15 Best Things to Do in Oscoda, MI

Oscoda, MI
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Nestled in northern Michigan is the enthralling town of Oscoda, an abode to adventure-seekers, nature lovers, and history buffs.

Experience the ultimate vacation in Oscoda with its pristine sandy beaches on a vibrant sunny day, spectacular views of lush greeneries, and the glistening blue waters of the wetlands.

From water recreation activities to wildlife viewing in the natural destinations of Oscoda, this town has a lot to offer to make your weekend getaway a memorable one.

Discover what awaits you in this charming town in northern Michigan.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Oscoda:

Wade the Waters at Oscoda Beach Park

Waters at Oscoda Beach Park
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Nothing beats a day spent by the beach surrounded by the scenic view of the glistening waters and the relaxing sound of waves crashing to the shore.

The Oscoda Beach Park makes for an idyllic beach trip with the family, and you sure don't want to miss out on this vibrant destination in Oscoda.

Wade the waters to cool off from the warm summer heat and bask in the sandy shore on a bright sunny day for the perfect beach trip.

Waters at Oscoda Beach Park
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Aside from the water activities, the Oscoda Beach Park features a play area for kids of all ages, a skate park, and a pier for walking and sightseeing.

You can set up a BBQ in the picnic pavilions with grills for the perfect lunch out with the family.

During the summer, you can join the weekly movie nights at the pier that is free for the public, and the live music concerts are at the Oscoda Beach Park Bandshell.

The Oscoda Beach Park offers all the amenities needed for an idyllic beach trip, so make sure to stop by and stay until you witness the majestic golden hour.

Waters at Oscoda Beach Park
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Learn About the Logging Heritage of Michigan at the Lumberman's Monument Visitor Center

The Lumberman's Monument Visitor Center is the sole visitor center nestled in the Huron-Manistee National Forests.

The center features the heritage of the logging industry in Michigan through the outdoor educational displays in the area.

The scenic view of the forests also surrounds the visitor center, and you can take nature walks and enjoy the calming sight of the place.

There is also a staircase that will lead you closer to the breathtaking view of the Au Sable River, and there is plenty of pit stops so you can stop to catch your breath and take in the beautiful sight of nature.

Don't forget to stop by and shop for unique souvenirs in their outdoor souvenir shop under a covered porch.

The Lumberman's Monument Visitor Center is a must-visit on your weekend getaway to Oscoda.

Learn About the History of Military Aviation at Wurtsmith Air Museum

Located in the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, the air museum aims to preserve and educate military aviation history in northeastern Michigan.

The museum showcases hundreds of air force artifacts from the 1920s with several historic photographs and memorabilia that feature the base's rich history.

You can get an up-close look at the fighter jets in the hangars, and the tour guides will give you more information from the exhibits.

The Wurtsmith Air Museum is a must-visit for history buffs and aviation enthusiasts, and the younger visitors will surely be fascinated exploring the engaging exhibits in the museum.

Go Cruising at Au Sable River With the AuSable River Queen

Explore the river’s calm waters with the Au Sable River Queen that offers a remarkable tour of the river.

The Au Sable River Queen is the only paddlewheel riverboat operating in northern Michigan.

The river cruise offers a two-hour excursion featuring wildlife viewing and highlighting the Au Sable River’s beautiful scenery.

The Au Sable River Queen features a heated lower deck, a snack bar, and restroom facilities to ensure your comfort throughout the trip.

Make sure to call ahead and reserve a tour to make memorable experiences with family and friends on your trip to Oscoda.

Venture on a Day Trip to the Picturesque Largo Springs

View of Picturesque Largo Springs
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This mystical gem in Oscoda boasts the breathtaking view of the spring's cascading water naturally flowing from the ground along with the lush greeneries.

The Iargo Springs can be accessed from the River Road National Scenic Byway through the stairs leading down the site.

View of Picturesque Largo Springs
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Aside from the natural springs, you'll also be welcomed by the panoramic view of Au Sable River from the observation deck.

You can take a nature walk in the area to immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of nature and head out to the boardwalk for a closer view of the glistening waters.

Appreciate the Scenic Sight of Nature at Foote Pond Overlook & Champagne Hill

Oscoda is truly rich in mystical natural sceneries; the Foote Pond Overlook and Champagne Hill is another place to visit for a nature respite.

This scenic spot in Oscoda features the overlooking view of the Foote Pond surrounded by the vibrant colors of the trees and the mystical sight of the champagne glass-shaped dunes.

The Foote Pond Overlook and Champagne Hill is the perfect place to visit if you want to destress from your daily cares.

Marvel on the fantastic view and witness the golden hour bring out the vibrant colors reflecting on the glistening waters.

Don't miss out on a relaxed outdoor escapade to this scenic spot on your trip to Oscoda, and don't forget to snap some selfies to capture the beauty of the site.

Shop and Dine at Oscoda's Downtown District

A trip to Oscoda wouldn't be complete without a bit of shopping and dining in the downtown district.

Aside from the shopping and dining spots, you can also stop by to enjoy the sight of the beachfront, which is just a walking distance from the downtown district.

Scour through the stores that offer an eclectic assortment of unique items and enjoy a hearty meal from renowned restaurants.

