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20 Best Things to Do in Newburgh, NY

  • Published 2022/10/06

When it comes to New York, people usually think of the upstate and the well-known cities.

Still, you should know that there is Newburgh, a diverse and vibrant city full of museums, historical sites, public parks, lovely attractions, and it is the hub for businesses.

Newburg is in the center part of the Mid-Hudson Valley.

People yearly go here to know the area’s history, see many attractions such as Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site, and look at the Hudson River.

This city is full of history, music, arts, food, and Newburg is indeed such a special place sandwiched between Marlboro and New Windsor on the northeastern side of Orange County, and there are many best things to do in Newburgh.

Traveling to Newburgh is the perfect getaway for any season.

There are plenty of things you can do while staying here, so make sure to take a look at the 20 best things to do in Newburg, NY.

Do Boating and Hiking in Chadwick Lake Park

Welcome sign of Chadwick Lake Park

Tatiana SG /

Chadwick Lake is a reservoir supplying water to Newburgh town, and it is open to the public for those who want to go on a recreational facility on the southern end of the city.

There are playgrounds, pavilions, basketball courts, roller rinks, and you can go hiking in different walking trails or boating and fishing on the lake as long as you have the proper license.

The grounds of Chadwick Lake Park

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It is also a good spot for your pets as you can walk your dogs on the trail and see the area’s scenic views.

The place is clean and family-friendly, so if you are looking for a place away from the crowded and busy streets of New York, you should go to Chadwick Lake and have a picnic with your loved ones.

What a way to end your week going to this serene location which also gives you a lot of opportunities for recreational activities and relaxation.

Daytime view of Chadwick Lake Park

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Pick Fruits and Vegetables in Lawrence Farms Orchards

You will surely have a refreshing feeling when you are surrounded by nature and when you visit a family-owned vegetable and fruit farm in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

You will enjoy different activities like picking your fruits and vegetables such as spinach, sweet and sour cherries, strawberries, apricots, plums, corn, peaches, and many more of the wide selection of their produced plant in the land.

You can also have a picnic day with your family and friends in the designated areas once you have picked and purchased all the fruits and vegetables you put in the approved container.

Birthday parties for children and school group tours are available in the farm orchard.

There are large barns next to the “Little Village” playground area, and there are picnic tables, containers, and a tractor-pulled wagon ride.

Lawrence Farms Orchards is also well-known for its homemade apple cider doughnuts, delicious refreshments, sweet treats, and local dairy ice cream.

The Lawrence Farms Orchards is on 39 Colandrea Road, and it is open daily from 9 AM to 4 PM from June to October.

Know Revolutionary Past in George Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site

A house at George Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site

Noconatom, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the historical places in Newburg is the Hasbrouck House which George Washington stayed during the American Revolutionary War and where he made some of his crucial decisions that soon shaped the future of the American nation.

The Hasbrouck House is the first publicly owned historic site in the nation, and you can have guided tours, community tours, and educational programs.

In addition, there is a museum adjacent to the house, and you will see George Washington’s portrait and other collections.

If you are interested to know about the history of the Revolutionary War and the life of George Washington during that period, you must go for the guided tour.

You will see war artifacts in the museum dating back to 1725, and you can go into the preserved rooms of the house that was once the headquarters of George Washington himself.

The best thing about it is that you can look at the breathtaking and majestic Hudson River outside the house, which played a critical role in the American Revolution.

Check Bikes and Motorcycles on Display in Motorcyclepedia Museum

You do not have to be a motorcycle enthusiast to go to this 85,000-square-foot museum with over 600 motorcycles on display from 1897 to the present and three motordromes where visitors can watch the different exhibits.

You can visit Motorcyclepedia Museum any time of the year, and there are exhibits based on the evolution of the motorcycle and the history of motorcycle craftsmanship.

There are also displays and galleries, such as Movie and Celebrity Gallery curated by Antique Motorcycle Foundation, with motorcycles that are 35 years old and up and were admitted to the Winners Circle, which is the highest recognition of AMCA.

There is a Chopper City collection that features 1960’s and 1970s choppers and motorcycles, which are some of the most exciting and exquisite bikes you would ever see in your life, as the designs were full of ideas and the life of the artists.

The museum has a feature where you can sit on different motorcycles, take pictures, see the military models, and even the vintage rides.

Consider making a trip to Motorcyclepedia Museum, as you will be in awe of the impressive collection of motorcycles and the home of the most comprehensive Indian Motorcycle collection around the world.

Unwind Outdoors in Downing Park

The waters of Downing Park

Brian Logan Photography /

What is your Newburgh trip without going to the largest park in the city, which covers about 35 acres of land?

People go to the park to enjoy outdoor and recreational activities near downtown in all seasons.

In summer, you can walk in the park and take the time to have your solitude and fun, while in the winter, the park turns to be the place for sledding and ice skating.

Downing Park hosts annual events like the Newburgh Farmers’ Market and hosts popular local concerts.

Fountain at Downing Park

Brian Logan Photography /

If you want to unwind outdoors, this is the best place to go as you can relax in the serene surroundings, or you can picnic with your loved ones in the grass-covered land while looking out at the scenic view.

