20 Best Things to Do in Queensbury, NY

Queensbury, NY
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Driving a few hours northeast of Manhattan takes you to the lovely town of Queensbury in New York State.

This quaint but picturesque town in Warren County is widely known for its natural attractions, particularly the nearby Adirondack Mountains, Lake George, and Glen Lake.

Many also know Queensbury as the "Gateway to the Adirondack Region," a vast natural area to explore in Warren County.

With all that in mind, outdoor enthusiasts would love to check out Queensbury's natural attractions.

This small town in Warren County is also an excellent destination for those who want to escape The Big Apple's concrete jungle.

In addition, Queensbury has a lot more to offer than its natural attractions.

It's also home to a magnificent theme park and plenty of exciting recreation, from shopping, hiking, boating, canoeing, and sightseeing to nature viewing.

This small town in Warren County is full of surprises, so check out the best things to do in Queensbury, NY.

Feel the Thrill at the Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor

View of Six Flags Great Escape's rollercoaster
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Despite its size, Queensbury is home to one of the most famous theme parks in the nation, Six Flags.

This attraction is an excellent place to start your adventure in town.

The Six Flags in Queensbury, also referred to as "The Great Escape," has plenty of thrilling rides and a water park to give yourself and your family a wholesome adventure.

Drop tower ride in Six Flags Great Escape
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With so many fun-filled rides, maybe Six Flags might even overwhelm you.

From the roller coasters to the wholesome carousel, there are plenty of fun rides and activities at this theme park.

If you want a different kind of experience, you can check out its water park equipped with top-notch amenities.

Spinning balloon ride in Six Flags Great Escape
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Witness the Magical Adirondack Balloon Festival

Colorful hot air balloons during the Adirondack Balloon Festival
Jim Lozouski / Shutterstock.com

The Adirondack Balloon Festival is probably one of the best reasons to visit Queensbury.

This magical festival of giant hot-air balloons is one of the top 100 events in the nation and North America.

The Adirondack Balloon Festival happens every September.

Spectators can ride one of the hot air balloons or perhaps enjoy the view from the ground.

People on a hot air balloon at the Adirondack Balloon Festival
Sean Donohue Photo / Shutterstock.com

This festival in Queensbury has taken place since the 1970s, thanks to Warren County's tourism efforts.

The county wanted to draw visitors to the region during Labor Day.

Today, many people worldwide adore the Adirondack Balloon Festival, thanks to its colorful and magnificent hot air balloons that cover the sky.

Bring your family to the open fields of Queensbury, find the best spot, and enjoy this magnificent show.

People admiring the hot air balloon launch at Adirondack Balloon Festival
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Go on a Shopping Spree at the Aviation Mall

Queensbury is also home to a top-notch shopping mall called the Aviation Mall along Aviation Road.

This magnificent shopping mall in Queensbury houses some of your favorite brands like Dick's Sporting Goods, Victoria's Secret, JCPenny, and many more.

If you're yearning for leisure time with yourself or your family, head to the Aviation Mall and score some exciting deals.

Otherwise, walk around the mall to pass the time or go window shopping.

In addition, Aviation Mall is a premier dining destination in Queensbury, featuring some of the best restaurants you'll find in town.

Aviation Mall's 640,000 square feet facility is a fantastic place to wander and have quality leisure time in Queensbury.

Join the Lung-Busting Warren County Cycling Challenge

For a one-of-a-kind experience in Queensbury, join the grueling but fun Warren County Cycling Challenge.

This exciting activity in Queensbury and neighboring towns in Warren County is a must-try, especially for avid bikers or cyclists.

The Warren County Safe & Quality Bicycling Organization, in partnership with the Warren County Museum, initiated this exciting activity for locals and visitors.

You will enjoy 24 scenic biking trails across Warren County, including Queensbury, during the Warren County Cycling Challenge.

To complete this exciting activity, you will pass through a mixture of off-road and paved biking trails.

After conquering the trails, the Warren County Safe & Quality Bicycling Organization organizers will award you a finisher's certificate.

This cycling event in Warren County is also fascinating and convenient because there's no time limit to complete the challenge.

In addition, the cycling challenge has free admission.

Appreciate Glen Lake's Natural Beauty

To explore Queensbury's natural beauty, head to Glen Lake, where you can sit back and relax or perhaps enjoy various outdoor activities.

Glen Lake is a famous place not just for its natural beauty but also for its top-notch outdoor recreational activities.

This lake in Queensbury offers visitors various activities such as boating, ice fishing, kayaking, and sightseeing amidst its peaceful surroundings and natural beauty.

You can launch your canoe or boat from Glen Lake's boat launch at a famous local restaurant called Docksider Restaurant.

Among all the exciting things to enjoy at Glen Lake, fishing might be the best one.

This lake in Queensbury is famous for its abundance of smallmouth bass, trout, pike, largemouth bass, and perch, which you can catch all year.

