15 Best Things to Do in Ocean City, NJ

15 Best Things to Do in Ocean City, NJ

“America’s Greatest Family Resort” is the motto of Ocean City, which is a city in Cape May County of New Jersey state. Staying true to its motto, it is one of the best family-oriented seaside resorts that USA has to offer.

Ocean City is all about a 2.5 miles long beautiful boardwalk, long miles of beaches, downtown shopping, amazing amusements and exquisite dining experiences.

If you’re looking for a bustling and joyful destination for spending the summer vacays with your family, then Ocean City is worth considering. Here are 15 best things to do when you are in Ocean City for a fun-filled and memorable holiday.

Spend a Day a The Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City boardwalk
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Charming old-fashioned shopfronts, music pier and adventurous rides is what Ocean City boardwalk is all about. The two-mile long boardwalk is full of great food joints, souvenir shops, exciting water sports and joy rides. The Ocean City boardwalk offers a beautiful view of the ocean and it a great spot for clicking a couple of good photos.

Have a picnic with your family or friends at the Ocean City boardwalk and take back home dozens of beautiful memories to cherish.

Bring out Your Inner Child at The Playland’s Castaway Cove

Playland’s Castaway Cove
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Want to relive your childhood memories with rides like merry go round, giant wheel, flying saucer, pirate ship and so much more? Well, Playland’s Castaway Cove is just the perfect place for you!

This amusement park is full of joy rides and recreational activities for people of all ages! Whether you’re 5 or 50, Playland’s Castaway Cove has something for everyone. The food joints here serve lip smacking food to ensure that you have an experience full of fun and frolic.

Delve Into Ocean City’s History at The Ocean City Historical Museum

Housed in the Ocean City Community Centre, the Ocean City Historical Museum gives accounts of Ocean City before it was founded in 1879 and displays the relics from that time to the recent times.

From history of the royalties to stories of shipwrecks, and religious history to the entrepreneurial talent of the region, the museum covers it all. The museum is also known for preserving and protecting “America’s Greatest Family Resort”.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity of Kayaking

Ocean City is known for the amazing water sports it has to offer to its visitors, and kayaking is one of them. Rent a kayak for full day or half day if you are a beginner and go kayaking in the numerous bay backs and creeks which are equal in beauty and serenity.

For experienced and adventurous kayakers, there is an option of renting kayaks for a whole week and they can go for a thrilling kayaking experience in the rolling surfs of the ocean and the open waters.

Apart from kayaks, you can also rent paddle boats, standup paddleboards and sail boats.

Give Golfing a Spooky Twist with Haunted Golf

The award winning famous mini golf course, Haunted Golf, is guaranteed to be one of the best amusements you will find in Ocean City which will amaze and enchant you with its Disney themed attractions spread over 5,000 square feet with a funny twist to them.

Begin your Haunted Golf tour with the accursed wedding of Adam and Victoria. You will come across many colourful talking creatures, a macabre piano player in a princely ballroom plays out dance numbers for the guests and a singing skeleton named ‘Bones’ who is always up with surprising tricks is a popular attraction at the venue.

Haunted Golf is full of scary effects which will startle you and entertain you at the same time. It’s a must visit especially if you are with your family and friends.

A Waterchild’s Paradise: Oc Waterpark

If you’re a lover of water adventures then OC Waterpark is just the right place for you! Bask under the sun in the water playground filled with fun and frolic.

Feel the adrenaline rush on the Serpentine Body slide, jump in the Splash Down Falls, enjoy in the Lazy River or spend a day in their cabanas. The Lil Buc’s Bay, a fairy tale land of huge palm trees, shipwrecks and old forts, will give children Peter Pan-like experiences.

OC Waterpark also hosts family reunions, corporate parties, birthday parties and group outings for their visitors.

Experience the Thrills of Liberty Escape Rooms

Straight out of a video game, this alternate reality based immersive experience allows 2-10 players to escape out of the room. All you have to do is work out the clues, solve some puzzles and codes, but mind you, you have to do all this within 30 minutes and escape before time runs out!

Liberty Escape Rooms is an interactive and live game where the players have to utilize and manipulate their surroundings with their quick wit and escape the enclosed space. Have an exciting and chilling experience in a safe, expertly and distinctly designed space filled with sheer adventure.

