15 Best Things to Do in Rock Hill, SC

15 Best Things to Do in Rock Hill, SC

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Located near the Catawba River, Rock Hill is the largest city of York county in South Carolina. It is a very beautiful place and a well-built city. With great geographical features, it is very rich historically also. There are also as many as 31 parks which are used for recreational purposes where you can spend some fun and family time. It is also an educational hub and is home to three colleges which also includes the famous Winthrop University.

Look at a planetarium at the Museum of York County

This museum is a great place to visit if you're going with kids and are on a family outing. It's most special feature includes the planetarium which is beautifully constructed and where you can gaze at the various planets in our galaxy. There are also other exhibits, which are very interesting and focuses on a lot of heritage aspects.

Several traveling exhibits are also hosted on special days, which focuses on variety of themes like nocturnal organisms, domestic animals, and more. There is also a special and cute kid’s room constructed which has a cute little kitchen area, puppets, blocks and more. Other interactive exhibits are also placed in play rooms. It's done a very cool and quaint little place, which will be a fun visit for adults and children alike.

Take a pleasant walk at the Glencairn Gardens

Glencairn gardens in Rock Hill
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It is essentially a botanical garden that hosts a variety of species of plants, including rare and endemic ones. The gardens are all well landscaped and the lawns are well manicured. And you can see greenery all around. The walking paths are short and well-built and placed at regular intervals, making it a great place to take a peaceful walk. There is also a spring festival hosted here.

Some of the flowers that are grown are very colorful and bright to look at with a pleasant fragrance. It's a great place for a photoshoot. All the scenic beauty just looks like it has jumped straight out of a postcard. There are also fountains and swings placed at regular intervals. Many families also host cute little picnics here and you can also pack in some sandwiches and cola for a great date.

Enjoy a lights and water show at Fountain Park

Fountain Park in Rock Hill
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Known for its huge fountain, which has a beautiful lights and sound show, the fountain Park is another great place to visit and is especially colorful during the night when the lights keep dimming and exhibiting themselves in various colors and go in sync with the water in the fountain. It is especially wonderful to look at during the Christmas time.

It's great for that casual stroll where you want to spend some time with yourself or with a close loved one. Most visitors and tourists who visit swear that the fountain is especially more beautiful when the Christmas lighting is put up during this time of the year. The best part is that there is no entry fee and it's open to the public.
Do not despair if you're planning to visit the park during the day as well, since it's really beautiful and there are a lot of green spaces and wonderful flowers growing.

Let kids experience an interactive activity at the Main Street Children's Museum

Focusing mainly on kids and children, this museum has various fun and interactive exhibits placed on campus for kids to play with. Learn while you play at this quaint little place. Some of the activities include a sailing ship, a tree house, an extremely large pumpkin, a small cottage, and even a castle.

Staff is warm and friendly who love hanging out with the kids. It's a great place to visit if you're out on a family trip. And you also have your parents along with you. It's the perfect place to bond for the grandchildren and the grandparents together. The amenities are all well maintained, and super clean. Kids love this place a lot.

Play softball at Cherry Park

Another wonderful park in the long list of parks at Rock Hill is Cherry Park. The softball fields here are very famous and well-kept and many people come to play baseball too. It is another sport that you can try and your hand and enjoy here. The playground is also great with swings and slides for kids to play in.

The park is dog friendly as long as it's on a leash. You can also take a bike ride. Pack a burger and fries from the local outlets nearby like burgers and barley and have a small lunch and picnic here. The picnic tables are also provided with grills so you can also carry some barbecue meat if you're planning a long and elaborate picnic lunch.

Take a tour of the Catawba Indian Cultural Center

Focusing on the special Native American tribe of Catawba of South Carolina, the Catawba Indian Cultural Center is a great place to visit if you want to learn about the tribe and get some information and insights. It pays special focus on the history and culture of this tribe.

Once an active community through the entire Carolina State, it has today reduced to become a small community on the banks of the river Catawba. The Cultural Center itself consists of a museum where artworks and other exhibits are put up display. An interesting aspect of the tribe is their beautiful art of pottery and use of really intricate techniques to create some really detailed patterns on their art pieces. The control center is open to the nominal public and you can take a tour through.

Visit the historic Brattonsville

Basically a huge site which encompasses several historical buildings on its campus this old frontier farming plantation can give you great insights about the Revolutionary War and its effects. You need to spend at least one day completely at this historic site so that you can complete a visit to each and every building. For example, there is a plantation house where you can take a self-guided tour and look at what frontier farming means.

