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15 Best Things to Do in Rankin County, MS

  • Published 2022/12/07

Come and see the best attractions and destinations in Rankin County, Mississippi!

This half-urban and half-rural county sits beside Hinds County and east of the breathtaking Pearl River.

Thanks to its prime location that boasts numerous national forests, beautiful reservoirs, and natural bodies of water, Rankin County is a must-visit for all outdoor enthusiasts.

If you’re the type that enjoys big-city lifestyle activities, don’t fret because Rankin County has got you covered as well.

This county has a wealth of activities to enjoy, no matter your interests.

Whether you’re into the arts, history, nature, or dining, you’ll find something exciting here.

If you want further proof, here are the best things to do in Rankin County, Mississippi.

Explore the Great Outdoors at the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Sunset at Ross Barnett Reservoir

Eskimo.the, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Ross Barnett Reservoir if you want to spend time in nature and see the great outdoors.

Located in Brandon, Mississippi, this artificial reservoir is the dream destination of anyone who loves outdoor adventures.

Apart from supplying water to the city, this reservoir offers endless activities to all its guests.

Here, you can go boating, camping, fishing, or even birdwatching because of the area’s beautiful natural surroundings.

If you visit at the right time, you can join the fishing tournaments or participate in the festivals held here.

The Ross Barnett Reservoir is the perfect place to try different water sports and recreational activities.

Take a Peaceful Stroll at Flowood Nature Park

Unwind from your daily stresses and take a peaceful stroll at Flowood Nature Park in Flowood, Mississippi.

Sitting behind Flowood Elementary School is this 43-acre nature park that is perfect for anyone who wants to take a break or clear their thoughts by walking around.

Flowood Nature Park has a mile-long paved walking trail that begins at the parking area and leads toward the woods at the back of the park.

Here, you can check out native trees and many other local plant species marked with their names and information.

This is the perfect place to escape the city for a short while and appreciate being surrounded by nature.

You can also rent pavilions all over the park if you want to bring along your whole family and spend the day relaxing and bonding.

See an Entertaining and Memorable Show at Black Rose Theatre Company

Enjoy a fun and exciting entertainment night, and head to Black Rose Theatre Company to watch a live show!

Black Rose Theatre Company is in Brandon and is managed by exceptional performers from the local community.

Although the theater is small and the performers are amateurs, many people who watched their shows have commended the productions at this location!

Since the theater size is smaller than others, you’d see a more intimate performance and become more invested in all the characters.

Catch a play or musical at this theater!

You could even bring your family along since most of the shows here are family-friendly and bear great lessons from which kids can learn.

Watching a show from the Black Rose Theatre Company is a great way to get entertainment while supporting local actors and actresses in Rankin County!

Travel Back to the 70s at Funtime Skateland

Transport yourself back to the disco era when you skate at Funtime Skateland!

Funtime Skateland on Legion Lake Road in Pearl, Mississippi, is a roller skating rink establishment where you can skate while enjoying the funky music.

First opened to the public in 1972, this roller skating rink used to be part of a famous rink chain but eventually became independent in 1994.

Since then, this destination has offered locals and tourists a fun and exciting skating experience!

Show off your disco moves as you glide through the hardwood floors at this skating rink!

You could also play at the few arcade machines if you tire of skating.

Funtime Skateland is the perfect destination for kids who want to experience something new and adults who are in the mood to get nostalgic.

Release Your Stress at BreakIT Smash Rooms

If you want to blow off steam, head to BreakIT Smash Rooms and make a mess!

Located in Pearl, BreakIT Smash Rooms allows you to break from keeping it together and start letting loose.

Experience catharsis through all the fun activities at this establishment!

Whether you want to smash and break glass and other objects or paint a masterpiece, you’ll find something fun to do at BreakIT Smash Rooms.

You can choose from their packages which range from breaking 12 to 42 glass bottles depending on your stress and anger levels.

Some packages combine smash room and paint splatter activities, which are perfect for couples or groups of friends!

You can hang out by their arcade area and play skeeball if you’re not in the mood to smash and break stuff.

Play a Round of Golf at Pearl Municipal Golf Course

If you’re looking for a great place to play golf in Mississippi, Pearl Municipal Golf Course is your best bet.

First opened in 1990, this 18-hole golf course in Pearl is the perfect spot for golfers of all skill levels.

At 5,947 yards, this golfing area is the perfect place to develop your skills and create lasting memories with your friends.

Practice your swings and let your golf ball fly as far away as possible as you take a gander at the gorgeous landscaping of the course.

A round or two of golf here is a great way to engage in friendly competition with your friends while also being budget-friendly.

If you get hungry, stop by the Pearl Municipal Golf Course restaurant and grab a quick bite to satisfy your cravings.

Soak up the Sun at Shiloh Splash Park

Visiting Shiloh Splash Park is perfect for parents traveling with young children.

This park in Brandon is perfect for your kids to run around and have a blast!

Play with your kids and splash water at each other as you run around a large park filled with colorful sculptures that spout out large amounts of water.

Run through rings that will get you wet or splashed with a large bucket of water and your whole family.

You do not have to worry about food as well because there are vending machines around the park where you can buy thirst-quenching drinks and a quick snack.

