15 Best Things to Do in Pigeon Forge, TN

15 Best Things to Do in Pigeon Forge, TN

For a small town that Pigeon Forge is, the adventures and attractions it offers to the visitors is unbelievable.

Housed in the beautiful deep mountains of Tennessee, this is a place where you can escape the routine city life and get some healthy and refreshing experience.

From world-famous museums to amusement parks, the town has everything it takes to be a traveler’s favorite spot.

The following are the major spots/ activities to enjoy in Pigeon Forge:

Old Mill Square

Even though the town is small, it is quite surprising for many people to know that it was founded in the late 1700s.

With such a historic footprint, the town definitely deserves a place to describe its journey.

Old Mill Square is that place. It is a very famous place in pigeon Forge which was designed between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The mill square is covered with various shops, restaurants, and quaint buildings which gave it a very colonial vibe.

The atmosphere is quite amicable and refreshing. The workers are always demonstrating their art to the visitors.

The shades on the streets also make it quite comfortable to beer with the sun during the summers.

With its great historical value, the place has been listed on the national register of historic places.

The Island

Light show at central fountain in the Island
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A completely different place from the old mill Square, the island is a very fancy and dazzling place in the town.

It changes the historic vibe of the town into a very modern and fast moving culture. A very premier tourist location, the island is always filled with tourists who visit to enjoy the colored light shows at the Central water fountain.

A Ferris wheel enhances the beauty of the place. Modern cafes, stores, restaurants, and gaming arcade can easily be spotted on each corner.

Stretching fairly wide, this mini complex is a great place to enjoy your evenings casually.

Sawyer’s Farmhouse

A trip to any town in Tennessee cannot be considered complete until you stop by a classic Tennessee restaurant.

Sawyer’s farmhouse is that classic restaurant in pigeon Forge. This restaurant is one of the best places which serve delicious southern food in the town.

The restaurant is named after a mark twain character. Its interiors are quite rustic and decorated using wooden benches, plastic roosters, and red walls.

In addition to the interiors, the menu is also great. The breakfast of the restaurant is served at all hours of the day to ensure that no one visit misses the delicacies.


Michael Gordon / Shutterstock.com

Dollywood is probably the place due to which most of the visitors come to pigeon Forge. This attraction was created by Dolly Parton, a very famous country singer.

Dollywood is a famous amusement park which covers a ground area of more than 300 acres and has some breathtaking rides, rollercoasters, pools, splash pad, and slides.

It also has a resort and various multi-utility shops, museums and halls. This place is no doubt a server of non-stop entertainment.

Visiting Dollywood will enhance your vacation experience by a multifold and we are not kidding while saying this.

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

The smoky mountains in Pigeon Forge is a center of fun and enjoyable activities. One such unique and enjoyable thing in the area is the Smoky Mountain Alpine coaster.

This is a low level coaster ride which will enable you to go down the mountains and enjoy. The coaster ride is different as you control the speed on your own.

The alpine coaster ride is also great as it enables you to enjoy those views which are not accessible in general.

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena

Another blood pumping and adrenaline rushing activity in Pigeon Forge is the TopJump trampoline and extreme arena.

This is an indoor trampoline Park that allows you to indulge in various enjoyable and refreshing activities such as wall climbing, basketball, dodgeball, obstacle racing, VR games, dodgeball, car racing, and many more.

This place has so many fun activities that you can literally visit it with anyone.

Be it a group of adults, or a family, the air-conditioned lounge of the trampoline Park is always ready to welcome all.

Forbidden Caverns

It is surprisingly an unknown fact but Tennessee is home to the largest number of caves in any of the states in the US.

Forbidden Caverns is a place that is situated right beneath the Smoky Mountain.

This is a cave network that runs underground and stays cool even when the weather outside is scorching.

You can undertake a Cavern tour and explore the caves with the help of a learned guide. These caves are actually very fun to enjoy as you can spot everything.

From underground steams to shocking rock formations, lightning arrangements to stereo sound for a spooky show, the caves have it all. A few miles to the north of the town, these Caves are a hidden gem!

Little Pigeon River

Little Pigeon river fllowing near an old mill
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Another secluded attraction in the town, the little pigeon river is a small water body that is a perfect place for all adventure seekers.

Even though the river looks very small, it is still perfect for tubing, splashing, sightseeing, birdwatching, hiking, photography, etc.

The site of the river is also a hotspot for various festivals and events.

You can also participate in some refreshing yoga classes near the river.

A tiny world of its own is what the river and area around it could be called.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum
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A very famous, worldwide tourist attraction and a building housing all the glamour in the world, Hollywood wax Museum is an unbelievable piece of art.

This museum has two incredible floors filled with artistic wax statutes.

Right from the wax statues of Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Robert Downey Jr, and other celebrities, the museum also has a hall filled with mirrors, a zombie Escape adventure, and various other fun activities to do.

