15 Best Things to Do in New Smyrna Beach

15 Best Things to Do in New Smyrna Beach

It is absolutely crazy to find a city which is named as a beach itself. The new Smyrna beach is one such city in Florida which is named as a beach. The city is known famously for its beautiful white sand beaches and mesmerizing seashores.

Apart from the very oceanic vibe, the place has museums, parks, galleries, and art centers. It is also famous as a sport where you can easily spot human friendly fishes such as dolphins and enjoy your time befriending them.

The city has some rules to follow in order to ensure the safety of aquatic animals. However, these rules will not disturb your fun. Explore all the crazy activities that you can do in New Smyrna Beach in this article.

Smyrna Dunes Park

Smyrna Dunes Park
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Smyrna dunes Park is located on the north of Myriad of barrier islands. The Park is located at such a location that the beaches around the park are always alive and wavy. Due to this, the dunes park in city is a perfect spot for all those people who want to enjoy surfing.

People who have never surfed before can also surf here as the waves are not very big. In addition to surfing there are a lot of other activities that are offered in this park such as hiking or surf fishing. The entry to this park is quite inexpensive.

Even though the park is quite famous, you can only understand it’s true beauty after visiting the place. Enjoying sunsets in this magnificent location is something that you definitely have to do if you visit Florida.

Sugar Mill Ruins

Sugar Mill Ruins
Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sugar Mill ruins are proudly listed as one of the important places on national register of historic places in Florida. This destination is located on historic grounds where sugar plantation used to be done. It is believed that the sugar mill was established more than 200 years ago.

The mill basically offers an interesting perspective of the past of Florida to the visitors. It presents a picture of how Florida was when the area was undeveloped and not very populated. It is believed that the mill stopped working in late 1800s.

It is important to note that this places do not have very good arrangements for a comfortable get away, but it surely is a good place for exploring the history of the city.

Marine Discovery Center

Marine discovery Centre is one of those spots in the city which you have to absolutely make time for. Situated on barracuda Boulevard, the Centre is not some ordinary facility. It might come as a surprise to most of the visitors but the discovery center is a zoo, aquarium, as well as a museum in a single arrangement.

It provides an opportunity to the visitors to explore local species of various aquatic animals, plants, and other marine items without touching them. The place has different type of exhibitions as well as activities.

They also offer guided tours, in which the guides are from local areas and help you understand about all the species in a simple manner. This is an amazing place which will expose you to the wonders that live under the water.

New Smyrna Museum of History

New Smyrna Museum of history
Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

New Smyrna Museum of History is a suitable place for all those visitors who are interested in knowing the history of the city, exactly as the name suggests. This museum has an extensive collection of items that depict the past of this place and how people evolved and develop the city through ages.

There are a number of displays and exhibitions in the museum which document the lives of local people, artists, as well as their beliefs and traditions.

Flagler Tavern

Parade outside Flagler Tavern
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Flagler Tavern is a restaurant which offers premium quality of food at all the times of a day. The restaurant is built with a unique concept and has some award-winning dishes on the menu.

The best part about this restaurant is that it offers very delicious and affordable seafood which is cooked from fresh ingredients. Apart from the seafood, the restaurant also has other dishes on menu.

It offers gluten-free food as well. The staff is very friendly and courteous as it has been associated with the restaurant for more than a decade. The restaurant also has facilities on specific days of the week where you can pay $4 and customize your own burger. As cool as this place is, the food accompanies the vibe. They also have arrangements for live music and private events.

The Breakers

The Breakers has been operating in New Smyrna Beach city of Florida since The 1900s. The eatery is situated at a divine place which is surrounded by white beaches and ocean waves.

What makes this restaurant stand out from the other places is its bright color and unique interior. The building is made in pink color which sets a beautiful yet attractive contrast against the white beaches. The place is madly popular among the locals as well as the visitors. It offers different types of burgers to the visitors.

The burgers are not less than some delight, as some of the have been consistently voted as the best burgers in central Florida. The place offers not only food but a break from all the busy surfing schedule in the city. This one location is a place where you can just visit and spend your time without second thoughts.

New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company

A beer brewing company located in a beach city is what we called true love. Located right in the heart of the city, the brewing company, New Smyrna brewing company is exclusively known for its crafted beers.

The brewery is also famous as it brews the beers on site. Apart from brewing, the company is also famous for offering complimentary items such as flavored popcorn. The beer menu of this brewery is so extensive that you would definitely get confused while selecting one for yourself.

