15 Best Things to Do in Rock Hill, NY

Rock Hill, NY
Eric Richards, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Gorgeous streams, cascading waterfalls, delicious food, freshly brewed coffee, and beautiful lake parks are just among the tourist attractions in the hamlet of Rock Hill.

It used to be part of Bridgeville, a hamlet in the southern Catskill Mountains.

However, it was named Rock Hill in October 1885 following the construction of the Katrina Falls Road post office at the top of a rocky cliff.

Located in the town of Thompson in Sullivan County, New York, the village boasts many tourist attractions that have been part of the town’s economic growth.

Take a dip into its beautiful shallow streams, take scenic strolls in one of its paved trails, or simply watch people walk to and fro at a park.

The choices are endless when you’re around the village!

Here are the best things to do in Rock Hill, New York:

Hike up the Neversink Gorge Trails

Winter scene at Neversink Gorge Trails
Mad Hare Imagery / Shutterstock.com

You can start your journey to the beautiful Neversink Gorge Trails on Katrina Falls Road.

The area is within the Neversink River Unique Area with well-maintained paved trails, which are marked and colored.

It’s surprisingly untouched, with gorgeous scenery to catch while hiking.

Beautiful flowers at Neversink Gorge Trails
Devin Cooper / Shutterstock.com

You shouldn’t miss the famous Denton Falls and Mullet Brook Falls while in the park.

Don’t forget to bring water and wear your hiking boots or sneakers.

The Neversink Gorge Trails feature blue, yellow, and red trails.

Stay at Hamaspik Resort

Find comfort in the clean, fresh sheets and hospitable staff of Hamaspik Resort on Rock Hill Drive.

Whether you’re planning for a short or extended stay, the hotel provides a comfortable place to rest after exploring the village.

The food is excellent, and the hotel premises are well-maintained.

Its location is within walking distance of nearby tourist attractions, so it’s easier for you to get around without driving.

Hamaspik Resort is operated by the New York State Hamaspik Association, a membership association providing human services in over 25 countries.

The hotel is located at Rock Hill Drive.

Buy Local Products at the Rock Hill Farmers’ Market

Local food, fresh and organic produce, and crafters are the things you can find at the Rock Hill Farmers’ Market.

Farmers from the neighboring towns, bakers, and other food artisans gather to bring locals and tourists a one-stop shop for food and fresh produce.

You will see different food vendors selling pickles, baked goods, fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers, poultry, meat, and everything you can eat.

The Rock Hill Farmers’ Market was formed to promote all local vendors, farmers, and artisans and their chosen crafts.

It takes place on Rock Hill Drive.

Grab Some Handcrafted Food and Drinks at UPCYCLE Brews & Bites

Feeding your hungry soul is never difficult in Upstate New York, especially with delicious traditional Brazilian meals.

At UPCYCLE Brews & Bites, you can indulge in craft drinks and meals while traveling around Rock Hill.

Their handcrafted Brazuca and CalmBucha Kombucha are to die for!

You can find them at the Rock Hill Farmers’ Market, along with many locally produced vegetables, fruits, and more.

They also host private events through their mobile food and drinks trailer.

UPCYCLE Brews & Bites is on Rock Hill Drive.

Have a Satisfying Meal at Crust Italian Eatery

Satisfy your Italian cravings at Crust Italian Eatery with its delectable offerings!

The restaurant offers a great selection of classic Italian dishes, from brick oven pizza, pasta, burgers, and veal to seafood entrees.

They also have weekly specials, so if you’re getting around Rock Hill, the eatery is one great way to spoil your Italian cravings.

Randy and Butch Resnick established Crust Italian Eatery with one mission—to produce affordable classic Italian fare in a modern setting.

Visit them on Rock Hill Drive.

Shop at Dollar General

If there’s anything that you need for your trip, Dollar General doesn’t disappoint.

The store offers everything you need, from beauty products, groceries, and household needs to cold beers at low prices.

Also, don’t miss checking out the store’s dollar aisle, which sells items costing just a dollar each.

You can find the store on Glen Wild Road.

Rock Hill’s is one of Dollar General’s 40 stores around the United States.

Camp at Iroquois Springs

Traveling to Rock Hill with your family and friends will be more fun at Iroquois Springs with its dedicated camping programs.

Whether you want a one-night camp or more, they can customize it to give you memorable experiences shared with friends and loved ones.

They also offer special programs for children that allow them to meet other kids and do different activities during the summer.

Activities include fun in the water and on the ball field, among other memorable challenges.

They also host special occasions like weddings and also provide catering services.

Iroquois Springs has hotel-style private rooms and dormitory cabins that you can rent for a few days.

The beautiful property is nestled on Bowers Road.

Rock Hill isn’t short of places to check out for finding souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

At Gallery of the Lakes, you’ll find Disney pieces that are beautifully curated for everyone.

These can be lovely presents for your friends and family alongside gorgeous crystals and jewelry.

