20 Best Things to Do in Quincy, MA

Quincy, MA
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Quincy, Massachusetts, is a city of great historical and cultural significance.

It is the largest city in Norfolk County and the seventh-largest in the state.

Located just outside of Boston, Quincy is a peaceful city with lots to offer tourists and residents.

Visit historical landmarks to family-friendly spots with plenty of green spaces and recreational activities.

Quincy’s historical parks, museums, and libraries will spark your appreciation for history.

Did you know they call Quincy the “City of Presidents?”

It’s the birthplace of two U.S. presidents, John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams.

Here are the best things to do in Quincy, MA:

Explore History at the Adams National Historical Park

Exterior of John Quincy Adams' birthplace at Adams National Historical Park
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One of the best things to do in Quincy is visit the Adams National Historical Park, a truly unique national historic site.

The Adams National Historical Park is a collection of sites that tell the story of two U.S. presidents born and raised in the area.

These are John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, and five generations of their families.

The main historical features of the park are the birthplaces of the two former presidents and the Old House at Peacefield.

Exterior of the old house at Peacefield
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

Sugar plantation owner Leonard Vassall owned the Peacefield house.

A short walk from the Old House at Peacefield will bring you to the Stone Library, where you’ll find thousands of the Adams family’s priceless books and personal papers.

You’ll also visit the gravesite of both presidents in the United First Parish Church.

The park allows visitors to experience the legacy these two great Americans left behind while learning about the history of the United States.

Library in the old house at peacefield
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Have a Relaxing Day in the Sand at Wollaston Beach

Yacht club at Wollaston Beach
Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

A trip to the beach is always a good idea during a vacation.

With about 2.3 miles of shoreline, Wollaston Beach is the largest public beach in the Boston harbor.

Besides its inviting waters and peaceful sandy shore, the beach offers scenic views of Boston, South Boston, Squantum, Hough’s Neck, and Nut Island.

The waters of Wollaston Beach
HenryZ5 / Shutterstock.com

Wollaston Beach’s promenade bubbles with activity a few feet from the water.

See joggers getting some exercise along the path, tourists enjoying a casual stroll with their pups, to restaurants grilling seafood during the weekends.

It’s a great place to enjoy a day at the beach with your family, friends, or even by yourself.

Gorgeous sunrise over Wollaston Beach
Topalli Photographs / Shutterstock.com

Go Fishing with the Boston Fishing Charters

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They’ve got all the necessary equipment, so bring along food, drinks, and a camera to make memories as you experience saltwater fishing at its finest.

Take a Scenic Walk around the Moswetuset Hummock

Nature trail at Moswetuset Hummock
Adam Gladstone / Shutterstock.com

You might not hear a lot about Moswetuset Hummock, a small area in the city of Quincy.

However, it’s worth the trip.

Descendants of the native Ponkapoags have formally recognized this place as a historic site.

The native Muswetoset peoples once lived here.

Open field of Moswetuset Hummock
Adam Gladstone / Shutterstock.com

Located at the end of Quincy Bay, the Moswetuset Hummock brings you spectacular views of the horizon.

History buffs will love finding small but exciting and significant pieces of history around the small site.

Although it will only take minutes to take a lap around the site, the path leads through some beautiful scenery.

It also offers good opportunities for birdwatching or relaxing with a good book in a quiet spot by the ponds or marshes.

Climb aboard the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum on the waters
Loco Steve from Orpington, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum is an old shipyard building where workers once constructed battleships for the U.S. Navy.

It showcases the history of shipbuilding in the United States and the contributions of the people in the industry.

Home to the world’s only preserved Heavy Cruiser, the USS Salem, the museum’s exhibits include displays about naval battles and life aboard ships during wartime.

However, the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum is not just any museum.

They offer overnight stays for tourists who wish to experience first-hand life aboard the mighty warship.

Besides sleeping in the actual bunk beds that history’s naval personnel have slept in, the Overnight Adventure offers guests simulated combat activities.

Try radar tracking, damage control, and simulated firefighting.

Join the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates in a guided five-hour paranormal investigation aboard USS Salem on selected Fridays.

They’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment for the journey, so steel yourself for what you might find.

Go Rock Climbing at the Quincy Quarries Reservation

The grounds of Quincy Quarries Reservation
Faina Gurevich / Shutterstock.com

The Quincy Quarries Reservation is excellent for rock climbing, hiking, and picnicking.

It’s the birthplace of America’s large-scale granite quarrying industry, often credited as the first railroad in the US.

Today, the quarries are a popular destination for rock climbing, with steep walls providing climbers just enough of a challenge.

