15 Best Things to Do in New Hope, PA

15 Best Things to Do in New Hope, PA

New Hope is a place of action. Be it festivals, historic mansions, markets, lip-smacking dishes, or some state of the art wineries- the city rocks in everything.

This quaint town feels eclectic at times and there are tonnes of things you can do in here. These are the top 15 things to do in New Hope-

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee from Ferry Market

We welcome you to the first day of your New Hope trip. Are you tired after a long journey? Didn’t have much to eat or was it just a long flight? Either way, we have some treats just for you!

If you are someone who knows nothing other than coffee at the start of his day, then allow us to suggest a gorgeous place for you. Follow us to the Ferry Market.

The Ferry Market is one of the best places to start your day with. The ambiance is vibrant as well as lively.

With lots of crowds walking around, eating- it feels nice. Also, there are a lot of coffee shops along with breakfast places here at Ferry Market.

So, do your baked goods along with some lattes before you head off to explore some other majestic place.

Go biking at Delaware Canal State Park

Delaware Canal State Park
Bradford Van Arnum (Sunweb52), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you done with your breakfast? Had your coffee and bagels? Good for you, because we are about to take you on an adventure for the next spot.

So, hold on and buckle up for the next place is gonna be one of the most popular adventure destinations in all of Bucks County.

Delaware Canal State Park is one of the most historic spots in New Hope. As you will be able to see, that there is still a canal intact here. And, mind it, there are not many canals left in the States.

There are immensely beautiful views here along with the best adventure options. You can find many hiking and biking trails here.

We suggest you go biking after breakfast to get a full package of what Delaware Canal State Park has to offer.

Fill your tummy with yumminess from Logan Inn

Now, after that amount of biking, you are surely tired. Don’t lie! For we can almost hear your stomach grumbling from here!

But, the good thing about New Hope is that there are some pretty good meals available at all times.

Yes, you will find a lot of eateries around to satisfy your cravings, but we’d like to take you to a traditional one!

Logan Inn is kind of a staple here at New Hope, and a vacation is incomplete without that delicious brunch from Logan Inn. So, head over there now!

Did you know there is even an outdoor deck for you to dine at?

Yes, you can find everything here- starting from french toasts, eggs, slices of bacon, and even pasta- all things are drool-worthy here!

Go shopping at Main Street

So, you had a good day till now- you had your good coffee and breakfast, then went biking along the beautiful canal, followed by a huge meal.

Do you want some shopping now? Yes, we know you do! But, here at New Hope- shopping means Main Street.

Yes, there are no better places to shop top your heart’s content than Main Street.

Filled with shops, boutiques, and stores, Main Street even has an affordable flee market.

Want to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family? Head over there.

Also, one of the best items that are found in plenty is home decor.

If you have just bought a new space, and you are yet to decorate it- do that shopping on your trip!

Appreciate some art at New Hope Arts Center

One of the best places to spend time in New Hope and appreciate some art at the same time is New Hope Arts Center.

It is a completely non-profit organization. You can see the different modern and contemporary forms of art in the center.

And, the best part about this organization is that it helps in the upliftment of local arts.

Whatever you see around is is some sort of art done with the local talents.

Be sure to pop in and check some of the local paintings.

Catch a show at Bucks County Playhouse

Bucks County Playhouse
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

So, you did the shopping and the art part. How about a matinee now?

But, it is not just any theater. Bucks County Playhouse is quite significant in American history and takes pride in what it does.

It also has a nickname- America's most famous summer theater.

Once upon a time- famous artists and actors used to do shows here when the concept of the theater was more prominent than the concept of movies.

Do visit this theater to relive some old days.

Ride along the New Hope Railroad

New Hope Railroad
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

This part of the trip is a pretty exciting one for not a lot of tourist attractions have this kind of spot.

An activity that is both historic as well as exciting at the same time- New Hope Railroad is our next destination.

Now, you might be asking- ‘are we riding a train?’ Well, ye, we are. But, it is not just any ordinary train.

The train is a 1925 special locomotive one, that still runs a certain distance!

You can get on this train to embark on a journey to the neighboring place- Lahaska. The distance is about 9 miles, and the time taken is 45 minutes.

It is a scenic journey, and is a quite memorable one which you will hold on to for ages!

Go in search of paranormal activities in town

No matter how old you are- everyone gets excited on the topic of ghosts. Are you passionate about the paranormal?

Do you believe in the afterlife? Or, are you more of a non-believer trying to prove to people that there is nothing like that?

Whatever it may be- paranormal stuff always attracts a lot of tourists, and the same is in the case of the paranormal activities of New Hope.

Come on, let us tell you more about it. The phantom hitchhiker is one of the most famous ghost stories of New Hope.

