15 Best Things to Do in Plymouth, MN

Plymouth, MN
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Abundant with parks and recreational sites, Plymouth continues to grow extensively as a community.

In fact, the city is the seventh-largest in Minnesota when it comes to population.

Its history as an official town goes way back to 1855, but its first inhabitants were the Dakota in the Pre-Columbian era.

By 1974, Plymouth's label as a charter city started and took effect.

Now, this city in Hennepin County is a must-visit for those in Minnesota or any nearby state.

Plymouth's suburban atmosphere and commercial areas are family-friendly and rich with culture and natural preserves.

Its convenient location in downtown Minneapolis is also a bonus.

To give you a clearer picture of what the city has to offer, here are the best things to do in Plymouth, Minnesota:

Ride a Boat at Clifton E. French Regional Park

The waters of Clifton E. French Regional Park
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On Rockford Road, Clifton E. French Regional Park takes your usual natural preserve and transforms it into a family-oriented vacation spot.

This park is a Plymouth travelers' favorite because of its gigantic play area for children.

Its amenities include 5.2 miles of natural trails and a fishing dock.

Take your dog out for an adventure with you along the dog trails.

Welcome sign of Clifton E. French Regional Park
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For aquatic scenery, choose to rent a boat or go paddling.

The park also offers indoor event spaces for your next big celebration.

There's so much to explore and do at Clifton E. French Regional Park!

Footbridge at Clifton E. French Regional Park
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Arrange a Playdate at Imperial Hills Park

Located at the intersection of Shadyview Lane North and 17th Avenue North, Imperial Hills Park is a standard spot for family fun and excitement.

Its 10-acre property holds a variety of amenities suitable for sports practice and the like.

Take your child to its playground, where large trees offer a private space for your child's exploration.

Trails also line the site—an ideal place to walk around and reminisce during the fall season.

Make your way across the basketball court and play a round or two with peers.

Imperial Hills Park's use of the Biba Smart Playground makes Imperial Hills Park a unique spot for recreation.

You can download the app online and use it while at the park to make your child's playtime more exciting.

Go through the Ropes Course at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is an exemplary adventure stop that you shouldn't forget to add to your Plymouth itinerary.

This park features tons of attractions and is a great place to host your child's next birthday party.

If you want a little more challenge in your vacation time, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park helps you fly, climb, and fall safely and with grace.

One of the things you can do is stop by the Ropes Course and race with friends and family.

The Battle Beam and DropZone are attractions that help improve your fall and balance.

For your ultimate obstacle course moment, go for the Wipeout arena.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is on Holly Lane North.

Admire the Labyrinth at the Millennium Garden

For an aesthetic fairytale-filled excursion, the Millennium Garden takes the cake.

This garden welcomes everyone with its breathtaking pond and eccentric flower-and-architecture views.

The first phase of this garden's beginnings was in 2003, when memorial bricks were famous among residents.

Eventually, in 2009, the garden opened its gates to more luxuries, including the pond and plant materials.

Currently, it's home to a labyrinth, walkways, and a collection of flowers spread all over the garden.

This is why it's also famous among wedding planners and event organizers.

The Millennium Garden, located on 34th Avenue North, is a tucked-in beauty you'll want to get lost in or take a photo of as a keepsake.

Practice Skateboarding at Plymouth Creek Park

Plymouth Creek Park on Fernbrook Lane North offers amenities for the whole family, including picnic areas and a playground.

If you've got the time, go for a round of disc golf at the course in the park.

During the winter, a skating rink is open, alongside a warming house dedicated to making your cold season escapade worthwhile.

Most of all, Plymouth Creek Park is a residential park choice for skateboarders and bikers.

Its in-line ramp and skate park are the best places to practice a few tips and tricks.

Study Birds at Lake Camelot Park

For a bit of scenic trekking, Lake Camelot Park provides a perfect spot for solitude.

This park on County Road 47 takes you deeper into nature exploration.

Its 1.3-km trail goes on a loop with a fenced walkway and miles of overgrowth and trees lining the side.

More than anything, this trailing spot is best for some hiking and walking.

If you're lucky, you might just spot a unique bird while out for some fresh air.

Lake Camelot Park also has a picnic shelter and a playground for your optimal enjoyment.

Challenge Yourself at Zero Hour Escape Rooms

Sometimes, the fun can come in the form of solving a mystery.

Zero Hour Escape Rooms on Industrial Park Boulevard lets you fulfill your detective dreams and work on your sleuthing.

You only have an hour to solve the riddles laid out for you.

The center has a variety of themed rooms to make your escape more fun and realistic.

Prison Break allows you to think like a prisoner awaiting an unfair trial.

On the other hand, the Mad Tea Party takes you on an Alice in Wonderland rollercoaster ride of mystery-solving.

When you want to experience a unique play area for you and a group, choose Zero Hour Escape Rooms!

Go on a Horseback Ride at the Luce Line State Trail

If you're looking for a bit of history in your usual hike and bike traversing, the Luce Line State Trail is your best choice.

Spanning 63 miles, this once-railroad trail is open for bikers, hikers, and equestrians.

