15 Best Things to Do in Redding CA

15 Best Things to Do in Redding CA

Home to some of the most gorgeous hiking trails, huge mountains, pretty lakes, and a plethora of other adventure activities- Redding is indeed one of the best choices you can make in your life! Shasta and Lassen are two of the huge mountains that make the quaint town of Reddig even more beautiful. Are you interested in planning a trip to this exotic location? Let’s take a look at all the top 15 things to do in Redding, CA-

Snap a few pictures of Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge
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Welcome to the first day of realizing how gorgeous Redding is! We are going to start this with a visit to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. We will be exploring the rest of the park later on, but we want to show you something immensely beautiful inside the park right away!

Let us make our way to the Sundial Bridge that leads right to the Sacramento River Trail. The design of the bridge is incredibly unique, and we guarantee that you will keep staring at it for a while. The bridge stretches for 700 meters, and when you stand on the bridge you get some incredible views of both sides. It is a work of wonder, and the sunset is amazing on the bridge.

Pay a visit to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Turtle Bay Exploration Park
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It’s time to introduce you to some of the best attractions in Redding. For that, you are already here and have seen the Sundial Bridge. But, allow us to guide you through the rest of this beautiful park now. Welcome to Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

The park is made on an area of almost 300 acres and contains everything you need to have fun. There is even a museum within the grounds known as the Turtle’s Bay Museum. There are a lot of displays that portray the city and its natural beauties. However, the main thing that steals the limelight has to be a cave system that has been built inside the museum. There also happens to be an aquarium on the site.
As we stated earlier that Sundial Bridge is also your escape to the River Trails so that is quite close to Turtle Bay Exploration Park. There is also a botanical garden inside that we will talk about later.

If you wanna see some animals, head over to the Paul Bunyan Forest Camp that also has an amphitheater. Overall, Turtle Bay Exploration Park takes almost a day to explore because of its many attractions. Do keep this spot for the first day of your trip and enjoy!

Visit Eaton House Museum

We saw the major portion of the city- the Turtle Bay Exploration Park on the first day of the trip. And, now it is time to move onto some new attractions. When we talk about the history of the city of Redding- the first thing that comes to our mind is the Eaton House Museum. Come, let us check that out.

What was once known as the Behrens-Eaton House, now simply goes by the name of Eaton House Museum. The original building was constructed back in 1895 and the design represents that of the Victorian era. It was only in 2003 that it was turned into a museum. It has some of the best displays along with things from the war, photographs, letters, and other remarkable pieces of history.

Check out Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

 Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
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Now, we are done with the attractions inside the city. Let us head over a bit to the outskirts. But, first, tell us tell you a bit about the amazing Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. The Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is entirely based on the Beautiful Whiskeytown Lake.

It is easily accessible, and you can get to this place by driving for a mere 15 minutes. Also, it is a 40,000-acre land filled with exciting and refreshing activities. Now, let us have a look at some of those activities. When you come to Whiskeytown National Recreation Area- your first concern will be Whiskeytown Lake. And, a lot of activities are based on this lake. You can go boating, and even fishing is allowed here. Feel like swimming a bit in the blue waters? Help yourself out!

The place became popular mainly during the years of the infamous Gold Rush. But, after that things got quiet around here, and so it is just one of the beautiful tourist spots around Redding. However, camping is not allowed here as most of the forest was destroyed during a deadly forest fire that took place in 2018.
You should have a look at all the rules and regulations before you make your way here.

Explore the Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark
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We are done exploring the forests now. Wanna get underground for a bit? We promise it is going to be extremely thrilling. Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark has been here for the past 250 million years! Long enough/ Let’s check it out now.

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark is the collection of a lot of ancient caverns. What makes it more interesting is its age that we mentioned earlier. It is close to Shasta Lake that we will tell you about later. There are a lot of rock formations here which are charming and mysterious at the same time. It will make you question history. Do check this one out before moving on to the other gems of Shasta.

Ride along the Sacramento River Trail

Sacramento River Trail
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We told you about the Sacramento River Trail before and how it is connected to the infamous Turtle Bay Exploration Park by the Sundial Bridge. But we are yet to tell all about the alluring activities that can be done here. The Sacramento River Trail is a blessing to all adventure lovers. Be it hiking, trekking, or cycling- everything looks good on the Sacramento River Trail.

You can even cycle beside the Sacramento Rail Track. If you want more action, then you can even hike or cycle to the Shasta Dam. The trail extends across for almost 17 miles and is quite an adventurous one if you want to look till the end of it.

