15 Best Things to Do in Northport, NY

Northport, NY
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Long Island in New York is famous for the long stretch of beaches, laid-back coastal life, lighthouses, and history.

With all that in mind, it is a no-brainer that Long Island is a great tourist destination that’s on the bucket list of many.

If you want to have a unique experience where you’ll witness the raw beauty of Long Island, you should visit Northport.

Northport is a village in Suffolk County in Long Island, and it’s a popular place for many to settle down, especially those from New York’s concrete jungle.

From a visitor’s perspective, Northport offers a quaint and sparse suburban feel that instantly sets your mood to relaxation.

Historically, Northport was widely known for its prosperity throughout Suffolk County from shipyards, railways, and general merchandise stores.

Today, Northport is a vibrant place known for its old historic buildings, local shops, old theaters, family-friendly restaurants, and welcoming bars that mostly face its scenic bay.

Not to take this long, here are the 15 best things to do in Northport, New York:

Browse through Exhibits at the Northport Historical Society and Museum

Exterior of the Northport Historical Society and Museum
DanTD, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To get acquainted with Northport’s community and backstory, visit the Northport Historical Society and Museum along Main Street.

It’s where you’ll discover more interesting facts about Northport’s backstory.

Name plaque of Northport Historical Society and Museum
DanTD, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The museum is home to numerous historical artifacts and memorabilia of Northport, thanks to the curators from the Northport Historical Society.

Its permanent exhibits feature old handicrafts, sewing, knitting, pottery, painting, and drawing from Northport’s villagers back in the day.

In addition, the museum has a research library that houses documents and books associated with Northport’s history.

Test Your Mettle in the Great Cow Harbor 10k Run

One of the best experiences you should not miss while in Northport is joining the coveted Great Cow Harbor 10k Run every September at the Cow Harbor Park.

One of the reasons to join this running event is to tour Northport from a different perspective.

It's aside from the fact that this running event is on the Top 100 Races in the USA.

Nobody could imagine that the small village of Northport hosts a major running event participated by thousands of runners across the United States.

Choose from different distances to join in the running event—the 2-kilometer distance and the 10k run.

So, when you’re in Northport, be sure to bring your running shoes and sign-up for the Great Cow Harbor 10k Run.

Pour a Glass of Delicious Wine at the Del Vino Vineyards

The Del Vino Vineyard is a proud local winery in Northport nestled on a 90-year-old farm.

This local winery and vineyard is a must-visit place in Northport if you want to taste top-notch wines and pair them with their homemade pizzas and small plates.

Del Vino Vineyards is a family-owned business situated along Norwood Rd.

This winery has been passed from a previous generation dating back to the 1800s.

Its winery opened in 2013 and since then, became a local favorite because of its Tuscan-inspired vineyard that you can taste its fine wines in the 3,000-square-foot, two-story tasting room.

Enjoy the Outdoors at the Northport Village Park/Cow Harbor Park

Sun shining down on Northport Village Park
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The Northport Village Park/Cow Harbor Park is situated along Woodbine Avenue.

This public recreational area in Northport is a favorite place for locals to spend their mornings and afternoons enjoying various outdoor activities.

It’s a great place to bring your family with you and enjoy top-notch park amenities such as paved trails, playgrounds, gazebos, and a fishing dock.

Blue banner on a lightpost at Northport Village Park
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In addition, it’s conveniently located near Northport’s Main Street.

It is an outstanding outdoor attraction to relax or do outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking, or simply relaxing under the canopy of trees.

Moreover, the park hosts numerous events such as Northport’s farmers market, music festivals, and the annual Great Cow Harbor 10k Run.

Green landscape of Northport Village Park
Fife Club, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Stage Plays at the Minstrel Players Theater Group

The Minstrel Players Theater Group located along Main St. is popularly known throughout Northport for its annual productions.

The group is a non-profit theater organization that performs a broad range of theater acts from comedy, suspense, to drama.

Their writers and directors are well-known for their original works and their impressive production of the famous classic “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

Moreover, these plays are performed by Northport’s very own local actors who serve as volunteers of the theater group.

Catching a show of this group is highly recommended, especially if you want a unique experience while you're in Northport.

Shop for Cool Toys at the Einstein’s Attic

If you bring your child with you to Northport, it would be great to visit Einstein’s Attic, a popular local toy store worth checking out.

It's always exciting to step inside a toy store back when you were still a kid.

So, it would also be satisfying to see your child or kids perhaps having a big smile visiting this toy store in Northport, especially if they walk out there with a new toy.

Einstein's Attic is situated along Northport’s Main Street.

It has a vast collection of toys from action figures, dolls, trucks, books to educational toys.

In addition, the toys displayed there have affordable prices which gives you more reasons to buy your child something they can remember from their trip to Northport.

Stroll through the Northport Village Dock

View of the Northport Village Dock
Fife Club, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Northport Village Dock is a scenic bay walk situated in nearby shops, souvenir stores, and restaurants.

It’s a great place to check out in Northport, especially if you’re looking for a place to breathe fresh air and enjoy a scenic view of the bay.

Situated just off the Northport Village Dock is a charming park with a kid’s playground where you can bring your child and even your pet dog to have fun.

In addition, you can lure your lines at the dock area to try your luck if you can catch some fish.

The Northport Village Dock is a relaxing place to hang out, especially during afternoons to witness its scenic sunset.

Chug Down a Pint of Beer at the Sand City Brewing

The Sand City Brewing is a local brewery that wants to pay homage to Northport’s history as a former major sand mining location in Long Island.

The brewery wants everyone to honor and remember their village’s history for its contribution to constructing the skyscrapers in New York City.

Sand City Brewing is an awesome place to visit while you’re in Northport and enjoy its top-notch homebrews and their collaboration brews.

