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20 Best Things to Do in Point Pleasant, NJ

  • Published 2023/03/17

Are you looking for a great beach destination with something in store for every family member?

Here’s the place not too far from most big cities: Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Drive an hour from New York City or an hour and a half on the New Jersey Transit and arrive at the ultimate New Jersey Shore destination.

Point Pleasant is the favorite summer destination of tourists from NYC and North New Jersey.

While most kids love the beach, adults will also have their fair share of fun and entertainment at many of the town’s late-night dance clubs.

Not only that, but Point Pleasant’s downtown area also boasts a shopping district that brims with unique specialty shops.

In terms of dining experience, you will never go hungry in this town because it is dotted with restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops that will surely tickle your fancy.

Ready to pack your bags for your vacation in Point Pleasant?

Read the 15 best things to do in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Explore Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

Welcome sign of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

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The Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is, without a doubt, the most popular attraction and destination in Point Pleasant.

You will never run out of exciting and fun things to do here, whether you’re staying for the day, the weekend, or the entire summer.

There are activities scheduled every day that are fun for the entire family, featuring rides, games, family amusement, and an ice cream parlor.

At night, delight in watching the fireworks and laser light shows.

Swing carousel at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

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Visit the Aquarium, a privately-owned facility designed to educate people on all aspects of marine conservation.

There are many exhibits to see, all dedicated to promoting awareness of the animals’ habitat and conservation.

Your kids will also love the Sweet Shop, which has existed for a century, serving all kinds of sweets and gift baskets for all occasions.

Spending an entire day there will never be enough to experience Jenkinson’s Boardwalk offerings fully.

A ride at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

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Bring Out Your Competitiveness at the South Beach Arcade

Located on Ocean Avenue, the South Beach Arcade is a must-visit for everyone regardless of age.

The entire family will have tons of fun with the cranes, basketball, skee ball, slot machines, and video games.

It’s the perfect chance to compete and bring out your hidden skills and tactics for everyone to see.

Other arcades in Point Pleasant include Frank’s Fun Center, South Beach Arcade, Pavilion Arcade, and South Arcade.

Whichever you choose, you are up for an exciting time with the family.

Marvel at the Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey

On Bay Avenue, you will find one of the most impressive vintage automobile museums: the Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey.

If you’re an avid fan of classic cars, this is your piece of heaven.

Its current display is called ‘Sun’s Up, Roofs Down,’ featuring a collection of convertibles from 1915 to 2009.

Marvel at the 1915 Model T, the famous 1965 Mustang, 1965 Malibu, 1959 Corvette, and 1937 Cord.

The experience of actually seeing these classic automobiles is far better than just seeing them on TV.

The museum does not only want to bring these vintage pieces into one place but also to preserve its history and share that history with the country.

Bask in the Sands of Point Pleasant’s Beaches

Martell's beach of point pleasant

Erin Cadigan /

The beaches of Point Pleasant are among the most popular and beautiful beaches in the country.

Conquer more than two miles of the Atlantic coastline that will surely be too good to resist.

Jenkinson’s Beach is the largest managed beach, extending from the Manasquan Inlet to the boardwalk’s amusement rides.

Martell’s is another one, though it is one of the smaller beaches in the area.

A beach at point pleasant

Dough4872, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Accessible from Central Avenue, it features a beach bar that serves some of your favorite food and drinks.

You can also go to Risden’s Beach, situated between New Jersey and Trenton Avenues.

It has a bathhouse with restrooms and changing rooms.

Also on the list are the Bradshaw Beach and the Maryland Avenue Beach.

Enjoy a Lazy Day with the Family at the Riverfront Park

Head out to River Rd and admire the beautiful Manasquan River.

Here, you can enjoy a lazy day with the family or enjoy outdoor activities.

The former Point Pleasant Hospital once stood on this site, but today, you can see the Riverfront Park, a favorite destination among locals and tourists.

Check out their Pavilion with charcoal grills and a picnic area, perfect for family outings.

They also have a large playground, a bocce court, a walking pier, and an open area with benches to watch the boats passing by comfortably.

The Riverfront Park is also an excellent place for running, jogging, kayaking, canoeing, and rowing.

Let the kids enjoy themselves in the playground while you bask in the ambiance and admire the sights.

