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15 Best Things to Do in Rocklin, CA

  • Published 2022/08/05

Have you ever been on vacation and thought, “This is boring. I could be doing something more exciting”?

It’s time to pack your things and head on to Rocklin, California!

The city features many beautiful attractions, including gorgeous community parks, which offer families a playground and picnic area.

Since its founding in 1893, this Sacramento suburb has experienced steady growth, making it one of the state’s fastest-growing cities.

Another thing that makes Rocklin a fantastic place to visit is its proximity to other major cities and tourist spots.

If you’re not into shopping or hiking but want to explore new things, try these things to do in Rocklin!

Play Sports at Johnson-Springview Park

Pedestrian bike bridge to Johnson-Springview Park

H Harrison /

Johnson-Springview Park is a beautiful and expansive community resource in Rocklin.

With a clean and wide space, it’s perfect for everyone in your family to get their exercise and playtime.

This park offers sports courts and fields, a family playground, and oak trees.

Dis golf course grounds at Johnson-Springview Park

Noah_Loverbear, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Johnson-Springview Park contains a variety of recreational facilities, such as soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball and softball grounds, and more.

There is also a new splash pad, rink hockey, and a playground specifically designed for children.

It is the ideal location for spending time with your loved ones and friends while taking in some fresh air outdoors.

Go on a Total Adventure at Quarry Park Adventures

Are you ready to get your groove on, have some fun with the family, and do it all in one place?

Then, go to Quarry Park Adventures in Rocklin, California.

This year-round destination is perfect for those looking for adventure or wanting a relaxing day out with their family.

The place offers popular outdoor adventures such as free falling, rock climbing, and rappelling for an intense aerial experience.

You can also join paddle boat trips if you want something less strenuous.

What is the most exciting feature of Quarry Park Adventures?

It’s perfect for kids!

Kids Cove is an area of the park devoted to activities for children, such as climbing nets and balance beams.

Train Your Dog at RRUFF Dog Park

The RRUFF Dog Park is a beautiful place to bring your pet and enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings together.

You can find this notable park inside the Johnson-Springview Park in Rocklin.

Various sections of the park are designated for both little and big dogs.

A fenced-in Special Needs Area is wide enough for dogs and people with special needs.

You can also use this area to train service dogs, do obedience training, and hold adoption days for rescue groups.

In addition, canines are welcome to have fun in the kiddie pool, test their agility on the obstacle course, or unwind.

In the enclosed areas, dogs have a lovely space to run around and play.

These areas have playground-grade cedar chips made entirely of organic materials, and an ideal ground cover.

Bring your dog to the RRUFF Dog Park!

Learn about Rocklin History at Rocklin Historical Society & Museum

Even if you’re not from the neighborhood, you still might want to visit the Rocklin Historical Society & Museum.

It is a hands-on museum focusing on the history of Rocklin in California.

Learn about the extensive history of the region through the items the museum has collected over the years.

For example, you will get the opportunity to learn about J.Parker Whitney, the wealthiest man in Placer County.

The Rocklin Historical Society dreams of a place where people can learn from, enjoy, and take inspiration from history.

Recharge at the Whitney Community Park

The Whitney Community Park in Rocklin is terrific for getting out and enjoying the outdoors.

The park offers a variety of enjoyments, including a splash pad, baseball fields, and a playground.

In particular, this location features places for picnics and barbecues.

Playgrounds and picnic areas are great amenities for families with school-aged children.

You can enjoy plenty of bench seating and picnic tables.

Bring your family or friends to settle down and share a meal together.

There are also pathways throughout the park to take a walk or bike ride while enjoying your time here.

Spend a lovely afternoon at Whitney Community Park.

Have Fun at Kathy Lund Community Park

Rocklin is a beautiful place to call home.

One of the top spots in the area to go on adventures is Kathy Lund Community Park.

You can find a playground, ball fields, soccer fields, and a water play area within the 30-acre community park.

There is a retail store, several cafes, and coffee shops within walking distance.

This park separates itself from others because it offers a children’s playground equipped with a splash pad.

This is one of the few playgrounds in the neighborhood that lets children play in the water while using the playground equipment.

Residents who wish to let their dogs run free can take advantage of this park’s off-leash dog park.

Bring your kids to the Kathy Lund Community Park!

Relax and Play at Margaret Azevedo Park

Are you interested in taking in the sights, sounds, and fragrances that Rocklin has to offer?

Look no further than Margaret Azevedo Park!

This community park is a hub for various enjoyable activities.

You can find it in the Whitney Ranch neighborhood in the northwest part of Rocklin.

The park features lighted soccer fields, a baseball/softball field of regulation size, and a youth playground.

It also has restrooms, off-street parking, and picnic tables and seats.

Go to the benches and rest your feet after playing a quick game of catch with your children or pick-up soccer with your friends.

You can enjoy ample parking off the street if you want to bring lunches from home before going to the park.

Enjoy yourself at the Margaret Azevedo Park!

