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15 Best Things to Do in Port Deposit, MD

  • Published 2022/09/09

The promising town of Port Deposit, Maryland, is a waterfront place that was once a river crossing point.

It runs parallel to the Susquehanna River and takes pride in tourist-worthy spots.

Port Deposit keeps its community alive through parks to bayside restaurants with eye-catching sites.

However, the town stands out not only because of its geography.

Its ample granite supply made it an ideal trading place with other nearby cities.

People have found these granite deposits in several buildings throughout this town, including the sidewalks.

Are you ready for these best things to do in Port Deposit, MD?

Host a Party at the Carriage House

Exterior of the Carriage House

Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you need an Instagram-worthy backdrop for your most memorable celebrations?

The Carriage House started in 2012 to help upgrade your simple ceremonies.

Moreover, this event center is the only surviving establishment built for Jacob Tome back in 1850.

While the Carriage House no longer houses horse stalls, you can still find remnants of it on the Stable Courtyard.

Watch your event dreams come to life when you discover this center’s amenities.

Admire the cobbled grounds and rocky aesthetic background on the outside courtyard, perfect for your rustic parties!

There’s also a rentable upstairs loft for you to crash after a night of celebrating.

Find the Carriage House along Main Street!

Buy a Postcard at Port Deposit Heritage Museum

Port Deposit Heritage Museum, located inside the Paw Paw Building on North Main Street, is one of the town’s heritage sites.

Not only does it preserve the town’s culture and history, but it also showcases unique items on display.

In 1975, it started its mission through the leadership of Grace Humphries.

With the help of various organizations, the museum finally opened to the public in 1991.

Browse the historical artifacts at the exhibits and programs at the museum.

Its extensive collection of letters and other written materials can help you grasp town living during the Civil War.

Honor your visit to Port Deposit Heritage Museum by grabbing a postcard or a building ornament at the gift shop.

Sit by the Pier at Marina Park

Feel the wind relax you as you find yourself at Marina Park on Main Street.

Like the other stops on this list, this park has a fascinating history.

During World War II, water access to the town came from this park.

Walk along the riverbank pathways or find your place in the outdoor covered seating.

Play with your family on the grassy fields, and head to the pier to fish.

There’s also a playground that you and the younger members of your family can enjoy.

Marina Park gets you a taste of Port Deposit in a simple but remarkable setting for recreation and relaxation.

Check out the Turtles at Tome Visitor Center and Turtle Habitat

In 1850, the Historic Tome Gas House served as a power-generating facility for the Jacob Tome mansion.

Several years later, they rebuilt the mansion into a turtle preservation site and cultural center named Tome Visitor Center and Turtle Habitat.

In 2008, students arrived to this center to research the endangered Northern Map Turtles.

Northern Map Turtles are endemic to Lower Susquehanna and the nearby cities of Cecil County.

This makes the center even more dedicated to studying its species and protecting its pedigree.

Volunteer in clean-up programs at the site and touch up on your biology knowledge.

You can find Tome Visitor Center and Turtle Habitat on South Main Street.

Celebrate Special Events at Donaldson Brown Riverfront Event Center

Make all your outdoor event dreams come true on Mount Ararat Farm Road at Donaldson Brown Riverfront Event Center.

This event center sits on top of a stunning cliff of Mount Ararat, offering a picturesque view of nature down below.

Frank Donaldson Brown spearheaded construction of the center, which was once a Georgian mansion, home to Frank and his wife.

After his death, the University of Maryland took over and made it the center it was today.

Beyond an event destination, it also hosts special events, including historical tours of the place.

Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up?

Entrust your festivities to the Donaldson Brown Riverfront Event Center and make your celebration even more special!

Chill by the Waterfront at Lee’s Landing Dock Bar

If you want to check out amazing dining and sea views of Port Deposit, go to Lee’s Landing Dock Bar.

This dock bar got its name from the father of founder Dave Carey.

Likewise, it continues to serve families who want to add ocean sightseeing to their everyday dining and wining.

Its menu comprises seafood and chicken varieties—all heavy meals—all family-friendly so everyone can enjoy it.

Live bands also come out to play and bring high-quality entertainment.

Let your child play on the pirate playground of Lee’s Landing Dock Bar.

Bring your beloved pets on deck, too!

To enjoy the full docking experience, ride the pontoon boat to get inside the restaurant.

Gather your group and book a party in the docking space on Rowland Drive!

Rest in the Private Quarters at Gwendolyn’s Marigold Manor

Built in 1902, Gwendolyn’s Marigold Manor is a Victorian-inspired suite that lets you enjoy a refreshing but luxurious retreat.

Situated on Main Street, this rental suite is walking distance from downtown Port Deposit shops and buildings.

Three private rooms and a majestic set of amenities include a full kitchen and a parking lot.

You can also rent another cottage at the back of Gwendolyn’s Marigold Manor.

Travel back to the glorious era of the 1800s when you step into the bathroom with a tub and shower.