Its first recorded railroad past was in 1913, when the construction of the railway from Minneapolis to South Dakota began.

Unfortunately, after a few years of transferring ownership left and right, the railroad experienced abandonment in 1970.

In the current generation, its purpose has changed to serve as a natural pathway for those needing exercise.

The Luce Line State Trail starts on Luce Line Trail near Vicksburg Lane and ends in Cosmos, Minnesota.

Spend Time in Nature at Eagle Lake Regional Park

Located on Bass Lake Road, Eagle Lake Regional Park takes your outdoor exercise to the next level.

With its lined walkways and well-kept lawns, this park runs around 230 acres.

Things you can do at this outdoor space include hiking, fishing, and picnicking.

If you are an extreme adventurer, you can also try cross-country skiing.

Fishing and skijoring are also options while staying at Eagle Lake Regional Park.

The Eagle Lake Youth Golf Center, situated within the park perimeter, is also the best-fit facility for a round of practice golf with friends.

Watch an Event or Show at the Hilde Performance Center

Plymouth's art and culture scene greatly relies on the city's longstanding Hilde Performance Center.

This open-air amphitheater and facility reach 45 feet tall, with a clear view of the wetlands behind the stage.

Its defined beginnings started with the 1968-1978 mayor, Al Hilde, Jr., who made clear efforts to have the place built with his donation.

Now, it's a place of refuge for those seeking a good time, good music, or a good laugh.

Watch a concert, show, or even a simple community event while feeling the Plymouth air surround you.

There's also a pond deck and a concessions area within the property.

The Hilde Performance Center is on Plymouth Boulevard—your perfect outdoor entertainment getaway.

Take Your Dog Out to Brew Park Plymouth

It's a dog-and-owner bonding moment when you are at Brew Park Plymouth.

This indoor dog park and dining area caters to your dog's playful energy with professional park rangers onsite.

While you sit and relax at the Barkery, the park's dining area, you can let your furry pet play around with other dogs in the play area.

Unwind with a glass of wine or a beer and catch up with friends.

All the while, your dog can remain off-leash around the grass-covered grounds.

Brew Park Plymouth is on Fernbrook Lane North.

Go Ice Skating at the Plymouth Ice Center

Remove your casual shoes and put on your skates when you drop by the Plymouth Ice Center.

With three professional ice size sheets and 16 locker rooms, it's the ideal spot for those aspiring to learn skating and hockey.

It's also the home venue for Wayzata Youth Hockey Association, which facilitates year-round activities and tournaments.

This city-owned skating center also offers room rentals alongside your usual skating experience.

Whether you'd like to rent the Center Ice Room or Blue Line Room for your corporate events and meetings, you get a clear view of the ice rink.

The Plymouth Ice Center is located on Plymouth Boulevard.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Already had your fill of Plymouth and its offerings?

Make sure to visit the following nearby areas:

Experience Flying at iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Ever wondered what free falling might feel like?

At iFLY Indoor Skydiving, you don't have to use your imagination.

See and experience it for yourself.

This Skydiving center specializes in indoor flying for social outings and private events.

Feel the thrill of flying in the vertical wind tunnels, and make it an experience for your entire group.

For those wanting educational takeaways, iFLY Indoor Skydiving also hosts STEM field trips for students interested in pursuing science as a career.

Drive to Wayzata Boulevard Suite in Minnetonka, only 12 minutes from Plymouth, to get to this center.

Battle with a Group at Game Show Battle Rooms

Are you an avid fan of game shows and competitions?

Game Show Battle Rooms can make your dreams of participating—and even winning—in a game show come true!

Challenge your friends to a battle of wits at Survey Battles.

If you're all for price estimate games, What's That Cost may be a perfect fit for your peer bonding experience.

There are more Primetime and Daytime-inspired game shows managed by a friendly and energetic host for you to choose from!

This center can accommodate groups with more than 60 people, so if you've got a large clan, don't hesitate to book your stay.

It's also a suggested play area for team-building sessions and bachelor parties.

Game Show Battle Rooms is in Golden Valley, approximately 10 minutes from Plymouth proper.

Play Soccer at Theodore Wirth Regional Park

Visit Theodore Wirth Regional Park in Golden Valley, 15 minutes from Plymouth.

This 759-acre park prides itself on offering natural amenities while being Minneapolis' most extensive park system.

Two hundred and eighty acres of this property are for golf courses alone.

In 1938, this park got its name from Theodore Wirth, who advocated for better parks and playgrounds.

His efforts in rebuilding shorelines and beautifying them for public use have honored him with a title as Minneapolis park superintendent from 1906 until 1935.

Theodore Wirth Regional Park's best assets include an archery range, a fishing pier, and a cross-country ski trail.

If you're going for a more subtle and simple way to pass the time, golf courses and football fields are also within the area.

Final Thoughts

Plymouth's wide range of outdoor sites and amusement spots makes the place stand out as a Minnesotan city.

With challenging activities and places of leisure and relaxation, this city is a diversified travel destination for people of all ages.

Don't forget to bring your list of the best things to do in Plymouth, Minnesota while planning!

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