Have a Picnic at Peter Hill Heritage Park

Peter Hill Heritage Park should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Rocklin, California.

You and your loved ones will enjoy spending the day at this park that spans 3.6 acres.

A large orchard with picnic tables provides plenty of space for adults and children to enjoy themselves and unwind.

If you are interested, there are also BBQ grills available for use in the park.

Find the park at the center of the city’s historic core, which spans both sides of Rocklin Road.

You can also walk toward your favorite establishments and eateries from the Peter Hill Heritage Park.

Get a Glimpse of the Wickman-Johnson Home

If you’re looking for a glimpse of history in Rocklin, don’t think twice about visiting the Wickman-Johnson Home.

William Huff constructed this beautiful white farmhouse in 1886.

In 1919, Anders Wickman bought the house.

Wickman and Johnson’s families ran farms and dairies on the land surrounding their homes.

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, Nisenan Native Americans lived there seasonally.

The Nisenan mashed acorns into a mush and removed tannin from the water of Huff’s Spring, next to the middle school’s sports field.

When other food sources got scarce, the Nisenan employed this method to manufacture acorn bread.

The tribe turned acorn bread into their staple food for several months.

Learn more about local history at the Wickman-Johnson House.

Start Your Day at Huff’s Spring

If you want an attraction that combines a healthy dose of history with abundant natural beauty, Huff’s Spring is the spot for you.

This historic landmark is approximately a quarter of a mile from the Rocklin Community Center.

It has developed into a well-liked tourist attraction since its discovery in 1876.

You can find the spring approximately two hundred yards to the east of the soccer field of Springview Middle School.

During the latter half of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th, Huff’s Spring became a well-known oddity in Rocklin.

It also became the community’s source of drinkable water.

Cross the Clover Valley Bridge

The Clover Valley Bridge in Rocklin is a beautiful hideout to relax and feel nature’s embrace.

This historic landmark spans a creek in Clover Valley Park, just to the north of the intersection where Midas Avenue and Clover Valley Road meet.

This particular granite bridge was one of 12 incorporated into the route connecting Joel Parker Whitney’s Spring Valley Ranch to the heart of Rocklin.

Rocklin built the bridge during the 1880s, with inspiration from bridges in the English countryside.

An old wagon track used to go through this area, and they bridged the creek during construction of the Clover Valley Bridge.

Visit Joel Parker Whitney’s Pyramid Tomb

Whitney’s Pyramid Tomb is a significant piece of history that you may find in Rocklin, California.

During his lifetime, Whitney believed in reincarnation and the mystical aspects of pyramidology.

So, Parker Whitney built a pyramid big enough to accommodate his family as well as himself.

You can find his pyramid tomb within a rocky enclosure of stacked rocks and stones, which he referred to as the Fort.

Joseph Parker Whitney’s Pyramid Tomb stands around 15 feet, built out of granite blocks, with an interior of white marble.

Spend the Day at Mansion Oaks Park

Rocklin wanted the Mansion Oaks Park to bring the surrounding community closer together.

You can find it in the perfect spot to make that dream a reality.

Today, you can find this park, formerly part of the historic Mansion Oaks estate, at its current location.

It features two playgrounds, an open field, seats, and walkways.

Restored and relocated to Mansion Oaks Park is a section of one of the original granite bridges that once crossed the Whitney property.

People refer to this section as “The Oaks.”

Mansion Oaks Park is an excellent place for families to get together for a picnic or for children to exercise.

It also shows a beautiful view of the neighborhood.

Create Your Pot at Creative Clay House Lounge

Rocklin’s Creative Clay House Lounge is a great place to spend time with your children.

The entire family can work together at this fascinating art shop to create something unique.

With pottery wheels, hand-building techniques, and glazing to help you create your desired piece, it’s hard not to fall in love with this creative outlet.

The interior of Creative Clay House Lounge should make you feel like an art gallery where you can showcase your work.

Creative Clay House Lounge also features a play area for children right next to the shop, so they can play while their parents create something beautiful.

It’s a great place for kids because they can help in creating something fun and educational all at once.

Try Craft Beer at the Moksa Brewing Company

If you are searching for a brewery specializing in regional beers and delicious cuisine, your best bet is the Moksa Brewing Company.

Founded in 2017, Moksha Brewing Company now operates in Rocklin, California.

Besides the 3,000-square-foot taproom, customers may indulge in savory dishes from the various food trucks that routinely visit the brewery.

In addition, the taproom features up to 24 beers that brewed in-house and available on tap or in bottles.

The Moksha Brewing Company has a significant amount of experience in the industry.

Their extensive experience helps them produce an extensive range of beverages of an exceptional standard.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Rocklin, California, is rich in history and home to many scenic points of interest.

You will have more opportunities to enjoy new experiences due to the many locations at your disposal.

When you invest in an experience, the memories associated with it are part of who you are.

You’ll never forget what it felt like to be there with your family or friends and how it changed who you are today.

Book your trip today and discover more things to do in Rocklin.

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