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15 Best Things to Do in Rockwall, TX

  • Published 2021/09/05

Located in a county of the same name, Rockwall was named after something interesting: a geological rock formation that looks like a wall.

While eclipsed by other popular Texas cities, such as Dallas, many people find Rockwall, like its geological namesake, interesting.

A captivating city with a wide variety of attractions, Rockwall, TX, reels in many tourists for its sights, sounds, and for the many activities one can do here.

With many calling it the “Free Live Music Capital of North Texas,” tourists can experience live music during their trip to this city.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Along with the great music comes the interesting history, high-end shopping, fulfilling gastronomic experience, and amazing natural sights, Rockwall continues to awe people from all across the world.

Planning a trip to this beautiful city soon?

Start building your itinerary and consider these 15 amazing things to do in Rockwall, TX.

Listen to Some Live Music

Many know Rockwall as North Texas’ Free Live Music Capital, and it would practically be a sin to come here and not attend a live event.

True to their moniker, you can catch many of these live performances for free.

The Harbor regularly hosts live music shows, including a series of lakefront gigs that mostly happen between May and July.

Another popular lineup both locals and visitors often watch is the San Jacinto Plaza Music Series, which usually takes place between May and September.

Of course, apart from the ones mentioned above, many different venues across Rockwall host live music shows that one can truly enjoy.

Listen to great music and share it with an even greater company!

Discover Downtown Rockwall’s Historic Main Street

Houses in Rockwall’s Historic Main Street

Adavyd, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The city’s Main Street, located in the historic Downtown district, remains popular among tourists who come and visit Rockwall, and for a good reason.

In this area of the city, one can find a lot of architectural structures that have stood here for many decades, with designs featuring Art Deco motifs.

The Rockwall County Courthouse, a tan building constructed in 1941, serves as the district’s centerpiece.

Lined with high-end shops, visitors have a wide variety of choices when it comes to products and souvenirs that they can pick out to remember their trip by.

Apart from retail, you can also find a plethora of amazing restaurants, ready to provide their patrons with unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Visitors can also check out some local produce and goods here at Main Street during the weekly farmer’s market that opens up in the area.

Just from all the things you can pick out from here, definitely consider adding Main Street to your itinerary.

Travel Back in Time at Rockwall County Historical Foundation

If learning about a place’s history excites you, don’t miss out on visiting the Rockwall County Historical Foundation’s museum.

Housed in the Manson-La Moreaux, one of the oldest buildings in the area, this museum lets its visitors take a peek at what life was like back then through its exhibits.

The said exhibits feature rooms laid out as to how they would appear back in the mid-19th century.

It displays a lot of furniture appropriate to the era the Manson-La Moreaux was built in.

Additionally, this place houses a myriad of memorabilia formerly owned by many of Rockwall’s old residents.

Visiting this museum lets you discover how the area evolved through the decades, making it a destination you shouldn’t miss.

Tomahawk Axe Throwing

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to throw an axe at something?

This may seem like a weird question, but it makes out for an interesting and fun activity that you can try while you’re in Rockwall.

As previously mentioned, Shenaniganz houses more amenities for activities other than bowling.

One such activity is tomahawk axe throwing.

Consider booking this activity while you’re here to experience this unique, surprisingly recreational activity.

Try Out Beers From the Hemisphere Brewing Co.

Apart from its taste, do you fancy learning more about beers and the brewing process?

If you answered yes, then why not visit the Hemisphere Brewing Co. during your trip to Rockwall?

What started as a small garage brewing studio has now expanded to a brewing company that provides its patrons with craft beers suitable for all palettes.

Apart from trying out beers, you can also visit this place for great food and even greater live music.

If you want to experience chilling out while drinking delicious craft beers, consider booking a trip to Hemisphere Brewing Co.

Visit the Harbor

The Harbor in Rockwall texas

Shutter Art Photo /

Similar to Main Street, The Harbor hosts a lot of shops and restaurants visitors can go to, and it’s one destination you shouldn’t miss out on.

If you’re a fan of live music, this destination often hosts events that music lovers can enjoy.

Alternatively, you can check out some of the latest blockbuster films at Cinemark 14.

However, instead of just seeing buildings along a street, the Harbor offers you some of the most breathtaking views that you can take in from Rockwall.

Along with stores and eateries, many boat docks also line the area as it faces the famous Lake Ray Hubbard.

While choosing your next purchase, eating delicious snacks, or listening to your newest favorite musical artist, you can catch an awe-inspiring view of the sun setting down the lake’s horizon.

Taste Wine at the San Martino Vineyards

If you prefer wine over beer, then you need not fret, as you can find the San Martino Vineyards here in Rockwall.

This popular and acclaimed winery offers a wide array of wines, from reds to whites and even sweet wines.

You can check their winery and products yourself by booking their tasting room.s

Tourists can also sit back and appreciate the views from the vineyard at the patio, making one feel like they’re in Italy instead of North Texas.

To best enjoy your time at San Martino, book a reservation in one of its dinner events, where it offers its wines with dishes cooked from fresh local produce.