The largest event held at historic Brattonsville, is definitely the annual Battle of Huck’s defeat, which focuses on the exemplary revolutionary war that took place in the ancient period between the British people and the patriots. It's really interesting to look at, since reenactments of that day are also done in the form of plays and more.

Take a fun roller coaster ride at Carowinds

One of the most famous amusement parks in North and South Carolina, Carowinds is the perfect place to go if you're visiting with friends and family. With extremely thrilling and exciting rides and roller coasters, along with water attraction you can spend an entire day frolicking here.

Moreover, they also host concerts and other performances, including events like summer nights and more. To avoid lines and ensure that you get a ticket you can also book their tickets on the website in advance. They also have a section called the Carowinds Camp Wilderness where you can bring your own RV and spend an entire night or you can rent one of their many cabins.

Try golfing at the miniature golf course at Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

Miniature golf is always a fun sport to play. And this course has as many as 18 holes and they also let you have your choice at the balls that you want to use. It is kid friendly and family friendly as well. Most tourists who visit swear that is one of the best mini golf courses that they have ever visited. The customer service is great and the staff is great too. The course is well maintained and challenging.
Alongside this there are other fun activities that you can enjoy too like axe throwing. For those with a little adrenaline rush rushing in them can also give a try to rock climbing or take part in dodging an obstacle course to race to the end. There is also a spooky haunted house to visit for the not so fainthearted.

Swimming at the Windjammer Park

Housing the lake Wylie inside its huge premises, the Windjammer Park is great if you want to spend some time in and around water swimming along in this little peninsula or at one of the many beaches. Though make sure that you're safe while doing so since there are no lifeguards present. Get a permit if you're planning to come though since it's needed to park and enter the premises.

The tables are covered and the restrooms are clean. It is also a great place to catch a sunset on the horizon when the entire sky is orange and the water is blue and turquoise. It makes for a stunning backdrop for pictures and it's great if you're a nature photography enthusiast. The playground are small and cute with the slide, swings and cute little climbing wall for kids.

Look at an old telephone at the Comporium Telephone museum

This small museum, though set in a very modest space, is home to some really interesting artifacts. Taking about an hour to go completely through all the exhibits, it's really worth it where you can find many exhibits and artifacts related to communication like phones and more. They also have cotton mills and diners on their exhibit list.

There are also some interactive exhibits and the kids can touch and play with the phones. Thus this small and quaint little place is so educational, and at the same time really worthwhile to visit.

Splash about in the water at SouthTown Wake Park

An awesome and cute water park, this park is a great place to visit with family and friends. It has great sceneries and scenic views along with being filled with fun outdoor recreational activities. Jump and frolic about in the waters or play a game of disc golf.

The floating obstacle course in the water is really greatly made and awesome for wakeboarding. You can also ride their main cable and enjoy. It is highly recommended by most tourists who visit and a great place.

Take a walk down the Freedom Walkway

Honoring and dedicated to the civil rights movement of South Carolina, the freedom walkway is exactly what its name means. With the special focus on those who fought for their civil rights and for their freedom, this entire walkway is adorned with placards and plaques, which provide information about the movement.

The heartwarming story of friendship nine when nine black students from the friendship junior college had staged to sit in on the main street is also mentioned. As you walk through the same streets where they were then arrested because of that ethnicity, though they had tried to sit for peace you get filled with immense pride. There are many such heartwarming stories that focus on the freedom movement and is a powerful symbol for liberty. The red brick walls are adorned with various forms of public art that focus on the themes of liberty and justice for all.

Play tennis at the Confederate Park

A wonderful park with picnic areas, basketball courts and tennis courts the Confederate Park is especially popular among families. The playground also has parks and swing sets. The picnic tables are well set and great for a field trip.
There's plenty of parking available and it's quite near to the city and the neighborhood. The restrooms are also clean and the amenities are well maintained. There's also an amphitheater here which is a really great treat for the eyes.

Wine Tasting at Cat’s Paw Winery

A beautiful quaint winery hidden in the woods, this hidden gem is perfect for the connoisseurs in wine tasting. All those who went described it as a great experience and a hidden gem especially for those who appreciate the art of making a fine wine and enjoying it.

All the wines are brewed and made at this facility itself using organic produce. The art of winemaking is a really intricate and beautiful process and these people have definitely aced it. Some of the most tries include their strawberry, watermelon, peach and Merlot wines.