15 Best Things to Do in Pahrump, NV

Pahrump, NV
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An hour from Las Vegas, you'll find the charming town of Pahrump, Nevada.

Pahrump is a popular stopover for those visiting the famous Death Valley.

However, this small town on Nye County's southern edge offers much more.

This desert oasis is home to charming wineries you probably wouldn't expect to thrive in an unforgiving desert.

Pahrump has dozens of attractions worthy of visiting for a short vacation and is an excellent jumping point for those visiting Death Valley, which is an hour east of town.

This town is also known for its natural attractions and activities such as off-road adventures, hikes, sightseeing, casino hopping, and wine tasting.

Before packing up your stuff, check out this list of the best things to do in Pahrump, Nevada:

Hop on a Hot Air Balloon at Balloons Over Pahrump

Colorful hot air balloons flying over Pahrump
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Pahrump is home to fantastic activities you wouldn't expect to find in a town in the middle of the desert.

One of Pahrump's most exciting festivities is Balloons Over Pahrump, a hot air balloon ride that takes you above the sky to see stunning views of the desert.

Hot air Balloons in Pahrump
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Balloons Over Pahrump offers various package tours for individuals, couples, groups, and families through its hot-air balloon rides.

In addition, choose a sunrise hot air balloon ride or a mid-day ride featuring a champagne toast on board while hovering over Pahrump and Nye County's desert oasis.

Open a Bottle of Fine Wine at Pahrump Valley Winery

Since Pahrump is famous for its excellent wine varieties, it would be best to head to Pahrump Valley Winery.

As this place is considered the most extensive wine producer in Nevada, you're guaranteed an excellent time visiting this attraction in town.

Situated along Winery Road, Pahrump Valley Winery offers more than just wine-tasting activities.

You'll also enjoy guided tours through its quaint but picturesque estate grape vineyard.

Don't miss touring its wine cellars and winery, where all of the grapes from the vineyard are processed to create excellent wines.

In addition, head to its picnic area with your family or travel companions and appreciate the beautiful scenery of the winery.

The most awaited part of visiting this award-winning winery in Pahrump is its wine-tasting activity paired with delicious food.

Ride a Horse at Happy Hoof Beats Equestrian Center

For those who want a wholesome experience in Pahrump, check out Happy Hoof Beats Equestrian and learn how to ride a horse.

This equestrian center along Martin Avenue is renowned throughout Nevada for having the only sanctioned extreme mountain trail course.

It has over 29 authentic and unique state-of-the-art trail courses constructed by Mark Bolender, a multiple Mountain Trail National Champion.

Aside from learning to ride a horse, you'll also enjoy horseback riding along its famous mountain trail for a more enjoyable experience while visiting there.

For those who want to take a serious path in equestrian, Happy Hoof Beats Equestrian offers horseback riding courses to turn you into a skilled equestrian.

Place Your Bets at Pahrump's Top-Notch Casinos

Exterior of the Gold Town Casino
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Like Las Vegas. Pahrump is home to numerous casinos offering great amenities, service, and entertainment.

With that in mind, include casino hopping as part of your itinerary when in town.

Pahrump is home to Lakeside Casino & RV Park, famous for its seven-acre man-made lake and vast RV resort.

This casino along Homestead Road features over 200 machines, slots, and tables to give you an awesome casino experience.

Street view of a Casino in Pahrump
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Meanwhile, Gold Town Casino along South Frontage Road, previously known as Terrible's Town Casino, features excellent video poker and slot machines, perfect for those who want a quick casino session.

On the other hand, Pahrump Nugget is best known for its extravagant hotel and guest rooms, offering guests fantastic luxury and comfort at affordable rates.

At the same time, it is home to a top-notch golf course, making it a must-visit casino resort in Pahrump.

Lastly, Saddle West Hotel features a casino resort and RV park, excellent for a getaway and entertainment.

Look for Various Bird Species at Discovery Park

This vast natural area near downtown Pahrump is an abandoned golf course converted by local citizens and Red Rock Audubon into a lovely park.

Discovery Park is famous for its birdwatching activities, featuring over 176 bird species, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

The park on Pahrump Valley Boulevard features a typical golf course landscape with lush greenery and long, narrow trails.

Many visitors love to return to this park in Pahrump for outdoor activities such as hiking and, of course, birdwatching.

Native and migratory birds frequent the area year-round, so don't forget to bring binoculars when visiting Discovery Park to spot beautiful birds.

Cool Down at the Lake at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

Locals in Pahrump know an excellent place to cool down from the sun's blistering heat at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

This famous resort features a picturesque artificial lake that offers not just swimming but various exciting water sports activities.

Suppose you're looking for a place to cool down or soak up under the sun; this resort in Pahrump offers excellent amenities through its beach-inspired theme.

Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club's top activities include wakeboarding, water jetpack, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming.

In addition, this resort along South Highway 160 offers delicious food and drinks at its lounge and bar.

Drive a Race Car at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

This famous racing resort in Nevada is a must-visit place not just for speedsters but for everyone.

Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club features a top-notch race track set against the picturesque mountains of the Nevada Desert.

It's one of the most sophisticated racing facilities in the nation, where you can experience first-hand car racing through its six-mile race track with over 50 fascinating configurations.

Suppose you want to add car racing to your Pahrump travel adventure itinerary; this place offers professional racing instruction and mechanics.

In addition, Spring Mountain Motor Resort also features an elegant resort-style clubhouse and country club spanning over 8,000 square feet, equipped with all top-notch amenities.

