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15 Best Things to Do in Parker, CO

  • Published 2022/02/24

What are the best things to do in Parker, Colorado?

Located in Douglas County, Parker is a self-governing town.

Officially, it is a Denver suburb.

The town, initially known as Pine Grove, became Parker in 1882.

It was formerly referred to as Parkers’ for the two brothers who owned the most area, but the apostrophe was eventually eliminated.

Parker is the second most populated town in the county since it is a self-declared “town” under the home rule legislation.

Among the first occupants of the area were Plains Woodland peoples.

Early in the 1800s, the Utes, Arapaho, and Cheyenne were present in the region.

They were hunter-gatherers who set up camp for the season.

Records have shown human occupancy in the nearby rock shelter Franktown Cave from the early Archaic era (about 6,400 BC).

Parker has been a popular tourist destination for many years with its Western-Victorian downtown and small-town feel.

A Tree City USA designation has been bestowed on Parker for the past 22 years.

With over 900 acres of open space and 250 acres of parkland, it’s sure to be a hit with both locals and visitors.

Horseback riding, fishing, cycling, hiking, and nature hikes are among nature enthusiasts’ most popular outdoor activities.

Do you want to know more about this charming town?

Check out our list of the best things to do in Parker, Colorado:

Hike along the Sulphur Gulch Trail

Sulphur Gulch Trail

John Ott /

The Sulphur Gulch Trail in Parker is a 20-mile-southeast-of-the-capital concrete hiking and biking trail.

As a feeder path, the Cherry Creek Regional Trail connects Parker citizens to the Cherry Creek Regional Trail, which spans 40 miles across the counties of Denver, Arapahoe, and Douglas in Colorado.

However, the route is worthwhile because of its high quality and numerous links with other attractions.

Like the Sulphur Gulch, after which it is named, the route runs east-west.

There is a Cherry Creek tributary called the gulch.

The stream bed is normally dry in the summer, but it usually fills up as the snow melts in the Spring. Grain and flower-bearing plants predominate in the riparian corridor.

Starting on Buffaloberry Drive, the east end of the route heads north along Sara Gulch, passing through Paperflower Park and ending at Sulphur Gulch.

Westward, with spurs stretching into the neighboring subdivisions, the route begins its twisting trek.

There are many ways to cross the roadway, some at crosswalks and others under busy freeway underpasses.

Near street access points, the route is marked with signs and benches.

See Vintage Cars and More at Vehicle Vault

In addition to a world-class collection of unique and astonishing automobiles, Vehicle Vault offers a unique location for events and celebrations.

The gallery aims to provide automobile collectors with a safe haven for their cherished possessions, Vehicle Vault, a sleek and contemporary museum featuring exhibits from each decade since the beginning of the 1900s.

These cars include pre-war and Prohibition autos, Brass Period and Drive-In era automobiles, as well as classic muscle and custom cars.

In addition to the stunning architecture, the museum has a wonderful collection of works by regional artists.

All types of events, from black-tie functions to board meetings, banquets, and automobile displays, may be held in this spectacular venue.

Admire Stunning Works of Art at the Jay Moore Working Studio and Showroom

If you’re looking to have some art gallery date, the Colorado Institute of Art’s Jay Moore Working Studio and Showroom is the place to be.

Local artist Jay Moore spent several years in graphic design and illustration before focusing solely on painting.

Today, his works may be seen in various publications, exhibits, and private collections all around the United States.

The Pioneer Museum and Denver Art Museum are just two of the many galleries where his art may be found.

You may tour this functional workshop and showroom in historic Parker but make sure to book in advance.

Take a Splash at H2O’Brien Pool

Cooldown at the H2O’Brien Outdoor Pool during the summer months if you’re visiting Parker.

At the H2O’Brien Outdoor Pool, you will find both a lap pool and a circulation pool as well as two slides, a spray garden play structure, a waterworks concession area, and a shaded pavilion for relaxation.

The H2O’Brien Pool has three smaller slides for children ten and under, a secure zero-depth play area, and a paddling pool with sprays and geysers right in the heart of town.

During certain hours, the pool at Parker Aquatics provides small group swimming instruction for children, teens, and adults.

The facility also has areas available for private party rentals and other special events.

Play Ball Games at Parker Fieldhouse

Parker Fieldhouse is a huge sports and entertainment complex with more than 100,000 square feet of space.

It offers various amenities, such as a gymnasium, a fitness loft, a climbing wall, and areas for personal training and games like batting cages and indoor golf.

Spectators may watch hockey, futsal, and lacrosse on a contemporary climate-controlled indoor inline court with premium lighting and direct access to the team rooms.

There are two batting tunnels with portable pitching machines (baseball and softball), bats, dimple balls, and helmets that individuals or teams may reserve for training purposes.

For team practices, games, and other private events, the Parker Fieldhouse facilities can be hired out.

Try Various Amenities in Parker Recreation Center

In addition to selecting sports and exercise facilities, the Parker Recreation Center has more than 30,000 square feet of space and a wide range of services.

The three-story gymnasium and auxiliary gymnasium took into completion in 1994.

The center features free cardiovascular, weights, circuit training equipment, a cycling studio, and a multi-station.

There is also a lazy river and a climbing wall in the center’s lap pool for those who don’t want to get their feet wet in the shallow end.

Various fitness courses, including Aqua Aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and toning and strength training, are offered in locker rooms and changing rooms for families.

Have a Blast at Boondocks Food & Fun Parker

Boondocks Food & Fun Parker opened its doors to the public in 2016.

The recreation complex features a mix of outdoor and indoor activities for the entire family.

