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15 Best Things to Do in Okmulgee, OK

  • Published 2022/09/07

Okmulgee is a city on the east side of Oklahoma and South of Tusla.

The city got its name from the Mvskoke word ‘okimulgee,’ meaning “boiling waters,” and features different rivers and springs nearby.

As the county seat of Okmulgee County, Okmulgee has its share of attractions to check out.

Besides different attractions, the city offers a selection of places to enjoy nature and a meal.

You can also join the many events in the city, such as their small business promotion events.

Among the several options to explore in the city, here is a list of the best things to do in Okmulgee:

Tour the Creek Nation Council House

Exterior of Creek Nation Council House

Rdlogan05, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Creek Nation Council House is one of the ideal spots for history fans to visit in Okulmegee.

Located on West 6th Street, the Creek Nation Council House features several events and programs for guests to explore local history.

Depending on the month and day, you can learn a variety of activities ranging from basket-weaving to finger weaving at the various museum events.

If you want to explore the historical pieces in the museum, check out a selection of displays with different information on the past.

There are plenty of learning opportunities at the Creek Nation Council House.

Spot Local Wildlife at Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge

There are several places to explore nature in the city, but you can find remnants of a bottomland hardwood forest only at the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge.

Established in 1993, the refuge protects these remnants.

In addition to the forest, the refuge holds remnants of pecan orchards and ruins of an old coal mine railroad.

If you want to see the wildlife in this refuge, you can find a list of birds, including owls, hummingbirds, and geese.

Aside from bird species, the refuge features deer, fish, and other wildlife.

Other things to enjoy at the refuge include hiking trails and various other activities.

To find the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge, you need to head to South 250 Road.

Enjoy the Lakes and Campgrounds at Okmulgee Lake & Recreation Area

The Okmulgee Lake & Recreation Area is one of many nature spots to explore in the city and has plenty of features for visitors to experience.

If you love camping, the area has nearly 200 hundred campsites, most being RV campsites while other grounds catered to tents.

In addition to featuring several campsites, the area has plenty of sights and facilities to check out.

If you want to check out the sights in the area, you can explore two lakes there.

They are Okmulgee Lake and Dripping Springs Lake, both dating back to the 1970s.

Some features to enjoy at these lakes include a spillway and multiple fish to catch.

Aside from the campgrounds and lakes, the area has a 3.5-mile nature trail and convenient facilities, such as a nearby general store.

You can find the Okmulgee Lake & Recreation Area along Dripping Springs Road.

Explore the Okmulgee State Park

If you want to do recreational activities in the area, check out the Okmulgee State Park near Dripping Springs Lake.

Okmulgee State Park is one of the local parks in the city, and there are plenty of facilities and areas for different activities.

Some activities you can enjoy at this park include biking and fishing.

Available facilities at this park include designated swimming areas and playgrounds.

In addition, there is a public hunting area and a three-mile nature trail.

Whether you want to camp, hike, or swim, enjoy recreational options at the Okmulgee State Park.

Try Hunting at the Okmulgee PHA

Do you like hunting?

If you do, head to the Okmulgee PHA to check out the local game.

Okmulgee PHA, a.k.a. the Okmulgee Public Hunting Area, is a public hunting spot you can access via Webster Road and spans 2,940 acres.

There are four entrances to the hunting area, which consists of woods that feature post oaks.

If you want to try hunting some animals, you might spot rabbits, quails, and turkeys, to name a few.

Besides being a hunting area, the Okmulgee PHA features spots where you can go camping and fishing.

Whether you like hunting or not, the Okmulgee PHA is one of the many places to explore nature in the city.

Check Out the Historic Okmulgee Mansion

The Historic Okmulgee Mansion is a historical site popularly used for weddings and other private events.

You can find the three-story historical site around East 6th Street and book a venue tour if you’d like.

The mansion is around a hundred years old, which spans two and a half acres and currently doubles as an office complex.

Besides, the historic site hosts a selection of local events you can join.

There’s plenty to see at the Historic Okmulgee Mansion, whether it’s public events or a tour.

Play Games and Enjoy Meals at the One Fire Casino

Okulmegee has no shortage of places to explore nature and history, but if you want to find some entertainment, check out One Fire Casino.

One Fire Casino is a local hot spot located around Wood Drive, which has operated since 1987.

This casino has plenty of facilities, including over three hundred electronic games.

If you want to try the dining options in this casino, you can enjoy pizza, wings, and a sports bar there.

In addition to games and meals, the casino holds different promotions where you can win various prizes.

