15 Best Things to Do in Noosa

15 Best Things to Do in Noosa

Even if no one is familiar with the towns and cities of Australia, one has definitely heard of the world-famous surfing destination, Noosa. Once you spend a day in Noosa, however, you will get to know that it is more than just the ultimate surfing destination – quite pleasantly so. Located alongside the cheerful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Noosa is filled with natural and lush landscapes, beautiful everglades, amazing restaurants and cafés, relaxing beaches and not to forget the wholesome markets.

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park
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The top attraction that comes up when you go on to search about Noosa is Noosa National Park. Resting in the space between Noosa Heads South and Coolum, the park is full of paperbark forests, coastal dunes, heathlands, and a rainforest. The 9800 acres of the park offers a range of adventurous outdoor activities in the middle of a natural setting. It is, however, well-known more for its ease of accessibility; one can just walk up the hill to the Noosa Headland Section, where many of the hiking trails lead you right into the wilderness. Dolphin Point is one of the favourite places for the visitors, offering beautiful coastal views – you can actually see dolphins and whales. Along with spotting different animals, especially Koalas, one can have a picnic, go paddling, obviously surf as well as go fishing and swim in the sparkling waters.

Hastings Street

Hastings Street
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If Noosa National Park is the heart of Noosa, then Hastings Street is the soul of Noosa. Located just adjacent to the Noosa Main Beach, it is one of the happening streets, filled with cute boutiques, art galleries, resorts, luxurious and chic designer stores and not to forget, gourmet restaurants and cafés. The street consists of the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club and the Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve, which anchor the street from both the ends. The trees of the street are decorated with beautiful and twinkling fairy lights, giving the Hastings street magical and welcoming vibes. One can easily spend a full day in this exciting and eventful street – that’s a guarantee!

The Noosa River

The Noosa River
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At a little distance from Hastings Street is the beautiful Noosa River, where people are seen hanging out frequently. If you wish to get a wholesome view of the river, you can pay a little visit to Noosaville, where you can enjoy the experience of the Noosa river with your family and friends. The river is also safe and amazing to go paddleboarding, kayaking and boating. There are rental outlets along the river, where you can get all the boats and dinghies you want. The Noosa Ferry, with its accommodating and welcoming vibes, is also an amazing way to explore the river. If you need a little respite from the glittering waters, you can always visit the cafés, boutiques and restaurants across the river.

Light Years

Getting an Asian-inspired cuisine in Noosa is now easier than ever! Light Years, established in 2017, is an Asian restaurant and bar, located on the Sunshine Beach Road. The menu is not completely Asian, but rather a blend of Australian ingredients producing modern and Asian recipes. Some of the recommended dishes include the smaller ones – such as shiitake wontons, Kingfish ceviche and crispy fried chicken with sriracha mayo – and also the larger ones, such as the five-spice roasted duck pancakes and knockout turmeric and coconut fish curry. The restaurant is characterized by tables by the windows, comfortably cosy booths, fluffy sofas, dim lights and chill playlist in the background – Light Years is certainly one of the best restaurants in Noosa.


Noosa Surfing
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Since Noosa is so popular for having some of the amazing and safe longboarding breaks in the world, it doesn’t come across as a surprise when surfing is regarded as the most-loved activity here. There are a variety of Noosa Beaches, where you can get to surf at your heart’s content. The main beach, for example, is perfect for shortboards, while the First Point, breaking right, is ideal for longboarding when waves are small and vice versa. Little Cove is a scenic surfboarding place and is quite the longboarders dream, where one can learn to surf even. Now that you know the best surfing places, get your Surfboards out and go ride the waves without care!

Noosa Farmers Market

The Noosa Farmers Market is one of the best farmers’ markets around, operating from 7 AM to 12 PM every Sunday. The market provides amazingly fresh and local produce as well as artisan foods, including dips, marinades, jams and sauces. There are also little stalls selling freshly cut flowers, native plants, natural skincare products and fresh seafood. There are also shops of home-made food products, selling cakes, bread and pies. A fun addition to the market is the constant live music greeting the visitors, giving the place chill vibes. In case you can’t attend the market this early, the Noosa Marina Markets, set along the deck by the Noosa River – are up a little later, from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Noosa Everglades

Noosa Everglades
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Many of the people, in the light of massive popularity of Noosa National Park, tend to forget other attractions Noosa seem to offer. The Noosa Everglades is one such cool attraction, located in the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. This tropical wetland is quite a mesmerizing and important place in the whole world, being one of the only two everglades systems all around. Kayaking – offered by the amazing Kanu Kapers – is an activity frequently undertaken in these ancient waters to reach your destination. The place is alive with birds, swaying trees and whistling winds, as it is also one of Australia’s diverse and vibrant ecosystems, preserving over 40% of the native bird species.

Noosa Boathouse

Finding a perfect place to hangout is difficult to come by, but not impossible, as Noosa already has one – Noosa Boathouse. It is a popular, award-winning and waterfront dining hub, a beautiful blend of bar, bistro and events destination. The bistro takes up the ground floor and consists of 120 seats, while the front deck has the Little Boaty coffee bar and fish & chip takeaway window. The middle level has a River Room function space while the top deck has the beautiful Sunset Bar. The fresh local seafood, quality beef and locally harvested vegetables are the specialities of the place. An amazing place to plan a chill evening or a big event, the Boathouse is a true reflection of the chill and relaxed Noosa lifestyle.

