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15 Best Things to Do in Reedsport, OR

  • Published 2022/10/06

Reedsport in Douglas County, Oregon, is home to one of North America’s biggest coastal sand dunes.

It’s the ultimate outdoor sanctuary for those who love recreational fishing and exploring aquatic habitats.

The city is also known for its hiking spots and forested settings, bringing a heritage of cultures together.

Incorporated in 1919, Reedsport has a long stream of history embedded in its tourist sites and landmarks.

During the 1850s, it was the abode of Siuslaw-speaking people, known for their salmon fishing and plank house building.

Its close access to the Umpqua River takes tourists on a waterfront vacation experience—one rich with culture and outdoor exploration.

It’s also a household name for chainsaw sculpture making and is one of the best throughout the country.

Here are the best things to do in Reedsport, Oregon:

Learn More about Elk at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

View of Elks at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

The Image Party /

On Highway 38, prepare to make your elk viewing fantasy come to life at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area.

This wildlife refuge offers a panoramic view of wide pastures.

This sanctuary came to be because of the laborious efforts of the Bureau of Land Management and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Right after the management of the two organizations in 1991, it has helped residents and tourists get a close view of elk.

View of Elks at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

HDDA Photography /

The Roosevelt elk is the state’s largest residing mammal, and the elk area is home to about 100 of these species.

Tread the meadows and marshes of the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area, where not only elk graze.

Other animals commonly at this site include migrating ducks, mallards, muskrats, and beavers.

Birdwatching is also commonly enjoyed here.

View of Elks at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area


Feel Inspired by the Artworks at Mindpower Gallery

If you want an art excursion, Mindpower Gallery will not disappoint you.

This gallery on Fir Avenue features a variety of diverse artworks placed methodically to serve as an indoor maze.

Established in 1989, this gallery is the home of Northwestern artists and their most precious masterpieces.

Take the time to get to know the story of each artwork displayed on the walls and find inspiration within them.

Mindpower Gallery is also a go-to exhibit house for traveling shows.

So, large exhibits come several and in between throughout the year.

Aside from the traditional artwork presentation, the gallery also showcases custom framing and furniture.

Get Lost in Nature at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Scenic view of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Alberto Loyo /

It’s time for a trip around nature at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

This nature preserve promotes Reedsport’s striking asset: its sand dunes.

Did you know that its dunes are one of the largest in the world?

In 1972, Congress officially confirmed this preserve as a National Recreation Area.

Traverse over open dunes, wetlands, and tree islands and enjoy the peace that nature brings.

Scenic view of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Melanie Hobson /

Unique plant and animal species are abundant all over the area, too.

Now may be the time to learn more about them and their wildlife habitat.

Hike around challenging trailways and practice your birdwatching and paddling skills.

Perhaps the best way to experience the landscape is on foot, where you can feel the fog and the soft terrain.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area gets you started on an otherworldly nature exploration on Highway 101.

Scenic view of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

KennStilger47 /

Hike around the Trails at Bolon Island Tideways State Wayside

Bolon Island Tideways State Wayside is your best bet for a serene hike in Reedsport.

All 11.4 acres of it can offer refuge from the bustle of urban life and culture.

Located on Bolon Island Tideways State Scenic Corridor, this state park got its name from the Native American settlers who inhabited the place before.

In 1934, this center became a state gift from William L. and Jenny Chamberlain.

At the site, you’ll find a variety of birds nesting together.

In fact, in 1988, hundreds of Double-Crested Cormorants roamed around the shoreline—this is its first known sighting.

After a long day of exploring, just stand by and admire the view of the Umpqua River.

There’s also a boat ramp and an outhouse within the vicinity.

Bolon Island Tideways State Wayside fulfills all your private recreational wishes with a beautiful view of nature.

Play a Round of Golf at Forest Hills Country Club

View of Forest Hills Country Club

KennStilger47 /

If you have the time to play a friendly round of golf, Forest Hills Country Club offers a course-friendly layout.

This nine-hole non-profit golf facility on Country Club Drive offers public access all year round.

Its course layout divides into two par-3 holes, five par-4 holes, and two par-5 holes.

Besides that, its fairway contains a creek, challenging terrain, and a beautiful landscape of nature.

A drop by Forest Hills Country Club’s clubhouse gets you a high-quality events venue.

While saying the Banquet Room and Lounge, don’t take your eyes off the well-kept lawn.

At the same time, rhododendrons offer a unique floral touch to certain parts of the course.

Explore the Woodworks at the Myrtlewood Gallery

There’s always room to expand your art knowledge and discovery.

At the Myrtlewood Gallery, find yourself amid high-quality woodwork and artistry.

Established in 1985, it was once rented by Gareth and Sharon, the first owners.

Their sons eventually continued the family business years into the future.

In this gallery, find exclusive wood products, from jewelry and pens to larger items and DIY materials.

Distinctive pieces from local artisans include vessels and sculptures that may be the ideal decor pieces for your home.

For more practical uses, you can go for kitchenware, all in an array of sizes and styles to fit your preferences.

When you shop at the Myrtlewood Gallery on Highway 101, it is guaranteed that you are also helping save the planet.

This gallery prides itself in using eco-friendly ways of acquiring its woodwork specialties.

Let Your Dog Play at Champion Park

A tree in Champion Park

A’eron Blackman, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Will you bring a furry loved one with you when you go to Reedsport?

There’s nothing to worry about!

They will have their place at Champion Park, where entertainment is a promise.

At the 2009 Council Meeting, the idea of a dog park came to be, and the old softball field became the park it is today.

Champion Park runs around seven unfenced acres where your off-leash dog can run around and meet with other pets.

