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20 Best Things to Do in Paragould, AR

  • Published 2023/05/05

The city of Paragould in Arkansas has all the charm of a traditional American village.

It’s rich in history and character, and you can feel it permeating from every nook and cranny.

Paragould is well-known for its numerous historical sites and museums.

The Arkansas State University Museum is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, as it contains mementos from notable locals such as singer Johnny Cash and actor Gene Hackman.

The city’s name combines the surnames of rival railroad magnates J. W. Paramore and Jay Gould.

From its historic center to the breathtaking Ozark Mountains, Paragould has something for everyone.

You can go hiking in one of the parks, see a play, view a film at their drive-in theater, or even swim in their local swimming hole.

To find out more about the city, check out this list of the best things to do in Paragould, Arkansas:

Go Camping at Crowley’s Ridge State Park

The waters of Crowley’s Ridge State Park

Thomas R Machnitzki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Crowley’s Ridge State Park, located on AR-168 North, is a place you should see when traveling through Arkansas.

Renting options for several types of boats on the water are available at this 291-acre park, including kayaks, pedal boats, and fishing boats.

A bridge at Crowley’s Ridge State Park

Thomas R Machnitzki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are 25 campsites, picnic spaces, four duplex cabins with kitchens and fireplaces, and five bunk cabins.

On the 31-acre fishing lake in the park, you can catch bass or catfish using trotlines or jug lines during the season.

The grounds of Crowley’s Ridge State Park

Thomas R Machnitzki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy Fishing at Reynolds Park

Reynolds Park, located on Reynolds Park Road, is one of the city’s best attractions since it has something for everyone.

It was gifted to the city of Paragould by the family of J.M. Reynolds in 1962.

The 33-acre lake is stocked yearly with catfish, bream, and largemouth bass, making it the ideal spot for a day of fishing or family relaxation.

What if you don’t enjoy fishing?

Even then, Reynolds Park has you covered.

The park houses a beautiful pavilion where you can rent space for parties or celebrations.

Enjoy a spectacular view of Reynolds Lake from the Reynolds Building, which is excellent for weddings and other special occasions, or spend a day under one of their wonderful shade trees at an RV site.

Watch a Magical Performance at the Collins Theatre

The Collins Theatre is an institution that should not be skipped when visiting Paragould.

This magnificent theater, which opened its doors in 1925 and was formerly known as the Capitol Theatre, has attained significant historical importance for the neighborhood.

It served as a venue for several years for vaudeville performances, movies, and even Broadway musicals.

Today, performances can be observed in various musical styles, modes of dramatic presentation, and forms of visual art.

At this breathtaking theater on West Emerson Street, you will find that there is, in fact, something that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Stretch Your Legs at Crowley’s Ridge Raceway

There are times when all you want to do is get some exercise, breathe some clean air, and spend time with your friends.

Crowley’s Ridge Raceway is the place for that.

It’s a quarter-mile oval clay track accessible for racing every Saturday night in the summer.

The unique sport will capture your whole family as you cheer on your favorite racers and watch them race at 65 mph.

Come to Crowley’s Ridge Raceway and have the most fun your family can have in Northeast Arkansas.

Learn Something New at the Greene County Museum

Exterior of Greene County Museum

Thomas R Machnitzki ([email protected]), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You’ll immediately be taken back in time when you walk into the Greene County Museum.

The museum on South 14th Street is a landmark, a source of pride, and a hub of activity for Northeast Arkansas and the surrounding areas due to perseverance and hard work.

Sports exhibit in Greene County Museum

Thomas R Machnitzki ([email protected]), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Additionally, it is listed on the Arkansas Register of Historic Places.

The first room one encounters while entering this museum is the Futrell Room, which highlights the governor’s accomplishments from 1933 to 1937.

The 14 rooms of the museum are filled with valuable, rare, and frequently irreplaceable items and treasures.

Each area is devoted to a particular aspect of Greene County’s past: the Education Room, Railroad History Room, and more.

A vintage typewriter in Greene County Museum

Thomas R Machnitzki ([email protected]), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eat Lunch at Roy’s First & Last Chance

When in Paragould, you must stop at Roy’s First and Last Chance on Linwood Drive, as it is close to various points of interest.

Make a delectable pit stop here on your way out of town before you hit the road!

The patties are constructed entirely out of ground beef, and there are three different kinds available: the Big Boy Roy, the Jack Burger, and the Onion Ring Burger.

Your hunger will be satiated by the Big Boy Roy, stacked to the gills with two thick slices of American cheese.