Experience the Night Life of Pleasant Point at the Jenks Club

You must experience the nightlife of this part of the state with a visit to Jenks Club, situated right on the Boardwalk of Pleasant Point.

This pavilion offers exciting energy and entertainment when the sun goes down, making it the place to chill on hot summer nights and off-season fun.

Its high-energy combination of music and wild party will turn any boring night into a bumping party.

Jenk’s Nightclub features live bands and the coolest DJs to give you live entertainment to heat your night.

If you don’t like the crowded indoor party, you can step outside the beachfront bar and enjoy chatting and meeting new friends.

Visit Martell’s Tiki Bar

Exterior of Martell’s Tiki Bar

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Throughout the years and many changes in beach trends, one thing has remained consistent.

Martell’s Tiki Bar is the most popular and sought-after hot spot for entertainment on Point Pleasant Beach.

It’s always been the center of the action, welcoming families from all parts of the globe and letting them leave with a smile.

Thanks to its laidback island atmosphere, great food, theme bar, and tropical drinks, it has entertained visitors.

It also has a dance floor to get rid of your inhibitions and dance the night away.

For many years, Martell’s Tiki Bar has consistently won the ‘Best of the Best for Ocean and Monmouth Counties’ vote.

Enjoy Stand-up Comedy at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club

No matter the occasion, whether it’s corporate, a birthday bash, or social, the answer to your comedy itch is Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club.

This place features only true professionals such as Andrew DICE Clay, Vic Di Bitetto, Dave Attell, and Sebastian Maniscalco.

There are no open mic comedians here, so you are guaranteed superb entertainment every time.

For many years, Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club has earned titles from the press such as ‘one of the best things to do late at night,’ ‘best date night spot,’ ‘the best new comedy club in the tristate area,’ and the ‘best menu for a dinner & comedy package.’

Join the Annual Festival of the Sea on Point Pleasant

Since September 1975, the annual Festival of the Sea has been growing consistently.

Today, it is one of the significant events in Point Pleasant, gathering numerous visitors from all over the country.

The festival is held downtown on Arnold and Bay Avenues.

It features local restaurants and vendors offering shrimp skewers, crab cakes, soups and bisques, lobster, paella, and many other delicious seafood items.

Besides the food, you can find handcrafted items and entertainment, with a stage set up on the corner of the two avenues, ready for performers and musicians.

Find the Elk’s Club and see how it offers its outdoor grounds to provide more food and a beer garden.

Taste Delicious Ales and Other Brews at the Last Wave Brewery

A glass of beer at Last Wave Brewery

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Here’s one other way to experience Point Pleasant.

That would be visiting the Last Wave Brewery.

As part of a vibrant coastal community, this brewery works hard to offer locals and visitors a taste of Point Pleasant through its refreshing ales.

Enjoy a great afternoon of drinks and talks at their tasting room located on Bay Ave.

The brewery got its name because the last wave is fundamental to any surfing session.

Think of it as the brewery giving you a satisfying drink until it’s time for your next session.

So, spend an afternoon here and take your last wave.

Discover the Collections at the New Jersey Museum of Boating

Point Pleasant loves not just vintage automobiles but also boating.

After all, the town is a beach destination many people love.

The New Jersey Museum of Boating aims to educate, display, and preserve the rich boating heritage of New Jersey.

The museum presents more than 1,000 artifacts, including boats indigenous to New Jersey, in celebration of boat builders.

Go around and see exhibits on hull construction or do self-guided tours and be among the more than 6,000 visitors that come to the museum yearly.

Enjoy the Point Pleasant Jazz and Blues Festival

Are you into blues and jazz music?

Come to the Jazz and Blues Festival in Point Pleasant.

The venue may or may not change each year, but the fun and entertainment remain the same, if not better, with each passing year.

Sway to the rhythm of jazz and blues as musicians perform live on stage.

There are tons of food and beverages waiting for you.

Even the children can enjoy the snacks and drinks while basking in the views of the beautiful Manasquan River!

Have furry friends?

They’re welcome to join too!

Book a Chartered Boat with the Queen Mary Open Boat and Charters

Queen Mary boat on the waters of New Jersey

Roger Utting /

Why not take the adventure to another level and embark on a fishing expedition aboard a chartered boat?

The Queen Mary Open Boat and Charters offers excellent fishing experiences at great prices.