Take a Taffy Break at Shriver’s

Your trip to Ocean City will be incomplete without a visit to the oldest salt water taffy, fudge and other fine confections business there. Shriver’s offers more than 47+ types of taffies and sees an average footfall of 2,000 every day!

For those who aren’t a fan of salt water taffies, Shriver’s offers a host mouth watering confections like fudge, macarons, chocolates mint rolls and much more.

Unwind at Corson’s Inlet State Park

Corson’s Inlet State Park
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Established in 1969, the Corson’s Inlet State Park’s main objective was to conserve and protect the remaining underdeveloped tracts of land which is along the oceanside of the state.

The area’s natural habitats are wealthy with the heterogeneity of its natural life with primary and secondary sand dune structures, shoreline over wash, marine estuaries and upland ranges in which hundreds of flora and fauna live and breed.

The park offers extraordinary picturesque beauty and never-ending chances for viewing a huge number of residential as well as migratory wildlife species such as the American Oystercatcher and some species of herons, gulls, ducks, sandpipers etc.

The park is also a hit with visitors for it allows a host of activities like fishing, hiking, sunbathing and boating.

Go for Shopping at The Asbury Avenue

The Asbury Avenue at the downtown bustles with activity with more than a hundred attractive shops and boutiques to choose from. Whether you want some specific gifts to take home for your family and friends or you simply want to hang out and chill, Asbury has everything.

From beautiful souvenir shops to delightful eateries, Asbury Avenue has a multitude of options for all.

Appreciate Fine Arts at The Ocean City Arts Center

Located in Simpson Avenue, The Ocean City Arts Center is a spot for the person to acquire enthusiasm for humankind's variety through visual and performing arts.

OCAC endeavours to offer imaginative freedoms that appeal to all ages and interests, all individuals in the neighbourhood and encompassing South Jersey people group. They also provide scholarships to those who want to pursue arts.

Every month they present another display highlighting territorial and public craftsmen of different mediums. Each show opens with a "Meet the Artist" gathering that adds an individual measurement to the experience.

Get Tanned at The Beach

Tourist at Ocean City Beach
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Ocean City is known for some of the best and cleanest beaches which can be visited absolutely free of cost.

Have loads of fun and frolic at the Ocean City Beach, Peck Beach or Great Egg Harbor Bay. Swim in the clear blue waters, surf with the waves, grab some tasty bites or simply sunbathe and click pictures.

If you’re lucky enough, then you might even spot some dolphins swimming in the ocean!

Relive Your Childhood at Ji Lly’s Arcade

Open 24/7 during the summer season, JiLLy's Arcade has engaged ages of families in America's Greatest Family Resort. Their structure is a turn of the century notable spectacle including a unique merry-go-round vault.

Underneath the vault, you will discover in excess of 100 retro and current arcade games including pinball machines, crane games, plunk down driving games, air hockey, pool tables, and fun rides for youngsters. Computer games range from old school top choices like Pac Man and Asteroids to pursued games like Jurassic Park and Star Wars.

Obviously, Skeeball is a JiLLy's Arcade custom, and still costs only 10¢ to play, actually as it did when they opened their doors in 1976.

Witness Enthralling Performances at The Ocean City Music Pier

Ocean City Music Pier
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The Ocean City Music Pier traces all the way back to 1928 when development started to make another concert hall for the local area that had recently lost an enormous segment of the boardwalk to a fire in 1927.

The Music Pier that you see today was devoted for the purpose on July 4, 1929, with much pomp and show. The Music Pier satisfied its name with the Municipal Orchestra enthralling the audience twice daily, seven days per week. It was a must visit destination in Ocean City back in the day as it is today.

The Ocean City Music Pier is a recreation venue appropriate for an extraordinary assortment of shows from stand-up comedy to musicals, and from soloists to the Ocean City Pops Orchestra. World renowned performers and musicians put up shows at the Music Pier and numerous pageants have the Music Pier their host.

The Ocean City Pops has a late spring concert series from July through October that features the lovely music of the orchestra and special guest appearances from highly eminent entertainers.