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20 Best Things to Do in Quincy, IL

  • Published 2022/09/12

Quincy, Illinois, indeed lives by its name with the many fantastic things it offers.

Being the “gem” of the midwestern state, the city is the seat of government of Adams County, which makes it more interesting.

This city in the Mississippi River provides a long list of activities, landmarks, and attractions that both the locals and visitors can try, including the mind-enriching tours at the museums to the fun-filled family bonding moments in the entertainment hubs.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 20 best things you can do in Quincy, Illinois:

Take Pictures at Downtown Quincy Historic District

View of State Savings Loan and Trust  at Downtown Quincy Historic District

Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Quincy, Illinois, you will be surprised to see an entire district lined up with buildings designed and built in the 19th and 20thcenturies.

Looking at these fine architecture masterpieces could take you back to the past, all while you’re standing in the middle of these gorgeous old-fashioned structures.

View of Downtown Quincy Historic District

APN Photography /

The downtown area features various attractions that will leave you astonished.

Among the buildings you can see are the Elkon Hotel built in 1924 and Quincy Post Office constructed in 1887.

Meanwhile, if you want to collect information about former US President Abraham Lincoln, just follow the “Looking for Lincoln” markers.

Stroll Around South Side German Historic District

Quincy’s rich history and cultural heritage make it a paradise for retrophiliacs.

After taking tons of photos at the city’s main downtown area, where you can find old buildings, you can go south to feast on other ancient attractions.

The South Side German Historic District has a more unique ambiance than what you see at Downtown Quincy Historic District because of its architectural patterns.

This destination showcases German architecture, as seen in the Salem Evangelical United Church of Christ and Dr. Richard Eells House.

Enjoy the Best View of the Mississippi River at Clat Adams Bicentennial Park

No one can deny the Mississippi River’s contribution to the American people’s history and the changes in their lifestyle over the years.

Your trip to Quincy, Illinois, would not be complete without grabbing the chance to enjoy its infamous river.

Get the best view of the country’s second-longest river at Clat Adams Bicentennial Park along the Front & Hampshire Streets.

The three-acre park gives you an impeccable vantage point of the riverfront.

You can also check the schedule of community events at the Clat Adams Bicentennial Park to find out if you can catch an outdoor concert during your visit.

Meanwhile, if your trip falls on Independence Day, you can stay longer and wait for the fireworks display at the waterfront park.

Hike at Bill Klingner Trail

Taking a break away from the noisy and busy streets of your urban home is a great idea.

If you think so, then you might as well bring your family and friends to the Bill Klingner Trail, where you can hike and commune with nature.

The almost 3 miles trail is covered with asphalt, making it ideal for all ages.

There is nothing to worry about if you are with a big group when hiking, biking, or jogging at the trail since no motorized vehicle can pass through the area.

The place also has other amenities, such as a disc golf course for the older guests and a playground for the young ones.

You can consider this attraction in Quincy, Illinois, as your first destination of the day since it opens at dawn and closes at dusk.

Watch Live Performances at Quincy Community Theatre

Satisfy your cravings for great shows by watching live performances at the Quincy Community Theatre.

The shows, which cover different genres in mesmerizing plots, can be your much-awaited visual treat.

From the acting skills and costumes to the stage design and musical effects, everything will be a feast for you at the Quincy Community Theatre, located in the southern part of the city’s downtown area, particularly at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.

You can check the schedule of your preferred shows to make sure that what you will watch is your favorite genre, may it be a comedy, romance, or drama.

The people behind the 500-seater attraction have taken pride in embracing high standards for every show they feature since the Quincy Community Theatre’s inception in 1923.

Attend the Dogwood Festival at Maine Street

Quincy, Illinois, has its way of welcoming the spring season.

Bring your whole family to the city to observe the Dogwood Festival, which runs for four days during the latter part of April or at the start of May.

The annual celebration is not complete without transforming Maine Street into a place filled with merrymaking and festive spirits.

The family-friendly event features a grand parade showcasing the best of Quincy and the beauty of the dogwood tree.

You and your family can also watch the pageant for the festival’s Little King and Queen and allow the witty and funny contestants to entertain you.

To cap your visit to the Dogwood Festival, you can take a walk to Washington Park and check for the best-tasting gastronomic treats from the booths of the participating local vendors.

Meet the Man Behind the Adams County and Quincy City at the John Wood Mansion

Exterior of the John Wood Mansion

Ched, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When visiting Quincy, Illinois, include the John Wood Mansion as part of your itinerary and meet the man behind this fascinating and adventure-filled city.