The Jack Burger is a half-pound patty topped with jack cheese and a green chile pepper on the milder side.

Last but not least, the Onion Ring Burger is a half-pounder topped with battered onion rings and Swiss cheese.

Ride Down the Water Slide at Paragould Water Park

Paragould Water Park is the best option if you are seeking a spot to get some much-needed relief from the heat during the summer.

The amusement park on Linwood Drive has a water slide and a swimming pool for guests.

It just means that no matter what kind of excitement you’re looking for, you’ll be able to get it here.

Children who aren’t frightened of going a little faster than others will have a great time on the water slide.

The swimming pool is always available for anyone, and its doors are always left unlocked for convenience.

Reminisce the Past at the Paragould War Memorial

Daytime view of Paragould War Memorial

Roberto Galan /

Visiting the Paragould War Memorial is a great way to spend some time in the city.

The memorial is a miniature copy of the Statue of Liberty.

It is situated in Courthouse Park on West Court Street, adjacent to the Greene County Courthouse.

Bronze statue at Paragould War Memorial

Thomas R Machnitzki ([email protected]), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

John Paulding’s bronze statue was manufactured in 1920 at the American Art Bronze Foundry in Chicago, Illinois.

It was constructed in commemoration of the city’s World War I participants.

It is the only war-related sculpture in Arkansas that is not a statue of a doughboy.

This memorial was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

Harmonize with Nature at Harmon Park

Paragould’s Harmon Park is the place to go if you search for a slice of nature.

This park on West Northend Avenue is ideal for spending a weekend afternoon or the whole day.

The park features restrooms, picnic tables, barbecue grills, tennis and basketball facilities, and walking paths.

A permanent memorial will greet you as you enter this attractive area.

If you’re looking for a location to organize a party or social gathering, the complex’s community building is ideal.

It has excellent, clean rooms, sanitary facilities, and all the essential amenities.

The children’s play area is filled with colorful rides, swings, and slides, as well as places where youngsters may climb walls.

Play Volleyball at Labor Park

Are you looking for a location where you and your family and friends can enjoy a day full of enjoyable activities, or at the very least, a few hours together?

Located on South 6th Avenue, Labor Park is the spot that would be perfect for a trip.

The park contains outdoor and indoor basketball courts, a skateboard park, play equipment, a volleyball court, pavilions, and grills.

A picnic in the company of one’s family can be had in complete seclusion by renting the outdoor gazebo at an affordable price.

The park is an excellent spot to go during the warmer months to escape the heat and unwind.

At Labor Park, you will most certainly participate in some enjoyable activities.

Visit the Historic George Ray’s Wildcat Dragstrip

View of the George Ray's Wildcat Dragstrip

Colinhester, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

George Ray’s Wildcat Dragstrip is the place to go in Paragould if you are looking for an activity that is not only amusing but also unique.

This legendary drag racing strip opened for business in 1961 after being constructed the previous year.

It offers a concrete racing strip that is 2,960 feet long and 31 feet wide, and it is located right off Arkansas Highway 135, the closest major road.

The track is encircled on all sides by bleachers, and there is a spectator catwalk, both of which are original features that date back to the track’s early years.

If you happen to be in the area, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go to George Ray’s Wildcat Dragstrip.

Learn to Play Golf at Paragould Country Club

Paragould Country Club is the best option if you are looking for a place to play golf.

The course comprises nine holes and has undulating “007 Bent grass greens” and Bermuda fairways.

Players can take in the breathtaking vistas while they enjoy their time at the club.

Because it’s a private facility run by a Membership LLC, it’s no surprise that the locals enjoy it so much.

The property on Pruetts Chapel Road has an extensive practice area and a newly constructed range.

This is if you’re searching for a great place to play golf!

Watch a Game at Rotary Softball Park

Rotary Softball Park is the location to go to if you want to see some of the action from a softball game.

This park, which can be found at 309 Carroll Road, first opened its doors to the community’s children in 1981.

It offers six lighted softball fields—and that’s just the beginning of all the fun you’ll have here.

There are roughly 700 children served by the park each season; therefore, there is always plenty for everyone to join in on the exciting activities.

The concession counter is available for all games, offering a diverse selection of foods.

On Friday evenings, they even have an ice cream bar for customers to enjoy.

Watch a Movie at Paragould Cinema 8

If you were to catch a movie that you’ve been anticipating, chances are Paragould Cinema 8 has it!

The cinema features multiple screens, top-notch sound quality, and nice, updated vinyl seats to make your time more comfortable and fun.

