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16 Best Things to Do in Puerto Peñasco

  • Published 2021/10/06

Puerto Peñasco is popularly known as Rocky Point, is among the most beautiful destinations for a vacation in Sonora, Mexico.

Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point is also known as a beach vacation for people in Arizona.

Still, other than that, it is also suitable for everyone.

In the 1990s, Rocky Point only had approximately two hotels on their primary beach. But today, it is more than what you expected.

Hotels in Rocky Point are tremendously everywhere, and fun and excitement are always guaranteed when you visit Puerto Peñasco.

What is more interesting in Rocky Point is that aside from the unique hotels at the beach, there are also various activities that you can try which can surely make you not forget the place.

For this, I can say that Rocky Point has everything.

Here are the best things that you can do in Puerto Peñasco.

Ride an ATV and Travel Over the Desert Terrain

View of Desert Terrain

Gcorpart at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are many things that you can do in Rocky Point, and you cannot just stay on the beach.

You can ride an ATV to explore the rugged and bumpy desert of Puerto Peñasco.

This is absolutely an exciting thing to try.

For only $20 per hour, you can experience the thrilling yet exciting ATV ride across the Puerto Peñasco.

Take a Massage at the Johana’s Massage

After an exhausting trip to Rocky Point, you deserve a relaxing massage.

If you want to have quality time to chill out, this will be the best place for you.

There are numerous massage stations in the area.

While you are enjoying the massage, you can simultaneously listen to the soft sound of the waves coming from the beach that will absolutely take your stress away.

You can enjoy all of these for only $20 that will last for half an hour.

Travel Across Through Popular Tide Pools of Cholla Bay

Rocky Point is known for having one of the finest tidewaters for pools around the world.

Aside from the kids, you can also enjoy exploring the tide pools as an adult.

It is no doubt that it is one of the most exciting things to do regardless of age.

In the same area near the beach, you can also explore where there are crabs, octopus, starfish, conch, and others.

Just a piece of advice, if you are fond of collecting seashells, make sure that there are no live species there.

You do not want to store an innocent animal in your bag and only find out something is there when you get home.

Enjoy the Thrilling Experience of Parasailing at Avenida Luis Encinas

This exciting activity is perfect for everyone between 6 and above years old.

While guided by a parachute being dragged by the boat, you can enjoy the stunning view of the Rocky Point above at approximately 100 feet.

To feel the breathtaking experience of Parasailing, you can have it for $50 for a single person; and $100 for two people concomitantly.

Try FMI Rentals’ Banana Boats

It is an inflatable boat that can hold up to eight people together that looks exactly like a banana.

It is being pulled by a speed boat for you to experience the intense adventure you’ve been looking for.

If you want to take it easy, you can also freely ask the driver to slow it down.

The majority of us want a thrilling adventure.

You can enjoy the banana boat for only $5 for 10 minutes, but prices will always vary.

Indeed, 10 minutes might be pretty short if we imagine, but that is actually more than enough.

Enjoy Rocky Point Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a kind of water sports activity that needs training.

Whenever the wind kicks in, you can see a lot of kite surfers in the area.

If you have no experience in kite surfing, it is highly suggested that you take a short training as it will surely go a little bit tricky and risky if not.

Hence, for your own safety, you can go to Cholla Bay, where KiteSurfing is situated, to have equipment rentals and lessons.

Try Kayaking in Rocky Point

Another place that you can enjoy in Rocky Point when you are looking for leisure is the Kayak.

If you want water sports activities, this would be the best place for you.

If you’re with someone or solo, you can choose how you ride the kayaks.

The water is genuinely calm, and it will give you a relaxing feeling to enjoy the ambiance.

shutterstock 1420940222

Nasim Hrafn /

The waves on the Rocky Point are intrinsically minimal, and you do not have to worry whether you want to kayak near or even far.

The best part of kayaking is that you can clearly see the sea creatures such as jellyfish, stingrays, and many more.

It is always best to Kayak after sunrise because the water is at its calmest state.

But since Rocky Point is always in good weather thus, you will never regret kayaking in any part of the day.

Prices in renting a kayak will vary from vendor to vendor, but the average cost is $35 for full-day use, $25 for half, and $15 rate per hour.

Sense the Intense Speed of Javier Jet Skis

It is the kind of water activity that needs no further introduction.

Jet Ski has been popular ever since and has become the most known water activity in this generation.

As mentioned earlier, the genuine calmness of the water in Rocky Point made it extremely popular and suitable for any water activities.

Jet Ski rentals are available everywhere in Rocky Point through the locals.

You have the option to ride individually or with a partner; the price ranges from $30-40 for every half hour.

Don’t miss the chance to try Jet Ski in Rocky Point! Aside from fun, it is also safe to try.

Have Fun With the Ultralight Flights

It is not a typical plane that we used to ride.