A rock formation at Quincy Quarries Reservation
Sswonk, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The reservation has several different trails that are excellent spots for beginners and some more challenging areas for experienced hikers.

With scenic views and various areas for picnicking, the Quincy Quarries Reservation is also an excellent place for spending time outdoors or taking your dogs on a walk.

View from a cliff at Quincy Quarries Reservation
Sswonk, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Conquer the Blue Hills Skyline Trail

The 24.5-km Blue Hills Skyline Trail is a challenging trail perfect for hikers looking for a thrilling adventure.

It will take you an average of eight hours to complete the hike, making the trail a great way to enjoy nature while working on your fitness goals.

The trail’s varied and rocky terrain makes the hike challenging, so bring grip shoes.

The trail makes up for its difficulty by rewarding you with spectacular views of the most beautiful parts of Quincy.

See the Eliot Tower, the Boston Skyline, and the reservation’s swamps, ponds, marshes, and meadows.

Look out for wildlife because many animals live here, including deer, turtles, snakes, and birds.

The Blue Hills Skyline Trail is open year-round, so pack plenty of water and snacks before heading out on your adventure.

Spend an Afternoon at the Hancock Adams Common

Welcome sign of Hancock Adams Common
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

Hancock Adams Common is a beautiful urban park and a great place for families, kids, and dogs to spend an afternoon.

The park gets its name from John Hancock and John Adams, two of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

They were also born in Quincy.

Statue of John Adams at Hancock Adams Common
Perry Cyr / Shutterstock.com

You’ll find bronze statues of John Hancock and John Adams, stunning fountains, and other contemporary water features.

With tall trees, green grass, and plenty of benches, the Hancock Adams Common is an inviting area to walk, bike, or rest.

The park’s location is an excellent feature.

It brings together the United First Parish Church, Historic Quincy City Hall, and the Hancock Cemetery, some of its most iconic historical landmarks.

Statue of John Hancock at Hancock Adams Common
Perry Cyr / Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for a fun-filled day with family and friends, Granite Links is the place to be!

The Granite Links Golf Club is a premier golf club with 27 championship holes on top of the famous Quincy Quarries.

It’s no surprise that this scenic landscape has attracted many tourists who play a quick round of golf or relax on their vacations.

Besides the breathtaking views, guests can enjoy well-maintained fairways lined with trees and lush green grass throughout the course.

Although Granite Links Golf Club is a private membership club, it does provide tee times for public play.

After a few hours of playing golf, grab dinner at the popular Tavern Restaurant or drop by the Links, their outdoor patio bar and have some drinks to end the day.

Learn Local History with the Quincy Historical Society

Exterior of Quincy Historical Society
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

In 1893, residents founded the Quincy Historical Society to preserve their city’s history.

The society operates out of a historic building on Adams Street that was once the Adams Academy.

To honor the society’s mission, the museum’s exhibits and programs preserve and promote the history and culture of the community.

Take about an hour to tour the museum collection of historical archives and artifacts dating back to the 1800s and 1900s.

Tour the Dorothy Quincy Homestead

Side view of Dorothy Quincy Homestead's exterior
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

A visit to the Dorothy Quincy Homestead in Quincy is a step back into American history.

In 1686, Edmund Quincy II built the homestead; it’s the earliest surviving home of the Quincy family.

The prominent colonial-era house was the childhood home of Dorothy Quincy, who married John Hancock, the first Governor of Massachusetts.

Front view of Dorothy Quincy Homestead's exterior
Jameslwoodward, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Today, the Dorothy Quincy Homestead displays the evolution of colonial architecture.

The house underwent a lot of expansion and remodeling during the early 1700s.

Preserved as a museum and declared a US National Historic Landmark, the Dorothy Quincy Homestead opens its doors to the public on limited Saturdays.

Test Your Wits at the Passcode Escape Room

Have you ever wondered what playing in an escape room would be like?

Challenge yourself and your friends to an exciting, immersive adventure with Passcode Escape Room.

Passcode Escape Room is a real-life, live-action escape room game in Quincy.

Work with your friends to uncover hidden clues and crack challenging codes to escape the room before time runs out.

They offer a variety of uniquely themed rooms with fantastic storylines and true-to-life settings to complete your immersion.

Act like scientists trying to concoct a cure for the biological breach in your lab in The Secret Lab, or try and outsmart a sleazy business person in the Passcode Pawnshop.

The Passcode Escape Room has designed its rooms to be the perfect balance between challenging and frustrating, a combination that will keep you wanting more.

