding University Theater.

As the name indicates, the Harding University Theater is part of Harding University on East Market Avenue.

The theater stages year-round performances and a range of shows.

From musicals to classical theatre, you can see multiple types of shows performed by staff and students.

Catch a Show at the Center on the Square

Enjoy a show by catching a performance at Center on the Square by West Arch Avenue.

The non-profit performing arts center features several performances, including musicals, plays, and other shows.

The theater opened in 1999 and initially offered a dinner show service.

However, it has since closed that service.

Aside from musicals and plays, the theater opens its doors as a venue for other events.

These events include comedy shows, concerts, and more.

The theater also hosts seasonal programs for young artists to sign up and learn the performance craft.

Regarding where to enjoy a show in Searcy, the Center on the Square is a top spot to check out.

Play a Round at the Hourglass Escape Rooms

Have fun in the city by checking out the Hourglass Escape Rooms.

You can locate the escape room venue around East Race Avenue.

The venue features three rooms with different themes, with a one-hour time limit.

Two out of the three rooms hold multiple chambers, and all rooms allow a minimum of two players.

Whether you want to escape from a vampire or find yourself in Wonderland, there are different experiences you can enjoy at the Hourglass Escape Rooms.

Have Fun with Games at the Super Bowl & Arcade

You can find plenty to do in the city, and if you want to have fun with games, check out the Super Bowl & Arcade.

Super Bowl & Arcade is a local bowling center and arcade on South Main Street.

In addition to featuring bowling and arcade facilities, the center has concessions and hosts various events, including parties and family reunions.

The center also features a shop that holds a variety of retail items.

While exploring the fun spots available in Searcy, visit the Super Bowl & Arcade for an enjoyable time with friends or family.

Skate around the Searcy Skate Family Entertainment Center

Try your hand at rollerblading at the Searcy Skate Family Entertainment Center.

Located around Arkansas Highway, the entertainment center features a selection of facilities for guests to have fun.

Some available facilities at this center include a 14,000-square-foot skating floor and an arcade area.

Schedules tend to vary at Searcy Skate Family Entertainment Center.

If you want to experience rollerblading in the city, you can either make a booking or check online for the best time to visit.

Try Axe Throwing at the Natural State Throwers

Create unforgettable experiences with your friends by trying ax throwing at the Natural State Throwers.

The Natural State Throwers is an ax-throwing center you can find inside the Old Hays Building.

Choose from a selection of games and try your hand at ax throwing at this facility.

This place welcomes throwers of different levels.

However, the schedule of this facility tends to vary, so check online or book a session for the best time to visit.

You can also book the facility for an event and have an electric party with your companions.

Take a Fishing Tour with the Tailwater Fishing Company

The city has its share of sights to explore.

One area you can enjoy is the nearby waters, like the Little Red River.

Since Searcy sits along Little Red River, you can take the opportunity to sail and fish on it.

Just book a session with the Tailwater Fishing Company.

The Tailwater Fishing Company is a fishing guide service that features different fishing sessions for guests to experience.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, try to book a four-hour and 7.5-hour session to make the most of your trip.

Check Out the Facilities at Camp Wyldewood

If you visit Searcy in the summer, you can make that visit eventful by signing up for Camp Wyldewood.

Camp Wyldewood is a local camp and retreat center with different programs throughout the year.

By signing up for the camp, you can experience and enjoy different outdoor activities and sports.

You can also book the camp for a retreat or rent it for events and enjoy a total of three available activities.

Camp Wyldewood sits at Riverside Park Road and has plenty of options for you to explore.

Skate at Spring Park

Depending on the season, you can try various activities in Searcy.

For example, you can try skating at Spring Park.

Spring Park is one of the many parks in Searcy, and you can locate it around East Pleasure Avenue.

There are plenty of facilities available at this park aside from the seasonal skating area.

These include a picnic area and playground.

In addition to featuring a seasonal skating rink, Spring Park houses the Historic Capped Sulphur Springs.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Berryhill Park

Searcy doesn’t suffer from a shortage of parks.

Another park you can visit in the city is Berryhill Park at Davis Drive.

This park has plenty of facilities, including pavilions, sports areas, and a playground.

Likewise, the park features two pavilions you can book for different events.

Some of the facilities available at this park include two rentable pavilions, a playground, and different sports areas.

With 7.2 acres of land, you’ll find plenty to explore at this park and different facilities to help you relax with family and have fun.

View the Sights at Riverside Park

If you want to explore the parks in the city, check out Riverside Park.

What makes this park different?

In addition to providing a picnic area, playground, and pavilions, the park gives you access to Little Red River.

You can explore the park’s 99 acres, including a hiking trail.

While Riverside Park may seem like just another run-of-the-mill park, it is also an ideal spot to relax in nature’s embrace.

Shop Fresh Produce at the Searcy Certified Farmers Market

Check out Searcy’s local products by shopping at the Searcy Certified Farmers Market.

The market opens on Tuesdays and Saturdays around West Race Avenue downtown.

On Saturdays, however, the market moves to Courthouse Square.

There is a range of locally grown products and produce available in this market.

These products include fruits, eggs, and baked goods.

Likewise, you can check out Searcy Certified Farmers Market if you want to get something fresh or see what the community offers.

Browse Vintage Items at the Old Hippy Antique Shop

Searcy features various specialty shops.

One local store you can visit is the Old Hippy Antique Shop.

The Old Hippy Antique Shop features a selection of vintage furnishings and decorations.

From chairs to mirrors and other house items, you will find no shortage of vintage pieces in this store.

Compared to other spots in the city, Old Hippy Antique Shop may not seem like much, but it is a prime location for window shoppers.

Go Fishing with Guiding Life Fishing Adventures

Fishing enthusiasts need to check out Guiding Life Fishing Adventures to learn how to sail and fish in Searcy.

You can find this fishing guide service’s base near North Maple Street and book a full or half-day fishing session.

Whichever session you book, you’ll receive plenty of accommodation for a comfortable fishing session.

Both sessions can accommodate up to two people, with a third person entailing an extra fee from the fishing service.

Since they don’t have a fixed address, you can contact the staff yourself.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Jacksonville Museum of Military History

Exterior of Jacksonville Museum of Military History

Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Discover more stories about America’s past wars by visiting the Jacksonville Museum of Military History.

You can find it in Jacksonville, Arkansas, 35 minutes from Searcy.

The Jacksonville Museum of Military History is a local museum specializing in military history and anything related.

The artifacts inside this museum include various remnants of the two world wars, vintage clothing, and toys, among other vintage items.

You can learn various stories in this museum.

If you want to grab a souvenir for your visit, you can also check out a gift shop.

Head to the Splash Zone Water Park

For those feeling adventurous, you can check out several attractions in nearby Arkansas cities.

The Splash Zone Water Park in Jacksonville is one of many places you can check out nearby for some fun activities.

The waterpark is 34 minutes away from Searcy and has plenty of water facilities for guests to enjoy.

These facilities include slides, water blasters, and different pool areas.

You can also enjoy some relaxation at the jacuzzi or concessions.

Splash around the Splash Zone Water Park and have fun the way you want.

Final Thoughts

As the largest city in the county, Seary offers a wide range of sights and attractions that provide different experiences.

Some things you can experience in this city include walking through history and playing different sports and games.

Besides history and activities, the city has many places to catch a performance and enjoy the arts.

There are also several parks you can explore for some fun in the outdoors and have fun with the family.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Searcy, Arkansas!

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