There’s also an impressive courtyard view outside that overlooks the Susquehanna River.

Don’t forget to drop by the Shoppe at the Manor for your souvenir shopping.

Try Specialty Items at Cool Beans Market

For a caffeine boost, walk down to Cool Beans Market.

The idea of this coffee shop began in 2017 when the owners wanted a go-to shop to drink coffee after a long day.

Their initiative brought Cool Beans Market to Main Street.

This place is a quaint shop with a charming atmosphere.

But that’s not all!

Besides your regular cup of coffee, you can also take a quick shopping trip at this store.

It has a variety of items, including eggs, soda, and some household items, too!

This coffee-and-convenience shop has it all, after all!

Visit the Stallions at Anchor and Hope Farm

Anchor and Hope Farm is a horse-boarding stable in Port Deposit.

In 2018, this site officially underwent restoration to add a new barn, a breeding shed, and more.

This stable promises expertise in stallion management, as well as safe breeding.

It also offers foaling all year-round and complete facilities to care for the mothers and their young.

It has spacious pastures for gestation and a breathtaking view of countryside freedom.

Meet the stallions and visit the farm to get expert advice on horse breeding and more.

If you’ve got a horse, Anchor and Hope Farm also offers boarding services.

Play with Horses and Ponies at Rolling Hills Ranch

At Port Deposit, plenty of places help you get into equestrian sports.

Rolling Hills Ranch is one of them.

This full-service equine facility offers riding lessons and equine-facilitated learning for beginners and advanced equestrians.

At the same time, it houses classrooms and large arenas where you can apply your knowledge in real-time.

Manifest your love for this unique sport, from dressage to centered riding.

Your kids and teens can also take camp lessons to know more about horses and ponies.

The Rolling Hills Ranch is on Rolling Hills Ranch Lane.

Explore the Perennial Plants at Chief Mountain Farms

Do you have a green thumb?

You might like Chief Mountain Farms on Chiefs Mountain Lane.

This farm started in 1996, providing an exhaustive presentation of native and wetland plants.

Browse the nursery’s collection of trees, vines, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Choose from trimmed and finished greenery products to take home with you.

Chief Mountain Farms can also custom grow certain plants to fit your landscape preferences.

Stay for a trade show to learn more about the greenery around you.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’ve had enough of Port Deposit’s wondrous sights, you can always drive down to other places nearby.

Here are some other unmissable spots within a half-hour from Port Deposit:

Meet the Rescue Horses at Greystone Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

Only nine minutes from Port Deposit, Greystone Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. offers you a more profound knowledge of horse care and adoption.

You can find it in Rising Sun, Maryland.

It started as a small farm back in 2003.

This center then grew into something more in 2008.

Now, it’s a large refuge for abandoned and neglected horses.

Take in the success stories of these horses and find hope and inspiration in their life.

Take the time to meet the sanctuary horses at the stables, too!

These horses are too old or sick for adoption qualifications, so they spend their remaining days at Greystone Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

This non-profit rescue center is along Principio Road.

Taste Port Style Wine at Mount Felix Vineyard & Winery

In Havre De Grace, Maryland, across the river from Port Deposit, is the impressive Mount Felix Vineyard & Winery.

This place is 17 minutes from Port Deposit.

This property has offered premium wine tasting services since the 1830s.

Likewise, it provides a vast land slope alongside its manor.

Most importantly, the vineyard is eco-friendly!

Take in the breeze and sunlight as you stroll across the lawn.

Enjoy a taste of dry and sweet wine while you lounge in the courtyard.

To commemorate your visit, bring home a wine basket or buy it as a gift for a loved one.

Explore the Exhibits at Steppingstone Farm Museum

Steppingstone Farm Museum is a cultural institute on Quaker Bottom Road in Havre De Grace, 18 minutes from Port Deposit.

In 1957, J. Edmund Bull founded the museum after his retirement.

This living museum preserves the rural heritage of Harford County.

Travel back in time to this county’s early eras when you step into the various exhibits at this museum.

Among its famous establishments include a farmhouse and the Foard Blacksmith Shop.

After taking notes on history past the exhibits, stop by Steppingstone Farm Museum’s store for refreshments.

It’s truly a day of rediscovery and fun when you visit this museum!

Join a Kart Race at Sandy Hook Speedway

For a day of racing and stunts, head to Sandy Hook Speedway on Sandy Hook Road in Street, Maryland, 21 minutes from Port Deposit.

This go-kart track gets your adrenaline pumping with its twisty and complex courses.

You can watch the racers on the grounds if you’d prefer to sit by the sidelines.

Enroll in a moto class or rent the track all to yourself!

No matter what you do, you should have fun in and out of the track.

Final Thoughts

Port Deposit never ceases to amaze tourists with its refreshing locale and remarkable landmarks.

Its natural preserves and animal rescue sites add to its appeal.

Take note of the best things to do in Port Deposit, Maryland!

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