Read a Good Book at the Thomas Crane Public Library

Exterior of the Thomas Crane Public Library
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

The Thomas Crane Public Library is a great place to read a good book, meet up with friends and family, or enjoy the feeling of a National Historic Landmark.

In 1882, the architect H.H. Richardson built the library as a memorial for Thomas Crane, a wealthy stone contractor.

Standing for over 100 years, the library is noted for its beautiful and intricate architecture.

Fireplace in Thomas Crane Public Library
Thomas S. Tullis, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s one of the prettiest library buildings in the US.

Today, the Thomas Crane Public Library boasts the second largest municipal collection in the state of Massachusetts.

Likewise, the Thomas Crane Public Library often hosts fun and exciting concerts, lectures, and art exhibitions.

Reading area in Thomas Crane Public Library
Daderot at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Explore the Nightlife on the Marina Bay Boardwalk

Boats viewed from Marina Bay Boardwalk
Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

Whether you’re looking to shop, dine, or enjoy a gorgeous view, this vibrant area of Quincy has it all.

With fantastic views, great weather, and a laid-back atmosphere, the Marina Bay Boardwalk is a great destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The view of the boats on the horizon is a beautiful dinner backdrop.

However, some argue that the Marina Bay Boardwalk is even more stunning and alive at night.

You’ll find many restaurants in the area that offer unique menus and entertainment venues with live music and dancing.

The Waterclub, Victory Point, the Chantey, and the Industry are some of the most talked-about clubs and restaurants.

The Marina Bay Boardwalk is also home to various shopping and entertainment venues to please any taste.

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Hike the Picturesque Trails at Squantum Point Park

Trail at Squantum Point Park
Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

Looking for an idle way to see Quincy's natural habitats?

Squantum Point Park might be the place for you.

This park sits on what was once a Naval airfield with scenic vistas of the Boston skyline in the distance.

Within the park area are paved trails, a fishing pier, and picnic facilities.

Beach at Squantum Point Park
Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

You can also bring your pets because this public park is dog-friendly.

This park has been serving the community since 2009.

Drive along Victory Road in the Squantum Peninsula to reach Squantum Point Park.

Boston skyline from Squantum Point Park
Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

Stay for the Sunset Views at Nickerson Beach

One of the eye-catching spots in Quincy is the view of Boston Harbor Islands from Nickerson Beach.

This small public beach stretches to about 20 yards of beachfront.

Its stony shoreline offers a breathtaking twist from the usual sandy beaches.

Nickerson Beach isn't always crowded.

So if you prefer a serene spot for an outing, this is the spot.

Next to this beach is a nature trail that goes up a hill slope with a cliff at the very end.

You can find this neighborhood beach on Dorchester Street.

Go for a Stroll along the Walking Trails at Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh

Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh is not just a recreational park for everyone to be one with nature.

This site is also a historical landmark within Quincy.

Before becoming the well-known park it is today, this site is home to the Native Americans—the first settlers of the place.

It offers 1.3-mile walking trails and stunning meadow landscapes.

This waterfront park also boasts a variety of wildlife and plant species.

In fact, the bird species discovered within this place amount to about 150!

Cultivate your knowledge about the Native Americans and the surrounding upland of this site at the interpretive signs scattered within the property.

Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh is on Sea Street.

See Traditional Art at the Hamill Galleries

The art scene of Quincy is vibrant and culture-specific.

And this is true with the Hamill Galleries.

This gallery's primary location was in Boston before it closed down.

Eventually, the gallery opened up another location in Quincy, specializing in contemporary and tribal art.

Its collection includes wooden sculptures, currencies, and textile models—all displays of traditional African art.

There are also antique artworks dedicated to architecture and outsider art with profound interpretations.

Browse through tribal jewelry archives and feel inspired by weapon-inspired structures.

Get going to Hancock Street to reach the Hamill Galleries.

Hang Out with Friends and Family at Merrymount Park

Want to spend most of your time outdoors while on your Quincy vacation?

Merrymount Park is the ideal spot to be.

Considered the largest and most-visited park within the city, this 80-acre site opened in 1885.

It features an amphitheater and outdoor sports courts, including a stadium and field.

There's also a boathouse and numerous trails rounding down marshes and wooded uplands.

Merrymount Park also welcomes dogs and pups!

Bring your whole family out for a much-needed break with the park's man-made facilities and natural features.

You can find this public park on Merrymount Parkway.

Final Thoughts

Quincy is unique because its historic sites intertwine with new attractions for all ages and interests.

It’s an inviting city that will please people looking for a great adventure and discovery.

See what this historic city has to offer.

You might just be surprised at what you’ll find in Quincy!

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