There’s also a small fenced area for smaller dogs who may not feel too comfortable with other larger species.

When you’re tired of all the exploring and only want to see your dog have fun on the lawn, there are benches for you to rest on.

On Highway 101, this dog park is only five minutes from the famous Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Practice Skateboarding at Reedsport Skate Park

View of Reedsport Skate Park

Visitor7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re into extreme sports, Reedsport Skate Park can take your hobby to the next level.

This skate park on North 20th Street extends to at least 13,000 square feet, offering a bigger venue for maximum leisure.

Skateboards and inline skates are the only sports equipment allowed, and everyone must wear safety gear.

Its funnel is the most eye-catching amenity, alongside the element of a pool and a fluid street section.

The park also offers skating lessons for interested newbies.

Reedsport Skate Park’s adjacent park and water fountain add to its unique appeal.

Try a Local Ale at Two Shy Brewing

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just looking for a good time, Two Shy Brewing has you covered.

Its name came from the owners’ usual line, “two shy,” after growing short of two bottles of its goal back in their homebrew days.

Now, this brewery opens its doors for one of the best beer tasting and relaxation spot experiences.

There’s a variety of tap beers to choose from, too.

Anyone wishing a minty feel with their alcohol should try the Chocolate Mint Stout.

For that sweet beer taste, MT Bailey Cream Porter beats other beverages on the list.

Two Shy Brewing is located on Fir Avenue.

Admire the Chainsaw Carvings at the Umpqua Discovery Center

Front view of Umpqua Discovery Center

C and L Perry /

To bring the failing community of Reedsport back up, local organizations formed the Umpqua Discovery Center.

In 1986, the initial movement for the center’s formation went underway.

This cultural center provides a variety of activities for visitors and those wanting to learn the history of Reedsport.

Learn more about the city’s tidewater and logging past at its cultural history exhibit.

The Pathways to Discovery exhibit, on the other hand, offer a unique history revisitation.

Unlike the usual artifacts detailing the culture of yesteryears, this exhibit uses a simulated outdoor presentation.

Journey through the deep forest and bear cave, where you’ll learn about hibernating bears.

End your trip at the Subterranean Education Room and enjoy a round of film showing.

At the center, take the time to admire the donated chainsaw carvings of a pelican and jumping salmon.

The Umpqua Discovery Center is located on Riverfront Way.

Sit by the Deck at Umpqua River Inn & Suites

Need an intimate place to stay in Reedsport?

Umpqua River Inn & Suites, on OR-38, offers an alternative accommodation encounter with its breathtaking view of the river it’s named after.

Choose from 12 suites with a luxurious feel in your place of rest.

There are also limited pet-friendly rooms that you and your furry loved one can enjoy.

Relax by the deck while you soak in the sun and the Reedsport weather.

The two-star hotel also offers canoes for that extra time spent by the waters.

Umpqua River Inn & Suites stands out with its simplistic front view of the building.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Are Reedsport’s recreation points not enough for your traveling spirit?

Here are some other activities you can do in nearby places in the city:

Enjoy Private Camping at William M. Tugman State Park Campground

Signate at William M. Tugman State Park Campground

RickObst, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Only a 15-minute drive from Reedsport is William M. Tugman State Park Campground.

This campground in the community of Lakeside provides a compelling environment full of shore pines.

It offers hookups within its campsites for that all-inclusive camping experience.

View of William M. Tugman State Park Campground

RickObst, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Closely situated to Eel Park, it’s also a place brimming with aquatic-centered hobbies, including fishing.

Along the trail of the lake, you can enjoy a stress-free hike.

There’s a gazebo-style shelter perfect for small and large gatherings of family members, friends, and groups.

It’s time to become one with nature when you visit William M. Tugman State Park Campground.

Drive around the Dunes at Spinreel Dune Buggy & ATV Rental

You are not making the most out of Oregon when you at least don’t try to explore its popular sand dunes.

Located in the city of North Bend, Spinreel Dune Buggy & ATV Rental gets you up close to the wonders of this nature-created environment.

Spinreel Dune Buggy & ATV Rental allows you to choose between an unguided off-road rental and a guided tour along the dunes and beach.

On the guided tour, see wildlife along the beach and go through a forest of many wonders.

It only takes 18 minutes to reach this ATV rental site from Reedsport.

Learn More about Oysters at Umpqua Triangle Oysters

Umpqua Triangle Oysters is located in Winchester Bay, 10 minutes from Reedport.

This farm offers a clean, sweet taste of oysters unlike any other center within the state.

Umpqua Triangle Oysters’ growing suspension techniques not only make for better oyster meat and take away most of the regular oyster pungent smell.

Learn more about oysters, their health benefits, and added nutrients.

Come shop for oysters to grill during a camping session or just to bring home and cook for your family.

Rent a Cabin at Riley Ranch County Park

On Highway 101, Riley Ranch County Park lets you explore the wild Oregon-style.

This recreational park provides direct access to a campground of the same name and Butterfield Lake.

This means it’s easier to experience fishing and camping without moving far from the site.

The campground offers full hookups and sites within large open spaces.

There are also two camping cabins onsite.

Sit by the campfire and sing mellow songs with your group for that ultimate camping finish.

You are also sure to enjoy the dunes through ATV Rental sites, which are close to Riley Ranch County Park.

This park is only 20 minutes from Reedsport.

Final Thoughts

Reedsport’s coastal charm is certainly a contributing factor to its novelty and uniqueness as a travel destination.

Among its chainsaws and sand dunes, its most valuable asset is its diversity in various recreational sports and hobbies outdoors.

If you’ve already decided to make this city your next travel destination, remember to keep this list of the best things to do in Reedsport, Oregon.

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