15 Best Things to Do in Rochester, MN

15 Best Things to Do in Rochester, MN

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Rochester is one of the biggest cities in Minnesota and a lovely place to visit on your next vacation.

The city has fantastic historical museums for you to spend hours exploring the rich exhibits.

The local community here is exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Many other attractions in this city will give you great memorable experiences to cherish for life.

When you travel to Rochester, try some of these 18 awesome things to do in the area, as we are sure you will enjoy the vast majority of them.

Salem Glen Vineyard and Winery

A visit to Rochester is incomplete for wine lovers without traveling to the beautiful Salem Glen Vineyard and Winery.

The countryside around here is as refreshing as the delicious vines coming out of the cellars. The place carries a rustic, old-world charm to it.

You will have the most amazing warm feelings as you breathe in the vibes while sipping your fabulous wine.

This place is nicely nestled in the Zumbro River area, away from the clamor of the central city.

The picturesque natural scenery around here consists of lazy hillsides and clear blue skies.

The Salem Glen Vineyard and Winery is a family-run business.

This place started in 2006 and has been making delectable wines since then.

They also provide good eatables to nibble on along with the wines.

The pizzas are particularly toothsome here as they are baked in a natural wood fire.

Apache Mall

Apache Mall is the biggest mall in Rochester. You can go on a crazy shopping spree in this glittering modern shopping complex.

The layout is impressive, and shopaholics will fall in love with this place on the first visit itself.

The Apache Mall is one of the star tourist attractions of Rochester and draws hordes of tourists to the city.

You can spend hours window-shopping the beautiful and exciting wares displayed in the shops.

You can also pick up some fantastic items from among the rich collections.

The mall is particularly suitable for buying fashion and technology products.

Sports enthusiasts will also plenty of stuff to their liking.

The many delicious eateries complete the whole shopping experience in the Apache Mall.

The mall lights up with beautiful entertainment at night. Glittering lights and fun activities add a new shine at this time.

Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery

It is yet another amazing winery in Rochester where you can enjoy delicious, refreshing wines.

The food is equally excellent, and you can have sumptuous culinary delights on your visit.

You can spend your weekend by visiting the Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery and enjoy many hours of pleasurable experiences.

Of course, you must also try the specialty hard cider of the Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery, which goes by the colorful name of Loon Juice.

The food menu is packed with delightful Italian and gourmet items.

The pizzas and the charcuterie bread are delicious. Also, enjoy some feisty Mexican flavors with the 4D nachos.

The Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery organize many special events.

One that we recommend is the yoga classes that let you sip delectable wines in the rest periods.

Amish Harmony Tours

If you want a quick sneak peek into the Amish subculture and their way of life, then you must take an Amish Tour of Harmony in Rochester.

The core philosophy of the Amish subculture revolves around the concepts of hard work, devotion to one's cause, and strong family bonds.

Walk around Amish farms and stores. The guide will fill you with important information about these places to make the tour more engaging.

Feast your eyes on the signature Amish classic horse-drawn wagons.

You will be filled with nostalgic feelings of the by-gone eras.

Also, the simplicity of life here will leave you in a thoughtful mood.

Rochester Symphony Orchestra

Enjoy flowing harmonies by attending a live concert performed by the amazingly talented Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale.

It is a full 70-member orchestra that will leave you mesmerized with their soulful playing.

The 60-member strong chorale is equally enjoyable.

The group will leave you stunned with their loud and boisterous renditions of famous classical compositions.

These talented musicians and singers also perform outside the main hall venue.

Their local Coda concerts are great to catch some of their work with the local youth.

Chester Woods Park

Head out into the wilderness around Rochester by visiting Chester Woods Park.

It is the perfect hiking and camping destination for those who enjoy the outdoors.

It is an ideal spot for traveling with your family and enjoying a fantastic time.

Hike on the many trails in the area and enjoy a refreshing physical workout.

Alternatively, conquer the waters by going around on a rented kayak.

Otherwise, bask in the sun and enjoy a warm family picnic in the scenic surroundings.

Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

You can pay your tributes to those who laid their lives on the line and salute the country’s war heroes by visiting the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial.

Many veterans are recognized for their gallantry and service to the nation at this memorial.

A visit to this place can be an emotional experience, especially if you lived through one of the wars that the decorated veterans honored at this memorial served in.

More than 3,000 daring veterans are memorialized at the Wall of Remembrance in this place.

You must also walk down the Walk of Remembrance, where 50 trees are planted to honor the martyrs and brave hearts from the 50 states.

Rochester Civic Theatre

Watch some fantastic live performances by attending one of the productions in play at the incredible Rochester Civic Theatre.

They select their productions from a wide range of compositions cutting across multiple genres and themes.

You can enjoy every kind of theatre here. Laugh your hearts out by watching one of their funny comedy performances.

Alternatively, enjoy the sweet melancholy of a soulful dramatic performance.

Other than theatre, you can also watch some spectacular live dance shows here.

It is one of the finest places in Rochester to enjoy a sumptuous feast of culture.

Downtown Peace Plaza

Downtown Peace Plaza
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Let your hair down and enjoy great fun and frolic at the Downtown Peace Plaza. Experience the endless amount of entertainment and the fun-fest available at this lively place.

