15 Best Things to Do in Pine Mountain, GA

Pine Mountain, GA
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Located in the northeast corner of Harris County is the quaint, charming town of Pine Mountain.

This small Southern is an ideal getaway vacation place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Despite being a small town, Pine Mountain has all the excitement and amenities offered by cities, all packed in the downtown area.

Pine Mountain is home to Georgia's largest state park and the famous Callaway Resort and Gardens, where you can enjoy plenty of outdoor recreation activities or relax amongst the canopy of trees.

If you're planning a trip to this quaint town, read on for 15 best things to do in Pine Mountain, GA:

Discover the Heritage of Pine Mountain at Chipley Historical Center

Outside View of Chipley Historical Center
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If you want to add another unique experience to your trip to Pine Mountain, don't miss out on what Chipley Historical Center has to offer.

The museum showcases historical documents, photographs, and artifacts to celebrate the heritage of Pine Mountain.

Outside View of Chipley Historical Center
Rivers Langley; SaveRivers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can chat with knowledgeable volunteer staff to get more in-depth insights from the exhibits.

The Chipley Historical Center is a great place to stop by when visiting Pine Mountain, especially for history buffs, to uncover the small town's history.

Go on an Adventure at Callaway Resort and Gardens

If you are looking for a place that is packed with attractions and recreational activities, Callaway Resort and Gardens is the place you’re looking for!

This 2,500-acre attraction features lots of year-round and seasonal attractions.

You can start your visit at the Callaway Discovery Center—it showcases the overview of Callaway Gardens’ past up to how it developed in the present, where you can learn about nature and a bit of history.

There are also hiking trails where you can explore the natural scenery within Callaway Gardens and be mesmerized by the exciting world of flora and fauna.

You can take a relaxing stroll in their featured gardens, the Meadowland Garden, Thornhill Hydrangea Garden, and the Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl—wander through the vivid colors of blooming flowers surrounding the area.

Whether you want an exciting outdoor trip or spend a relaxing day out, the Callaway Resort and Gardens is perfect for all seasons, and it’s everything you want for an ideal vacation.

Go for a Dip at the Robin Lake Beach

Scenic View of Robin Lake Beach
David Dugan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located inside Callaway Gardens is Robin Lake Beach that is perfect for a summer weekend getaway.

Robin Lake Beach features sprawling white sand along the glistening waters of Robin Lake—find the perfect spot and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the beach.

You can try out different activities on the beach like beach volleyball and other water sports or bask under the sun.

You can try great food options from the food stalls, but you can also pack some food and prepare your own in their picnic and grill areas sprawled along the beach.

The beach also hosts live music concerts and other events that will surely amp up your vacation.

Try Ziplining With TreeTop Adventure and Ziplines at Callaway Resort & Gardens

If you are looking for more exciting outdoor adventures, try soaring up high on a zipline adventure at Callaway Resort and Gardens.

Traverse your way 70 feet above the floor on a harness soaring above the natural forests of Pine Mountain.

There is a mix of fun obstacle courses and ziplines to keep your energy pumping with excitement.

Don't worry if you're traveling with little kids, because there is a dedicated course for younger adventurers.

An adventure awaits the young and the young-at-heart, so make sure to book your ticket for an exciting day.

See the Butterflies at Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

Outside View of Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center
Dsdugan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Also located inside Callaway Gardens, the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center offers a unique experience on your trip to Pine Mountain.

Marvel on the magical butterfly conservatory in Pine Mountain; it's home to over 50 different species of butterflies fluttering freely through the air.

The butterfly center is named after Cecil B. Day, a philanthropist and the founder of Days Inn.

A Butterfly in Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center
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An enchanting floral topiary will welcome you as you enter North America's largest tropical butterfly conservatory.

There is also a multi-purpose room in the center that continuously plays the award-winning film "On Wings of Wonder," explaining the life cycle of a butterfly.

Make sure to stop by for a unique, magical experience with the colorful winged jewel of Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center.

Go Golfing at Callaway Gardens and Resort

Located inside Callaway Gardens and Resort is the two 18-hole golf course, Lake View Course and Mountain View Course.

Whether you are looking for a challenging PGA-level course or you want to spend a chill golfing day, you can choose from the two golf courses in Callaway.

The Lake View Course features wider fairways with lots of water hazards—this course is ideal if you want a chill tee time while enjoying the scenic views of the area.

If you are looking for a more challenging course, choose the Mountain View Course to test your strategy and shotmaking abilities.

Go for a Dip at Liberty Bell Pool

Spend a refreshing day out at Liberty Bell Pool located in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

The state park features the Liberty Bell Pool, a gem in Pine Mountain where you can take a dip in the natural warm spring water.

The Liberty Bell Pool also has a bit of history—it was built in 1838 by the Civilian Conservation Corps that is part of President Roosevelt's New Deal.

The pool is named after its bell shape, and it is made up of local stones.

The scenic lush trees and the overall rustic feel offer a relaxing time at the pool.

The Liberty Bell Pool is an ideal place for a family day out, where you can set a picnic day out while having a refreshing swim at the pool.

Treat Yourself for a Spa Day at the Spa Resort of Callaway Gardens

View of Callaway Gardens
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After a full day of fun activities in Pine Mountain, you may want to head out for a spa treatment at Callaway Gardens' Spa Resort.

They offer various spa treatments that hail from beneficial herbs and plants, and they focus on using natural products and non-invasive techniques for a relaxing spa treatment.

Make sure to book your appointment ahead of time and immerse yourself in the relaxing wonders of a natural spa treatment.

