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15 Best Things to Do in Salley, SC

  • Published 2022/09/12

Salley embodies the definition of a cozy, small town in South Carolina.

It was founded in 1887 with the help of three Swiss-German families who each had a family member named “John.”

Now, it’s become home to less than 300 residents, according to the 2020 census.

This marks it as a perfect destination for those seeking a quiet, secluded destination with empty streets and a tranquil atmosphere.

Salley also has a few attractions up its sleeves.

This town hosts the Chitlin Strut’, an annual tradition that attracts residents and travelers across the county.

Salley may not have the most attractions, but you can always make a pitstop to nearby towns for more adventures.

Here are the best things to do in Salley, South Carolina:

Roam around the Salley Historic District

A building at Salley Historic District

Bill Fitzpatrick, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Salley Historic District consists of about 60 properties that managed to retain much of its old structure and design, contributing to the town’s history.

Here, you’ll meet charming properties featuring Art Deco styles and Victorian elements.

History buffs and architecture fans will enjoy this destination!

The whole district was also listed on the National Register for Historic Places in 2000.

A walk in this destination can give you bouts of nostalgia and reminisce on the trends of the old days.

The construction of buildings in the Salley Historic District ranges from the period of late 19th century up until the early 20th century.

Discover the charm of old structures along the lengths of Walnut Street.

Feel Fancy in Taylor Manor

Built in 1883, Taylor Manor is a beautiful, lavish home adorned with Victorian-style features and decor.

This place at Pine Street serves as an events venue for indulging in classy affairs.

It has a rare, old-style charm that can make your event stand out from the rest!

With gray brick walls, wooden furnishings, and antique candlesticks, the venue highlights a classic kind of elegance.

It’s open to various events, including weddings, Christmas parties, or group meetings.

Whether the event lasts for a few hours or days, Taylor Manor is open to any requests from potential customers.

Experience the mystique that this historical manor has to offer!

Join the Festivities of Chitlin Strut

A great way to break the boredom is to join one of the most popular annual events in town, the Chitlin Strut!

For over 50 years, this festival has become a recurring local tradition.

From its first celebration as a humble gathering, Chitlin Strut has come a long way to featuring big parades, talented musicians, and diverse stalls.

You can watch beauty contests, participate in food-eating contests, or go on carnival rides.

But the most popular part of Chitlin Strut is to feast on huge amounts of “chitterlings” or fried hog intestines.

There’s also a plethora of food fixings, including savory meats, sweet treats, and local specialty foods.

It’s an easy way to taste and explore various cuisines from the people in Salley.

Usually, this event runs at the end of November in Pine Street.

Chitlin Strut is the heart of this peaceful, tiny town, so you shouldn’t miss out on this rare event!

Meet the Animals at Eudora Wildlife Safari Park

Loads of family fun can be found at Eudora Wildlife Safari Park, located along Salem Lane.

This park is the first to offer a drive-thru safari experience in South Carolina.

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your cars to have up-close meetings with adorable animals, like giraffes, moose, and zebras.

From common birds and kangaroos to uncommon lemurs, Eudora Wildlife Safari Park has its fair share of animal species.

They also have petting zoos and pony rides if you’re interested in highly interactive ventures.

Eudora Wildlife Safari Park also has designated areas to purchase food, snacks, drinks, and desserts.

You can also stop by the gift shop and browse through their collection of animal-themed souvenirs.

All this was made possible through the passion of Mark Nisbet, the first founder of the zoo park.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Immerse in Nature at the Aiken State Park

The waters of Aiken State Park

C Dash /

The tranquil haven of Aiken State Park sits along the banks of the South Edisto River.

Through the Civilian Conservation Corps, this nature park was established during the Great Depression.

It created a haven for anyone who needed a little bit of peace in those troubling times.

Scenic view of Aiken State Park

C Dash /

As you go on your path, you’ll see informative signs that discuss the place’s purpose, history, and its changes.

A lot of outdoor activities are available in Aiken State Park.

A small stone fountain at Aiken State Park

C Dash /

Some include camping, hiking, fishing, and kayaking through the river.

They also provide rentals so you can try all the activities, even if you don’t have any equipment.

Aiken State Park is a beautiful destination with wildflower meadows, jungle-like terrains, and abundant animal wildlife.

A stack of kayak boats on the grounds of Aiken State Park

C Dash /

Have a Meal in Miller’s Bread Basket

The charm of Millie’s Bread Basket lies in their assortment of Amish-Mennonite homemade meals.

Amish-Mennonites are a religious community with distinct cultures and traditions.

You can get a taste of the way they make their food and meals through this quaint restaurant.

Over the years, it’s remained faithful to a cozy, minimal space and highlights the flavors of their food instead.

They serve full-course meals consisting of a salad and bread appetizer, a filling main course, and rewarding desserts.

From pieces of bread and pies to cakes and cobblers, everything they serve is homemade from a unique family recipe.

Miller’s Bread Basket at Main Street, Blackville, about 25 minutes away from Salley, can remind you of home.

Spend the Night in Annie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast

Annie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast is a lovely place for a casual staycation.

Built in the 18th century, a few parts of this building managed to survive the effects of the Civil War.

Its Greek-style revival home, coupled with bright flowers, adorns the outside of its premises pleasantly.

There’s also a beautiful fountain centerpiece surrounded by blooming flowers.

Annie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast takes pride in its old-school features, reminiscent of cozy homes in the past.

From bed sheets and wallpapers to sofas and lamps, this venue uses vintage items.