The Shiloh Splash Park is the perfect spot for all kids and kids at heart.

Catch an Outdoor Show at the Brandon Amphitheatre

Watch electrifying live performances at a stunning outdoor venue at the Brandon Amphitheatre.

Situated in Brandon, this outdoor show venue is the focal point of a park called the Quarry.

The Brandon Amphitheatre is a great new place to enjoy live shows, flexible seating arrangements, and the fresh breeze of the outdoors.

Catch a show from world-class performers while enjoying your view of the starry sky.

Try a Little Retail Therapy at the Outlets of Mississippi

Shops at the Outlets of Mississippi

Jacord09, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you need to purchase something or enjoy looking at pretty things, the Outlets of Mississippi is the best place you can go to.

Located in Pearl, this mall is the best and biggest outlet shopping center in the state.

You can find numerous brands and retailers sprawling over its 325,000 square feet.

Whether into luxury designer brands or casual streetwear, you’ll find something you’d have to take home here.

Some brands you can find here include Nike Factory Store, Under Armour, and Chico’s Outlet.

If you like designer brands, you can find Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and COACH at this mall.

Visit the Outlets of Mississippi if you want to unleash your inner shopaholic.

Get Bouncing at DEFY Jackson

Experience a fresh and new type of sport and head to DEFY Jackson.

Located in Flowood, DEFY Jackson is a trampoline park that offers guests a safe space to feel independent and fearless.

This facility promotes unique, nonconforming sports that are both fun and challenging.

Measure your air time as you jump on trampolines and bounce your stresses away.

There is even a basketball area where you can use a trampoline and try trick dunks your basketball heroes do.

You can even try the ninja course and go through the obstacles without falling back down to the safety of the trampoline below you.

If you feel extra brave, try the parkour course and see how high you can jump from one structure to another.

Score One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Items at Flowood Antique Flea Market

Unleash your inner thrifting expert and find unique antiques and vintage goodies at Flowood Antique Flea Market!

Nestled along Flowood Drive in Flowood, Flowood Antique Flea Market offers visitors a wide range of vintage items.

With more than 150 booths, you could probably find any item you can imagine.

This flea market has everything you need, from vintage collectibles to antique furniture and home decor.

They also have handcrafted decor, vintage military items, radios, rare video games, and consoles.

You can also find vintage coins, comic books, and even high-value baseball cards here if you look hard enough!

Stop by this flea market on weekends to get fun and unique gifts for yourself or your loved ones at this market.

Play Tennis at Winner’s Circle Park

Winner’s Circle Park is ideal whether you’re looking to play some tennis or want a picnic in the park.

This park in Flowood is the perfect place to enjoy a game of tennis with friends, let the kids loose on the playground, or grab a picnic at one of the open pavilions.

The amphitheater is also great for outdoor concerts and movie nights.

If you’re looking for fresh air and enjoy a game of tennis, the outdoor setting is perfect for you.

Have fun as you work out and compete with your loved ones in a game of tennis.

You can also enjoy the scenic view of the green space as you snack at the pavilions after playing tennis at Winner’s Circle Park.

Go on a Wellness Retreat at Soul Synergy Center

Are you looking for a place to unwind and recharge?

Then, the Soul Synergy Center is the perfect destination!

This center in Flowood is dedicated to helping you feel better mentally and physically.

Through a variety of activities and services, the center will help you relax, destress, and regain energy.

Stretch your body and feel your stresses float away as you participate in yoga classes.

If you want to experience relaxation without moving your body, you can order massages or try reflexology.

There is even a salt cave where you can try salt therapy and cleanse your whole body from mental and physical exhaustion.

Pamper yourself at the Soul Synergy Center!

Go Kayaking at Crystal Lake

Join exciting water recreational activities at Crystal Lake in Flowood.

Crystal Lake is accessible to the public through Flowood Drive and is a popular destination for those who love boating or kayaking!

This oxbow lake is the perfect destination if you want to have some fun in the water or enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Here, you can enjoy sailing through the waters or fishing if you have your line!

You could also hang out and relax with your loved ones by the picnic area as you dine on a delicious meal.

Another thing you can do here is spot unique birds since many fly around the area.

If you want to experience fun outdoors with your loved ones, visit Crystal Lake!

Meet the Animals at the McClain Resort Safari

If you want a family trip full of adventure and learning, check out McClain Resort’s Safari!

This exciting animal resort in Brandon is home to all creatures from far-flung corners of the globe.

You can take a jeep, drive through a safari tour around the property, and get up close and personal with some animals.

Some animals are friendly enough and will get close to your vehicle, allowing you to pet them!

Enjoy touring around the facility and seeing zebras, water buffalos, and camels as they trot about the grassy landscape.

If you prefer to say hi to the animals for a longer time, you can choose the petting zoo walking trail and enjoy feeding some animals as you meet them.

Experience the wild at the McClain Resort Safari!

Final Thoughts

Rankin County provides many options for those seeking outdoor activities and wellness retreats.

Whether you like adventure or prefer staying indoors, there’s something for everyone.

Check out the best things to do in Rankin County, Mississippi!

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