16 Best Things to Do in Newport, ME

Newport, ME
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Newport is a remarkable example of a thriving little town in Penobscot County, Maine.

It has everything a tourist would want in a destination: a rich history, lots of local culture and businesses, and an active community.

This peaceful town was founded in 1808 as "East Pond Plantation" and renamed Newport in June 1814.

There is a local cultural library that provides children with many learning opportunities.

They can study books on the town's history, play in the children's area, see a puppet show, or attend the summer storytelling activity.

This area has many excellent restaurants, and you can shop for anything from clothing to toys to home decor.

If you're looking for more upscale items, there are also plenty of boutiques where you can find things like jewelry or handbags.

Here are the best things to do in Newport, Maine:

Learn Something New at the Newport Cultural Center

Located on Main Street, the Newport Cultural Center has been serving Maine since 1800.

It aims to encourage lifelong learning and creativity, improve communities, and conserve heritage—all while offering patrons a comfortable place to read or study.

They're happy to assist you in locating what you're searching for and are motivated by a desire to foster innovation, better communities, and preserve history.

The Newport Cultural Center's collection contains more than 12,000 volumes circulated 26,000 times yearly.

They also have educational programs and events like art classes, music lessons, craft workshops, and writing classes.

Try Hunting at Hindsite Red Deer Hunt Preserve

If hunting in Newport has ever been your dream, Hindsite Red Deer Hunt Preserve is the place to fulfill it.

This preserve facilitates fallow buck and red deer hunting with well-trained guides.

Whether you're using a rifle, black powder, or a bow, your guide will tailor your hunt to meet your needs and hone your skills.

Over the past 10 years, many hunters have returned to bring their sons and daughters for their first hunting experience here, so bring your whole family!

Hindsite Red Deer Hunt Preserve is situated along Stetson Road.

Go Bowling at Newport Entertainment Center

Newport Entertainment Center is a fun, family-friendly center that offers bowling, video games, and a pool.

You can even have a birthday party for your buddies or gather everyone together to watch big games.

The entertainment center started operating in 2005.

They offer a pool hall with regulation pool tables, a giant arcade, and 24 bowling lanes.

Treat yourself to a slice of pizza while waiting for your turn to hit the bowling pins.

The kitchen dishes up delicious pizza guaranteed to make you crave another slice.

Located on Main Street, Newport Entertainment Center is ideal for family outings and romantic evenings with your loved ones.

Get Inked or Pierced at BBs Tattoo Co

Newport is home to one of the best tattoo shops in the area.

Situated along Moosehead Trail, BBs Tattoo Co has been in business for a significant amount of time, and its reputation and attention to detail are excellent.

You don't have to be a Newport resident to get your skin painted here because most travelers love to get tattoos in places they visit.

BBs Tattoo Co is an impressive and sanitary place to get inked.

They also offer piercing services so you can express yourself better.

BBs Tattoo Co has a creative and accommodating staff ready to help you decide which designs best suit your personality.

They'll even give tips on caring for your new ink so it lasts as long as possible!

Shop for Souvenirs at All That Jazz & More

When you're in Newport and looking for a place to get a souvenir, you have to check out All That Jazz Gifts & More.

The store has been around for years and is located right in the heart of town, making it easy to find.

They are famous for their glassware, which features an array of designs that highlight the rich history of this charming community.

The shop also sells statement shirts with messages like "got jazz" or "got swag."

The gift shop also has a comprehensive collection of wall decors, which feature things like seagulls and lighthouses.

You can also find miniature musical instruments that would make excellent gifts for music enthusiasts.

Find Your Inner Peace at the Riverwalk Center

Located on Water Street, the Riverwalk Center provides mental therapy and wellness activities.

The staff is committed to helping clients find calm in their bodies and minds by providing services like yoga, massage, exercise, and a sauna.

You can burn calories while exercising your body in novel ways and having fun in their fitness aerobics programs.

Their expert massage therapists are trained in many health and wellness services.

The Riverwalk Center's experienced yoga instructors will guide you through an hour of gentle stretching and breathing to develop flexibility and strength while reducing tension and anxiety.

Learn about Stone Wall at Central Maine Stoneworks

Have you ever wondered how stone walls in gardens are built?

Central Maine Stoneworks is a stone wall and hardscape design organization that's been operating in Newport for over 10 years.

They boast experience ranging from commercial to residential projects throughout Maine and the surrounding areas.

Central Maine Stoneworks provides natural stone walls that add beauty and value to your property.

You can witness how they create their art and visit some of their top projects.

Enjoy a Traditional American Breakfast at Newport Diner

You've got to stop by Newport Diner on Elm Street when visiting the city.

The food is outstanding, and it is an excellent location to taste a traditional American breakfast while enjoying the kind hospitality of the staff.

Newport Diner is a small family-run place with breakfast and lunch.

The employees smoke the meat and process it themselves, so the atmosphere is welcoming.

They get their ingredients from local farmers and bakers, and their French fries, cake, and soups are all delicious.