It is said that many spirits are roaming in several historic mansions of the city.

For this very reason, ghost tours are conducted in the city.

When the night crawls in, and the usually crowded roads of New Hope are left with no people- it is said that these spirits roam around freely.

Book yourself one of these trips, and go look around the city with a candle, and see if you truly end up catching a shadow!

Enjoy the nightlife

You might think of New Hope as a little peaceful place that remains quiet most of the time. But, you are so wrong.

If you are saying that- it means you have not even seen New Hope after the sunsets.

So, we’d like to introduce you to such a New Hope that you have never observed in your life before.

This New Hope is not afraid of the night for it is wild, loud, and full of night-life!

The nightlife is amazing here filled with bars, clubs, and pubs.

Some of the best pubs in town are phantom hitchhiker along with the Dubliner on the Delaware.

Fun fact about the latter is that it is an Irish bar. And, you know how wild Irish bars are!

Dine at a former church

We will now be taking you to one of the best locations for dinner.

It not only has some of the most delicious meals on its menu but it also is located in one of the most exotic locations.

You might be a bit tired from all the partying, and right now- you just want some warm meal. So, allow us to take you to Marsha Brown.

This restaurant has been inspired from that of a New Orleans one, and also the location is inside a building that used to be a church once upon a time!

The meals are elegant and some of our recommendations are catfish and jambalaya.

Book yourself a bed and breakfast

The best thing about New Hope is its different hotels and inns. But, there is something cooler than just nice views in these hotels and inns.

There are many hotels/inns in New Hope that were originally a mansion full of historic significance.

But, over time, they have been sold, and now they have been turned into bed and breakfasts for couples.

Want to take your spouse on a lovely honeymoon? Or, it is your anniversary?Whatever good romantic occasion it may be- the inns of New Hope will take care of you guys!

The best historic mansion that has now been turned into a bed and breakfast is the iconic 1870 Wedgwood Inn of New Hope.

Explore Doylestown Castles

Doylestown Castles
Fernando Garcia Esteban / Shutterstock.com

We shall start with the few historic bits of New Hope now. So, let s introduce you to the infamous Doylestown Castles.

The best part about these Doylestown Castles is that they are in a single spot- comprising two attractions.

Let us get into more details now. When you will be visiting Doylestown Castles- you will mainly see the Mercer Museum first followed by the Fonthill Castle.

When you set foot in the Mercer Museum- you will realize how far the passion of a man can take him.

Take a look at all the amazing items he had been collecting throughout his life.

But, what’s more, beautiful is the Fonthill Castle that he built with its unique designs and ideas.

There are 44 mesmerizing rooms in total in this palace. All of them have been decorated in an antique way by the passionate man himself.

Check out the Parry Mansion

New Hope has some quite old historic mansions as you can see from the point before.

And, the one we will be taking you to now, is one of the most exotic attractions in all of Bucks County. Come on, let us introduce you to the historic Parry Mansion.

Benjamin Parry who also happened to be one of the founding fathers of New Hope owned this majestic mansion that was specially built for him back in 1784.

Later this house went to the New Hope Historical Society as the Parry line perished.

If you look inside the interior will blow your minds. Filled with designs and furniture from the 18th century- the look is elegant!

Go on a wine tour

Crossing Vineyards and Winery
PredaciousPanda, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to the New Hope is incomplete without visiting some of its wineries. Trust us, the wineries of New Hope are some of the best for the wine list of such wineries are of the top class.

And, the best part is that there are local tour operators that conduct such tours that cover all the important wineries.

You can even go wine tasting at these award-winning wineries.

The best are the Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery, Rushland Ridge Vineyard & Winery, Crossing Vineyards and Winery, and some others.

The main motto of these wine trips is to promote the wine culture of Bucks County.

Also, if you are a wine connoisseur, then you would like to know more about the ingredients- the condition in which the grapes are grown, and even the brewing processes.

Keeping all of your needs in mind- these wine trips show you the best of the world.

Enjoy the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
Dougle / Shutterstock.com

On the final day of the trip, and for the final destination, we thought of taking you someplace beautiful.

How about spending the last day of your trip in the beautiful Bucks County in the lap of nature.

Yes, it sounds good. So, let us head over to the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve.

If you are visiting in the fall, the brilliant wildflowers in comparison with the blue hue of the sky look like heaven.

What just started as a concept by two innovative locals, now draws thousands of people to it every year.

With the help of the Washington Crossing Park Commission, the park now has got a vast 100 acres of land filled with different shades of nature.

As time went on, a lot of renovations were done to this preserve. Now, there are boardwalks, trails, and even lodges here.

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye for now. We will come back later with another wonderful trip. Bon voyage!