Apart from different flavored beers, the place also offers lattes, orange juices, and other refreshing drinks. This place is perfect to get a break from all the hustle and refresh your body after a long sunny day in the city.

Sugar Works Distillery

Sugar Works Distillery is a family owned business which is famous for distilling crafted rum, whiskey, and moonshine. The distillery is specifically famous as among the local producers as it prepares all its drinks from locally produced items.

All the drinks are made in small batches for unique flavors. The distillery uses traditional techniques to craft some of the best whiskeys and rum in the entire city.

They also have a small gift shop which sells souvenir such as glasses, caps, and other gift items. They have also devised unique ways of serving drinks, making it absolutely different from other distilleries in the city.

New Smyrna Speedway

New Smyrna Speedway
Adam53Rick, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Not very big or famous, the new Smyrna speedway is a great place for all those who would love to enjoy some speed. The speedway has been famous for organizing a lot of international races and average speed racing events.

You can easily get the ticket to this place and spend some time while watching extremely talented drivers showcasing their control over speed.

Atlantic Center for Arts

Atlantic Center for Arts
Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located on the shores of Turnbull bay in city, the Atlantic Centre for arts is known for providing some really beautiful views and fantastic stays at very reasonable rates.

The Centre has a different collections of artworks. Along with that it also works as a temporary as well as a permanent residence for artists from around different corners of the world. You can visit the center and enjoy communicating with the artists while they work on their new pieces.

The Centre also organizes a lot of artistic and cultural events throughout the year. So to enjoy the place in its full swing, make sure that you visit the center during some cultural or artistic event.

Hub On Canal Street

Hub on Canal Street is a place which is loaded with a number of historical buildings, art galleries, shops, art studios, and much more. This place is a perfect blend of historic culture and contemporary world.

The place offers a lot of items to buy as gifts for your friends, family, and other important people. All the items for sale are mostly produced by local artists as their original works.

Even if you’re not interested in buying something, you can take a walk in this place situated in downtown New Smyrna Beach. They also organize a large number of events and festivals throughout the year.

Annual Seaside Fiesta

Hosted near downtown, Annual seaside fiesta has been able to increase its popularity among the crowds for more than three decades. The event is basically a large get together of all the local business and civic development organizations which aim to patronize the local culture, art, beliefs, and history among new crowds.

The festival has a different theme each year, making it more interesting and entertaining. Along with providing access to art and culture of the city, the festival is also famous for organizing live music, carnival games, rides, and delicious food. This event is one of the most carefree and enjoyable events in the city.

Festival of the Arts

The festival of the arts organized at Riverside Park is voted as one of the top 50 outdoor activities in the entire country.

The festival is organized over a span of four days, generally in the month of January. The festival has a different theme for each year. It also attracts a large number of artists from all the corners of the world.

Apart from that, it is also famous for providing some really crazy live music, affordable yet good food, and other energetic activities for all people.

Ponce De Leon Inlet lighthouse and Museum

Ponce De Leon Inlet lighthouse
Danita Delimont / Shutterstock.com

Visiting a beach city and not visiting a light house is something not acceptable. Ponce De Leon inlet light house is the tallest lighthouse in Florida at a height of almost 180 feet.

The lighthouse was opened nearly 2 centuries back and has been quite a fascinating place to visit since its establishment. You can also visit the top of the light House to enjoy beautiful views of the city after it was restored.

Black Dolphin Inn

Black dolphin in is a stay located along the shore of the Indian river. The hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the city as the dolphins come by the dock to enjoy with the visitors.

The furniture as well as other amenities of the hotel or ranked among some of the best in the entire state. The place also offers breakfast as well as other meals of the day. Rooms with private docks are also available in the property.

The property is located just next to some of the most famous places in the city. You can also exchange your currency as they have currency exchange on site. If you are interested in befriending some dolphins and enjoying with them, this is the perfect stay for you.

New Smyrna Beach is a city in Florida which is as refreshing as a lemonade. The city offers a large number of activities and delicious food. You can also spend some time with dolphins, local artists, and historical buildings.

This place is one of those places which does not require a lot of efforts and money in order to entertain you. Even a simple stroll along the shores of any of the beaches will make you happy. Filled with art galleries and colorful hallways, the city presents a way of living life and enjoying it.

You would never want to rest while you are in this city full of life. The culture of the city is very radiant and people are welcoming. Overall, the place is 11/10 in terms of being a great vacation destination.