16 Best Things to Do in Ozona, TX

Ozona, Texas
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Named after David Crockett of the Alamo fame, Ozona, Texas, also has a fair share of unique history.

Crockett County is the eighth largest of 254 counties in Texas, often called the “Biggest Little Town in the World.”

The biggest little town, an isolated but independent town, is now home to about 3,500 people.

Its ranching and oil businesses keep the small town’s economy going.

With a proud heritage, Ozona, Texas, promises travelers a new appreciation of West Texas.

Here are the best things to do in Ozona, Texas, that will make you love this little town:

Visit Crockett County Courthouse

Front view of Crocket County Courthouse's exterior
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Built in 1902, the Crockett County Courthouse is a historic courthouse listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks.

Originally a wooden frame courthouse, the Crocket County Courthouse became an American Gothic-style building.

Texas pioneer architect Oscar Ruffini redesigned the building in 1902.

The historic courthouse served as the local county government and as a venue for social events such as dance programs, lunch outs, and local celebrations.

Side view of Crocket County Courthouse's exterior
Jmguthery, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Crockett County Courthouse frequently attracts tourists not just because of its gorgeous façade but because of its rich history.

Constructed using limestone material, you should visit the Crockett County Courthouse and marvel at its uniqueness.

Tour the Crockett County Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center Park

The Crockett County Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center Park wants to educate people about the importance of water conservation and native plants.

The 100-mile park showcases a remarkable collection of native plants.

The tour includes a demonstration of the process of collecting water for landscaping, livestock watering, and home use, called the Rain Harvest Exhibit.

Plants are a huge part of Ozona’s heritage.

That’s why the trail system protects and preserves it every day.

During your tour at the Crockett County Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center Park, you’ll see over 200 plants and over 75 species.

Each plant has a memorial stone to help you identify it.

Go Out for an adventure at Escondido Draw Recreation Area

The Escondido Draw Recreational Area is about 30 miles southwest of Ozona, Texas.

The recreation park is the state’s newest offroad park for motorists in dire need of offroad exploration.

The town of Ozona acquired the Texas Motorized Trail in 2007.

Today, it offers pure delight with its ATV, motorcycle, and OHV adventure.

In the recreation area, you can either go on a dirt ride on their 35-mile single-track trail or go ATVing on their 23-mile scenic and uphill paths.

The Escondido Draw Recreation Area is a place for adventurous motorists.

Visit the Ozona Stockman

Aspiring journalists should visit one of the oldest news outlets in Ozona, Texas.

Former Ozona representative Claude B. Hudspeth founded the Ozona Stockman, the town’s premier newspaper outlet, in 1892.

After being sold to different owners and getting different names, the Ozona Stockman continues to publish newspapers.

Located in downtown Ozona, Crockett County’s newspaper delivers daily local news to its citizens.

The frontage of the Ozona Stockman shows its age and how long it served the county with its first-hand stories.

Appreciate the long-lived news outlet, and don’t shy away from taking photographs at the Ozona Stockman.

Discover West Texas history at Crockett County Museum

Exterior of Crockett County Museum
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ozona is the “Biggest Little Town in Texas,” but don’t get too surprised to discover so much history in this small part of the world.

Located between San Antonio and El Paso is the Crocket County Museum.

In the Crocket County Museum, you’ll discover the historical journey of the West Texas settlers.

You will also get a chance to see exhibits of fossils, Native American artifacts, and items from the early 19th century.

Signage of Crockett County Museum
Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Established in 1939, the museum showcases how Ozona prospered into a beautiful, developed town.

If you want a deeper understanding of the history of Ozona, immerse yourself in the displays of the three-floored Crockett County Museum.

Visit the Emerald House

Established in 1889, the Emerald House used to stand in the town site of Emerald, Texas.

It was also the first settlement in Crockett County.

Eventually, the town of Emerald moved to present-day Ozona.

For years it stood in Ozona’s main street until they again moved it to its present site in the county park in 1981.

Ozona’s prominent residents owned the Emerald House through the years.

E.M. Powell, Phil Perner, and W.A. Cochran are prominent citizens who took ownership of the famous house.

Go Golfing at Ozona Country Club

If you’re a golfer, treat yourself to a fun golfing experience at Ozona Country Club.

Ozona Country Club, Crockett County’s private golf course, opened in 1954.

Located at Highway 163, the Ozona Country Club measures 3,000 yards with nine golf holes.

Aside from the golf course, the country club also has a swimming pool open six days a week, which welcomes non-Crockett County residents.

Take a Vacation at Live Oak Ranch

The Live Oak Ranch is in the western part of Ozona, Texas.

Constructed in 1973, the residence will give you and your family a pleasurable stay.

The godfather of Texas modernist architecture, O'Neil Ford, designed the 7,765-square-foot home.

O'Neil Ford is also one of the most celebrated architects of the 20th century.

You can even dip in the water in a perfect holiday home as the ranch allows access to their private pool.

The Live Oak Ranch features complete home furniture and a bonus, free Wi-Fi access.

Snap a Photo at the Davy Crockett Monument

Daytime view of the Davy Crockett Monument
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Crockett County gets its name from the Texan hero David “Davy” Crockett, who fought in the legendary Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, in March 1836.

In 1875, the county adopted the name Crockett County.