For facilities, the place is equipped with a swimming pool, a functional kitchen, and an outdoor sun porch.

Make sure to visit this historic inn at Aiken, about 30 minutes from the town.

Sip Water from God’s Acre Healing Springs

God’s Acre Healing Springs are some of South Carolina’s best-kept secrets.

These waters have been the source of many folklores since its first discovery in 1781.

During that time, Native Americans graciously brought a few wounded soldiers to their sacred healing springs.

Their eventual healing led to the people’s surprise, and the tale of these healing springs then began to spread around the vicinity.

Native Americans believed that the place was a gift from the Great Spirit.

Until today, some people travel far for these waters, believing in their healing properties.

You can find this destination in Blackville, less than 20 minutes away from Salley.

Don’t miss the chance to taste this so-called “miracle” water!

Try the Food in Christy’s Country Cooking

Southern-style meals are the bread and butter of Christy’s Country Cooking.

Their menu rotates daily, featuring an array of pot roasts, chicken, baked beans, grits, and other Southern dishes.

It’s a splendid destination offering good food in a simple, mellow setting.

At Walker Street, Christy’s Country Cooking presents various options for tasty and filling meals made with love.

It’s a family-owned restaurant, so make sure to try it and support small businesses.

The venue in Perry is only a few minutes away from Salley, making it an easy place to reach.

Learn a New Sport at Overbrook Polo

When traveling somewhere unfamiliar, it’s great to learn something new.

Overbrook Polo offers the fun experience of playing polo!

This dynamic team sport involves riding a horse and using sticks to score more goals compared to your opponents.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, Overbrook Polo has a package option that you may enjoy.

For novices, they offer private and semi-private lessons to teach you horseback riding and the basics of the game.

If you’re experienced, then you can participate in their team games!

Rest assured that the competitions are friendly and casual.

Overbrook Polo is at Gallop Hill Lane, about 15 minutes from town.

Camp at Barnwell State Park

Daytime view of Barnwell State Park

C Dash /

As one of the largest parks in Blackwell, Barnwell State Park has plenty to offer.

Recreational opportunities include nature-centric activities like fishing, birdwatching, and swimming.

There are also useful amenities that can make your trip to the outdoors safer and more comfortable.

Cozy cabins, picnic shelters, and Wi-Fi are a few of the things that can provide convenience while you explore the wonders of nature.

Trees surrounding Barnwell State Park's water

C Dash /

In Barnwell State Park, you’re surrounded by the presence of nature in the form of lush forests, tranquil lakes, and the smell of crisp air.

This park is also rich in history, so you’ll also be able to discover some worn-out structures like the old pumphouse and a tiered spillway.

At State Park Road, you shouldn’t miss out on this beautiful destination.

It’s only 20 minutes away from Salley!

Go Swimming at River Bottom Farms Family Campground

For an adventure that all ages can enjoy, head to River Bottom Farms Family Campground.

It’s positioned on the sweeping farmlands of South Carolina, a few miles from Columbia.

This campground takes pride in their numerous opportunities for fun!

For outdoor ventures, the list includes swimming, fishing, nature walks, and special outdoor events.

Aside from that, River Bottom Farms Family Campground is home to an arcade room, fully furnished cabins, and convenient facilities.

It’s a one-stop destination for lively summer fun!

About 20 minutes away, this campground is a must-go-to destination if you’re ever within the area.

Buy an Antique at Springfield Flea Market

Springfield Flea Market has a little bit of everything when it comes to their collection of products.

Their selection contains clothes, furniture, jewelry, and other kinds of vintage goods that you might be looking for.

In Springfield, this market is a great venue to purchase affordable items.

There are loads of stalls scattered around the premises with different sellers.

It’s impossible to predict the products you’ll find at Springfield Flea Market.

Each of their goods has a unique history that might interest some travelers who like to collect.

That’s why you must see this place firsthand and explore what the locals of South Carolina have to offer.

The venue is located in Springfield, about 10 minutes from Salley.

Learn from the Wagener Museum

Along Short Street, the Wagener Museum is a venue that preserves many artifacts related to Wagener’s history and development.

You can learn about the town’s past as an agricultural community and how it changed to be the way it is today.

There are also documents from citizens that tell their stories and how life was like in Wagener when the railroad became popularized in 1887.

Traveling to different places can also involve educational ventures as well!

It’s also housed in a historic building with classic red bricks, huge windows, and a minimal white door.

Wagener is one of the towns positioned below Salley.

It’s about 15 minutes away from Salley, so it’ll be a quick trip from Salley.

You can only enter with an appointment, so make sure to book a meeting before you visit.

Eat in Russel’s Pizza

Established in 1998, Russel’s Pizza has been open for a long time, despite being a family-owned business.

It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Wagener, serving hundreds of customers.

The founders started their venture with a simple philosophy: pizza-making is an art.

Through that concept, they’ve grown their brand and managed to create a unique recipe that keeps many guests interested.

Aside from using fresh ingredients, one of their keys to tasty pizzas lies in the process of wood-firing.

They also have an array of pasta, salads, wings, and baked potatoes if you’re looking for something else.

Russell’s Pizza can be found at Lee Street, less than 15 minutes from Salley.

If you’re craving pizza, this restaurant is the place to be!

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of attractions in Salley, South Carolina.

That’s why this place is more catered to those seeking a peaceful getaway.

You can always drop by neighboring towns for further entertainment.

Still, the small-town characteristics of Salley give it a lovely appeal.

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