20 Best Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach, ME

Old Orchard Beach
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Old Orchard Beach is situated in the Southern part of Maine.

From the name itself, the town is the best and number one place if you want to spend a summer vacation with your friends and family.

Other than the beaches, there are plenty of other things you can do when the sun begins to set.

The surrounding areas of the town are Scarborough, Portland, Biddeford, and Saco, where you do not have to spend a long drive time.

Without going any further, here are the 2o best things to do in Old Orchard Beach:

Have a Splash at Old Orchard Beach Pier

Daytime view of the Old Orchard Beach Pier
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If you are looking for an extraordinary adventure with your family and friends regardless of your age, Old Orchard Beach Pier is one of the great places, to begin with.

July 1898 is when the Old Orchard Beach Pier opened, and from there, it has consistently provided tremendous entertaining activities in the area such as casinos, dancing, lectures, and concerts.

An extreme storm has occurred and has altered the way people live and enjoy the place.

Structure of the Old Orchard Beach Pier
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Nevertheless, the beach was constructed in 1980, and it became a better Orchard Beach Pier!

Today, besides entertainment, you can also enjoy various lavish restaurants and shops in the area, which the Golzibein family owns.

You can enjoy the tranquil sea, have a splash together, enjoy the affordable and delicious meals nearby!

Aerial view of the Old Orchard Beach Pier
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Satisfy Your Taste Buds at Tami Lyn's Place

In just 2 minute drive from the Ocean Park Temple, why not satisfy your taste buds at Tami Lyn's Place?

It is one of the most popular locally-owned restaurants in the town with affordable and delicious deals.

The restaurant opened in August of 2012, and from there, it consistently provides good quality foods and services, which is precisely one of the reasons why it became a destination spot!

Whether you are traveling as a local citizen or visitors that come during the warmer months of the year called summer, visiting Tami Lyn's Place is a great idea!

The restaurant is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, suitable for any meals you want - whether breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they have your back!

Other than the delicious food, as pointed out, their service is high quality, making them popular as the restaurant's ambiance is always enjoyable, welcoming, and polite.

Try the classic American bites at Tami Lyn's Place and have a party in your tummy!

Have a Slice of Pizza at Pirates Patio and Galley

In less than 5 minutes' drive time from Tami Lyn's Place, why not have a bite of the famous pizza at Pirates Patio and Galley?

It is one of the most incredible dining places in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, for having an extraordinary story behind it.

As it was situated in coastal Maine, the boat is previously known as the "Widowmaker," as believed by everyone to be the area's best-kept secrets.

Other than enjoying their tasty slice of pizza, you can also watch the various sports games on their televisions while relaxing!

If you want to have a more exciting dinner with your friends and family, you can choose to eat outside of the restaurant situated a few steps away from the actual location.

Pizza is just one of the popular foods that the Pirates Patio and Galley have, but you can try all their delicious foods at a reasonable price!

Enjoy the Rides at Palace Playland

Scenic View of Palace Playland
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After having a friendly competition in golf at Dunegrass Golf Club, why not take on another challenge to take the breathtaking rides with your friends and family?

In just 7 minute drive from the Dunegrass Golf Club, you can arrive at the Palace Playland.

This is one of the most visited places in Old Orchard Beach, whether you are fond of playing carnival games or having a stunning ride.

View of the rides at Palace Playland
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Regardless of age, whether you are traveling with a child, you can enjoy all the activities safely.

The iconic park is located near the oceanfront, and its formative years are back from 1902.

From that year onwards, it consistently provided a unique experience for every person in the town, making it more widespread.

Ferris wheel of Palace Playland
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Everybody is welcome at the park from May to September, but the opening and closing times will vary depending on the circumstances.

Some of the notable and fun rides in the Palace Playland are Drop Zone, Electra Wheel, roller coaster, and a Sea Viper.

People at Palace Playland
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Other than the enjoyable rides, there are also arcade games everywhere where you can again have a friendly competition with your friends and family.

Your vacation in Old Orchard Beach is never complete without Palace Playland!

Pirate ship ride at Palace Playland
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Go Camping at Ne're Beach Family Campground

Visiting the iconic churches, eating in delicious restaurants, playing sports, and enjoying the rides are indeed fun; it has always been best to have a camping trip together with your friends and family.