Its taproom offers everyone a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect setting to drink a cold pint of freshly-brewed craft beer.

Recently, it opened its second location in Lindenhurst, boasting a more spacious taproom.

Get Entertained at the John W. Engeman Theater

If you want more entertainment in Northport, you can drop by at the John W. Engeman Theater, the longest-operating theater in Northport since 1912.

This charming theater is known for its stage plays and broadway-like performances.

It’s well-known for its impressive live performances in numerous titles such as Jekyll & Hyde, Singin’ in the Rain, Annie, and Grease, courtesy of Broadway Theater actors from New York City.

The theater also features kid-friendly shows, such as musical versions of popular children’s animated movies.

Overall, the John W. Engeman Theater is a magnificent place to watch top-notch entertainment for the whole family.

Travel Back in Time in Northport Main Street

Road of Northport Main Street
Fife Club, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Northport Main Street is known for its post-card sceneries which you’ll see through its Victorian-designed buildings that serve as its shops, restaurants, and services.

Remarkably, Main Street’s trolley tracks dating back to 1902 are still embedded on the pavement, leading you to numerous spots in Northport.

You are guaranteed to have a great time strolling through Main Street by visiting or going window shopping from the shops that line the entire street.

If you’re already hungry, you can dine in at its famous diners and restaurants that will surely give you a fantastic dining experience.

You will have plenty of dining and shopping options at Main Street, so don’t forget to drop by at this place while in Northport.

Indulge in Delicious Food at the Northport Sweet Shop and Luncheonette

Your travel experience in Northport will not be complete without tasting its popular local restaurants.

One of these favorites is the Northport Sweet Shop and Luncheonette.

This local restaurant is known for its delicious brunch menu served in its vintage-designed diner that will surely take you down memory lane.

Historically, the Northport Sweet Shop and Luncheonette is one of the oldest restaurants in Northport.

It was opened in 1929 by owner George Panarites who moved from New York City to Northport.

Today, it maintains its classic menu that centers on favorite American comfort food and sweets.

So, when your stomach starts to growl while you’re in Northport, there’s no other place to dine in but at the Northport Sweet Shop and Luncheonette.

Treat Yourself with Delectable Pastries at the Copenhagen Bakery and Café

Situated along Woodbine Avenue, the Copenhagen Bakery and Café has served Northport locals with the best bread and pastries for 22 years already.

The Copenhagen Bakery & Café serves as a community-based business with a charitable program that helps the Huntington community.

When it comes to bread and pastries, this local bakery is known throughout Northport for its freshness and deliciousness.

In addition, its vibrant café is a popular place to have breakfast and lunch as it also serves small plates, sandwiches, and soups for everyone.

Some ingredients are imported from Denmark to achieve authentic Danish bread flavor.

When you’re looking for freshly-baked bread and pastries while in Northport, just head to Copenhagen Bakery & Café.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Wander through the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium

Landscape of Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium
littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock.com

A 10-minute drive or four miles west of Northport takes you to the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium in Centerport.

This museum is known throughout Long Island for its beautiful Spanish-Revival mansion that served as the former residence of famous tycoon Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt’s grandson William Kissam Vanderbilt.

This lavish mansion has 24 rooms which still have its original furnishings and design.

The entire estate covers 43 acres and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tall trees outside Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium
Vina and Eric / Shutterstock.com

This place is rich in history and elegance, making it worth visiting after you’re done touring Northport.

There are guided tours available in the mansion that takes you through various galleries featuring artifacts, natural history, marine life, and dioramas.

Meanwhile, the Charles and Helen Reichert Planetarium boasts a 147-seater housed in a 60-foot domed theater.

The Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium is an excellent historical attraction to wander, especially with your loved ones.

Exterior of the Vanderbilt Planetarium
Dmadeo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrate Arts at the Heckscher Museum of Art

Pink flowers in front of Heckscher Museum of Art
Joe Trentacosti / Shutterstock.com

A 13-minute drive or six miles east of Northport takes you to the beautiful Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington.

This famous art museum is known for its vast collection of artworks numbering more than 2,500 art pieces.

Front exterior of Heckscher Museum of Art
Station1, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These art pieces are rare and already very old, dating back to the early 16th century.

This art museum nestled on the historic Heckscher Park has been open since 1920, featuring an outstanding collection of artworks, making it a popular tourist attraction in Huntington.

Name sign of Heckscher Museum of Art
DanTD, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience the Spooky but Fun-Filled Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze

Carved pumpkins lit up for Jack O’ Lantern Blaze
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A 28-minute drive or 15 miles south of Northport takes you to Old Bethpage, where the annual Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze is celebrated every fall, before Halloween.

It is a must-experience event with your loved ones, especially if you want to witness a one-of-a-kind Halloween celebration that will surely bring back your childhood years.

Lit up pumpkin tunnel at Jack O’ Lantern Blaze
Inspired By Maps / Shutterstock.com

The celebration features more than 7,000 wonderfully-carved Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins from various locals and artists in Old Bethpage.

Then, these pumpkins are displayed in two locations, one at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration and in Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton.

The pumpkins have synchronized lighting that follows the music played in the background, creating a fantastic, family-friendly show that you and your loved ones should not miss.

Skeleton carved pumpkin for Jack O’ Lantern Blaze
WanderRoamRove / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Northport and its neighboring villages and towns make Long Island a sweet escape for people from the concrete jungle of New York City.  

It may not have theme parks, large malls, or stadiums, but there is something for everyone in this sleepy town.

The simple life and peaceful environment make this area in New York a great place to destress.

If you’re ready to visit Northport, make sure to bookmark this page as your instant itinerary.