The town celebrates the Davy Crockett Monument annually, during the David Crockett Festival from August to September.

William McVey carved the 12-foot-tall David Crockett Monument using native Texas granite.

You can see the Texan hero’s motto inscribed onthe base of the statue: “Be sure you are right, then go ahead.”

Established in 1938, the Davy Crockett Monument has become a popular spot for tourists year-round.

Enjoy the Twistflower Ranch for Yourself

To eco-tourists, you can have a wonderful time with your family at the Twistflower Ranch the Northwest of Ozona, Texas.

The Twistflower Ranch has a mission to bring relaxation to guests, educate, and give renewed admiration through exploring nature.

Comprised of 5,800 acres of rugged landscape, the Twistflower Ranch’s facilities offer a glimpse of the natural world.

You can explore archeology, bird sighting, yoga, photography, stargazing, hiking, and more in the nature retreat place.

By reserving in advance, you can have the Twistflower Ranch for yourself.

It is open all year round, and with its promise of pure relaxation, it certainly won’t disappoint.

Rent an RV at the Encino RV Park

RV living has become an exciting lifestyle, thanks to its countless appearances in television and films.

Located on Sheffield Road, the Encino RV Park is about to give you the same vibes as an RV movie.

Enjoy a comfortable backpack experience at Encino RV Park.

You don’t need to detach from family and friends.

You can even work from home here because the RV park has Wi-Fi along with water, sewer facilities, and a comfortable bed.

Likewise, you can enjoy stargazing at night while treating yourself to a bottle of beer.

Encino RV Park is a unique way just to lay back and relax in an Ozona, Texas.

Visit “The Tie That Binds” Sculpture

The “Tie That Binds” sculpture at the center of Ozona Town Square depicts the first families who built a life in Crockett County.

The sculpture serves as a continuous reminder of the determination and perseverance of Ozona’s ancestors.

Crockett County native Judy Black sculpted the bronze life-and-a-quarter size sculpture.

The “Tie That Binds” embodies all of Ozona’s residents’ life struggles and how they overcame these struggles every single time in the end.

If you want to renew your hope and confidence in life, visiting “The Tie That Binds” Sculpture might enlighten and motivate you.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore the Fort Lancaster State Historic Site

Ruins at Fort Lancaster State Historic Site
Georgia Evans / Shutterstock.com

The Fort Lancaster State Historic Site is in Sheffield, Texas, 34 minutes from Ozona.

It is an 82-acre park initially given to Crockett County in 1965 for preservation and public use.

The county eventually transferred the ownership to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1968.

Also located 30 miles west of Ozona, the historic state should satisfy your curiosity about the Civil War and Texas history.

Take your sweet time appreciating the site and gaining knowledge.

Today, the Texas Historical Commission runs the Fort Lancaster State Historic Site, which allows visitors daily from morning to afternoon.

Explore the Caverns of Sonora

View inside the Caverns of Sonora
Kate Connes / Shutterstock.com

The Caverns of Sonora is a National Natural Landmark, known for its world-class living and highly decorated cave.

100-million-year-old Segovia limestone formed the unique cave between 1.5 to five million years ago.

Sir Bill Stephenson, the founder of the National Speleological Society, commended the cave after his visit.

He praised its incredible beauty, which is incomparable to other caverns worldwide.

Stalactite bacon in Caverns of Sonora
IrinaK / Shutterstock.com

The Caverns of Sonora also received international acclaim as one of the most stunning caves on the planet.

The cave is 155 feet below the surface with a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and 98% humidity.

It’s a warm cave, so there is no need to bring sweaters during the tour.

You can find the caverns in Sonora, Texas, 32 minutes from Ozona.

Bacon-like structure in Caverns of Sonora
DanielCD (talk) (Uploads), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience Cabin Living at X Bar Ranch

Just a 20-minute drive from Ozona, Texas, you can already experience a one-of-a-kind luxurious vacation.

The X Bar Ranch is in Eldorado, Texas, offering nature tourism, a hint of agriculture, lodging, ranching, and more.

The picture-perfect ranch is also spacious enough to accommodate large families.

There are also various things to do in X Bar Ranch, from resting in solace to having adventures.

The place is also ideal for celebrating big and memorable events, whether family reunions or weddings.

All the surrounding areas of X Bar Ranch are yours to experience.

Check Out the Lancaster Hill Scenic Drive and Observation Point

If you travel 30 miles west of Ozona, you’ll reach the Lancaster Hill Scenic Drive and Observation Point, with a stunning view of the Pecos River Valley.

Settle in at the roadside picnic area and observation point.

You’ll have a wonderful time just relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking view.

Drive further at the bottom of the winding road, and you’ll not only see from afar but cross the Pecos River as well.

Pecos River is one of the major rivers of the Rio Grande that flows through New Mexico and Texas.

The Lancaster Hill Scenic Drive and Observation Point will give you what you’re looking for in a nature adventure.

Final Thoughts

Did you have fun reading about the biggest little town in the world?

If you did, try a first-hand experience of the unique town of Ozona, Texas, today.

With over 19 historical markers, you should bring home knowledge and wisdom during your visit.

Allow yourself to be overwhelmed as you experience Ozona’s museums, historical establishments, parks, and the natural landscapes.

What are you waiting for?

Book your trip today and prepare to experience the best things to do in Ozona, Texas!

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