The place is one of the most popular camping places in the town as the site is intrinsically tranquil, and people are safe in the area.

You can spend the night together having a bonfire, cooking, telling stories, and spending time without distractions from gadgets.

Camping is also one of the best options to escape the noise from the crowd.

What's best about the Ne're Beach Family Campground is their location is nearby the beach.

Hence, other than camping, you can also enjoy the splash at the beach.

Visiting Old Orchard Beach is best to be spent by trying all the comprehensive attractions in the downtown.

Still, it is worthy of consideration to experience how good nature is!

Have a Breakfast at Café 64

Café 64 is one of the most visited places, especially for those who wish to try a spectacular breakfast.

The place is suitable for breakfast and lunch, but who can resist the hot cinnamon bread in the morning that is served together with a hot coffee?

Café 64 is the best place if you want to have a good breakfast experience.

Their best-selling products are Brigus Breakfast Burrito (2 eggs, cheddar, meat, cowboy caviar), Huevos Rancheros, and Breakfast Sandwich.

All of them are reasonably priced!

What's best here is that the ambiance of Café 65 is relaxing, and the staff will greet you with a warm good morning as you enter the store!

Play Golf at Dunegrass Golf Club

If you are looking for a place to play golf, head to Dunegrass Golf Club right away!

There are approximately 300 acres of land available in their area, which is the perfect place for people who love to play or love to learn golf.

If you are that person, why not enjoy golfing with your family and friends in the area?

Indeed, golf is fun, but it is always best if you spend the day with your loved ones playing your favorite outdoor sport.

Rates will vary depending on the holes you would like to utilize and if you want to go with the option of using a golf cart.

Don't miss the chance of playing golf with your friends and family, and have a friendly competition with one another!

Relax at the Old Orchard Beach

Condos at the beach of Old Orchard Beach
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While you are currently reading the 15 best things to do in Old Orchard Beach in Maine, there is a beach named before the city!

Yes, the name of the resort is Old Orchard Beach which has 7 miles of beaches.

A person surfing at Old Orchard Beach
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Besides good relaxation, you can also do other water activities and sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and different kinds of swimming.

The waters of Old Orchard Beach
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You can enjoy the stunning view along the coast while simultaneously enjoying the excellent ambiance of the beach.

Old Orchard Beach is best visited when you have your family and friends with you to play together and enjoy the various outdoor water activities.

Beach chairs overlooking the waters of Old Orchard Beach
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Eat Some Plates of Seafood at The Shack

Old Orchard Beach is one of the seafood capitals in Maine.

For this reason, various restaurants let you enjoy lots of fresh seafood that are freshly harvested.

The Shack is located at 27 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, and they offer a wide variety of seafood choices.

The Shack has often been perceived as the best and outstanding seafood restaurant in the town as all their products on the menu have led to no disappointments or regrets.

You can enjoy their meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; seating at the area while enjoying the relaxing ambiance is always the best in The Shack.

What's best, you can enjoy all of these at the most reasonable prices!

Have Some Beer at GFB Scottish Pub

If you are looking for a place to a night out, the GFB Scottish Pub will complete your night with a stunning drink of one of the best-tasting beers in the town!

The GFB is a brewery company that lets you enjoy a flavourful beer while relaxing with your friends or family.

If you want to relax in solitude, the GFB Scottish Pub is also a great choice to visit, and you will never get disappointed with the enjoyable, tranquil ambiance inside!

Chill out, and don't miss the chance to visit the best bar in the town!

Try the French Fries at Pier French Fries

In 1932, the Pier French Fries became famous in Old Orchard Beach as this was the year that the town discovered french fries!

The iconic french fries were then improved and developed into one of the most best-tasting fries in Maine.

You can have an option for how much you can finish with their tasty and flavourful fries, and it might be pints, cups, or boxes.

For the flavors, you can have poutine, chili, and nacho cheese!

In case you wanted to try different snacks, why not order fried dough, mozzarella sticks, and hotdogs on the menu?

Pier French Fries got everything for you!

Visit the Ocean Park Temple

A Gazebo-like structure beside Ocean Park Temple
Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This iconic temple is a Baptist Church building situated on the Temple Avenue of Ocean Park.

The historical names given on the historical land were Jordan Hall, Bell Tower, Porter Hall stand, and The Temple.