They also have frozen drinks, including shakes, vanilla, and root beer.

Try the Menu Items at Newport Big Stop Restaurant

Newport is a beautiful town with plenty of attractions and restaurants.

Those looking for a great place to grab lunch won't have to look any further than Newport Big Stop Restaurant on Moosehead Trail.

Stop by for an unforgettable lunch and choose from their delicious menus, such as chicken pot pie, beef stew, and mashed potatoes.

You will surely enjoy the pancakes and the coffee that they serve here.

Newport Big Stop Restaurant is renowned for providing exceptional service and maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Dig into Delicious Seafood at Anglers Restaurant

Anglers Restaurant is one of the busiest restaurants in Newport.

It's been around since 1928, serving delicious seafood to locals and tourists for generations.

The cozy, family-run restaurant has a friendly staff who will assist you in selecting from various seafood meals.

Their menu includes sandwiches, chowders, and stew, all with a touch of seafood.

Anglers Restaurant's seafood selection includes sea scallops, haddock, anglers platter, and much more.

They also provide chicken and steak, two American classics that are always popular.

Anglers Restaurant is dedicated to ensuring that your time while dining with them is delightful.

They provide an atmosphere where you can enjoy the passion and pleasures of the age-old fishing trade.

Have an Afternoon Snack at Harvest Moon Deli

Whether you're on your way to the camping ground or taking a break from hiking, head to Harvest Moon Deli for an afternoon snack.

They serve anything for everyone, including gluten-free and dairy-free options- even vegan food.

Their signature sandwich consists of turkey, bacon, pepper jack cheese, pesto mayonnaise, roasted red peppers, and spinach leaves on a bed of spinach leaves.

If you are searching for something less heavy and refreshing, you should try one of their delectable soups.

Harvest Moon Deli is located on Main Street.

Go Boating at Moosehead Trail Campground

When you visit Moosehead Trail Campground, you'll feel like you're in another world.

This small, family-owned campground is full of activities for all ages, from camping, trail riding, and boating to kayaking and fishing.

The campground features 26 RV campsites and eight tent sites that are great for couples and families.

It also features clean restrooms and showers for your convenience and a playground area for kids of all ages who want to play!

Moosehead Trail Campground is named after the Moosehead Trail—a path that runs through Maine's wilderness areas—and is surrounded by majestic mountains that make for an unforgettable visual experience.

Spend the Night at Sebasticook Lake Campground

When you're in the mood for a retreat, come to Sebasticook Lake Campground on Tent Village Road.

Located on the shores of Sebasticook Lake in central Maine, it has everything you need for a relaxing getaway.

The campground features 67 campsites across 30 pristine acres.

They have six cottages that can be rented daily or weekly in addition to their camping sites.

People who enjoy camping, fishing, and taking photographs will never forget this place as a peaceful retreat.

You can go canoeing or kayaking in Sebasticook Lake or fish and grill the fish you catch.

Sebasticook Lake Campground's stores sell ice cream, various goods for the beach, and a few necessities for the kitchen.

Visit Pratt Family Green House

During the summer, visiting a local garden and purchasing a flower pot for your garden is always exciting.

You can find everything you need at Pratt Family Greenhouse on Elm Street.

At Pratt Family Greenhouse, you can choose from their more than 3,000 hanging baskets and a diverse selection of plant varieties.

The once-exclusively local customer has expanded over the years, making it the go-to garden center in Maine.

Pratt Family Greenhouse aims to please customers by offering a wide selection of high-quality plants at reasonable prices and friendly service.

Go Fishing at Nokomis Pond

Pond fishing is a fun activity that allows you to spend time outside and appreciate the scenery.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing activity on the water with your family or a more intense fishing adventure, Nokomis Pond has you covered.

It is more than 180 acres and can be accessed from two points: a trailerable boat launch off Williams Road and a carry-in station off Libby Hill Road.

The pond is stocked with many fish species, including largemouth bass, rainbow trout, American eel, and black crappie.

Fishing regulations at Nokomis Pond can change throughout the year.

Experience Apple Picking at Rowe Orchards

Also known as Rowe's House of Apples, Rowe Orchards has been farming apples and pears in rural Maine for 50 years, and they're just as excited to be doing it today as they were when they first started.

On 95 acres of trees, Rowe grows a dozen apple varieties in significant amounts, 30 in restricted volume, and four pears.

You are welcome to come to pick apples from their 10-acre orchard throughout September and October.

Potatoes, beans, and other summer veggies are available at the store.

Their unpasteurized apple cider is also popular among tourists in Newport.

Rowe Orchards is located on Moosehead Trail.

Final Thoughts

Newport's small size is the first thing that strikes visitors, yet after spending even a short time there, they feel they've seen and done much more.

The city is an excellent place to camp, fish, and shop.

There are plenty of shops to explore and restaurants serving everything from seafood to pizza.

This is where it's best not to plan too much—you never know what kind of adventure might find its way into your lap if you sit back.

Consider visiting this destination and enjoying all the best things to do in Newport, Maine!

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