15 Best Things to Do in Old Forge, NY

15 Best Things to Do in Old Forge, NY

Old Forge was originally a forge that was considered unsuitable for farming.

As a result, an iron mine was opened in the year 1811.

Before 1933, this community remained as a village for 30 years, but it was dissolved due to higher management costs.

However, with all these bumps, this place is still a principal business district and tourist attraction.

Famous as “An Adirondack Base Camp”, this town is quite famous as a summer vacation destination and has innumerable places to attract visitors and keep them entertained.

The following are the best visit-worthy places that you have to check out when you visit Old Forge:

McCauley Mountain

McCauley Mountain is a famous mountain that is housed just outside the Old Forge.

This mountain has a 633-foot vertical drop, paddle lift, double chairlift, rope tows, T bars, and multiple trails for skiing.

The skiing trails are 21 in number and at the height of 3000 to 5000 feet.

The place is perfect for enjoying skiing. People from all experience levels, beginners to experts can enjoy this place at very affordable rates.

The mountain provides skating opportunities for more than 105 days every year as it is covered with 65% of snow.

A very beautiful and refreshing place,  McCauley Mountain is definitely a place worth visiting.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is the place that makes Old Forge the best summer vacation destination.

This is the largest water park in entire New York.

The Park has more than 50 rides and attractions, which include more than 30 water rides.

The Park is designed in such a manner that it focuses entirely on making the experience enjoyable for all guests.

In addition to the water park, the place also has an amusement park, a barnyard, a circus, gaming arcades, shops, amusement rides, kiddie rides, go-carts, zip line, miniature golf, bumper boats, and whatnots.

This place is definitely a themed paradise which everyone should definitely visit once.

View Art Center

This beautiful Art Center is one of the most famous tourist attractions and the heart of this town.

The view Center for arts and culture is a multidimensional center that offers insights into the art, and culture of the town.

The Center has a variety of national art exhibitions, and live performances.

The Center hosts some of the most famous and notable art shows in the entire area which recognize and acknowledge artists from all over the world.

As beautiful as this place is, it definitely deserves a lot more admiration and attention from all visitors.

Moose River Farm

Moose River Farm is one of the best recreational areas in Old Forge.

This farm provides visitors with an opportunity to have a unique experience by taking various tours and Ilama excursions.

You can also enjoy tracking on this farm and play with Ilama up close.

You can also enjoy petting the birds with the gorgeous views of  Adirondack Mountain.

Town of Webb Historic Association

The Town of Webb Historical Association is responsible for operating Goodsell Museum in the town.

This place exhibits a number of historical exhibitions.

Most of the exhibitions are local. The exhibitions are spread over in six rooms with an additional research library.

This library has a unique collection of photographs, postcards, maps, books, and business and historical genealogy records.

This place is quite historic. In addition to the museum, it also has a special ice house as well as a beautiful barn.

This is a perfect place for people looking for historical classics.

As is pretty much understandable from the name, Kurt Gardner Photography Gallery is a gallery that exhibits the photography works of a local photographer, Kurt Gardner.

Most of the pictures are of the captivating beauty of natural mountains and high peaks in the Old Forge area.

This gallery is located on the main street and allows visitors to browse through the collection of photographs.

You can also buy the pictures that you like.

This place is also quite famous as a beautiful picture spot during holidays, as it is heavily decorated.

Misters Bistro

Misters Bistro is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for someplace serving fresh and local food of the town.

This restaurant has been trying to revolutionize the world of food and make it healthier and environmentally friendly.

The restaurant has a variety of platters on its menu which are prepared on order. The ingredients are sourced locally.

The menu is always changing with the seasons.

This restaurant is a perfect place if you have different eating requirements like gluten-free diets, vegan diets, vegetarian diets, as well as proper diet food.

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery is one of the most famous and dedicated breweries in the town.

This local brewery will definitely give you the best time in the town with its cold-crafted brews.

Fulton is also a great place to visit if you are looking forward to tasting some local drinks made using local ingredients.

This brewery has more than 10 beers on the menu, which are surely delicious and worth trying.

This is the most chilled-out brewery in the town.

Old Forge Lake Cruise

If you are looking for another unique and great way to enjoy the beauty of this old town, Old Forge Lake Cruise is the real kill deal.

The scenic lake cruise allows you to cover almost double-ground on boats as compared to what you will cover on foot.

The place has steamboats as well as cruises which allows you to explore this area along with learning about its history and development.

Various tour packages are available. You can buy packages in which snacks and food are also available.

This place is perfect for spending quality family time as all the requirements for a comfortable experience are taken well care of.

Calypso’s Cove

Calypso’s Cove is another great place to check out if you are traveling with family or a group.

