15 Best Things to Do in Ogunquit, Maine

15 Best Things to Do in Ogunquit, Maine

Ogunquit is a very famous town in Maine. The town is so exquisitely beautiful that it is almost impossible to explore it in its entirety in just one visit. With numerable activities to enjoy and infinite number of places to visit, Ogunquit is a perfect destination for vacations.

The town can easily be rewarded as the best beach town in New England. However, apart from the beaches, this town also offers various cultural activities and festivals which can be enjoyed regardless of your time of the visit.

This write up will be covering the best thing out of all that you should definitely check out and enjoy in this beautiful and mesmerising town in Maine.

Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse

Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse
Stefan Hillebrand, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most beautiful and architecturally prominent lighthouses, Cape Neddick Nubble lighthouse was built in the year 1879. Originally the lighthouse was constructed with an attached house with red roof and a few out buildings. The lighthouse is made of iron and bricks and has a height of 41 feet.

This light house is still in use at present and offers some really beautiful views of the rocky coast of the Atlantic. The property is not open for visitors but the views of the lighthouse can be enjoyed in the nearby Sohier park.

Ogunquit Heritage Museum

Listed on the national register of historic places, Ogunquit heritage museum is housed inside a historical building from 18th century. This museum is open for visitors seasonally during the months from June to October, from Tuesday to Saturday. The museum is accessible to public without any additional costs.

Half of the museum is in the house in which the museum is located. This museum is ideal to enjoy beautiful artefacts, well, heritage and history of the town, and its architectural beauty. The museum also has a collection of documents and artefacts which are of historical significance.

What makes this museum more attractive is that it has the original flooring, panels, and the fireplaces which were installed during its construction in the 18th century.

Ogunquit Museum of American Art

Ogunquit Museum of American Art
John Phelan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ogunquit Museum of American art is the only museum in Maine which is dedicated exclusively to American art form. The museum was opened to public in the year 1953. This museum has a collection of more than 1600 artworks including photography, sculptures, paintings, artefacts, and many more.

The museum has permanent exhibition as well as some rotating exhibitions which focus greatly on contemporary American art. Most of the exhibitions of this museum are named after some famous artists. This museum is definitely a must visit place in Ogunquit for some art therapy.

Ogunquit Playhouse

Ogunquit Playhouse
B Lee Mannino, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This famous attraction listed on the national register of historic places was opened in 1933. Ogunquit Playhouse is known as a notable Straw hat circuit, and a summer theatre which is run by a non-profit organisation. Ogunquit playhouse is famous for running some extraordinary and star-rated performances.

The playhouse opens seasonally from May to October and entertains the entire community in the town with its mesmerising performances. The playhouse also patrons local and regional artists and promote their talent. All the details about the performance schedule and pricing of shows can be found at the official website of the playhouse.

Backyard Coffeehouse and Eatery

Backyard coffee house and eatery is one of the most comfortable and beautiful coffee house in the town of Ogunquit. The coffee house has a rustic and vintage interior featuring wooden tables and blackboard menus which attract most of the visitors.

The coffee house serves freshly brewed coffee with their unique ingredients and traditional recipes. The coffee house also serves sides and snacks such as bagels, salads, sandwiches, burgers, muffins, cakes, scones along with its premium coffees. If you are in the town, you should definitely check this place out and enjoy their delicacies.

Beach Plum Farm

Spread in an area of 22 acres, Beach Plum Farm is located on the North end of the town. This farm has more than 50 separate gardens and parks which are open for public visits.

Most of these parks are used as gardens which have walking trails connected with a single loop. The place is extremely delightful for summer visits as all the gardens are loaded with beautiful fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other natural plants.

The farm has also installed tables where people can rest. This place is also great for enjoying and spotting some coastal birds. Overall the place is a natural delight and must visit for a tranquil picnic.

Bread and Roses Bakery

Bread and Roses bakery is a very beautiful and cute bakery located on the main street in Ogunquit. This bakery is famous for serving everything from croissants to freshly baked pizzas. The bakery has some of its iconic roasters such as carpe diem coffee and other famous drinks.

However, the bakery is famous for something else as well other than its cute interiors and extensive menu. This bakery is well known for its goods which are baked freshly in their own kitchen using local ingredients.

The must try items of the bakery are their freshly baked cakes, artisan bread loaves, fruit tarts, pies, cream rolls and other desserts. The bakery also ships its products so that the visitors can enjoy the delicacies even in their cities.

Cornerstone Artisanal pizza and craft beer

A beautiful wooden interior paired with warm yellow glow is what you need to feel like your best. Cornerstone artisanal pizza and craft beer is a place that does exactly the same for you. With its beautiful warm space, this place has a menu which is loaded with regular pizzas and other inventive varieties of pizza.

All the pizzas on the menu are made using hand tossed dough and made using fresh ingredients. Apart from the pizzas, the place is also a big hit for its craft beers as all those beers are made specially to suit the menu. The place is definitely beautiful and worth visiting.