Gallery of the Lakes also has several Vera Wang collections.

The store is conveniently located on Wurtsboro Mountain Road.

Grab a Coffee at Dunkin’

To kickstart your morning in Rock Hill, grab your favorite coffee at Dunkin’ can be of great help to wake you up for another adventure around the village.

Apart from its classic donuts, Dunkin’s specialty coffee drinks are delicious enough for a morning run.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can also try some of its specialty donuts.

Dunkin’ in Rock Hill is one of the many coffee chains around the world.

Visit the branch on Rock Hill Drive for your favorite cuppa coffee!

Satisfy Your Tex-Mex Cravings at El Sombrero Restaurant Tex-Mex Bar & Grill

One of the best things in Rock Hill is enjoying several types of cuisine while having a great time like a local!

At El Sombrero Restaurant Tex-Mex Bar & Grill, your Tex-Mex dish cravings are fully satisfied, or you’ll be amazed if it’s your first time.

The restaurant offers authentic Tex-Mex cuisine in a family-friendly setting while you get to know the owner too!

From their tacos, nachos, chicken wings, and guac to their tasty Margaritas, you’ll surely have the time of your life at the restaurant!

El Sombrero Restaurant Tex Mex Bar & Grill is located at Lake Louise Marie Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Rock Hill is a beautiful gem in Thompson, and its neighboring places offer equally gorgeous tourist spots to visit.

With only a few minutes’ drive from the village, you can explore more around Upstate New York and experience its natural beauty!

Experience a Woodstock Festival Vibe at the Museum at Bethel Woods

Exterior of the Museum at Bethel Woods
Alizada Studios / Shutterstock.com

Are you one of those party souls who missed the 1969 Woodstock Festival?

The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts houses the Museum at Bethel Woods, which offers diverse cultural arts in the 1960s, including the Woodstock Festival.

See the hippie bus, photographs, and other artifacts of the legendary festival, which will make everything from the 1960s come to life.

As you step into the museum’s exhibit, you’ll also experience the spirit of the 1967 Summer of Love when hundreds of hippies gathered at the Haight-Ashbury.

 Building sign of Museum at Bethel Woods
Liz Van Steenburgh / Shutterstock.com

The museum also showcases the history of the Vietnam War, which spanned from 1955 to 1975.

Most of the Summer of Love participants also opposed the war.

All these are showcased at the Museum at Bethel Woods on Hurd Road in Bethel.

Enjoy Skiing and Go-Karting at Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun

The fun never stops around Rock Hill!

During the winter season, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing at Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun.

In the summer, enjoy the sun wave by go-karting, playing mini-golf, arcade games, bumping cars, or wall climbing.

Everything is kid-friendly at the park, and even beginners can enjoy these fun experiences.

Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun is only a four-minute drive from Rock Hill.

You can find it on Holiday Mountain Road in Montecillo.

Learn about the Past at the Sullivan County Museum

In the quaint little town of Fallsburg stands the Sullivan County Museum, where you can step into the county’s past and learn its history.

The museum showcases life in the past in Sullivan County and artifacts of historic farms, summer resorts, and the county’s rich wildlife.

It also exhibits the life and history of American Polar explorer Dr. Frederick A. Cook, who pioneered the expeditions in Alaska and the Polar regions.

The museum has one of his expeditions artifacts, which are available for viewing.

Additionally, it exhibits the town’s first-ever General Store, which had everything in it; many of those items are showcased at the museum.

The Sullivan County Museum is managed by the Sullivan County Historical Society, which was formed in 1886.

In 1972, the society used the museum’s building as its location at Hurleyville on Main Street, only 14 minutes away from Rock Hill.

Take Your Kids to the Town of Thompson Park

If you’re traveling to Rock Hill with kids in tow, they can have the best time at the Town of Thompson Park.

Conveniently located on Town Park Road in Monticello, it has a playground, well-maintained hiking trails, and two pavilions.

The Town of Thompson Park also hosts special occasions.

Stop by for a picnic with your family and friends, and enjoy a BBQ day while surrounded by beautiful views!

The park is only 14 minutes from Rock Hill via Highway 17.

Spend a Fun Nightlife at Resorts World Catskills

If you want to enjoy a night of entertainment and fun, do it at Resorts World Catskills.

Experience a modern metropolis vibe at the hotel and casino, where you can see live music and theater performances.

Especially on weekends, the hotel hosts club and DJ events that allow you to dance your night away.

There are also live shows and casino games that you can participate in if you have deep pockets.

Resorts World Catskills is one of the many hotels around the world operated by Empire Resorts.

Located in Monticello, the hotel is only a seven-minute drive from Rock Hill.

Final Thoughts

Rock Hill is a charming and quiet gem in Upstate New York that deserves a visit.

Many gorgeous tourist attractions with fun outdoor adventures await you in this beautiful village, where you can escape the city’s noise.

Try all the best things to do in Rock Hill, New York, and experience unrivaled fun!

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