Did you also know that Downing Park was designed by the same people who made the Central Park plans? Yes, you are correct that landscape architects Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted designed both of these beautiful places in New York.

Downing Park, filled with ponds, valleys, streams, hills, and different vegetation and green spaces, was designed to be a contemplative environment and a refuge in the center of a busy city, and for sure you will have comfort in this place.

Take Your Cruise in Pride of the Hudson

If you are looking for beautiful scenery and sights this day, hop on and book a river cruise in the Pride of the Hudson.

Go on an adventure and cruise through the majestic Hudson River and Hudson Highlands, where you can enjoy the spacious sundeck, cozy foredeck area, or the climate-controlled salon with wrap-around windows.

You can choose a 2-hour narrated sightseeing cruise or reserve a customized cruise for your special events and occasion, and see Storm King Mountain, Bannerman’s Island, West Point, Breakneck Mountain, Washington’s Headquarters, and Cold Spring.

What are you waiting for now? Book today and enjoy a special day to remember where you will pass by the scenic view in Newburgh and listen to the informative session about the historical sites along your way.

The cruise is available for tour and travel groups; you need to reserve tickets with a deposit, and full payment should be settled one month before the cruise.

Buy Antiques in Newburgh Vintage Emporium

In the crossroads of the northeast in Newburgh, you will find an antique shop called Newburgh Vintage Emporium, where you can buy antique goods, vintage items, custom furniture, and collectibles.

This shopping store, established in 2013, offers Art-Deco, Primitive, Victorian, Art-Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern, European antiques, vinyl records, arts and crafts, and many more things as new items arrive daily.

There are over 50 dealers who provide curated collections of items that will enrich your experience and make you want to go back in time.

You will find interesting items, unique pieces, and great deals in this antique shop like the clocks, tables, mirrors, and many things that will capture your heart.

Aside from buying these items, you can also be a seller of antiques, locally-made, repurposed furniture, and items pre-1980’s, with a touch of visual display and commerciality.

There are 2 locations for this antique store, one on 5006 Route 9W and another on 10 NY-17K Newburgh.

Have a Good Time with Friends in Newburgh Brewing Company

Your visit to Newburgh would not be complete without going to the Newburgh Brewing Company located along the Hudson River.

Since this Craft Brewery opened in 2012, it has given almost 70 beer styles, and it also has a taproom that offers local food, beer, wine, and cider, and it is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Bring your friends and family and enjoy drinking beer brewed with natural goodness and honest flavors with heart.

There are year-round drinks such as London Style Brown Ale, refreshing and light flavorful Kolsch, New York original Cream Ale, and tropical fruit flavors drinks.

If you visit the brewery on the weekend, there is live music and a mini-concert for a chill and relaxing environment while enjoying the sip of beer and wine.

You can also buy to-go drinks in cans, and there are different categories such as easy-drinking classics, IPAs, dark, lagers, sours, and barrel-aged.

Visit the Historic Captain David Crawford House

View of the Historic Captain David Crawford House

Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the 19th century, one of the grandest houses in the village was Captain David Crawford House, a federal mansion with detailed carvings inside and classic elements in the house.

This historic mansion sat on acres of land and on the hillside where you could overlook the city, its business district, and the constant passing traffic.

Three successive families lived in this house after Captain David’s widows died in 1886.

The grand mansion was set for demolition to make way for a parking lot for a funeral home, but there was a public outcry, and the Historical Society came up with a way to raise money and make it their headquarters.

Since the rescue of the Historical Society, the mansion housed different collections of documents and artifacts, and it has hosted many local events.

See the Art Exhibitions in Anne Street Gallery

If you want to see thoughtfully curated exhibits and galleries focusing on national and regional artists, you should visit Anne Street Gallery.

The exhibits and programs are centered on the appreciation of contemporary arts across different generations and cultures.

The mission of Ann Street Gallery is to provide “innovative exhibitions, events, and programs that seek the increase arts literacy.” In this way, it became the arts and culture hub in downtown Newburgh.

You can check out the current exhibitions on its website, but the past exhibitions centered on Black Reinassance festivals, Hudson Vallet Imprints, Influenced by Nature, House Party, and many more.

Located at 104 Anne Street, the heart of Hudson, the Anne Street Gallery is surrounded by world-class art venues, so make sure you visit this place.

Do Recreational Activities in Algonquin Park

An egret at Algonquin Park

TheArtistTree /

Another way to spend your weekend is to go to a park with many amenities and where you can do your sports and exercise activities.

In Powder Mill Road, you will find Algonquin Park with its history and natural beauty that offers you a place for refuge and relaxation as it has ponds, a stream, a playground, numerous sports fields, nature trails, and picnic areas.

You can also see different stone structures in the park because back in the 19th century, the site was the only black powder manufacturing facility in town, used mainly for hunting and sporting purposes.

Colonel Frederic Delano bought the black powder manufacturing complex. Afterward, he gave it to the City of Newburgh for a park.

That is why you can see many of the old stone buildings incorporated into the park.