New releases are shown here at the cinema with Mondays having only a $5 ticket with free popcorn, which is a favorite of many movie-goers.

The concessions also offer snacks and drinks to grab while enjoying the movie.

You can find Paragould Cinema 8 on West Kingshighway.

Hang Out at Juniper Tree Meadery

On a fine day in Paragould, you can chill out with your family and friends with the best mead in town at Juniper Tree Meadery.

With its unbeatable relaxing atmosphere, you can enjoy mead tasting from sweet to semi-dry made with carefully selected fruits and spiced blends.

It also offers charcuterie boards to perfectly pair with your mead.

You can have its Traditional Sweet Mead, Traditional NTS (Not Too Sweet), Juniper’s Choice, and Hippie Mead, among others.

You’ll also love that there’s live music to go with your mead tasting at Juniper Tree Meadery, which is a top-notch experience in Paragould.

Get Your Caffeine Fix at Shadrachs Coffee

Nothing beats a great cup of coffee while traveling, and Shadrachs Coffee doesn’t disappoint!

The coffee shop has been raising the bar in the coffee industry by serving fresh and delicious cups paired with its delectable breakfast sandwiches.

From its fresh cup of mocha, or latte, to its tasty espresso, you’re sure that you’re doing it right.

Try its popular Jalapeño Pepper Jack Biscuit, Sausage and Egg Waffle, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Ciabatta Sandwich, Sausage and Gravy Stuffed Biscuit, or its mouthwatering Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissants.

Enjoy your coffee and take advantage of the warm atmosphere at Shadrachs Coffee.

It’s located off West Kingshighway.

Enjoy a Good Read at the Greene County Public Library

Enjoy the goodness of reading in the comfortable nooks of the Greene County Public Library on North 12th Street.

The library keeps an excellent collection of books and other printed materials perfect for reading, research, and study for all ages.

In addition to books, it also has a great selection of audiobooks, newspapers, and many more.

The library also hosts many programs and events for kids, teens, and adults.

Visit the Greene County Public Library and enjoy a good read!

Dine at Skinny J’s

You can’t say no to delicious comfort food, and the best spot in Paragould to taste delectable fare is Skinny J’s on North Pruett Street.

The restaurant is popular for its mouthwatering handcrafted burgers, hand-cut Angus beef steaks, marinated chicken with Brussels sprouts, salmon, and many more.

Also, don’t miss out on its famous crawfish dip!

It also offers a great selection of draft beer and many specialty drinks to come with your delicious meal.

The restaurant also offers catering services, may it be small or large gatherings.

Drop by Skinny J’s and have a taste of its deliciously crafted comfort food!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Hiking at Lake Frierson State Park

Nature trail at Lake Frierson State Park

Thomas R Machnitzki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This park is situated on Lake Frierson, which spans more than 330 acres, and provides many opportunities for fishing for bream, catfish, and bass.

Twenty minutes from Paragould, Lake Frierson State Park has seven distinct camping spots for visitors.

The waters of Lake Frierson State Park

Thomas R Machnitzki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The surrounding area features a fishing pier, a pavilion, picnic spaces, and playgrounds.

Additionally, there is a pavilion.

The visitor’s center features animal displays and a tackle shop for fishing enthusiasts.

A camping trip at this park is easy for everyone who wishes to do so, thanks to a BBQ grill, tables, electricity, and water availability.

Tall trees at Lake Frierson State Park

Ashley Rose 87 /

Stop by Arkansas State University Museum

Animal skeleton displayed in Arkansas State University Museum

Thomas R Machnitzki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas State University Museum, located in the city of Jonesboro, is a great place to learn about the state’s history.

The history of Arkansas is depicted in various ways at the museum.

Historical artifacts include an old slave house, a totem pole from Alaska, and a cheese replica of Stonehenge.

Spanish-American war exhibit in Arkansas State University Museum

Thomas R Machnitzki ([email protected]), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In addition, the museum offers a wide range of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Hands-on activities and lectures on various Arkansas historical topics are included in several of these events.

Exhibits at Arkansas State University Museum

Thomas R Machnitzki ([email protected]), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Final Thoughts

For those who enjoy fantasizing about their next vacation, Paragould is a must-visit destination.

The city is one of the few places that convey a feeling of coziness and closeness to its visitors.

While every city possesses unique appeal and distinct personality, Paragould stands out as something genuinely exceptional among the other cities in Arkansas.

Make this city your next destination, and use this list of the best things to do in Paragould, Arkansas as a guide.

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