Laguna Lookout

Laguna Lookout
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If you want to fall in love with Noosa in just one glance, then drive up the Noosa Hill and at the end of the Viewland Drive, you will find the popular Laguna Lookout. There is an abundant parking space located at 5 minutes distance from the lookout, or you can just take the 1.3km round trip path, thrilling but well-maintained. The lookout provides a picturesque view of Noosa’s many areas, including Noosa National Park, the blue bay, Noosa Heads and the towering Glass House Mountains, all of them cloaked by the dense clusters of eucalyptus trees. Needless to say, it is a popular place to experience Noosa, especially sunsets.

Equathon Horse Riding Adventures

Horse Riding is something everyone wishes to do at least once in their lives; if you are in Noosa, well, you are in luck! The Equathon Horse Riding Adventures will provide you with the way to complete your dream of horse riding. Owned by Alex Watson, a triple Olympian and his wife Rebecca, the company aims to forge a rewarding bond between clients and their horses. Equathon offers hourly, group, private and even overnight and week-long adventure packages – along with that, people can also get excellent horse-riding lessons and coaching for all kind of riders. A speciality of Equathon is that it even offers beach rides. So, get on that horse and splash around in the glittering Noosa waters!

Land and Sea

If you are a beer enthusiast, then Land and Sea is just the right place for you. Land and Sea Brewery, located in Noosaville, is one of the finest breweries around Noosa, well-known for its aesthetic structure and even more amazing selection of beers. The beers are made with a scientific approach, but dispersed in the process is the imaginative curiosity and creativity. The brewery organizes tours frequently, while one can also book the place for elaborate celebrations, formal events and even casual parties. The brewery also has awesome merchandise of the company, which you can order easily – from beers, gift cards, to t-shirts and even hand sanitizer. Perfect beers, a delicious menu and welcoming ambience – Land and Sea has it all!


Belmondos is an award-winning marketplace in Noosa, located on the Sunshine Coast. It is an organic market and offers one of the largest ranges of organic product lines, including some amazing wholesalers and onsite artisan producers. Right from certified organic fruits and vegetables to pantry goods and organic meats the market has it all. Some of the popular, permanent and organic additions of this market include Bio Shop, Eumundi Meats, Noosa Cleanse, Yukti Botanicals, Vanilla Food, Tanglewood Organic Sourdough Bakery and the award-winning speciality coffee roastery, Clandestino Coffee Roasters, which offers free WiFi after a purchase. Growing and expanding day by day, Belmondos is the best place to get quality products!


Noosa has an abundance of amazing restaurants and cafés – and one of them is Pucca. It is a quintessentially modern coastal Indian restaurant and boutique gin cocktail bar, located on the Sunshine Beach Road. Pucca is the brainchild of Neale White, the Indian-born and Australian-bred Michelin trained chef, along with Cecyl Ducat and John Forest. The ambience is highly that of old-school Indian luxury hotels, where beautiful rattan chairs fill the massive outdoor area, overlooking lush greenery and the interior greets the guests with its pleasant and aesthetic stark white interior. Some of the recommended dishes include masala-seared Maleny buffalo fillet, paneer stuffed eggplants, Goan pork jowl vindaloo and mango kulfi popsicles.

Sum Yung Guys

Four locals of Noosa came together one day, with big ideas for their dream restaurant, which gave birth to the popular Sum Yum Guys. The ‘Guys’ are genius to the core; having designed not only the menu – which is a passionate representation of Asian culture and cuisine in spirit – but even the unusually beautiful dining room. With a passion for all things Asian, the Sum Yung Guys made it reflect in their dream restaurant. The ambience is highly personal, a beautiful blend of personalities of the owners. The menu is selective but versatile, subtly promoting the message of group dining, i.e. with family, friends and beyond. Delicious menu, affordable rates and a perfectly chill atmosphere – Sum Yung Guys fit all the criteria.

Noosa Backpackers

Nestling on William Street is a quaint and cosy resort by the name of Noosa Backpackers. It might feel like a small hostel rather than a resort but is so welcoming and pleasant that no one can resist the resort’s charm. The encompassing courtyard, the amazing café and the flowing Noosa River around the place – where you can enjoy the water sports – are just some of the many things the resort offers generously. While it is the perfect place for backpackers to live, as the name suggests, others, too, will definitely find the place exhilarating and relaxing at the same time, giving a much-needed boost for your life.

Noosa is located just near to a World Heritage Site, Fraser Island, which can be a perfect addition to your Noosa itinerary. Apart from that, exciting and safe water sports, places to carry out adventurous activities, golden beaches where you can bask in sunshine forever, restaurants to enjoy foreign cuisines in and parks with uncountable trails to hills and lookout – that’s what Noosa is all about. In fact, the region of Noosa can be said to be one of the perfect travel destinations!