Explore Shasta State Historic Park

Shasta State Historic Park
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You might have heard about the name- Shasta as being the "Queen of the Northern Mines," but are you aware of the present state of the place? Now, it is just a spot that gets crowds every day.

During the time that the Gold Rush took place in California, traders, laborers, and business came to Shasta and left as soon as the rush died down. Now what you are going to see are the ruins that are still there. There is a museum located in Shasta known a the Courthouse Museum that stores all the necessary documents. If you want to know more about the history, pay a visit to this gorgeous place that reeks of old heritage.

Gaze at the Shasta Dam

Shasta Dam
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You might have crossed by the infamous Shasta Dam on your biking trail along the Sacramento Rail Track. In case if you did not stop by back then, we are willing to tell you more about this Redding landmark. But, we’d still urge you to pay a visit for it is a wonderful site.

The Shasta Dam mainly controls the powerful Sacramento River. It is one of the biggest dams in all of the States. The dam stands at a height of over 600 feet and mainly was built a long time ago to prevent the floods of the mighty Sacramento River. Over time, it has stood there, saving us, and now even hydroelectricity is produced from the dam.

Check out McConnell Arboretum

McConnell Arboretum
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Remember a while back when we went to explore the Turtle Bay Exploration Park? We told you about the arboretum and the botanical gardens. But, we didn’t have time to tell you more about it back then. Come on, let us tell you all about it right away.

You can know everything about the local flora and fauna right from this arboretum and botanical garden. Featuring all the shades of green- it is a pretty place to check out if you want to spend some more time inside the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. It is built on more than 20 acres of land and is an amazing place to visit after a tiring bike ride.

Enjoy the Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake
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While we were going on about the Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark, we mentioned the Lake Shasta once or twice. But, what we didn’t mention is its immense beauty. There is something even more wonderful about the lake- it is not natural! It is a man-made feature and also happens to be one of the biggest. It flaunts a huge shoreline.

The shoreline goes on about a wide 360 miles.
Kayaking and boating are the two things that are immensely enjoyable in Shasta Lake. You can drive a bit from Redding, and you will get to the lake. Also, you can rent houseboats in this lake.

Go mountain biking at Swasey Recreation Area

If you wanna explore more around the outskirts of the town of Redding, then we have a few hidden gems for you other than the popular stations. Head over to the Swasey Recreation Area. There are a lot of opportunities for activities there.
You can choose between running, hiking, or even biking for there is a lot of open space and trails. If you are not yet satisfied and want to go further you can check out the Mule Ridge Trail.

The trails offer views of the gorgeous Mount Shasta. Also, they are surrounded by wildflowers. It is a majestic place if you are looking for a break.

Go on a tour to Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Burney Falls in Shasta-Trinity National Forest
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If you are done with Redding, and you still have a few days’ time in your hand, we have some of the best locations for you to check out. After all, they are quite close to Redding and offer some panoramic scenes. Out of these places- one of the best ones is Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Let’s tell you a bit about it now.

It is a slice of paradise for all outdoor activity lovers and if you are into those- you are bound to love this place. Be it summer or winter- there are plenty of things to do in Shasta-Trinity National Forest. During the summer, hiking prevails, while the winters call for cross-country skiing.

Get creative at Old City Hall Arts Center

It is now time to get a bit creative. Let us come back to the city limits, and look at what Redding has to offer us. There are a lot of places here at your service if you want to spend an afternoon indoors after that level of adventure. Let us go to the Old City Hall Arts Center.

It has a historic tinge to it for its creation was back in 1907. Also, the gallery inside is huge and portrays the art pieces of a large number of regional as well as international artists. It is a nice place to check if you want to keep it low for an afternoon.

Catch a show at Cascade Theatre

Cascade Theatre
Publichall, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

We bring to you another one of the amazing places inside Redding if you want to have some fun within the city limits. Done with your afternoon at the gallery? Well, let us catch a show at Cascade Theatre now for the evening. It was created back in 1935 and is still seen standing strong. It also attracts a huge crowd for it shows many musicals, performances, and dramas for everyone to enjoy.

Make a day trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park
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Pardon us, for we are again for a steal you for a day to go outside the city. But, don’t worry about this is just a half-hour drive. Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of the best ways to spend a day for there are hiking options, camping options, and you even get to see a lot of snow if you visit during the winter.

Also, the area is quite active and popular among tourists. Echo Lake is loved by all. The trails range for more than 150 miles across the park.

This is the end of our Redding trip. But, you still have a long way to go. Enjoy to your fullest for you won’t come across such lively places often in your life!