Also, it has non-motorsport activities like water sports, practical shooting, and racquetball to keep you entertained between races.

Traverse Pahrump's Famous Trails

Arid landscape of Carpenter Canyon Road
Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's no better way to enjoy Pahrump than experiencing an off-road adventure on a bike, an ATV, or at the back of the truck.

The town is home to several famous off-road trails for ATVs, mountain biking, and off-road vehicle adventures.

Carpenter Canyon Road, Wheeler Pass, and Wallace Canyon Road offer excellent trails for all skill levels, from beginners to expert off-road riders.

Carpenter Canyon Road is perfect for expert riders in mountain bikes and ATVs through its challenging double-track trails, taking you to magnificent views of Pahrump Valley.

In addition, it has hiking trails and is an excellent place for a less challenging ride, either on a bike or a four-wheel vehicle.

Wallace Canyon Road and Wheeler Pass are famous for their less difficult trails, perfect for mountain biking, off-road vehicles, and hiking.

Check Out Pahrump Valley Museum

For a historical side trip, head to Pahrump Valley Museum along East Basin Avenue.

This historical attraction is a must-visit place to learn about the town's fascinating history.

It is where you'll find and see up close a vast collection of Pahrump's antique local crafts, photographs, documents, and other artifacts collected by the Pahrump Valley Museum and Historical Society.

Also, you'll see various artifacts relevant to Nye County and its surrounding areas, especially its natural history.

In addition, it has an outdoor exhibit featuring authentic historical buildings and equipment used in various establishments in Pahrump back in the day.

Join the Celebration at the Pahrump Fall Festival

Locals gather at Petrack Park every fall for the annual Pahrump Fall Festival, which has been celebrated for over 50 years.

The four-day festivities highlight fun-filled activities from carnival rides, games, and a town parade, to music and food.

Suppose you're yearning to know more about Pahrump; this festival is an excellent activity to join and meet locals.

Historically, the Pahrumps Fall Festival started as a quaint harvest festival, eventually becoming one of Nye County's most sought-after yearly events.

Over 50 wonderfully designed floats parade along Pahrump's Highway 160 during the festival, while its carnival features wholesome and thrilling rides for everyone.

In addition, side events such as horticulture, arts and crafts, and food exhibits add excitement to the Bob Ruud Community Center festival.

Experience the Best of Pahrump's Local Food Scene

Pahrump features various cuisines, from gourmet to casual dining options.

With that in mind, you should consider exploring the town's local gastronomic scene, which offers more than just American cuisine.

Italian, Asian, Mexican, and other international flavors are served at many of the town's restaurants.

Those craving Italian food and wine can check out Artesian Cellars, Carmelo's Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta, and Farinata Italian Style Pizza.

Meanwhile, Johnny's, Mom's Diner, and Sugar and Spice are renowned for their classic American comfort food.

My Thai and China A Go Go are excellent choices for Asian cuisine.

For a caffeine fix, head to Beans & Cream Cafe and Java Junkies.

Play a Round of Golf at Mountain Falls Golf Club

Freshly mowed grass in Mountain Falls Golf Club
Steve Hedin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For a relaxing golf session during your visit to Pahrump, head to Mountain Falls Golf Club along Clubhouse Drive.

Renowned golf course architecture firms Cal Olson Design and Nicklaus Design Group designed this magnificent golf course's landscape spanning 7,082 yards.

Compared to typical golf courses, this one in Pahrump is ideal for beginners and expert golfers.

It has 18-holes, excellent playing conditions, and scenic backdrops of the Nevada Desert.

Aside from playing top-notch golf, the Mountain Falls Golf Club is famous for its stunning sceneries, earning a compliment as "Nevada's Desert Jewel."

Ride a Dirt Bike at Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School

Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School is an excellent place to visit for those who want to learn or rent dirt bikes or off-road vehicles to explore the Nevada Desert and Pahrump Valley.

This group offers top-notch dirt bike and big motorcycle riding lessons through the desert or on the road.

It features various riding lessons for all riders, especially off-road, taking you through different desert and dirt trails.

For experienced riders, they can join Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School with its grueling but fun-filled 900-mile cross-country ride from Nevada to Arizona.

Either way, there are dozens of worthwhile experiences you can enjoy visiting this group along E Kellogg Rd in Pahrump.

Practice Practical Shooting at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, located along Front Sight Road, is another worthwhile place to visit in Pahrump.

Whether you're a newbie or a trained expert in practical shooting, this place features various self-defense techniques and courses worthy of your time learning.

You'll enjoy and learn various activities from gun handling to shooting range practices during your visit to this famous firing range and institute.

In addition, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute sells firearms for self-defense and other accessories.

Shop for Excellent Fireworks at Phantom Fireworks

Those who want to supply themselves with fireworks for various celebrations can head to Phantom Fireworks.

If you haven't come up with better souvenirs from your Pahrump travel adventure, go ahead and shop for some fantastic fireworks at this famous store in town.

Or perhaps, you want to stand out every Fourth of July or New Year's Eve; there are dozens of unique and colorful fireworks available at this store.

So, make one last stop at Phantom Fireworks of Pahrump before returning home.

Final Thoughts

A small town in Nye County, Pahrump has so much to offer.

It is conveniently accessible from Las Vegas, making it an ideal side trip destination for those traveling to Sin City.

For your next vacation, consider this charming town and use this list of the best things to do in Pahrump, Nevada.

It's up to you to explore Pahrump's hidden gems and best-kept secrets!

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