These are the kind of planes which are not that heavy and not too large made especially for recreational purposes.

With a wingspan of 30-35 feet, you can see the upper view of Rocky Point beach without any doors and barriers to block your view.

If you are afraid of heights, worry no more because a professional and experienced pilot will be with you during the flight.

You can have 8-15 minutes of flight for only $50.

If you are at the Rocky Point beach, you can directly approach those vendors to try.

Appreciate the Impressive Scenery of Paseo de la Duna With a Zipline

Zipline is radically new in Rocky Point that unexpectedly became the best-loved activity of many tourists.

It is approximately 2,000 feet and 150 feet high.

Indeed, it would be breathtaking for many.

Still, you don’t want to miss the chance to miss once in a lifetime experience, especially in Rocky Point, where you can see the most attractive sight of the Sea of Cortez consisting of its mountains.

For only $60, you can have a zip line for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Horseback Riding With El Establo Ranch

It cannot be denied that horseback riding is one of the most popular and most extraordinary things to do for everyone.

Like in any other movie film, horseback riding under the sunset near the beach would be an astonishing thing to do.

This is best for everyone who wants to relax with family members, and also for couples.

You can approach someone in the area and have a half-hour ride for only $25 to explore the beach with their lovely horse.

Experience the Life Under the Sea by Scuba Diving at Cholla Bay, Playa Mirador, and Bird Island

Everybody is curious about how it feels to live in a different world under the sea.

This is one of the best things to try in Puerto Peñasco because you can have a snorkel or scuba dive to explore the undersea realms.

Although, as pointed out earlier, the sea in Rocky Point is naturally calm, this is the best indicator that it guarantees that you are safe; at the same time, it makes it more exciting.

You can swim with many sea creatures, but you should not worry because your safety is always the top priority.

You will be accompanied by an expert and experienced divers, especially when you encounter sea lions.

Yes, you will be swimming with the sea lions.

Just like any other activity, risks are inevitable.

Hence, to prevent you from a dangerous encounter, you will need to take driving lessons to be aware of the dos and don’ts, which will last for a total of 4 hours.

The diving lessons will range from $100 to $120, and the rental for the tank will range from $50 to $65.

Take a Trip to Bird Island or Isla San Jorge

Your trip to Puerto Peñasco will remain incomplete if you do not take a trip to the famous Bird Island, Isla San Jorge.

It is situated 27 afar from the southeast of Rocky Point.

It became the home of sea lions; you can see various bird species and even whales and dolphins when you come across the island.

To see the impressive view of Bird Island, you can do Scuba Diving/Snorkel, or you can also take a kayak near the island to perceive the attractive countryside.

You can always proceed toward someone to inquire on ways to explore the Bird Island, whether Scuba Diving/Snorkel or Kayak.

Go on Fishing at Lake Clarendon

Apart from its impressive view and tremendous activities, Rocky Point has been famous as a fishing village for many years.

The area is encircled by estuaries and reefs, making it the best spot for fishing.

The Sea of Cortez is where most of the grouper, triggerfish, whitefish, mackerel, marlin, and halibut live.

Given that various fishes are inhabiting it, you will surely catch something once you decide to fish in this area.

You can rent a fishing boat that also gives you the necessary equipment for fishing.

Other than that, you are also guided by experienced fishermen to assist you whenever you need their help. For only $400, you can catch more than 30 fish within 6 hours.

The best thing about getting a fish boat is that they clean and put your fish in a bag, so you just have to put it in a grill and eat. It is hassle-free, and you can literally taste your success.

Enjoy the View of Whale Watching in Eco Fun Adventures

To fully satisfy your eyes with the intrinsically magnificent view in Puerto Peñasco, secure yourself a seat in Whale Watching.

Every January-March, the whales from the Bering Sea will resettle their home into the warm and calm water of the Sea of Cortez.

With this, you will not just see the giant whales, but you can also visit their babies with them.

You can also see the whales jumping from the water and swimming beside your boat during the show.

Make sure to have your cameras prepared because you don’t want to miss these incredible whales.

Visit the Souvenir Shop at the Malecon Store

Going to Puerto Peñasco is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to get a souvenir at the Malecon to have a mark on the year you visited this excellent place.

You can find many things in Malecon, such as shoes, shirts, sunglasses, bags, and many more.

Literally, things are everywhere in this shop, and they have everything for you.

Therefore, remember to always prepare something before visiting the shop because even if you promise yourself not to buy anything, you cannot resist the captivating and unique items inside.

Final Thoughts

Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point is really a great place to visit.

Its extensive activities for leisure are more than what you can expect, and the people therein are always hospitable and friendly.

Don’t let fear restrain you from enjoying life; the country is one of the most prominent tourist spots in the world.

So, there is no reason for you to try everything!

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