20 Best Things to Do in Nephi, UT

Nephi, UT
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The city of Nephi, Utah, is the gleaming gem and capital of Juab County in the American Midwest.

Before it was named Nephi, it was called Salt Creek because of the salty stream that runs through the place.

Nephi’s first settlers and founders were Mormons, and the current name of the place came from them.

Because it links three different major highways in Utah, Nephi is a prime location where tourists and travelers flock to.

If you’re planning a visit and wondering what the best things to do in Nephi are, check out this list of 20 activities to make your trip meaningful and memorable!

Tour the Whitmore Mansion

Exterior view of Whitmore Mansion
Tricia Simpson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The relatively calm setting of Nephi also hides a historical gemstone that tourists should visit when they get the chance.

Located along South Main Street, the Whitmore Mansion is a local spot known for its themed tours.

The Whitmore Mansion was built in 1898 and has become a hospital, hotel, and music school throughout its history.

Depending on the time of the year that tourists visit, they can try different themed tours such as the Halloween and Christmas tours.

They also offer different formats of an escape house game.

The Whitmore Mansion also has a restaurant, and they take reservations for events.

If you want to make your stay in Nephi even richer, book a tour at the Whitmore Mansion!

Join the Fun in the Juab County Fair

Because Nephi is the city of Juab County, it’s no surprise that it hosts events that gather a wide crowd.

One such event is the annual Juab County Fair held in the Juab County Fairgrounds along West Street.

This annual fair has a long history and typically lasts for about a week or so.

Tourists can listen to the concerts and watch local exhibits organized by the city.

If you’re not scared of getting a bit dirty, you should also participate in the fun contests and events that are available!

The Juab County Fair is sure to give you a great time in the city.

Build the Perfect Sandwich at Fresh’s Homemade Eatery

A good trip is not complete without good food, and that’s what Fresh’s Homemade Eatery offers patrons.

This quaint diner is located along South Main Street.

Despite its appearance, the inside is cozy and gives customers a choice between window seats and larger tables for groups.

They have an assortment of ready-made sandwiches that you can order to-go and eat while exploring the city.

For interested customers, you can even customize your own perfect sandwich as Fresh’s Homemade Eatery gives you options for bread, cheese, meat, and more!

Fresh’s Homemade Eatery is the perfect place for a relaxed meal alone or with your friends.

Take a Dip at the Nephi Swimming Pool

If your trip to Nephi is around the summer months, the weather in the city can get hot quickly.

It’s a good thing that it has a swimming pool for tourists and locals to dip into and cool the heat!

Located in Nephi City Pioneer Park at the heart of the city, the Nephi Swimming Pool is an accessible place wherever you might be.

The laid-back ambiance and relatively shallow pool make it suitable for children.

There are also standard pool amenities such as diving boards available for more experienced swimmers.

If you’d like some more privacy, you can even rent the swimming pool!

Pay Respects at the Veteran’s Memorial and Rose Garden

For tourists who want to explore all the parks in Nephi, you should put the Veteran’s Memorial and Rose Garden at the top of your list.

It’s a maze-like garden that you can find at the corner of 100 North and 100 East Streets.

Dedicated in 2008, the Veteran’s Memorial and Rose Garden commemorates the Nephi soldiers who fought in World War II.

Here, you will find the soldiers’ names engraved on marble.

If you timed your trip perfectly, you would get the chance to see the rose in full bloom!

Not only is the place a somber landmark in the middle of the city, but it’s also where you can admire and watch rosebuds bloom to life.

Witness the Annual Illuminate the Night

During the latter part of the year, Nephi holds its annual Illuminate the Night event for families and friends to join in.

Since 2019, Nephi has been holding the event at the Nephi City Pioneer Park.

Typically done after Thanksgiving, families can watch the Illuminate the Night event, which features different floats and even free food.

The night is also filled with music and contests, as well as the traditional visit made by Santa Claus.

At the end of Illuminate the Night is the lighting ceremony for Nephi’s Christmas tree!

If you’re near the city and want to continue the Thanksgiving spirit, Illuminate the Night is the perfect family-friendly event.

Visit the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum

Exterior of Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum
Tricia Simpson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Utah has a long and interesting history, and dedicated groups have organized this history into museums around the state.

One such museum is the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum, and they have a satellite museum in Nephi!

Stroll down South Main Street, and you should pass by the place.

It has varied and rare historical materials collected throughout Utah’s history, including historical photographs and other antiques.

The large amount of materials in the place makes it a mesmerizing trip back in time.

Whether your trip is just for leisure or not, the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum deserves to be on your bucket list.

Experience the Thrill at Juab Xtreme Racing

The things you can do in Nephi are not just relaxed and easygoing; there are also events for thrill-seekers.

If you time your visit perfectly, you’re set to watch the Juab Xtreme Racing.