This place is quiet and thrilling and adventurous. Calypso’s Cove offers various adventurous activities like rock climbing, zip-lining, racing, gaming, etc. to visitors.

The Place also allows you to participate in various gaming challenges which are the best way of engaging in some physical activities on a vacation.

With so many facilities and affordable prices, this Calypso’s Cove is definitely worth checking out.

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain
Wildnerdpix / Shutterstock.com

If you are looking for some naturally beautiful spots in Old Forge, Bald Mountain will never disappoint you.

This beautiful mountain is perfect for people who are seeking some challenging adventurous activities.

You can track up to the peak of the mountain which is almost 2350 feet above the ground.

At the summit of the mountain, all your hard work will pay off and you will be blessed with breathtaking views of the Fulton lakes.

The hikes are steep at some places so make sure that you pack a good pair of shoes if you are planning to hike this area.

You can also take guided hiking tours for ensuring safety if you are not a professional.

The Strand Theater

Collection of film equipments in Strand theatre
North woodsman / Shutterstock.com

For all art lovers, the Strand Theatre is the perfect place to visit.

This property has four theatres that are always lively with different artistic performances from different genres.

From fancy to classical performances, the theatre has it all.

The place has on-site snacks as well which makes the experience of enjoying art performances very comfortable and nice.

The place also has modern amenities which make it perfect for enjoying present-day cinema in addition to art performances.

This place is perfect for a family getaway on a lazy or boring day as it will lift up your spirits.

Nutty Putty

Another beautiful and ideal location for spending some quality time with friends and family is Nutty Putty which is a mini-golf course.

This golf course in Old Forge is an attractive location due to its natural scenery and colorful outdoors.

The golf course is surrounded by beautiful flowers, which makes it different from the usual ones.

Surrounding pine trees provide shade for players and keep them cool even in hot weather.

The course is tricky and the holes again are uniquely designed.

Some of the holes save moving features which make the game much more challenging and interesting at the same time.

The Sky Bar at Tony Harper’s

Famous as Tony Harper’s Pizza and clam shack, this restaurant in Old Forge serves the best pizza in the area.

The pizzas at Tony Harper’s are not only delicious but also freshly made with signature servings.

In addition to the pizzas, the restaurant is also famous for its collection of drinks, which are premium quality cocktails and beers.

The place is equipped with HD Televisions and well-maintained furniture.

In addition to the food, the place also has fantastic live music arrangements which are mostly performances by local bands or individual artists.

This place is so fulfilling in itself, it is definitely going to help you in having a great time.

Go Camping

Old Forge is one of the most famous towns in New York when it comes to camping.

The town has beautiful scenery and lush green vegetation.

It has well-maintained campsites. Apart from the campsites, the town also has big open grounds which allow visitors to bring their own camping gear and enjoy.

A complete property named Old Forge Camping Resort is dedicated entirely to camping.

This place is extremely popular among folks as it has multiple bear sightings and well-equipped campgrounds.

You can also enjoy activities like fishing, cycling, swimming, ball games, and trekking at this resort.

Old Forge Hardware

Old forge Hardware is the perfect store for shopping in the town.

This hardware store will fulfill all your requirements.

From rental equipment to gifting options, the store has it all.

The prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly.

A hidden gem in Old Forge, the Old Forge Hardware store is a must-visit place in town.

Adirondack Scenic Railroad

The Adirondack railroad is the getaway ticket for all those who are looking forward to getting lost in the beautiful woodlands.

Aiming at the preservation of the rail history of the town, this is a unique way of experiencing the beautiful gifts of nature.

This place in old forge drives a large number of visitors as it is unbelievably beautiful and photogenic.

This is an experience that will change your hours into a lifetime of memories.

The train allows you to board the bogies for the best views inside the forests of the town.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the rail tours also allow visitors to enjoy special beers.

These trains also allow visitors to participate in entertaining activities like recreating train robberies, murders, and other mysteries.

The trains also offer special eco-tours.

A very romantic activity in itself, Adirondack scenic railroad is a perfect way to spend time in a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Rivett’s Marine

Rivett’s Marine is a fully operational marine that would meet all your requirements.

The company has the best quality boating gear to ensure that customers have the best boating experience.

In addition to boating gear, the company also offers equipment for hiking, kayaking, skiing, and other adventure activities at affordable prices.

Situated on one of the Fulton lakes, this place is beautiful and caters to all your needs at one stop without a failure.

Old Forge is a great place to visit and spend some time away from boring life.

This town has plenty of things to offer to visitors at great ease.

Its location in the mountainous region makes the place naturally abundant regardless of the season during which you are visiting.

Old Forge has a charm of its own and it will not disappoint you, be it your first visit to the town or a subsequent visit.

With perfect accommodation places and affordable service providers, the town has plenty of options to choose from.