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15 Best Things to Do in Oconto, WI

  • Published 2022/10/03

The city of Oconto in Oconto County lies close to the beautiful Green Bay and the scenic Oconto River.

Before its incorporation in 1869, Oconto had a rich history with close ties to Canada and native Indians.

There are a few historical sites in the area that reflect those origins.

Besides its history, Oconto has diverse attractions, including calming leisure and lively recreation.

You can also stroll along its main streets and explore the vibrant local scene.

From small-time shops and amusement venues to various parks and natural destinations, there are lots of places to enjoy.

Read this list to discover the best things to do in Oconto, Wisconsin!

Wander around Copper Culture State Park

Museum at Copper Culture State Park

Yinan Chen, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Copper Culture State Park spans 42 acres, prepped for guests to explore.

It’s a park with several attractions, including natural landscapes, archaeological sites, and a beautiful historical museum.

The park’s museum is an old farmhouse from 1924 with features of a traditional Belgium-style home.

Inside, you’ll find original artifacts, memorabilia, and photographs taken from the excavation site within the premises.

Artifacts displayed in Copper Culture State Park's museum

Yinan Chen, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The theme revolves around Native Americans because the site had been a burial ground for ancient Indians thousands of years ago.

The burial ground has even been designated as a national historical landmark with exceptional value to history.

You’ll be able to see copper tools, chipped stones, bones, and other items they carefully managed to preserve from the past.

Located along Copper Culture Way, Copper Culture State Park displays an integral part of history.

Landscape of Copper Culture State Park

Yinan Chen, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Join Glow Golf at The Ruins Adventure Mini Golf & Ice Cream

The Ruins Adventure Mini Golf & Ice Cream is the perfect group destination.

With fun mini golf and tasty organic ice cream, what more do you need for a fun day of entertainment?

The golf course is all about creativity, containing waterfalls, ponds, splash fountains, streams, and quirky decor scattered around the area.

There are also plenty of plants and flowers to brighten up the space and complement the sweeping greens of the course.

At night, you can experience “Glow Golf” and see colorful neon lights illuminate the venue’s structures, golf balls, and holes.

End your trip to these ruins with award-winning ice creams from Maddison’s Chocolate Shoppe.

The flavors of their ice cream vary from the usual vanilla and chocolate to one-of-a-kind treats like Superman and Blue Moon.

On Howard Lane, The Ruins Adventure Mini Golf & Ice Cream is Oconto’s go-to place for amusement.

Unwind at City Park

With so many parks in the city, City Park still manages to set itself apart.

This leisure attraction is positioned right on the banks of Green Bay, offering straight views of its calm waters.

City Park is a great place to connect with nature as you’re lured by the soft sounds of the waves and the wind’s cool breeze.

It also has playground structures, pavilions, volleyball courts, and fire pits.

There are also campsites around the premises.

Whether you want to relax in the park or venture out into the bay, City Park welcomes all kinds of safe recreation.

It’s a simple destination that can be perfect for those who need a peaceful moment in time.

If those things interest you, head towards County Highway to find this serene park.

Drink and Relax at The Yard

As Oconto’s first-ever beer garden, The Yard on Holtwood Way offers a new casual place to enjoy refreshing drinks.

The concept is simple—to sip cool drinks while in the presence of pure, serene nature.

The gardens present open outdoor views of lush trees, colorful flowers, and a scenic lake.

Meanwhile, customers can lounge on wooden chairs and sip on canned beers, wines, cocktails, or craft brews.

They also have hammocks between trees, so you can lie down whenever you want.

Sometimes, food trucks will feature various kinds of international cuisines inside The Yard.

Explore The Shop on Main

The Shop on Main doubles as a cozy coffee shop and local gift shop.

This store on Main Street offers deliciously brewed coffees sprinkled with Amoretti syrups, hand-dipped ice creams, and dainty teas.

You can sit on one of the stools and enjoy the rustic ambiance, highlighted in wooden furniture, brick walls, and tall windows.

The Shop on Main allows local artists to display and sell their works in a public venue.

From little trinkets and mugs to woven scarves and paintings, there’s plenty to see on the shelves of their gift shop.

Most of their items also have affordable prices, which is just right when buying souvenirs for your trip.

Pairing freshly brewed drinks with beautiful artwork was a splendid idea.

The Shop on Main is a great place to stop by if you’re ever in the area.

Get Lessons from Breezy Acres Stables

Breezy Acres Stables is an all-around attraction for activities related to horses.

It’s a small, family-owned facility focusing on the proper care and treatment for horses, including massages and therapy.

Depending on your goals and preferences, you can also avail individual lessons, training, and workshops.

They’re generally accommodating to customers’ requests, so feel free to inquire about their services.

If you have kids, they can join camps that let them get up close and personal with friendly animals.

Try dropping by Breezy Acres Stables for anything related to horses!

They’re located along Nichols Road.

Shop in Brubaker’s Country Store

Brubaker’s Country Store has become one of the top grocery stores in the area.

Even if they’re small and family-owned, this shop has remained strong as a reputable destination.

With exceptional products at affordable prices, it’s no surprise that even residents from nearby cities drop by this venue to get their groceries.

They’ve got a little bit of everything from fresh organic produce, meats, hygiene products, and unique homemade finds.

They’re also well-known for having some of the tastiest deli sandwiches in the area.

