15 Best Things to Do in North Conway NH

15 Best Things to Do in North Conway NH

One of the most stunning villages in New Hampshire- North Conway is a place of immense beauty.

The city boats of a colorful vibe along with the views of the White Mountains to support that statement. Every part of the city looks like they have just been brought to life from a painting or one of those children’s story books.

The bakeries and bookstores that are present in the downtown area adds a vintage village vibe to the place. These are the top 15 things to do in North Conway-

Ride along the Conway Scenic Railroad

Conway Scenic Railroad
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We want to start the trip with something historical. We could think of something that was extremely exciting and historic at the same time. So, would you like to be a part of history and ride along the Conway Scenic Railroad? Hop on.

Initially, there are two routes- North Conway to Conway and North Conway to Fabyan. The routes used to be quite important and a part of the Maine Central Railroad. But, that line is not in use anymore. However, it is now turned into a subject of entertainment and you will see the original trains now performing excursion duties.

Yes, you can get on these trains and go for a ride. The ride usually lasts for 55 minutes. The journey is scenic too. The station itself has its name enlisted among the National Register of Historic Places.

Go hiking at the Black Cap

When you are in North Conway- the White Mountains shall play a huge role in your vacation. After all, they are extremely picturesque and people die for their looks.

But, the hike at Black Cap is the best one here in North Conway. And, every tourist has tried it at least once or twice on their trip. Also, this hike is for everyone. No matter if you are a newbie or an experience- this hike is perfect for people of all skill levels.

Extending across the hilly steps of almost 2.4 miles- the Black Cap hiking trail is something you must try out. When you hike through the Green Hills Preserve, you shall be able to see different shades of greenery. Also, the lush green forests provide serenity on another level.

See the beauty at Diana’s Baths

Diana’s Baths
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Diana’s Baths are more like some hidden gems in the White Mountains. If you want to witness some amazing gifts of nature- we suggest you head over to Diana’s Bath and take a look at what true gorgeousness looks like.

Make your way to Bartlett which is a bit away from North Conway, and you shall see yourself amid some waterfalls which are as pretty as paintings. These waterfalls surely look like they have been derived from a fairytale!

This chain of waterfalls is just a beautiful treat for your sore eyes. The waterfalls are kind of like a historic spot in North Conway, and the Forest Service protects this piece of land.

Falling from a height of 75 feet, the waterfalls attract a lot of tourists from all over the States.

Participate in some rock-climbing at Cathedral Ledge

Cathedral Ledge
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You might have read that Cathedral Ledge is a view spot. Yes, indeed that lookout area has some of the best views and you get to see an entire mesmerizing view of the whole Mount Washington Valley.

Did you know that if you looked down below- you could even catch a glimpse of the spotless Echo Lake? But, there are more features about this Cathedral Ledge, and that happens to be the path you take to get up to this ledge.

It is a hiking path of almost 1.5 miles that is open through all seasons. During the winter it is covered in snow, but the path is still open! There are also rock climbing opportunities here. And, many people try out their luck in rock climbing.

Go skiing at Cranmore Mountain

Cranmore Mountain
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New Hampshire’s White Mountains are quite a popular destination when it comes to skiing. And, people prefer snowy activities during the winter.

Are you into skiing? If yes, we have a perfect retreat for you in North Conway. Are you planning a vacation during the winter? Why not make it a ski-trip then?

Plan a perfect staycation at Cranmore Mountain Resort and go ski in the perfect snow. Did you know that there are more than 52 trails here for you? Don’t worry if you come in the fall for the place turns into a spooky one.

There are lots of paranormal hunting trips that are conducted once the snow melts away. Try going on one of those.

Drive along the Kancamagus Highway

Top view of Kancamagus Highway
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Are you up for one of the most scenic drives in the country? Good, we shall be telling you more about it now. Starting from Center Conway and ending in North Woodstock- Kancamagus Highway is one of the most preferred roads in North Conway.

Crossing the White Mountain National Forest, the highway has some of the best views which are beyond our description and is one of those things that you must feel instead of reading.

If you are looking for a perfect time- we recommend doing it during the fall. The colors are vibrant at that time and the leaves that fall on the road take up a different color making the experience wholesome altogether.

If you want to get to Bartlett, we recommend taking another shortcut- Only Bear Notch Road from this highway which is equally scenic.

Visit the Mount Washington Observatory

Mount Washington Observatory
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The Mount Washington Observatory is almost like a weather museum.

If you are quite done with the sightseeing points and are looking for something to kill a little time with- we suggest heading over to the Mount Washington Observatory to have a clue about how the weather depiction works.

Here in the heart of the village of North Conway- Mount Washington Observatory. Did you know that there are certain important displays here that are quirky and quite interesting too?