Stroll Through Harry Myers Park

For some tourists, a relaxing stroll becomes a necessary part of their trip to a new place.

Apart from getting a bit of exercise, many consider parks as great venues to watch people live their lives.

It’s also a great place to take in the sights and sounds of the city.

One of the best places to do this in Rockwall is Harry Myers Park.

Apart from lush, landscaped greenery and wide, open spaces, the park also houses many shaded sitting areas where people can relax.

Not only that, but you can also find a golf course nearby that you can check out.

Solve Exciting Escape Rooms Puzzles at Escapology

Itching to crack a mystery and solve a thrilling puzzle?

While in Rockwall, put your thinking caps on and try getting out of the escape rooms at Escapology.

For those who don’t know how escape rooms work, game masters lock the solvers in a room.

To escape, the solvers need to solve puzzles and crack the code that would lead to their freedom, all while under time pressure.

If you plan on coming here with a group and want something that would put your brains to work, test your teamwork, and something exhilarating, then book an escape room here.

Go on a Boating Trip at Sail With Scott

With Rockwall facing Lake Ray Hubbard, one of the biggest lakes found in North Texas, you must consider going on a boating trip across its waters.

Sail With Scott offers fun and relaxing trips across the waters of this famous lake.

This boating company provides several different cruise packages that you can choose from.

You can opt to sail and witness the sunset, go boating while under the moonlight, or go on a cruise with the company of your family.

Whatever type of cruise you choose, you will definitely have an experience you will never forget.

Experience Lake Ray Hubbard

Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas

Donna Beeler /

Boating isn’t the only way to fully experience and appreciate what Lake Ray Hubbard has to offer.

Tourists can find themselves doing many other recreational activities around this massive, 22,000 Texas lake.

While camping is usually not allowed around the lake, it’s surrounded by beautiful parks that you can visit to appreciate the local landscape.

Boat marina on Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas

Sabrina Janelle /

Thrillseekers can try out one of the many watersports offered around the lake, such as waterskiing and even flyboarding.

Many also know the lake as a fishing hotspot, perfect for recreational fishers who want to try their hand at fishing in this area.

Pick Produce at the Blase Family Farm

For families visiting Rockwall, Blase Family Farm offers fun activities for children and adults alike.

Founded in 2011, it aims to educate people about the outdoors while creating memories with other people.

This small urban farm gives visitors access to its blueberry plants in the summer, letting them pick their own produce.

Meanwhile, families can get ready for Halloween by getting pumpkins at the farm’s patch in the fall.

Apart from the produce, the farm also offers products such as soaps that you can take home with you as a souvenir.

Check Out the Animals at Prayer Lavender Garden

You can have more family adventures at Rockwall by visiting Prayer Lavender Farms.

As its name suggests, visitors can find rows and rows of lavender plants blooming in this destination.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Children and adults alike can check out the animals that live in the area, including goats and sheep.

Exploring the garden and hanging out with some farm animals can make one hungry.

Luckily, this destination houses two places where you can get your fill of food, all made with freshly grown produce: The Daily Bread Cafe and The Sweet Blessings Pie Company.

You can also shop for goods that you can bring home with you at The Barn.

Have a Blast at Shenaniganz

While mainly known for its bowling alleys, Shenaniganz offers a lot more to its visitors.

A premier place to organize fun activities for a party, it’s a fun recreational spot tourists shouldn’t miss out while they’re here.

Apart from bowling, this activity center also offers an arena for Lazer Tag that you and your friends can enjoy.

If running around tires you out too much, you can also check out the in-house arcade that provides a wide array of games that you can play.

It also has other activity zones that you and your companions can spend a lot of time trying out.

Of course, it also offers food and drinks, with Rosie’s Sports Bar and Grill located in-house.

Be Active at Urban Trampoline and Adventure Park

Looking to find more thrilling and exciting activities while in Rockwall?

Don’t forget to check out Trampoline and Adventure Park in Rockwall.

Get a cardio workout by jumping on one (or all) of the trampolines this destination features.

If you’re not keen on doing that after a while, you don’t need to fret as this activity zone offers a lot more attractions that you can check out.

You or your kids can ride one of the go-karts in the park’s in-house track.

It also houses several obstacle courses that your kids can run.

Apart from these, Urban Trampoline and Adventure Park also offers indoor skydiving, lazer tag, and bowling.

Run Obstacle Tracks at Jungletrek

Heart pumping activities can be found aplenty in Rockwall, with the city housing multiple activity centers like Jungletrek.

If you want to stay active during your trip and do so by running through many challenging obstacle courses, then this facility is worth the visit.

Here, you may find yourself ziplining, rope walking, or even wall climbing to the finish line.

Final Thoughts

Rockwall might be small, but it definitely has a huge personality, making it well-loved by tourists and locals alike.

It offers a wide variety of activities and attractions, with some being unconventional.

Nevertheless, this city remains true to its identity, and those who experience Rockwall can appreciate it every time they visit.

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