Brubaker’s Country Store is a one-stop venue for your daily necessities.

If organic and local groceries are what you’re searching for, make your way to this establishment on Co Road.

Admire Flowers in The Garden Spot

Along the roads of WI-22, The Garden Spot is a small piece of lush, green paradise.

The whole area is filled with bright, colorful flowers scattered around the outdoors and inside the greenhouse.

They feature a collection of seasonal plants, including mums, asters, perennials, and shrubs of different shades and varieties.

A simple stroll along The Garden Spot presents a pretty picture of blooming greeneries.

Lanes upon lanes of flowers, plants, and young trees are neatly placed and carefully trimmed in their own brown pots.

You can pick out whichever one suits your fancy.

They also offer discounts on special events and near the end of every season.

Whether you want small, dainty flowers or vibrant, striking blooms, there’s something for everyone in The Garden Spot.

Tour the Beyer Home and Carriage Museum

Exterior of the Beyer Home and Carriage Museum

TheCatalyst31, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along Park Avenue, you’ll be able to discover the Beyer Home and Carriage Museum.

This attraction consists of two main destinations: a historic home from the 19th century and a space for restored vintage vehicles.

The Oconto County Historical Society maintains both in the same location.

You can schedule guided tours around the beautiful Queen Anne-style home, learn about past trends, and how the building was beautifully restored.

Mostly, you’ll learn about the lavish lifestyle of wealthy people in Oconto.

Afterward, you can head to the Carriage Museum and look at classic vehicles, including ice sleighs, boats, carriages, electric cars, and more.

You can also see before and after photos of a few vehicles they managed to fix into pristine condition.

The Beyer Home and Carriage Museum is a splendid way to glimpse local history on your own!

Watch the Sunset at Breakwater Park

Breakwater Park may only span a single acre, but it offers much more.

You’ll have a gorgeous backdrop of the Oconto River since the park is positioned close to its edges.

There’s a narrow, straightforward path that you can walk through to get closer to the vast river.

The river is said to look almost endless from that position.

It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset in Oconto.

Other activities in Breakwater Park include fishing, boating, and using the park’s facilities.

There are pavilions, boat launchers, and boat slip rentals to help you enjoy water recreation in the park.

If you’d like to visit, Breakwater Park can be found along Harbor Road.

Get Active at Holtwood Sporting Complex & Park

For sports and active recreation, Holtwood Sporting Complex & Park is a fine choice.

Along Holtwood Way, this massive park reaches up to 68 acres.

It’s home to many sports facilities, including baseball diamonds, sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, and sports fields.

All of these can help you get your fix of sports and active ventures.

There are also pavilions and a wide-open campground for those who prefer to chill and have simple leisure.

At the campground, you can rent various types of boats or play a game of disc golf or mini golf.

If you’re unsure of what you want to do, Holtwood Sporting Complex & Park has a range of optional activities for you to try.

Feast at The Dockside

At The Dockside, you can dine comfortably while having the prettiest backdrop of the city’s scenic waters.

It’s positioned close to where the Oconto River meets the bay of Green Bay, making it an interesting sight.

On its own, the restaurant has slight ocean-themed decor with an open, comfortable atmosphere.

The Dockside has a broad menu featuring appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, grilled food, and more.

Their specialty, however, focuses on fresh seafood, so make sure to try them.

You can find this cool restaurant along Harbor Road.

Bowl in The Good Place

In a thriving city like Oconto, you can’t miss out on one of the most classic forms of entertainment, bowling.

The Good Place is a plain establishment with all the necessary facilities and equipment for bowling—but don’t sleep on this venue!

They take pride in the bowling alley’s comfortable ambiance, offering a place for people to meet new friends.

You can join tournament leagues and get to connect with locals in Oconto.

Besides that, The Good Place also sells a few American comfort snacks like pizzas, burgers, fries, and chicken wings.

Break your boredom with this simple yet effective activity that’s already become a tradition in many people’s hearts.

Discover The Good Place along the lengths of Main Street.

Visit Irish Greens Golf Course

Irish Greens Golf Course presents a smooth nine-hole course with yards of pristine greens surrounded by dense trees.

Since its establishment in 2011, Irish Greens Golf Course has become a cherished local gem.

At Logtown Road, this course is open to anyone needing leisure recreation.

One of its best facilities is the pub and grill, serving popular comfort foods, fancy steak dinners, and unique daily specials.

It also hosts many events that involve live concerts, tournament leagues, and group workshops on a few occasions.

If you need a place to hang out, Irish Greens Golf Course could be a good option.

After all, golf is a game that can be fun for almost all ages!

Go Birdwatching at the Oconto Marsh

The Oconto Marsh is a place where you can truly immerse in untainted nature.

Just north of Oconto’s center, this marsh-like environment is abundant in animal wildlife, especially birds.

That’s why the Oconto Marsh is popular for being a bird-viewing destination.

You’ll see native flying animals like wood ducks, snowy owls, and scooters.

It features a straightforward route that’s relatively easy for all skill levels.

A wooden platform will also help you get closer to the inside of the marsh and its natural inhabitants.

If you’re planning a visit, make sure to put on comfortable attire and shoes.

Final Thoughts

With its position close to a scenic bay and river, Oconto thrives in water-related attractions.

It also has its fair share of historical museums, modern entertainment, local shops, and natural destinations.

Don’t miss out on the best things to do in Oconto, Wisconsin!

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