Go Out and Bike at Gurney Lane Mountain Bike Park

Another exhilarating spot in Queensbury you must visit is the Gurney Lane Mountain Bike Park.

This bike park in Queensbury is along Gurney Lane, featuring various biking trails for all skill levels.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or someone who just wants to ride around this fantastic place, you will love Gurney Lane.

Gurney Lane Mountain Bike Park is Queensbury's most famous location for mountain biking.

The Wilderness Property Management Inc. has also exerted considerable effort to maintain this spot in town.

Shop Some More at the Factory Outlets at Lake George

Entrance to the Factory Outlets at Lake George
dennizn / Shutterstock.com

If you're yearning for more shopping after visiting Aviation Mall, then head to the Factory Outlets at Lake George.

This mall is six minutes from Queensbury.

This shopping center offers a wide array of brands you can choose from.

The Factory Outlets at Lake George has something for you, whether you're there for window shopping or looking for new fashion trends.

Coleman storefront at Factory Outlets at Lake George
dennizn / Shutterstock.com

This shopping spot carries brands such as Michael Kors, Coach, Coleman, Lindt Chocolate, and many more.

Amazingly, all these shops offer a lower price than their regular counterparts, giving you more reasons to visit the Factory Outlets at Lake George.

Shops at Factory Outlets at Lake George
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Expand Your Antique Collection at the Glenwood Manor Antiques & More

For a different kind of shopping experience in Queensbury, head to the Glenwood Manor Antiques & More.

This charming antique shop in town is in downtown Queensbury.

This antique shop in Queensbury has operated since 1983.

Antique collectors and avid shoppers have found top-notch and rare antique items from its vast collection.

In addition, the shop is inside an elegant three-story Georgian-style mansion, giving you that nostalgic feeling once you step inside.

This antique shop in Queensbury features various antique items from heirlooms, furniture, house decors, jewelry, toys, clothing, kitchenware, artworks, and plenty more.

Unleash Your Inner Child at the Fun Spot

The Fun Spot is an exciting place in Queensbury with wholesome activities for the entire family.

This indoor entertainment center is one of the favorite places for Queensbury's locals to have fun.

It has a vast indoor roller rink, mini-golf course, LED laser tag arena, 1,500-square-foot playground, go-kart, and a ninja obstacle course.

If you brought your child or children with you while visiting Queensbury, then stop by the Fun Spot and let them run around.

Otherwise, join your kids and unleash the inner child in you.

After a tiring but fun time at The Fun Spot's featured games, head to its snack bar to for hotdogs, pizzas, or burgers to complete your visit there.

Visit the Fun Spot along State Route 9 in Queensbury.

Fly High with Leaf Air LLC

If you dream of flying an airplane, head to Leaf Air LLC at the Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Queensbury.

Leaf Air LLC is the premier airplane tour in Warren County that you must try when you're in town.

The plane ride takes you to the most scenic places in Warren County, such as the Adirondack Mountains and Lakes.

You might also want to try Leaf Air ALLC's helicopter ride for a one-of-a-kind ride up in the sky.

No matter your plans, this famous plane ride tour in Queensbury is something you should include in your itinerary.

Challenge Yourself at the Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

This award-winning mini-golf course at Route 9 in Queensbury offers guests a fun but a challenging experience worth trying.

You will play through cascading waterfalls and meandering streams while dealing with marauding buccaneers at this pirate-themed 18-hole mini-golf course.

At the same time, keep your eyes peeled with scallywags overhead while you're playing through a full-scale pirate ship.

The Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf is an excellent place in Queensbury to bring your kids or travel crew for a round or two of mini-golf.

Slide Down the Snowy Slopes at the West Mountain Ski Resort

Skiing at West Mountain
Division18, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Add this famous ski resort in Queensbury to your itinerary, especially if you visit the town during winter.

The West Mountain Ski Resort at West Mountain Road in Queensbury is a top-notch snowboarding and skiing destination in Warren County.

This ski resort features an excellent landscape for a top-notch snowboarding and skiing experience.

This ski resort in Queensbury has operated for over 50 years.

This ski resort transforms into a scenic biking and climbing destination during summer.

At the same time, the West Mountain Ski Resort has cozy lodging and delicious restaurant to dine in.

Guests who want to learn snowboarding or skiing at this resort can enroll in its lessons.

Get Cozy at the Glen Drive-In Theatre

For a relaxing and entertaining experience while visiting Queensbury, head to the Glen Drive-In Theatre along US-9 Highway.

The Glen Drive-In Theatre in Queensbury offers moviegoers a unique movie experience with double screens and top-notch concession stands.

In addition, this drive-in theatre in Queensbury has old-school speaker access and an FM reception for better audio.

In addition, generations of Queensbury locals have grown up watching movies at this famous drive-in theatre.

It has screened films since 1958, making this place extra special.