You’ll board the Queen Mary, an 85-feet Gulf Craft saltwater fishing boat.

It was restored in 2017, featuring a huge cabin with covered seats and tables.

With plenty of room on deck, it can accommodate 95 people with no issues.

Go to the top deck to get a perfect, undisrupted view of the action and the surrounding scenery.

You’ll be in the company of a highly-skilled and personable team who will work tirelessly to make your experience the best.

They’re also knowledgeable about anglers, so don’t hesitate to call on them for tips and tricks.

Have Fun at the Castaway Cove Mini Golf

Located on Ocean Avenue, the Castaway Cove Mini Golf is for the entire family.

With two pirate-themed, 18-hole courses intertwined outside and inside a mock shipwreck, you can have a great golfing experience.

More specifically, golfers can enter the caves of the cove, where the pirates are said to have their living quarters.

They can go outside and climb the top of the shipwreck on the second course, complete with waterfalls.

Can you find another golf course this exciting?

Experience the Rhythm and Chowder Festival in Point Pleasant

Much like the Sea Festival, this event occurs in October and features the ten best chowders in the region.

Coming here will also let you enjoy live music entertainment and a beer garden that features the 25 best crafters.

You can walk the street and delight in the sights, sounds, and flavors that greet you.

This experience in Point Pleasant is unmissable.

Indulge in a Sweet Treat at Sundaes The Ice Cream Place

Don’t let the heat dampen your mood while on your Point Pleasant vacation.

Drop by Sundaes The Ice Cream Place.

This ice cream shop is a beloved attraction for both locals and tourists alike because of its retro atmosphere and extensive menu.

Opened in 1986, it has come a long way in providing some of the best homemade ice cream to the community.

Choose from a variety of flavors for your soft ice cream and sherbet.

Keep things interesting with a flavorful topping, like Butterfingers and Oreos.

Come by Sundaes The Ice Cream Place on Route 88.

Relax Your Muscles at Revitalize Massage & Bodywork

Have time in your schedule for some spa sessions?

Then, don’t forget to visit Revitalize Massage & Bodywork.

This massage clinic is an American Massage Therapy Association member.

Owned by Andrea LaPollo, it offers a wide range of massage treatments for different area points.

If you’re active in sports and exercise, you might want to try a Sports Massage.

Or, if you prefer a more traditional treatment, go for Hot Stone Therapy or Reiki.

You can even come by with your significant other for a more relaxing bonding experience together.

You can get to Revitalize Massage & Bodywork via River Road.

Go Birdwatching at Slade Dale Sanctuary

Point Pleasant may be notable for its waterfront views, but it never lacks natural exploration areas.

And Slade Dale Sanctuary proves this statement right.

Sitting at 13 acres, this hidden natural gem is in the northern area of Beaverdam Creek.

Its prominent habitat may be tidal marshes, but the site also offers the beauty of pine-oak forests.

And this is the home to many bird species, including ospreys and other vulnerable fowl.

Some activities you can enjoy while at this preserve include hiking and fishing.

Slade Dale Sanctuary is on Sea Point Drive if you’re up for some birdwatching.

Meet Wildlife at Beaver Dam Creek County Park

On Bridge Avenue, Beaver Dam Creek County Park offers a tranquil and scenic getaway for nature lovers.

It combines both active and passive areas for recreation within a charming nature-centered setting.

Its boardwalk takes you through tidal wetlands and a stunning creekside scenery.

The park also features a variety of sports courts, including a basketball court and a soccer field.

Go for a picnic at one of the pavilions and admire the landscape all around while you do so.

This county park is about 40 acres.

Add Beaver Dam Creek County Park to your must-visit list in Point Pleasant if you haven’t already.

Paint Your Own Souvenir at Wish Upon a Jar

A unique art experience awaits you at Wish Upon a Jar.

This pottery studio offers a selection of art pieces that visitors can paint on during their visit.

And the best part, you only have to pay for the piece you’re working on and taking home with you!

So, get in touch with your creative side as you customize your piece.

The studio is also open for both indoor and outdoor painting sessions.

Wish Upon a Jar is on Bridge Avenue.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a beach destination accessible from New Jersey and New York City, there’s no better place than Point Pleasant.

It’s ideal for the entire family as it features something that every age group can enjoy.

So, come to Point Pleasant the next time you’re thinking about the beach and the ocean.

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