The 14-room house, which Wood built for his family, gives its visitors a glimpse of the popular furnishings and Greek Revival design of the 1830s.

Facade of the John Wood Mansion

Ched, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The four enormous Doric columns and four massive chimneys, as well as the perfectly crafted, lavish details inside the mansion, will leave you in awe at how these magnificent designs withstand the test of time.

Wood, the 12th governor of Illinois, founded Adams County in 1925 and Quincy City in 1935.

Dedication sign at John Wood Mansion

Ched, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These landmark contributions make the John Wood Mansion a must-visit when in Quincy, Illinois.

View of John Wood Mansion's entrance

Ched, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Play Arcade Games at Scotties Fun Spot

Give in to the inner child in you and try the various arcade and other games available at the Scotties Fun Spot.

You can find here attractions that your family will love, from arcade games to child-friendly activities.

The place, located at the outskirts of the city’s eastern part, can also be your next stop if you want to have a unique way of celebrating a special occasion.

It is open from 11 AM until 10 PM on Friday and Saturday and from 12 PM to 7 PM on Sunday; thus, you have plenty of time to try each game inside the city’s premier entertainment zone.

They have a wide range of arcade game options, as well as a nook for go-karts, bumper cars, mini bowling, roller skating, mini-golf, and laser tag.

Hungry? You can treat your family to some mouth-watering go-to picnic food, such as fries, burgers, and pizza paired with soft ice cream at the Winners Grill.

Be Artsy at Quincy Art Center

The Quincy Art Center is among the best places to consider when looking for things to do in Quincy, Illinois.

The museum has a grand display of artworks that showcase the artistic side of the city’s people.

Its collection now stands at 400 pieces of paintings, drawings, prints, posters, and sculptures.

The gallery, which you can find at the East End Historical District of the city, has been the hub for art appreciation since 1923.

The Quincy Art Center holds exhibits and art shows regularly, so you may check for the schedule to determine the best time to tour the museum.

Explore Amazing House Fixtures at Quincy Museum

The richness of Quincy’s culture and history does not stop at showcasing its centuries-old buildings’ architectural designs and ancient artifacts.

The museum in the Historic East End District of Qunicy, Illinois, is an attraction that speaks volumes of the city’s past and how the magnanimous desire of a wealthy man, Mr. Richard F. Newcomb, caused the transformation of an old abode.

Newcomb had the property he bought in 1880 razed to build his dream house in Richardson Romanesque Revival style.

From the original Greek Revival design, a new structure with attractive interiors came into being.

The Quincy Museum sits in the Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion, where visitors can find great fixtures – from the intricate stone carvings that extend to the chimney top to the leaf-like ornaments that hug almost every corner of the house’s third level.

The woodworks made of 14-karat gold and the fancy patterns on the door handles and hinges are just a few of the many things that will make your jaw drop and your eyes roll while touring each floor of the museum.

Get Spooky With the Bizarre Activity at Villa Kathrine

If you want an adventure, the castle on Gardner Expressway has a lot to share.

The courtyard mansion, which the wealthy local W. George Metz built in 1900, is wrapped with a tale about paranormal activity.

According to the legend, Villa Kathrine is where Metz buried his dog Bingo, a Great Dane, who accompanied him through the years while living alone in his mansion.

The story claims that the furry pal haunts the 120-year-old structure after being entombed with a colossal amount of Metz’s gold savings.

However, no one could attest to this story; hence, this can be a mere legend that people love to share.

What is truly interesting about the place is its architectural design, which you may consider as the perfect backdrop when celebrating your life’s milestones.

Have a Taste of the City’s Craft Beer at Quincy Brewing Company

If you are in for some relaxing night with your best buddies during your trip to Quincy, you can try the craft beer the city boasts of.

The best place where you can enjoy a bottle or more of the locally brewed beer is at Quincy Brewing Company on 6thStreet.

The brewery offers at least 13 taps of its beer, which come in different tastes and ingredients.

You can try their sweet and citrusy variant, grapefruit and mango blend, creamy vanilla-infused, coffee and chocolate combo, and a lot more.

Plan a Picnic at Indian Mounds Park

Planning for a picnic either with your family or friends never runs out of style.

It is still one of the most exciting activities you can do when going somewhere for a vacation.

The Indian Mounds Park provides you with the best spot to share some good times with your loved ones while learning more about the heritage of the Native American Indians.

Located at the Quincy Park District, the place gives you a tour of the indigenous people’s history, particularly the story behind the burial mounds.

You and your family can likewise beat the heat and freshen up at the park’s public swimming pool, which features several amenities to make your bonding more worthwhile.