Attractions at the park include laser tag, go-karts, bowling, miniature golf, bumper boats, and a massive gaming arcade with a reward center.

There are two billiard tables, eight private bowling lanes, a warm fireplace, massive HD projection screens, and catering options available if necessary.

Additionally, the park features a rookie track for children, food and drink booths, and seasonal deals and packages.

Test Your Tactical Skills at FAF Airsoft Field

Airsoft games are held regularly at Parker’s Flat Acres Farm Airsoft Field (FAFAF).

From novices to veterans, FAF Airsoft offers a variety of game modes to suit all skill levels and interests.

As the nearest field to provide weekly games for nearby towns and cities such Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Aurora, Centennial Parker, Lone Tree, and other distant locales, FAF hosts games every week (unless otherwise noted in the calendar provided).

There are always new game hosts at FAF Airsoft, so it’s always a good idea to check the schedule each week to see who’s hosting and what kind of game you can expect.

Each game host’s game situations, regulations, and difficulty levels vary.

Keep an eye on this page to find out who the game host will be for the following weekend.

Catch the Performance of Parker Symphony Orchestra

The Parker Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra that regularly performs at the PACE Center in Parker.

For more than a quarter-century, the orchestra has strived to bring classical music to a wider audience by presenting various musical genres in dynamic and engaging performances.

A full season of concerts by the Parker Symphony Orchestra may be found at the PACE Center, which features first-rate acoustics and seating that provides unhindered views of the stage.

The Parker Symphony Orchestra performs at the PACE Center in Parker every year.

It was founded in 1994 to engage and educate audiences via classical orchestral music from a wide range of musical genres.

The Parker Symphony Orchestra is based in the PACE Center, which has excellent acoustics and seating with clear views of the stage and offers a complete season’s schedule of events.

Go Iceskating at Discovery Park

Located in the heart of Parker, Discovery Park is a community park with a winter ice trail and year-round entertainment and events.

Near Parker’s new library on Mainstreet and Pine Drive is the Discovery Park Play Fountain, an interactive water feature with controlled water jets and colorful LED lights.

Park visitors may enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with the view of skaters on the Parker Ice Trail, which appears like a frozen river or canal in the wintertime.

Concerts and other summer activities are staged in the park’s north end.

Additionally, “Ball and Jacks” by local artist Christopher Weed may be found in the park.

Solve Mysteries at Try’n Escape

In the United States, escape rooms are becoming more popular.

They started in other countries, but now they’re gaining traction in the United States.

Worldwide, there were more than 2,800 rooms in 2015.

You and your friends or coworkers can have a great time at Try’n Escape in Parker, where you and your group may work together for the common goal of escaping the room or completing the task.

You’ll need to work together as a group and be quick on your feet no matter which adventure you go on!

Family, friends, and coworkers alike may enjoy the experiences and learn about collaboration and critical thinking as a result.

Capture Stunning Skylines at Don Mammoser Photo Day Tours

Learn how to capture the greatest views of Denver with professional photographer Don Mammoser.

Participants of any skill level and using any camera are welcome.

He offers four different photo day tours, including the Cityscapes Photo Tour.

A pleasant local guide will bring you to the greatest photographic locations, and they will share their knowledge of simple photography methods with you.

At the same time, you can explore the cityscapes and gardens, historic landmarks, and animals of your choice.

You may also experience taking early-morning shots, either walking or driving.

During the day, Don will bring you to a local coffee shop or other location to talk about photography.

Meals and other breaks will be provided during the day.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to capture the skyline when illuminated by the setting sun in the early evening.

Bring Your Friends to Unwind at Downhill Brewing

Are you looking for a place to hang out at night in Parker?

Previously Elk Mountain Brewing, Downhill Brewing is a locally owned and run brewery with a pizza restaurant and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

IPAs, pale ales, seasonal and limited releases, and more may be savored in the tasting room or on the terrace during warmer months.

Saturday Nut Fever, a peanut butter brown ale, and Case of the Mondays, a coffee milk stout, are among the brewery’s signature beers.

Unscheduled tours of the brewery can be arranged with the helpful staff, and dogs are welcome to play on the large, gated patio.

Go Winetatsting at Purgatory Cellars Winery

Winemakers from Croatia who fell in love with Colorado and its grapes founded Purgatory Cellars Winery in 2014.

Today, it produces award-winning, handmade wines from grapes grown in Colorado.

In the 6th century, Georgian Amphora (Qvevri) clay pots were used to ferment and preserve wine, resulting in complex and delicate tannins and amazing flavor.

Using this ancient way of creating Amphora-aged wines, Purgatory Cellars Winery became the first Colorado winery to win Colorado Governor’s Cup medals for its vast collection of exquisite wines.

In addition to winery tours and tastings, Purgatory Cellars Winery provides wine club memberships and may be hired out for private occasions.

Bring Home Interesting Reads from Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles

Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles is a locally owned and run comic book business, from new comics from all major publishers to a vast selection of older ones.

The proprietor of Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles has been working on this project since he was a child.

Toys, Funko Pops, Graphic Novels, Coloring Books, and Other Nerdy Ephemera are all available here.

Comics, toys, and other collectibles are always welcome in the shop, so feel free to bring yours for display.

Because it is an approved dealer for both CGC and CBCS, your comics will be graded by two of the industry’s most renowned organizations.

Final Thoughts

Parker is a world away from Denver’s bustle, only 23 miles away.

Visitors who want to avoid the crowds but still have easy access to the region’s top attractions and services will appreciate the suburban setting.

Consider this town as your next getaway destination, and use our list of the best things to do in Parker, Colorado, for the best travel experience!

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