You can feast on the delectable recipes in one of the eateries here without breaking the bank. It is one of the most affordable entertainment spots in Rochester.

You can also go around the many shops located here and pick up some wonderful items from their rich wares.

They also conduct outdoor performances here, which also provide ample entertainment.

Quarry Hill Nature Centre

Snow covered trail at Quarry Hill Nature Centre
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You can catch a glimpse of a wide variety of animal species in their natural habitats by visiting the Quarry Hill Nature Centre.

You will be amazed at the intuitive intelligence of these beautiful animals as they go about their lives in the safe environs here.

You can spot a wide variety of animal species ranging from glorious birds to colorful fish.

More than 35 kinds of animals roam these natural expanses.

The raptors found in this place are rare bird species to watch out for.

These grand birds can be dangerous and are known to be one of the most ferocious bird varieties.

Plummer House

Plummer House
Jonathunder, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Stanley Plummer, the founder of the world-famous Mayo Clinic, is one of the legendary characters in the history of medical sciences.

He is also one of the most famous past residents of the city of Rochester.

Besides setting up the wonderful Mayo Clinic, Dr. Plummer also built an exquisite house in Rochester.

You must visit the Plummer House and marvel at the architectural grandeur of this house.

This house is constructed in a unique Tudor style.

The rich facades and structures reflect the prestige of the place in sync with the reputation of its famous occupant.

Beautiful gardens adorn the surrounding spaces. This impressive building is a testament to the city’s rich historical past.

Calvary Episcopal Church

The Calvary Episcopal Church is the oldest church of Rochester and still draws many attendees to its hallowed interiors who come here to say their prayers and enjoy a few moments of peace.

This famous church has also been recognized as a historic site by the Olmsted County Historical Society.

The church has been exquisitely constructed and inlaid with charming stained-glass windows.

The garden in the compound is also a treat for the eyes and soul.

At the top of the main hall, there is a magnificent altar standing tall in all its shining glory.

Heritage House Victoria Museum

Heritage House Victoria Museum
Jonathunder, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is one of the most famous tourist hotspots in Rochester.

Walking through the exhibits, you will find the saga of the city's rich history being replayed in front of your eyes.

This museum was originally the residence of Timothy Whitling and his wife Eliza Whitling, who lived in it in the Victorian ages.

You can view unique artifacts on display here. Some of them reflect the many famous events in the colorful history of the area.

Rochester Art Centre

Rochester Art Centre
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Enjoy a dash of fine arts by visiting the fantastic Rochester Art Centre situated alongside the equally aesthetic Zumbro River.

This impressive museum makes sure that it rotates its artwork to surprise visitors with new cultural pleasures on each of their visits.

The artworks here are some of the best examples from their genre, style, and era.

They are rich in their deep semiotic meaning, and you should thoughtfully peruse through each piece to get the complete pleasure of the artist's creativity behind them.

The museum is very affordable and welcomes all and sundry into its spaces to enjoy the mesmerizing artworks.

Douglas State Trail

You can have a refreshing and energizing hike on the Douglas State Trail in Rochester.

This impressive trail is around 12 miles in length and is a popular destination for joggers and hikers to enjoy the delights of light physical activity.

You can also enjoy riding a horse on the nature trail here.

It is a sight to watch bikers and horse riders enjoying the trail side by side.

This trail leads you into the area occupied by the communities of Douglas Island and Pine Island.

The visuals on both sides are a sheer delight to enjoy as you go along your hike.

Summer Market Festival

It is a fabulous community festival in the city that displays the famous camaraderie and the warmth of the local community of Rochester.

The atmosphere is electric, and you will drink in the energy of the occasion.

People sell excellent food and craftworks here, along with their contagious enthusiasm.

The fantastic music being played live adds to the fun and makes it the perfect relaxing hangout spot in Rochester.

You will be drawn to the euphoria of this incredible festival.

You will go back amply refreshed and reenergized for the rest of your trip!

Mayo Civic Centre

Mayo Civic Centre
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The Mayo Clinic is a world-class medical facility set up by the legendary Dr Plummer.

The Mayo Civic Centre is the civic arm that is a fantastic entertainment and convention center.

Good health also entails good entertainment, and the Civic Centre is set up in that spirit.

The Mayo Civic Centre hosts several amazing fun and entertaining activities, including sports, concerts, and conventions.

The views of the Zumbro River from the high vantage point at the top of the place are gorgeous.

You can have loads of fun-filled moments at this fantastic place.

Rochester Farmers Market

With many people choosing to cook their own foods while traveling, the Rochester Farmers Market is the perfect destination to procure freshly plucked exotic local ingredients.

You will get plenty of fruit and vegetables to buy and cook sumptuous recipes with them.

Also, the market is stacked plush with meats, dairy products, and beautiful flowers.

You will also find many fantastic craft items on display here.

This place is perfect for getting the right combination of sightseeing and shopping delight in Rochester.

Rochester is a wonderful city to visit on your next holiday.

We would love to hear from you and know which activity on our list you enjoyed the most on during your Rochester trip!