This is the place where you can enjoy and feel present at the Hollywood even though it is nowhere closer to that world.

The Incredible Christmas place

Don’t get fooled by the name of this place. The incredible Christmas place is a holiday themed village which is always open for the visitors, be it Christmas or not.

The incredible Christmas is unbelievably festive, beautiful, and lively place. From beautiful shops to light sightseeing, from breathtaking decorations to shops selling affordable items, this village is worth everything.

Even though the most incredible time to visit this place is during the eve of Christmas, visiting at any other time is also advisable as it is no less fun.

The locals welcome all the visitors with great warmth and love.

This place is also known for its hospitality and cultural richness and you will definitely not miss that part of your trip to Pigeon Forge.

The incredible Christmas place is one-of-its-kind attractions and cannot be found anywhere else, so do not forget to dig in and make your eternal memories.

Hatfield &McCoy Dinner Show

Hatfield &McCoy Dinner Show
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Hatfield and McCoy dinner so is a dining experience that everyone should take up at least once in their life.

Beginning with the traditional Southern style dinner, you will enjoy actors giving their best performances and the scene is changing as fast as your mood.

The shows at Hatfield and McCoy dinner or not some regular shows, they are hands down the most enjoyable music performances, most realistic dramas, and most enjoyable comedies.

A very high energy and charged atmosphere at the theatre is a great companion for an unforgettable dinner night.

Pigeon Forge Snow

Pigeon Forge snow is an indoor snow park in pigeon Forge. Since Tennessee does not get a lot of snowfall, this man-made snow ground will make your snow dreams come true.

The pigeon Forge snow is the largest place of icy slopes where you can enjoy snow tubing and play in the free area while building your own snowman and snow fights.

Independent of what season you visit in, this place is best suitable for family outings and get-togethers. Imagine enjoying snow activities in summers, unbelievable, isn’t it?

Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum
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The Titanic is one thing that everyone knows about irrespective of the part of the world they belong to.

The titanic museum in pigeon Forge is the largest and the most famous attraction in the town. This museum is designed in a manner that it replicates the actual shape.

The entire experience inside the museum is designed in such a manner that the visitors get an experience as if they are the original passengers.

From the water fountains to the telescopes, this museum is a fascinating place in itself. Not only it recreates the model of the ship, but it also honors those who lost their life in the doomed event in 1912. This place is definitely worth stopping by.

WonderWorks Museum

WonderWorks Museum
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WonderWorks is a unique attraction in the town which defies the basic laws of gravity.

The perfect place for all those who enjoy being curious, WonderWorks is a building which is quite attractive in the looks itself.

The museum has various educational displays about science, physics, and maths. It also organizes various magic shows, events and other fun games like laser tag.

The museum also has rope courses which are designed in a way that they glow in the dark. As curious and crazy display sounds, it is equally, rather more enjoyable.

A perfect blend of education, fun, and adventure, WonderWorks does justice to its name.

Goats on the Roof

The concept of Goats on the roof might seem bizarre to many visitors at the first instance, but it takes no time that their views are changed.

Goats on the roof is more of a roadside attraction. This place combines various bakery, gift shops, petting zoo, and souvenir shops in a manner that it is a food for thought.

Designed at two levels, you can feed the goats, or buy some gift, eat some fresh food, enjoy home-made cookies, and even ride the Goat coasters in this place.

This place has Live goats which will definitely be your good friends and make your experience ten times livelier.

A Shopping place, an eatery, collectables shop, all paired with cute and friendly goods is what we call an actual therapy.

Do not forget to take your camera to this place and get some crazy pictures for your photo book!

Alcatraz East

Alcatraz East is a museum which is quite unique in its concept.

This museum is designed in a form of a 19th century prison and shows how crime and punishment were dealt with during the old times.

Even though the place has and interior of resembling an actual prison. From prison bars to morbid interiors, this museum is no joke.

This museum also has a CSI lab, and a shooting Range for the thrill loving visitors.

Mountain Valley Winery

Mountain valley winery is the place in pigeon Forge when you can decide to go after a long day of exploring other places.

This refreshing winery has its own vineyards, and offers various tours and wine tasting events. You can also shop a lot of local souvenirs at friendly prices in this winery.

The winery has its own collection of some of the best wines in the nearby areas.

A truly sophisticated place, the mountain valley winery is perfect for rejuvenating your spirits and ending your day with some delicious wines.

Pigeon Forge is a wonderful town to visit, and without a doubt most enjoyable vacation destination.

It has plethora of engaging and adventurous activities for all the visitors, the ones listed above are only the coolest and the best things.

If you are someone who is planning to explore more in the town, make sure that you plan for a long vacation and keep your energy levels boosted, because getting tired is not on list when you are in Pigeon Forge.