There are water toys, waterslides, diving boards, shade structures, and even a heated pool at the city’s first-ever public swimming pool.

Get a Feel of the Lincoln Era at the Log Cabin Village

In the past, structures made of giant logs were a common sight; however, you hardly see them in recent years.

In Quincy, Illinois, a trip to the Log Cabin Village is an experience you might not want to miss out on your itinerary.

Roaming around this Quinsippi Island Park attraction gives you a feel of the Lincoln era, especially that 4 log cabins, a log church, a log corn crib, and a stone smokehouse.

You can also check out the place if an herb garden interests you.

Honor the Illinois Veterans at the All Wars Museum

If you are interested to hear stories about the wars that contributed to the awe-inspiring history of Quincy, Illinois, this place must excite you.

The All Wars Museum, which has been operating for over three decades already, has a display of everything that would give you a picture of the things used during the Revolutionary War until the so-called “War on Terrorism.”

The museum inside the Illinois Veterans Home features in its 300-square-foot display space more than 5,000 relics, including field equipment, blades, maps, ammunition, and uniforms.

Begin Your Journey at Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Suppose you’re in town on vacation or planning a trip to Quincy.

In that case, the best thing to do is to stop by the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau to get the lowdown on all the area has to offer.

The Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, provides helpful information to tourists on where to stay, what to see and do, and how to travel around the area.

As a bonus, the kind and helpful staff will gladly respond to any inquiries you may have about the neighborhood.

Brochures, maps, and other documents are available to guide your exploration of the city.

Incredible things, like family-friendly activities and romantic weekend getaways, may all be found in this stunning city.

You may find a wealth of information on your next trip at the Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Have a Picnic at Ben Bumbry Riverview Park

At the 2nd and Chestnut Streets intersection, Ben Bumbry Riverview Park offers 23 acres of fun.

This park’s name is a tribute to the first African-American member of the Quincy City Council.

You may have a wonderful day with your loved ones at the Ben Bumbry Riverview Park.

The sights of the Mississippi River from here are mesmerizing.

Ben Bumbry Riverview Park has clean, well-maintained facilities in addition to its picnic tables, shelters, grills, basketball court, playground, and other amenities.

It has picnic tables, barbecue grills, a flush toilet building, playground equipment, and a basketball court.

Bond with Your Friends at Jokers Lounge

Jokers Lounge is a fantastic place to have a good time with your loved ones and play games.

Various fun activities await you, from classic board games to its modern Jenga.

You may enjoy your time there with the dart boards, pool tables, and slot machines (for gambling) while sipping on an alcoholic slushie.

In the cozy atmosphere of Jokers Lounge, you and your loved ones may unwind with some beverages and some fun games and music.

It also has friendly staff.

Unleash Your Inner Cowboy at Boyer’s BootNShoe

In business since 1920, Boyer’s BootnShoe is family-owned and operated by a dedicated family who knows everything there is to know about boots and shoes.

Back in 1920, the great-great-grandfather, Edd Boyer, opened Boyer’s Shoe Repair.

Third, fourth, and even fifth-generation family members have worked in the shoe business.

They share a deep commitment to providing friendly, knowledgeable service that keeps customers returning.

Among the many items available in this shop are Western Boots and apparel, shirts, jeans, hats, belts, jewelry, leather goods, and much more.

This shop has a wide variety of work boots, and they even have a mobile safety van they call the Boot Wagon.

Boyer’s BootnShoe also has a repair section.

Its extensive Repair Department expertly fixes footwear and sporting goods, including boots, gloves, belts, bags, caps, and coats.

Explore and Buy Fresh Goods from Terrapin Farms

If you’re looking for a great spot to stock up on groceries in Quincy, go no farther than Terrapin Farms.

Visit Terrapin Farms while in Quincy on vacation for delicious, locally grown food.

This 4th-generation vegetable farm cultivates 12 acres of vegetables, pumpkins, flowers, and more.

Offerings at the Farm Stand at Terrapin Farms come from its farm and other farms within a 50-mile radius in Adams County.

You may roam the fields, stroll the flower beds, find a peaceful spot to sit, take in the scenery, and buy fresh produce straight from the farm.

Terrapin Farms also sells bouquets for special occasions or loved ones.

Final Thoughts

The list of things you can do in the city of Quincy, Illinois, is long, making it more essential for you to plan out your trip well to avoid skipping any attraction that you and your family could visit together.

You can try plotting your schedule to include a good mix of adventure and activities that are unique from each other and those that boast scenic views.

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