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15 Best Things to Do in Prince George's County, MD

  • Published 2023/05/28

Prince George’s County in Maryland is where sophisticated activities meet fun adventures.

Encompassing about 500 square miles, it is located in the heart of the Baltimore-Washington corridor and is just 37 miles away from the city of Baltimore.

The county may be an urban area but it exudes a tranquil atmosphere that attracts potential residents.

Through a General Assembly act in 1696, the county was established from the land of Calvert County and Charles County.

It was named after Prince George of Denmark, the husband of Queen Anne of Great Britain.

Today, the county is home to 946,971 people as of the 2022 census.

From indoor activities to outdoor adventures, you’ll have endless choices when you visit the county.

To further convince you, go through this list of the best things to do in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Learn About Dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Park

Visitors hunting for fossils at Dinosaur Park

Paul, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re fascinated by prehistoric creatures, you should visit the Dinosaur Park.

It is located at 13200 Mid Atlantic Boulevard in the city of Laurel.

The remains of the official dinosaur of the state of Maryland, the 20-ton Astrodon Johnstoni, was first discovered in Prince George’s County in 1858.

So when you’re visiting the area, you should take the time to learn more about it.

The dinosaur lived around 130 million years ago.

Today, you may find fossils such as this at the park.

While here, you may find fossils from the history of the county dating back to the Cretaceous Period.

The Dinosaur Park features interpretive signs, plants, and walkways to accommodate visitors.

If you want to schedule a tour, feel free to book an appointment in advance.

Catch Local Performances at Bowie Center for the Performing Arts

Bowie Center for the Performing Arts is a premier regional arts facility in the county.

Adjacent to Bowie High School, it is located at 15200 Annapolis Road in the city of Bowie.

The center serves as a venue for all kinds of shows—from off-Broadway performances to school plays or operas.

Here you may find an 800-seat auditorium and a 150-seat room called the Bowie Blade-News Recital Hall.

Before heading out, be sure to check the scheduled events at Bowie Center for the Performing Arts so that you can time your visit to an event of your choice!

If you want to explore Prince George’s County’s culture and arts, add this to your list of stops!

Visit a Hub for Artists at Brentwood Arts Exchange

Artists and art enthusiasts should drop by the Brentwood Arts Exchange when they visit the area.

It is situated at 3901 Rhode Island Avenue in the town of Brentwood.

You may find the space within the Gateway Arts Center.

Brentwood Arts Exchange features a gallery space and a fine craft boutique, dedicated to showcasing visual arts and local artists.

It also has a dynamic arts classroom as well as a meeting space that may serve as a gathering space for like-minded people who are passionate about the arts.

If you want to pursue creative skills, learn more about crafts, and meet talented people from the community, you should pay the Brentwood Arts Exchange a visit.

Explore the College Park Aviation Museum

Interior view of the College Park Aviation Museum

Preservation Maryland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You may find the College Park Aviation Museum on the grounds of the world’s oldest continuously operating airport, the College Park Airport.

It is located at 1985 Corporal Frank Scott Drive in the city of College Park.

The airport was founded in 1909 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Interior view of the College Park Aviation Museum

Ilovecollegepark, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The museum, meanwhile, is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and displays unique aircraft artifacts.

Here you may learn all about the historic airport and its stories from the past, including its many milestones.

Even kids will enjoy the museum as it features hands-on and interpretive exhibits.

College Park Aviation Museum is definitely a must-visit for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs!

Hang Out at the Cosca Regional Park

If you’re looking for some outdoor recreation, you should go to Cosca Regional Park.

You may reach it at 11000 Thrift Road in the census-designated place of Clinton.

The 690-acre park is already developed for the community’s recreation, but plenty of areas remain undisturbed and in its natural state.

It has plenty of amenities for outdoor activities including tennis courts, baseball fields, a boathouse, playgrounds, nature and equestrian trail networks, and campsites, among others.

There are also picnic spaces, pavilions, and boating and fishing areas at the lake.

Whether you want to stay active or you just want to spend a relaxing day surrounded by nature, Cosca Regional Park may be the place for you.

See Equestrian Shows at Prince George’s Equestrian Center and Show Place Arena

Go to Prince George’s Equestrian Center and Show Place Arena if you want to participate in events related to horses.

You may find it at 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue in the town of Upper Marlboro.

The equestrian center hosts free shows for those who want to watch, including expos and special events.

It also offers overnight stabling services for horses through advance reservations.

If you want to learn more about horses and see different activities revolving around these creatures, stop by Prince George’s Equestrian Center & Show Place Arena.

Spend a Day Outside at Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Signage of the Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Ben Jacobson (Kranar Drogin), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Bladensburg Waterfront Park if you want to spend a day outdoors and try activities by the waterfront.

It is located at 4601 Annapolis Road in the town of Bladensburg.

While here, you will also have a scenic view of the Anacostia River, a historic waterway in the region.

Kids play area at Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Ben Jacobson (Kranar Drogin), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Through the park, you may explore the river by boat or through the hiking and biking trails surrounding it.

Other activities you may try while you’re at the park are kayaking, canoeing, riverboat tours, and picnics!

During your visit, you may even live concerts that are held at Bladensburg Waterfront Park.

