15 Best Things to Do in Pinetop, AZ

15 Best Things to Do in Pinetop, AZ

Are you fond of small cities and towns that are filled with history, culture, art and beautiful, friendly people, where you wander the streets and explore the city in search small beautiful gems? If you answered with a yes, then be assured because The Travel Lens got you covered!

This small town situated in Navajo County in Arizona, United States is a town with a very light population, beautiful scenery, tonnes of pretty lakes, and simplicity of life.

It is the most suitable travel location, especially in today’s time, because of it scarce population and because of the calmness it provides to the modern brain that lives monotonously in polluted metropolitan cities. Let us explore the top 13 things to do in Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona.

Go boating in the beautiful lakes

It would be safe to say that Pinetop is 80% lakes, and 20% art. You would surely be boating and swimming in a lot of lakes while you’re here.

Let us begin with the Rainbow lake, as fascinating as its name sounds, what’s in it for you is even more fascinating. This manmade reservoir is great for going fishing as you can find a great variety of fishes here.

This quiet and cool lake also comes with a lakeside resort where you can spend the night, and watch the beautiful view and hear the serene sound of the waves.

There are loads of ducks and other birds in this lake, making it all the way more chirpy and beautiful. You can take pictures of the wildlife and nature near this pretty lake!

Take a walk at the Woodland Lake Park

Woodland lake park
D Farris / Shutterstock.com

This beautiful park alongside the woodland lake is full of greenery and colourful flowers, it has beautiful small trails all around the park for you to walk on, or ride your bike, walk your pet, hang around with your friends or family and much more.

The scenic beauty of this garden is truly mesmerizing. The lake that is situated in the middle of the park is a beautiful, clean and well-maintained lake where you can go fishing, boating, or just sit around the lake with your legs in the water and enjoy the beauty of this place.

This place is a great way to reconnect with nature, admire its beauty, meditate and achieve some peace of mind. There are lots of fishes and birds in the lake for you to enjoy.

During the winter season, this place is full of snow and you can play around, make snowman and have fun in this place. Truly a must-visit if you want to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Fishing at the Show Low Lake

Show low lake
ChrisAtEleven / Shutterstock.com

This beautiful lake situated 6500 feet above the land on the White Mountains, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the city. This is the best location for camping and fishing.

The lake is full of different species of small fishes making it suitable for fishing. Camping here in snow, and in chilly winds will surely be an experience of a lifetime.  The lake also has a garden nearby, making it a fresh and sunny experience for the visitors.

This location is a bug time tourist attraction for its beauty and serenity. The sunsets here are beautiful and pink and are definitely unmissable if you are around.

The best part about the lake is that you can safely go swimming here, as there is plenty of swimmers around the lake! You can go boating and enjoy the calmness of the city.

Visit the Lakeside Ranger District

This lakeside ranger district is a spacious area with plenty of room for camping. You can extract information about the local forests in the Rangers and decide on which ones to visit next.

The place also provides free maps and information of this area, it also provides various permits like for fishing, camping, boating etc.  It is a very quick and safe visit here, and they are always very happy to help.

If you need to know anything about Pinetop-Lakeside, the Lakeside Ranger district will always be the place you need to go.

Lake of the woods

It is time to live your discovery channel dreams desires in Pinetop. Another very beautiful lake to visit in Pinetop is the Lake of the Woods, as unique as its name sounds; the experience of this lake is definitely going to be even more unique for you!

Like every other lake, you can go fishing, swimming, boating or sight-seeing in this lake, but what is different about this lake is that it is situated in the middle of the woods, in a forest area, where you can cook meals on the woods, sleep in your tents and get a real life experience of living in the forests!

You can choose to live in the cabin over the lake, which are well-maintained and full of amenities. The fireplace alongside the lake is great, and the beautiful views that it provides are perfect for a weekend getaway. You need to definitely pay a visit to this lake if you are visiting Pinetop.

Quench your thirst for adventure at the White Mountains

White Mountains
James Orndorf / Shutterstock.com

One of the unmissable places in Pinetop is its beautiful and giant White Mountains, which come with a great deal of serenity, as well as adventure with it.

This White Mountain family fun park is the best place to quench your thirst for gaming, fun and adventure in Pinetop! This place has a wide range of games like mini-golf, go-kart, laser tags and so many other arcade games.