There is the presentation of a mini-tornado where you can put your hand and see how the tiny version feels like!

Shop a bit at North Conway Farmers’ Market

Are you tired of eating at the hotel? Need some fresh foods to relax your stomach and body? Well, it happens to the very best of us.

We often cannot help ourselves when we see the good old greasy junk food on a vacation and end up eating too much of it. But, the very next day our body looks forward to having a detox.

In cases like those- you need a farmer’s market near you to get access to that fresh and organic local produce!

In North Conway, we have the perfect North Conway Farmers’ Market for you. Organic fruits vegetables, home-made warm breakfasts, eggs, maple syrup are some of the basic things you can find here. Did you know you can even find cosmetics here?

Lift up your spirits at Tuckerman Brewing Company

Come on, you roamed around enough. It’s time to call it a day and head back. But, are we just going to go back to the hotel.

That sounds kind of lame, doesn’t it? So, we decided that you need to taste the local favorite “mountain-brewed beer.”

You can either sit at the barroom and have a taste of their great beers and ales, or you can choose to go on a trip to their facility. Get to see how these local favorites are made. Get to know all about the ingredients used.

If you are someone who enjoys a lively atmosphere, then you are bound to enjoy the crowd and the live music that goes on all the time.

Try out the Madison Boulder

Madison Boulder is almost a work of wonder. It is an example that only nature can create something so extra-ordinary out from the ordinary. Also, Maddison Boulder is the largest glacial erratic in the entire continent of North America.

What was once a piece of Conway Granite, is now carried miles away from its origin by the glacier and placed in an rea of Concord Granite. Check out this miraculous work of nature.

The location happens to be Maddison which is just a few miles away from North Conway. Head over and take a look at this work of art.

Get caffeinated at Frontside Grind

Are you looking for some nice ways to get yourself energized? How does coffee sound while enjoying the beautiful scenes of the Moat Mountains? Wonderful, right? We thought so too.

Frontside Grind is one of the most chic cafes in all of North Conway. Here in this little location- you get the best aromatic coffees made from rich beans that are roasted in house.

And, the cafe i slocated in the downtown area and the best part is that it overlooks the Moat Mountains as we mentioned before.

If you visit during the winters- you will see that the peaks have been decorated with white snow, and sipping on coffee while looking at that- is a different experience altogether.

Have a fun day at Story Land

Storyland is more of a Disneyland in the area of New England. Kids absolutely adore Story Land. If you want to give them a day of fun and excitement, take our word for it and head over to Storyland with your little ones.

The place is unfortunately closed during the winter season, but summers are extremely exciting here. So, pack your picnic bags on a sunny summer afternoon and make your drive to Story Land. Does your kid love the Disney Princesses? They get to meet everyone of the princesses here.

There are veen several rollercoasters where even you can have all the fun you deserve. It almost feels like a place created out of your fantasy!

Take your kids to Kahuna Laguna

Are you looking for some summer fun? We have an exotic location where people of all ages can have a lot of fun. Yes, it is water park- one of the biggest ones in North Conway for that matter.

Kahuna Laguna is the best place to go to and have some light-hearted fun with your kids on a summer afternoon. There are a lot of waterslides, wterpools. Splashpools, and lots of rides to keep everyone busy for a day!

Visit the Echo Lake State Park

 Echo Lake State Park
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Are you looking for some family time? Done with the checking out of new places and just want to have a lazy last day in this wonderful place?

Pack your picnic baskets and take your family and little ones for a short drive to Echo Lake State Park.
The Echo Lake State Park is the most recommended place when it comes to having some quality fun family with your friends or family.

The Cathedral Ledge State Park is nearby. There are a lot of hiking trails you could get your hands on for a family-friendly hike. And, these trails cover both of Echo Lake State Park and Cathedral Ledge State Park.

Also, you can go swimming or even boating in the wonderful Echo Lake.

Go watch a moose!

Are you wondering what kind of wildlife North Conway has? We have something pleasant and surprising to show you.

Wanna go spot a moose with us? We have made the arrangements for you! MWV Moose Bus Tours organizes such trips where you just need to buy a ticket and the rest will be done by themselves.

Not only are you going to see some attractive wildlife, but you are also getting to ride on a luxurious bus and getting to go on a road trip. After leaving North Conway, you shall be driven by some extremely beautiful roads amid the White Mountain National Forest.

Did you know that you shall be guaranteed a 98% chance of getting to see that moose? Yes, the trip is generally organized around the months of May and October. Go on, and have a good time!

That’s it with the vacation to North Conway. We hope you have a great stay there. We shall be back another day with another trip. Till then, stay tuned!