Apart from a few adjustments for mobility, the temple structures, which originated from the latter part of the 19th and the early 20th century have remained almost untouched throughout the time.

You can also visit the place, but it is also the best for worship!

Watch a Theatre at Seaside Pavilion

Enjoy the live performance of the local artist of the Old Orchard Beach as they offer you a stunning performance that is indeed entertaining, captivating, and inspiring!

Regardless of age, everybody is welcome to watch as their performances are suitable for the general audience.

Please book an appointment at their site, and don't miss the chance to watch them perform!

Chill Out at The Brunswick

If you are looking for an ideal place to spend time and chill out, visit The Brunswick!

The place is suitable as you can enjoy the rest of your night having flavorful drinks!

The staff is impressively polite, and the ambiance inside is entertaining.

The place is also perfect for spending the night with your significant other, as you can safely spend the night with delicious foods, drinks, and lovely music!

Shop Items at Cottage Decor

Beginning in April 2020, Cottage Décor began its 15th season of sourcing, repairing, and selling cottage items.

Their goal is to offer original antique items, such as furniture, linens, ceramics, and lamps, to enable you to develop your distinctive cottage style.

Cottage Décor uses old framed photos and other artifacts to commemorate Old Orchard Beach, Maine's rich history.

They provide items appropriate for New England cottages, such as vintage-colored furniture, lamps, linens, and ceramics.

They also sell fresh decorating items like candles, decorative pillows, and tide clocks that go well with their furniture.

Browse the Distinctive Collections of Beachology

Beachology, a boutique showcasing the finest of Maine's craftspeople, is situated in the heart of Old Orchard Beach.

Their distinctive collections of furniture, accent items, and Handmade in Maine merchandise are hand-selected to provide their customers a relaxing, Zen-like retail experience.

They provide amazing options for everyone, including kitchens, bachelor caves, interior spaces, and outdoor spaces.

Handmade Sea Bags, pieces created by regional artisans, and a delightful selection of cuisine from Stonewall Kitchen are a few of the Made in Maine presents that customers love the most.

After an afternoon spent in the sun at the shore, check out their natural skincare products. You may also discover adorable novelty things for the children here and Maine-made specialized presents for special occasions.

Feel Adventurous at Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Since it was first founded in Pirate's Cove, Adventure Golf's goal has been to offer a clean, high-quality, family-friendly entertainment alternative that guarantees a memorable experience for all ages.

Family and friends check their golfing skills on their top-tier golf holes.

They love the rush of white waters from their descending crystal clear waters and streams and revel in their complex and evergreen landscaping.

Furthermore, they have fun in their pirate-themed decorations and backdrops and have recognized their service quality for over thirty years.

While creating their 18-hole courses, both the experienced golfer and the young golfer are considered.

Both menu options are beautifully themed and sure to please the whole family.

Discover the adventures of the rowdiest outlaws to sail the seven seas in a backdrop of perfectly maintained lawns, immaculate landscaping, and exquisitely carved rockwork.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Definitive Brewing

A local group of friends and family members established Definitive Brewing in 2017.

Their extensive selection of beers at all of their sites exemplifies their commitment to providing outstanding beer and giving their visitors a wonderful experience.

Their newest facility is tucked away on the main drag of Old Orchard Beach, the most famous beach town in Maine.

They have transformed the area that was previously the Landmark Restaurant into a completely outdoor public seasonal beer garden.

Over 100 covered and shaded chairs, a room for garden games, a variety of the newest beers, and legendary alcoholic soft-serve ice cream are all available at Definitive Brewing.

Drop by Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church

The Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church is a family-oriented church on Fountain Avenue in Old Orchard Beach.

It has a rich standing history of involvement with the neighborhood of this well-established seaside vacation destination.

Everyone is welcome at their pleasant and welcoming neighborhood, United Methodist Church, whether they are summer visitors to Old Orchard Beach or locals who live nearby.

Regular Sunday morning services and a Thursday night meditation group are also held there at 10 a.m.

The church, which has been operational for more than a century, has frequent services and events.

Final Thoughts

The town of Old Orchard Beach is the perfect place if you want to have a vacation summertime in Maine.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the iconic buildings, camping grounds, fun things to do, and other outdoor activities that will make your summer a memorable one.

Refer to this article to know the 15 Best Things To Do In Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

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