It is a great place to visit with family, as well as friends. You kids are going to love this place for the gaming experience it provides is unbeatable.

This place also comes with a wide variety of local foods to take care of your hunger while having fun and playing all the games! This fun centre is truly a must visit if you are visiting the city with your family.

Go Hiking at the Mogollon Rim Trail

Mogollon Rim
Brady Smith; Coconino National Forest, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Mogollon Rim Trail is a well-defined, clean, well-maintained and a beautiful trail for hiking. The whole path is full of beautiful and outstanding views; It is a very easy trail and caters to the needs of all age groups!

Just like any other trail you can go brisk-walking, hiking, cycling, and bike-riding or basically do anything you wish to do here! This is a great place for wildlife photographers, and even for common people who want to take aesthetic pictures of the nature or themselves with pretty backgrounds to flaunt on their social media.

There are interpretive signs to explain the landscape and history of the area all along the trail, making it a very informative experience. Do not miss out on this spot if you love hiking, or just want to enjoy the subtle beauty of nature!

Woodland reservoir

Woodland reservoir
CWanamaker, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This reservoir situated in the heart of the Pinetop city is a beautiful, well-maintained and clean reservoir perfect for fishing, swimming, boating or just hanging around! This reservoir is called the crown’s jewel, such beautiful is its magnificence!  

It is a very beautiful place to camp around, take pictures and casually sit around! Definitely a must-visit if you want to visit lesser crowded lakes, and attain more peace and solitude by enjoying the scenic beauty of nature!

Scott Reservoir

The Scott reservoir is yet another reservoir in Pinetop; it is perfectly suitable for doing the mainstream activities like fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, camping etc.

This spot comes with extremely beautiful views, specially the sunset filled with hues of pink and purple which is a mesmerizing view to the heart and the soul.

You can go to this reservoir to meditate for a while, while enjoying the pretty and alluring views. You can catch a lot of trout fish in this lake, and even catfish. This is a very peaceful reservoir and you should not miss it for the world.

Visit the Country Club Trail

This hiking trail is a very clean, well-defined and beautiful trail in Pinetop, where you can enjoy the greenery and beauty of the nature while walking on the trail. You can also climb up to the mountain after reaching the top of this trail.

The trail is not too steep and is perfect for any age group! This trail goes up to 100 feet, and the views from the top are truly breathtaking and make the whole walk up worth it.

You can also take your dogs for a walk in this trail, it is moderate, and the whole experience is very magical and tranquil.

You must visit this trail if you need to catch a break from the hassles and monotonous nature of the metropolitan life. This place will truly give you the peace you are craving for

Spend a night gambling at the Hon-Dah Casino

Just when you thought there’s not much to night-life in Pinetop, here we are with an amazing and fun casino in the Town.

This Hon-Dah casino is an amazing place to gamble, dance, and drink your woes away at night. You can stay at the casino hotel, which is a luxurious stay that comes along with free buffet which serves the yummiest sea food in town.

This classic gambling casino also holds a lot of live shows and events, and you would be lucky if you happen to visit during one of these shows. The live music, the gaming machines, the food, everything about this place is happy and fun. Do pay a visit if you love partying and gambling!

Visit the Panorama trail

Yet another classic and amazing trail in the city if the Panorama trail. It is a beautiful, long, well-designed trail to go hiking. The views here are really breathtaking!

The blue sky that is filled with yellow and orange during the time of the sunset is a view worth a million miles. The trail has beautiful views all along, and you can also get a chance to see the local plant and animal wildlife of the town!

The trails are great for hiking, riding your bikes, walking your pet, or simply enjoying the scenery. This trail is definitely a must visit if you are around and want to take a break from the stress! It is truly a beautiful and calm place to take some time off from daily life.

Pat Mullen Mountain

There’s no point of visiting a hill station if you don’t pay a visit to the lofty hills and experience the beauty and chilled wind up near the peak. You can climb up to this mountain after finishing the country club trail.

This mountain is everybody’s favourite in the Pinetop. The snow up there is really beautiful and widespread; you can play around, make snowmen, play snow fight and overall just have a great time with your peers or family.

By now, you probably know all the famous places to go to once you visit Pinetop, and you know how beautiful and lively this city is,  but the real beauty of travelling is exploring!

So open your hearts and begin to explore all the cities or towns you pay a visit to, for the hidden gems can only be seen by a heart that yearns to learn and explore more!