Visit the park as it is the only remaining site with the history and evidence of the 19th-century gunpowder manufacturing site. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Go Ice Skating at Ice Time Sports Complex

Skating and ice are fun topics to discuss, and the Ice Time Sports Complex is an excellent place for tourists to spend some time.

The complex has state-of-the-art hockey training infrastructure and two full-size playing arenas.

So, the rink is a perfect place to take skating lessons. Ice hockey, roller hockey, public skating, birthday parties, and figure skating are some of the activities at the ice rink.

The Mid-Hudson Polar Bears, a travel hockey club, also play home games here.

As a bonus, there is the Mid-Hudson Adult Hockey League and Roller Hockey.

In the winter, families can warm themselves at Ice Time Sports Complex.

According to local parent publications, it is one of the best rinks in the Hudson Valley for ice skating.

However, this venue caters to all tastes.

Play Ball Games with Your Kids at Delano-Hitch Recreation Park

At Delano-Hitch Recreation Park, you can count on having a fantastic time.

It features a Fastpitch Softball Hall of Fame and a baseball field with seating for 2,000 audiences.

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll like spending time at the Delano-Hitch Recreation Park.

The park is a fantastic place to spend time and is open to all visitors.

It’s a park, but it’s also a place to play sports.

Basketball courts, baseball diamonds, softball fields, and soccer fields are just a few sports facilities in the park.

Tourists and locals are encouraged to take advantage of the communal pool and other event spaces.

Go Sailing at Riverfront Marina

Sailing the seven seas, or even enjoying the sun and wind in the face, is a typical romantic fantasy.

The Riverfront Marina is the perfect spot for a sail, and it’s no secret that single people enjoy sailing just as much as couples.

At the Riverfront Marina, visitors may enjoy a wide variety of watercraft, sailing, photography, and good times.

You might even try your luck with a fishing rod and reel and see if you can catch anything along the way.

Speedboats, pontoons, and sailboats are just some of the watercraft that call the Marina home.

Watch the boats navigate their way into the Hudson River.

Relax and Read a Book at Cronomer Hill Park

Visiting Cronomer Hill Park is a must if you’re looking for an exciting trip to Newburg.

It’s a great place to go hiking in any four seasons.

To get there, drivers can park at the bottom and continue straight on the tarmac or take the trail leading off to the left.

It’s an ideal spot for picnics and wildlife photography.

There are several good vantage points for picnicking, including the park’s fire tower.

Although Cronomer Hill Park is usually quiet, it comes alive in the late spring.

So if you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing area, you’ve found it.

The road is relatively narrow, so keep an eye out for oncoming traffic and pedestrians/dogs who might think you’re going upward.

Relaxing in Cronomer Hill Park is a great idea.

The fire tower is easily accessible, and it offers breathtaking views.

Catch a Performance at Ritz Theater

Ritz Theater is Safe Harbors’ intimate performing arts space.

The theater is one of the finest in the city.

Ritz Theater’s original building, located at Broadway in Newburgh, opened in 1883.

Taking the kids to see a fantastic show is a terrific opportunity to spend quality time together and enjoy the performance.

It’s also near some of Newburgh’s top attractions.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Day Tour to Bannerman’s Castle

Exterior of Bannerman's Castle

PhreddyCox, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wanted to visit interesting, unique, and monumental places like castles?

Then you must go to Bannerman’s Castle.

It will take you about 1 hour and a half to go from Hudson River, going southwest of Swezey Road to Taconic State Parkway until you reach Bannerman Castle.

The castle looks like a place out of a fairy tale.

Daytime view of Bannerman's Castle

Maryamh111, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Still, it is an abandoned military warehouse along the Hudson River, as it was a storage facility for an army surplus business based in New York City.

A large explosion caused by 200 pounds of shells and powder destroyed a portion of the castle. It was abandoned later in 1950, after a storm that sunk a ferryboat named after the island.

The castle was built on Pollepel Island and is accessible via tours.

Steps of Bannerman's Castle

Cavan-Images /

See Art Collection in Dia Beacon

Front View of Dia Beacon's exterior

Acroterion, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from historical places and landmarks, you can also visit a museum that has a vast collection of art from the 1960s up to the present day.

Dia Beacon is located along the Hudson River in Beacon and you can join in different programs and check the exhibits and galleries in the museum.

Some of the programs you can join are the Dia Talks where scholars, curators, writers, and artists come together for discussions and symposia, while the other program is the Gallery Talks, where there is an educator engaging audience to conversations on the artists’ work.

Far view of Dia Beacon

Rolf Müller (User:Rolfmueller), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You might also be interested in the Artists on Artists Lecture Series, which highlights the important work of contemporary artists from the perspective of their peers and colleagues.

What are you waiting for now?

Reserve a ticket so that you can surely go inside of the museum and see different artworks that will make you think critically and creatively.

Artwork in Dia Beacon

, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Final Thoughts

Much more prominent cities in New York overshadow Newburgh, but you will realize there are many more places to discover.

There are plenty of beauties and charms that Newburgh can offer you, starting from parks, historical landmarks, museums, libraries, farms, and many more.

This town is waiting for you, so make sure you look into these 15 best things to do in Newburgh and visit each of the places mentioned.

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