Drink at Brasier’s Bar & Lounge

Enjoy a drink by taking a break at Brasier’s Bar & Lounge.

Brasier’s Bar & Lounge is one of the local bars available in the city and offers a selection of drinks to enjoy, including bourbon.

A local bar may not seem like the most prominent tourist attraction in a city, but it offers a space to take a break.

Besides a place to enjoy drinks, the bar and lounge hosts live music and events, such as trivia nights.

If you want to try local dives or want a break, check out Brasier’s Bar & Lounge.

Try Daiquiris at Khis Daq’s

Have you ever had a Daiquiri?

If not, you can try it by going to Khis Daq’s.

Khis Daq’s is a local drinking spot you can find around East 13th Street and features different fruit flavors.

Some of the flavors at this drinking spot include peach, banana, and strawberry, to name a few.

If you want to bring a daiquiri home, the service offers 16 oz. and 32 oz. bottles to bring home.

What if you don’t have time to visit the venue?

Khis Daq’s also has a drive-thru service.

Go Shop at Miss Mary’s Market

Explore the local shopping scene by checking out Miss Mary’s Market at West 8th Street.

The local market is the leading grocery spot in the downtown area and features plenty of fresh produce and other products.

Whether you want to get fresh fruits or dairy products, Miss Mary’s Market has plenty of items for you to browse and buy.

In addition to being a prime grocery spot, the market features a lunch menu.

Some items you can enjoy on this menu include sandwiches and wraps you can construct, plus homemade baked goods.

Besides produce and goods, Miss Mary’s Market offers a list of merchandise and recipes.

Browse Crafted Products at the Redstick Gallery

Redstick Gallery is one of the local shops in the city and is a prime spot for checking out crafted items.

The store features handmade products that range from art to jewelry and apparel from the Muscogee Nation tribe.

Some art pieces available at this store include pottery, wood art, and prints.

In addition to art pieces and retail pieces, the store offers a list of miscellaneous items, including pillows and accessories.

Aside from handcrafted items and apparel, the shop has a selection of books available.

You can find Redstick Gallery by heading to South Grand Avenue.

Have Coffee and Read a Book at Midge & Millie’s

Every city has a place to relax, one of which is Midge & Millie’s.

Midge & Millie’s is a bookstore that doubles as a coffee shop and gift shop.

Located on West 6th Street, the bookstore offers a range of genres you can read and a list of coffee blends to enjoy with it.

If you’re not craving a coffee, you can enjoy a selection of non-caffeinated drinks, including boba and soda.

In the gift shop section of the store, you can purchase various apparel and stationery items.

Watch an Event at the Bob Arrington Rodeo Arena

Several events take place in Okulmegee.

One of these events is a rodeo, held at the Bob Arrington Rodeo Arena.

The outdoor area, which you can find at Fairgrounds Road, features several facilities and can hold around a thousand people.

Some of the facilities available at this facility include concession stands and RV hookups.

Regarding events, you can check out bull riding and roping competitions.

If you want to check out local carnivals and festivals, keep an eye out for events at the Bob Arrington Rodeo Arena.

Catch the Okmulgee Air Fest

Enjoy a show by joining the Okmulgee Air Fest.

The biennial air show takes place around September on East 6th Street.

Besides watching air shows, you can also enjoy other things at the day-long Okmulgee Air Fest.

These features include food trucks and helicopter rides.

You can find the festival at the Okmulgee Regional Airport.

Taste Local Chili at the Harvest Spoon Chili Fest

The Harvest Spoon Chili Fest is one of the many events in the city, a prime festival for those who love trying different food.

The festival generally occurs around October on Okmulgee Main Street.

You can have fun with plenty of options at this event, including different food, local competitions, and live entertainment.

If you want to check out other features aside from the food competitions and performances, explore the marketplace and other facilities for the festival.

Whether you want to try chili or join the competitions, make a day of it at the Harvest Spoon Chili Fest.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch

Okulmegee may offer plenty of sights and attractions to explore, but you can also find other options to explore in nearby spots in the Oklahoma area.

One place you can check out nearby is Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch in Bixby, Oklahoma, 34 minutes from Okmulgee.

Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch is a seasonal shop that opens in the fall and features produce, goods, and facilities.

Whether you want to get a pumpkin for Halloween, try some fudge, or get a hayride, there is plenty to check out at this venue.

Final Thoughts

Okmulgee is a city ripe with nature, history, and plenty of things to see and do.

For example, you can explore plenty of areas with gorgeous scenery and wildlife and several activities to enjoy ranging from camping to fishing.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Okmulgee, Oklahoma!

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