Make sure to head out for a day of shopping and dining at Oscoda's downtown district that will truly delight the young and the young at heart.

Catch Live Performances at Shoreline Players Theater

This quaint community theatre in Oscoda has been an abode to local talents since the 1970s.

The Shoreline Players Theater is dedicated to providing entertainment in Oscoda through live performances of dramas, comedy shows, musicals, and variety shows.

The Shoreline Players also organize an annual Christmas lighting show that is free for the public.

Make sure to check out their website for showings and show your support to the talented artists of the community theater in Oscoda.

Explore the Nature at Highbanks River Trail

Nature at Highbanks River Trail
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Don't miss out on a memorable trip to one of the most scenic trails in Michigan; head out on an outdoor adventure at Highbanks River Trail.

You'll enjoy a laid-back hike as you venture through the trail, where you can witness majestic sceneries of the natural area.

The trail overlooks the scenic view of the Au Sable Lake and dunes, and you’ll genuinely marvel at the picturesque sights of lush greeneries and calm blue waters.

Nature at Highbanks River Trail
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Enjoy the dramatic fall colors when you visit during the fall season, witness the majestic bald eagled nesting in the area during the summer, or go skiing in the ungroomed trail during the winter.

Make sure to include a hiking trip on your itinerary list, and don't forget to snap some pictures with the scenic overlook as your background.

Observe the Wildlife at Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area

This 5,000-acre wetland in Oscoda is an abode to abundant wildlife nesting in the area.

The Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area is a gem in Oscoda, where you can witness the wonders of nature and wildlife.

Aside from the majestic birds soaring in the sky and the abundant wildlife in the area, you'll also appreciate the panoramic view of the wetlands, especially during the golden hour with its glistening blue waters reflecting the colors of the sky.

Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area truly makes for a fascinating nature experience, so don't forget to stop by on your weekend getaway to Oscoda.

Pitch Your Tent at Old Orchard Park

If you're looking to amp up your outdoor adventure, then stay the night at the camping grounds of Old Orchard Park.

The park is perfect for families camping together because the campsite has all the amenities for a comfortable camping trip and a play area for the youngsters to enjoy.

The Old Orchard Park boasts a scenic view of the lake within walking distance, where you can rent a pontoon boat to explore the lake.

Make sure to pack your camping essentials and enjoy a night huddled by the bonfire while roasting some marshmallows for a fun family adventure at Old Orchard Park.

Book Your Stay at the Lakewood Shores Resort

Nestled on the coast of the serene Lake Huron and the scenic Huron National Forest of Michigan is the charming Lakewood Shores Resort.

This resort offers a luxurious stay in Oscoda, where you can choose from a range of classically-decorated rooms with all the amenities for a homey and cozy stay.

A stay at Lakewood Shores Resort comes with unlimited complimentary access to the three unique 18-hole golf courses where the whole family can enjoy pitching and putting in the fast greens.

If you're looking for luxurious and activity-filled accommodation on your trip to Oscoda, then make sure to book a room at the Lakewood Shores Resort.

Drive Around the River Road National Scenic Byway

A Sign to River Road National Scenic Byway
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Nothing beats a peaceful drive around the scenic natural areas with the windows down to enjoy the calming breeze of nature.

A trip to Oscoda wouldn't be complete without heading out for a road trip at the River Road National Scenic Byway.

The scenic drive stretches over 22 miles that extends from Lake Huron up to the Huron-Manistee National Forest.

You can stop by the overlooks along the route to take in the natural beauty of Oscoda and snap some pictures with the scenic spot as your background.

Whether you're looking for a thrilling drive or a laid-back ride, the River Road National Scenic Byway features off-road access for adventure seekers and paved roads for a relaxed adventure.

Play Bowling at Vista Lanes and Lounge

If you're looking for a fun indoor activity in bad weather, then a round of bowling in Vista Lanes and Lounge is the perfect alternative for a fun-filled day.

Vista Lanes and Lounge is the perfect family center to hang out and enjoy over a round of bowling games.

Aside from a bit of competition with family and friends, you can also channel your diva and have a blast in karaoke.

You can choose from their selection of foods and drinks for a hearty bonding experience.

Make sure to stop by at the Vista Lanes and Lounge that will truly delight the young and the young at heart alike.

Enjoy a Nostalgic Movie Viewing at Lake Theatre

If you're looking for a quaint place that will take you back in time, then make sure to purchase a ticket for a movie screening at Lake Theatre.

The theatre has been standing in Oscoda since 1952, offering quality family entertainment for decades.

This old-style movie house is the place to go for cinema fans and history buffs for its unique blend of 50s nostalgia and movie screenings.

Lake Theatre boasts a fantastic cinematic experience with its vast one-screen movie theatre, comfortable seating, and Dolby surround sound.

Whether you want to watch first-run films or older movies for a more nostalgic experience, this movie house has got you covered!

Enjoy watching the movie with their selection of refreshments and snacks like popcorn, candies, and sodas.

Final Thoughts

Oscoda boasts plenty of beautiful natural sceneries that truly makes for a fun weekend getaway, whether it’s in a relaxed outdoor adventure or an educational trip to a historic destination.

If you're planning a trip to Oscoda soon, make sure to reference this list, so you don't miss out on a memorable adventure to this town in northern Michigan.

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