Work It Out at the Scenic Hudson River Park

Signage of Hudson River Park
SEALANDSKYPHOTO / Shutterstock.com

Before returning home from visiting Queensbury, make one last stop at the Hudson River Park.

This outdoor attraction in Queensbury is along Big Boom Road, featuring a 44-acre area filled with park amenities, top-notch sports facilities, and sceneries.

Hudson River Park's favorite activity is hiking through its six-mile stretch, meandering the famous river.

At the same time, plenty of Queensbury's locals and visitors love to visit Hudson River Park to play basketball, pickleball, and softball.

Likewise, picnicking and fishing are favorite activities at this park in Queensbury.

Bask in Nature at Rush Pond Trail

Exploring the Queensbury outdoors is never as enjoyable as when you trek along Rush Pond Trail.

Established in 2014, this 2.6-mile trail offers a multitude of recreational opportunities between Fox Farm and West Mountain Roads.

It diverges into multiple smaller trails, making your outdoor traversing even more exciting.

Many come by this trail for a bit of hiking, biking, and even cross-country skiing.

It's also ideal for nature exploration with its rustic bridges, pond views, and wildlife all around.

You can come by with your leashed dog, too, for an exercise out in the open.

Rush Pond Trail also serves to connect Gurney Lane Recreation Area and the Aviation Road corridor.

Play with Loved Ones at Adventure Family Fun Center

Adventure Family Fun Center is your best option for some indoor family fun.

This center features a wide array of attractions for everyone of all ages.

In fact, its outdoor go-kart track is the largest within its area.

Some other attractions you can expect to find at this facility include a drop tower, laser tag, and a nostalgic bumper car station.

For more variety, try your hand at the video and redemption games at the arcade center of the facility.

The place also hosts parties and other group events.

It has themed rooms for children's birthdays and unthemed ones for corporate events.

You can find Adventure Family Fun Center along US State Route 9.

Shoot Some Zombies at Adirondack Zombie Hunters LLC

It's not the apocalypse, but it might as well be at Adirondack Zombie Hunters LLC.

This amusement facility serves as both an entertainment center and a training range.

Offering realistic simulations, you don't have to go to your nearest live-fire ranges to improve your aim and gain skills.

The center also has a full-stock display of military surplus and airsoft supplies.

Now, you can live out your dream of being a hero in a zombie apocalypse!

Adirondack Zombie Hunters LLC is on Aviation Road, waiting for your skills and guts.

Follow the Wooded Trails at Meadowbrook Preserve

Queensbury's Meadowbrook Preserve offers you a nature getaway unlike any other in the town.

At 44 acres, this preserve contains a 1.75-mile trail system winding down wooded habitats.

It also features a peaceful meadow and several informative signages along the route.

With zero inclines, the preserve is one of the best hikes for families with children and those traveling in large groups.

Meadowbrook Preserve also offers fishing, winter hiking, and mountain biking opportunities.

Be on the lookout for native flora and fauna in the area as well.

Get going to Meadowbrook Road to reach the entrance of this sanctuary.

Cool Down by the Hudson River at Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve

Looking for a scenic way to marvel at Queensbury's outdoor charm?

The 83-acre Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve might be the place for you.

Located along Hudson Pointe Boulevard, this public preserve features an inter looping single-track trail system spanning 2.6 miles.

The spot is home to many wildlife, including mammals and waterfowl.

As it passes along the Hudson River, it also features water vistas while you hike, bike, or snowshoe along the trail.

Have you added Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve to your must-visit spots in Queensbury yet?

Other Things to Do Nearby

Indulge in a Delicious Meal at the Docksider Restaurant

Signage of Docksider Restaurant
John Arehart / Shutterstock.com

Docksider Restaurant is an exciting dining destination you must visit near Queensbury.

You'll find it in Lake George, New York, seven minutes from Queensbury.

This local restaurant is adjacent to Glen Lake, giving you a top-notch view of the lake's natural beauty.

On top of that, Docksider Restaurant serves delicious food on its menu from lunch to dinner.

People enjoying their meal at Docksider Restaurant
John Arehart / Shutterstock.com

You can choose from its cozy indoor seating or picturesque outdoor dining overlooking Glen River.

If you're searching for Queensbury's most romantic spot to have dinner with your special someone, then go to the Docksider Restaurant.

Fascinatingly, you can go out and enjoy boating on Glen Lake before or after dining at Docksider Restaurant.

Visitors enjoying the view from the Docksider Restaurant
John Arehart / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Visit Queensbury and explore its natural beauty and exciting activities with your family or travel crew.

Queensbury's offerings feature local restaurants, shops, and outdoor attractions perfect for a fun weekend getaway.

If you're coming from Manhattan, Boston, Albany, or Syracuse, take a short drive to this quaint but charming rural town in New York State.

Lastly, don't forget to bookmark this travel post about the best things to do in Queensbury.

Start planning your weekend getaway today!

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