View of the Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Ben Jacobson (Kranar Drogin), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

See Local Talent at the Publick Playhouse for the Performing Arts

The Publick Playhouse for the Performing Arts is known as one of the area’s best venues for performing arts.

You may find it at 5445 Landover Road in the town of Cheverly.

The 460-seat theater is operated by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

The playhouse has been hosting various performances— including live music, modern dance, musical theater, historical drama, and educational programs—since 1947.

It is one of the only two surviving art deco theaters in the county.

When you visit the Publick Playhouse for the Performing Arts, you won’t just witness extraordinary talents but also experience the historic and remarkable venue.

Tour the Greenbelt Historic District

While visiting the area, history buffs should explore the Greenbelt Historic District.

You may find it within the city of Greenbelt, located north of Prince George’s County.

The district was the first section of the city to be developed.

It was eventually turned into a “green town” between 1935 and 1941 as part of the US government’s attempt to solve the economic and social problems of the country at the time.

While here, you may stroll the area and see the remaining buildings that have retained their original features.

Take the time to learn about the locality’s past and its significance to contemporary time while exploring the Greenbelt Historic District.

Go Fishing at Lake Artemesia

Gazebo at Lake Artemesia

Joao Kermadec /

The 38-acre Lake Artemesia is the perfect spot for fishing.

You may access it at 8200 55th Avenue in the town of Berwyn Heights.

The park where Lake Artemesia sits also has an aquatic garden that you may explore during your visit.

Serene atmosphere of the Lake Artemesia

Qscgy256, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You won’t just find great fishing areas here, but also hiking and biking trails.

But if you just want a laid back activity, feel free to bring a book and find a spot by the lake.

If you want to spend a peaceful day near a body of water, add Lake Artemesia to your list of places to visit in the area.

Have a Relaxing Experience at Wellspring Manor & Spa

Reserve a day for relaxation at Wellspring Manor & Spa.

It is located at 11311 Drumsleugh Lane in Upper Marlboro.

If you want to find quiet and solace within Prince George’s County, you should book a space day here.

The manor is a vacation home that promises visitors a luxury retreat away from the busy day-to-day life.

Here you may find peace and quiet while availing the spa services, including body and facial treatments.

Additionally, Wellspring Manor & Spa offers various culinary options for all kinds of guests.

If you want a relaxing vacation, add this to your stops when you visit the area!

Book a Tee Time at Country Club at Woodmore

If you wanna enjoy a game of golf, book a tee time at Country Club at Woodmore.

It is located at 12320 Pleasant Prospect in the census-designated place of Mitchellville.

The country club is a premier destination in Prince George’s County.

The 90-year old country club is home to one the top-rated golf courses in the Middle Atlantic.

In fact, it was ranked the 7th best golf course by the Golf Digest in 2011.

The course, designed by Arnold Palmer, has rolling fairways and challenging greens.

While playing, you will also get beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Aside from the golf course, Country Club at Woodmore also has a pro shop, a restaurant for fine and casual dining, a driving range, and a putting green.

Go Camping at Watkins Regional Park

Hazelnut at Watkins Regional Park

Judy Gallagher, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to feel closer to nature, go camping at Watkins Regional Park.

You may find it at 301 Watkins Park Drive in the town of Upper Marlboro.

The park offers sites for tent camping, good for large or small groups.

Insect looking like a leaf at Watkins Regional Park

Judy Gallagher, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For your convenience, the campgrounds also have comfort stations with available hot showers.

Individual campsites are available on a first come, first served basis, but group sites should be reserved in advance with Watkins Regional Park.

If you’re looking for a camping area within Prince George’s County, this is the one for you!

Mushrooms at Watkins Regional Park

Judy Gallagher, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

See the Beauty of Wildlife at Merkle State Wildlife Sanctuary & Visitor’s Center

Explore local wildlife when you visit Merkle State Wildlife Sanctuary & Visitor’s Center.

It is located at 11704 Fenno Road in Upper Marlboro.

Operated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the sanctuary is a beautiful wildlife center that you should visit if you’re an animal lover.

It serves as a wintering ground for thousands of Canada geese, the biggest group on the west side of Chesapeake Bay.

The place was named after Edgar Merkle, a devoted conservationist who founded Merkle Press in Washington, D.C. and originated a goose breeding plan in Maryland.

During your visit, learn all about wildlife conservation efforts and the animals that live in the area.

Don’t forget to add Merkle State Wildlife Sanctuary & Visitor’s Center to your itinerary.

Dine and Play at Topgolf National Harbor

Topgolf National Harbor is a great destination for dining, drinking, and golfing.

It is situated at 6400 Clipper Way in the census-designated place of Oxon Hill.

The place offers a venue for fun golf competitions that don’t need professional skills.

The place also has a bar and restaurant serving great drinks and food.

It may also host parties or private events.

Add the Topgolf National Harbor to your list of places to try if you want indoor recreation and reliable entertainment.

Final Thoughts

You should consider going to Prince George’s County if you’re looking for a destination with diverse recreational opportunities.

You may enjoy a wide range of activities without going too far from popular urban areas in the state.

Whether you’re into cultural getaways or nature trips, the county has something for you.

Before heading out, you should save this list of the best things to do in Prince George’s County, Maryland!

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