Cove cafe

Cove Cafe is a famous cafe which opens seasonally in the town of Ogunquit. The cafe has a very distinctive blue decor covered with windows. It was opened in 2001 and has been serving freshly made home-cooked meals to the visitors.

The place is greatly famous for its breakfast and has a very vast and healthy breakfast menu. They offer items like fried eggs, lobster frittata, Crab cakes, lobster Benedict, and many more.

You should also try their omelette as they have 15 different varieties of omelette on the menu. If you are visiting the city during the months of May to October, you should definitely not miss visiting this place.

Also known as Don Gorvett Piscataqua Fine Arts Studio & gallery, Black beer fine Art Gallery exhibits the beautiful work of the famous artist Don Gorvett. The gallery also features works from other artists varying from paintings to photography.

The gallery also offers souvenirs which you can buy as gifts from your trip to Ogunquit for your loved ones. The gallery is quite pretty and offers a great insight into beautiful wood cut wooden style images.

H&M crumpets

H&M Crumpets is a famous boutique which sells personalised items. This little boutique is different from the famous clothing brand with the same name. H&M in its name denotes the names of three dogs of its owners: Homer, Max, and Crumpet.

This is a little boutique which sells personal care items like soaps, lotions, air fresheners, candles, deodorants for men, babies, and women. Most of the items in this boutique are produced by local artisans which provide them a market for their products. You can definitely take a halt at this place and buy some really cute gifting items for your loved ones.

The place also has a sister store, the Harbour Candy Shop which sells a variety of gourmet chocolates and candles. The place serves delicious chocolates in different flavours like fruit and nut, creamy, and even vegan chocolate.

It also has tasty fudges, cakes and other dessert items which are made using chocolates. You can also select other goodies from the shop or make a gift box as per your preferences.

Marginal Way

Marginal Way
Captain-tucker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Marginal way is the best way to enjoy the most splendid views of the Atlantic Ocean from Ogunquit. It is more of a walking trail which is 1.25 miles. These walking trials which end into the Atlantic oceans and its huge waves overlooking the town of Ogunquit.

It has a small elevation but is still perfect for walking and cycling. The place has some benches as well for ensuring comfort of the visitors. Marginal Way is hands down the best way of enjoying the views of the water from the shoreline.

Lobster Shack

Established in 1980, Lobster shack is a very famous and amazing family owned business which offers the most delicious lobster and other seafood in the city.

This place is located on the Perkins Cove Road in a brown quaint building. Some of the classics at lobster shack are Clam chowder, lobster rolls, lobster dinners, steamers, etc. What makes this place different from other restaurants is that all the lobsters are caught freshly and stored in the tanks of ocean water in order to ensure the fresh taste.

Perkins cove

Perkins cove bridge
Captain-tucker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Perkins Cove is a beautiful open area which allows the visitors to have a great time walking around the shoreline specially during the summer season. The place is full of boats and is just spectacular. It also has a small bridge known as the Perkins Cove Bridge which allows lifting a sailboat. The area is also surrounded by a lot of cafes and places which are just picture perfect.

Exploring the Sea

The coasts of the beautiful town of Ogunquit are covered with views that are not only breath taking but live in your memories forever. These views can be best enjoyed from inside the waters.

The town of Ogunquit has various service providers who provide for scenic cruises in the surrounding waters which allows the visitors to enjoy the light houses, beautiful harbours, and the coasts all at once. One such service provider is the Finestkind scenic cruises.

You can choose from variety of boats and a list of tours depending on your preferences. While on the tour you can also enjoy cricket shows and the cocktails which are served during the sunset.
Another such service provider is Silverlining Sailing. Silverlining sailing provides you with all the equipment and guidance that you require for a successful sailing experience.

They always offer sailing tours for people of all ages and are very safe. You should definitely consider taking this sail tour if you are interested in enjoying mesmerising sunset over the horizon of the sea.

Another unique way of enjoying the waters near Ogunquit is to by getting in touch with the World within Sea kayaking service. The service providers have all the equipments from kayaks to paddle board which allow the visitors to enjoy water activities. However, world within sea kayaking is open only during high tide cycles which makes it a very seasonal service.

The tickets and details of all these places could be found on their respective websites. These are just different kind of experiences and you should definitely try one or all of them.

We cannot stress enough on the fact that no amount of words or no vocabulary can do justice to the beauty and the richness of Ogunquit in Maine. The town is a wonder, and its people wonderful. Once you visit this place, you will want to stay here forever.

With its beachy and summery life, the town is just not a simple town but blessing of the God. This town is also a great place for foodies as it has a lot of beautiful and affordable cafes, restaurants and speciality shops serving fresh and local food.

The place is definitely worth your time and is an absolute favourite vacation destination as it induces happiness instantly.