View of Callaway Gardens
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Cast your Line at Lake Delanor

If you are looking for a place to go fishing, make sure to stop by Lake Delanor along Pine Mountain Trail.

Lake Delanor stretches up to 15 acres of fishing water, providing suitable habitat for several species of fish like bass, catfish, and crappie.

You can also go kayaking or canoeing to explore Lake Delanor; they offer rental paddle boats for an hour, half-day, and the whole day.

Remember that no swimming is allowed, so don't jump in and enjoy the calm waters of Lake Delanor.

Take a Selfie With President Roosevelt's Statue at Dowdell's Knob

Statue in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park
Dsdugan, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Also located in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park is the highest point of Pine Mountain Range, the Dowdell's Knob.

This historical site was once President Roosevelt's dining spot, where he enjoyed the quiet and solitary atmosphere of the environment.

There is a statue in commemoration of Franklin D. Roosevelt where he is seated on his favorite spot in Dowdell’s Knob.

Statue in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park
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You can sit beside the late president's statue and take a selfie, but make sure to pay respect and appreciate his leadership throughout the Great Depression.

Dowdell's Knob is now a featured picnic spot with an overlooking view of the surrounding area of Pine Mountain.

You would have to hike a little, but you'd be rewarded with the panoramic view of Pine Mountain.

Go Horseback Riding at Roosevelt Stables

Located in the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park is the Roosevelt Stables—it offers a guided trail on a horseback adventure.

They offer a variety of guided tours that are priced depending on the distance of the trail.

If you are a first-time rider or you're traveling with kids, they offer a guided trail ride suitable for all ages.

There is also a 2-hour trail ride that goes along the creek that leads to the spectacular overlooking view of Pine Mountain Valley and Lake Franklin.

Each trail features the scenic views of Pine Mountain on a relaxing horseback ride under the canopy of trees.

If you are in for more adventure, you can also try Roosevelt Stable’s overnight rides and primitive horse camping to take your trail riding experience to the next level.

Make sure to book ahead and don't miss out on this fantastic experience at Pine Mountain.

Drive Through the Wild Animal Safari

Animals in Wild Animal Safari
WriterMJ / Shutterstock.com

Step up the old-timey family fun at the zoo in Wild Animal Safari, where you can have an up-close interaction with animals from the Wild Animal Safari.

This 300-acre animal park is an ideal place for unique animal species to roam freely around the park—you have the option to go on a drive-thru safari on your own vehicle, rent a van, or ride a tour bus.

WriterMJ / Shutterstock.com
Animals in Wild Animal Safari

If you are not in the mood to drive around, a Walkabout Adventure Zoo allows you to meet and feed wild animals.

Aside from the thrilling close-up meet with the friendly animals of the park, you will be surrounded by the park’s scenic natural view, and knowledgeable zookeepers will educate you throughout the adventure.

Just a reminder, be prepared to be slobbered on if you get too close with the sociable zoo animals.

Go on a Jurassic Adventure at the Dino Village

If you are looking for a fun thing to do with the family, check out this dinosaur-themed playground in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Dino Village houses a collection of dinosaur exhibits that move and roar, a playground, and two fossil digs for kids to search and dig for fossils.

The kids have the chance to ride around the park on a trike bike or hop on the back of a dinosaur on a coin-operated dino ride.

As you stroll around the park, you will discover several facts about the dinosaurs on information boards.

Make sure to pack some lunch and head out to the Dino Village for a unique dino-themed picnic experience.

This place is perfect for a family day out, so make sure to stop by to explore and learn.

Shop for Unique Items at Downtown Pine Mountain Shops

Downtown Pine Mountain Shops
Rivers Langley; SaveRivers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A visit to Pine Mountain wouldn't be complete without a little shopping to commemorate your vacation.

You can stroll around the picturesque streets of Pine Mountain and search for unique items from a wide array of stores.

Whether you're looking for antiques, fine arts, locally-made crafts, and other mementos, these specialty shops have a lot to offer.

You can stop by to grab a bite on local food stalls and restaurants in the area after a day of treasure hunting.

Hike the Trails of Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park

The Pine Mountain Trail is a must-visit for outdoor junkies—it features Pine Mountain’s natural sceneries and exciting trails for different skill levels.

The trail offers an opportunity to explore the quiet woods of Pine Mountain, discover misty waterfalls, sparkling streams, rock formations, and scenic views of Pine Mountain.

The 23-mile main trail extends for up to seven additional loops formed by connecting trails, so you get to explore more of Pine Mountain’s tucked-away attractions.

You can also pitch your tent in their camping site or rent a cabin to spend the night surrounded by the peaceful natural atmosphere of the state park.

If you plan on going on a short day hike, you can also stop by their picnic shelters and bring some packed lunch to enjoy after a tiring hike.

Whether you go on a hike during summer, spring, or winter, you'll surely appreciate the abundant natural life in Pine Mountain.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Historic Little White House

View of Historic Little White House
Lauren Taylor, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just a 20-minute drive from Pine Mountain is the famous historic site of Warm Springs, Georgia.

The Little White House is a must-see if you are into American history—this museum was once a personal retreat to America's 32nd president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The museum features a number of memorabilia to commemorate the late president's life, and there are also interactive movies of his life.

You can also stop by the nearby thermal pools where President Roosevelt took a dip to ease his polio.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Pine Mountain is every vacationer's dream—the small offers plenty of exploration opportunities for the young and the young-at-heart alike.

This small town is an ideal choice if you want to explore a plethora of outdoor attractions and learn a bit about America's heritage.

If you happen to be stopping by Pine Mountain, make sure to reference this list and head out for an exciting adventure.