This annual event and competition showcases pro motorcycle drivers attempting to clear obstacles on the field.

Held at the Juab County Fairgrounds, you’d witness death-defying and gripping stunts as motorcycle drivers strive to be the best among the rest.

Juab Xtreme Racing gives the adrenaline rush that makes tourists come back for more.

The thrill at Juab Xtreme Racing is best experienced with friends and family, so tag them along for a fun-filled night.

Spend a Day at the Canyon Hills Golf Course

Located at the foot of the canyon to the city's east is the aptly named Canyon Hills Golf Course.

The calm ambiance of the Salt Creek Canyon’s rolling peaks is a refreshing break from the bustle of the city.

This 9-hole golf course is located at the East Golf Course Road on the city's outskirts, and it’s accessible from the highway.

With its complete amenities, such as its snack bar and golf carts, you’re all set to spend an entire day playing golf with friends.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play golf.

Canyon Hills Golf Course also offers golf lessons for total newbies.

If you want to wind down your trip to Nephi with something light and easygoing, head on to the Canyon Hills Golf Course!

Taste Eastern Flavors with Oriental Garden

During your trip to Nephi, fast food can get old fast, and you might want to try out other dishes.

Oriental Garden is one of the best food places you can find in the city, and it’s not a hassle to reach too.

Its prime location along the North Main Street might look unassuming outside, but the inside architecture gives a homey and cozy feeling.

Like its name, Oriental Garden offers Asian cuisine that brings new flavors to your palate.

If you can’t choose from the restaurant’s impressive menu, you’ll never go wrong with their Chef’s Specials such as Honey Walnut Shrimp and Mongolian Three Delight.

If you want to explore and break from your routine, consider eating out at Oriental Garden.

Participate in the Local Ute Stampede

Nephi loves its annual events and traditions, and one of these is the Local Ute Stampede.

Since then, its rich history dates back to 1934 and has been a mainstay in Nephi culture.

The Local Ute Stampede is held throughout the city at prime locations such as the Juab County Fair.

It boasts a variety of carnival activities, as well as music nights and concerts.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Mammoth Parade, where residents build floats that parade around the city.

One of the event’s highlights that you can’t miss is the bull riding competition.

With the Local Ute Stampede, you’re sure to leave the city with a truly Midwest experience.

Eat Steak for Dinner at Lisa’s Country Kitchen

Who says you can’t have a fancy night at Nephi?

Lisa’s Country Chicken, located near the southern outskirts of Nephi along South Main Street, offers the perfect steak dinner while you’re in the city.

Some of the options available to customers include ribeye, New York, and hamburger steaks.

The steak options also come with your choice of potato, vegetable, soup or salad, and bread.

There are also sandwiches, sides, and desserts to finish the meal!

Thanks to the restaurant’s cafe-like ambiance and brick architecture, it’s a great place to wind down after a long day exploring the city.

Leap from the Sky with Skydive the Wasatch

Want to try something memorable and thrilling?

Look no further than Skydive the Wasatch located in Nephi’s Municipal Airport, just a bit to the city’s northwest.

This widely popular activity attracts people from Nephi and the surrounding areas, such as Salt Lake City.

Skydive the Wasatch takes you 13,000 feet up into the air, a perfect vantage point that gives a wide view of the surrounding area, including the Wasatch Mountains.

Their tandem skydiving pairs you with a professional skydiver, so you can be sure of your safety.

They also offer photos and videos so you can look back and relive your skydiving journey over Nephi.

With Skydiving the Wasatch, your trip to Nephi will be unforgettable.

Get Authentic Mexican Meals at Jaliscience Restaurant

For tourists who want to spice up their palates with the food they don’t get to eat usually, the Jaliscience Restaurant is a great spot.

This food place is located by South Main Street and is accessible to long-distance travelers along the highway.

Their authentic Mexican meals are offered from breakfast to dinner and have meat and seafood options.

If you’re traveling in groups and have friends who don’t want to eat Mexican food, the restaurant also offers American breakfast dishes.

Customers who want to mix their food up can take advantage of Jaliscience Restaurant’s customizable tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas.

For a truly Mexican taste in the middle of Nephi, Jaliscience Restaurant is your best bet.

Check Out Hunting Supplies at The Bow Shop

Nephi also has an interesting place that you might want to check out when you’re in the city.

True to its name, The Bow Shop is a one-stop shop for hunting equipment, such as bows, arrows, guns, and ammunition.

Located along South Main Street, this shop is perfect for adventurers, hunters, and explorers out in the wild.

You can also find an indoor range, as well as a sizable assortment of different hunting tools.

The Bow Shop is renowned in the surrounding areas because of its professional services and advice regarding hunting equipment.

If hunting is something you like to do, check out The Bow Shop!

Go for an Adventurous Hike at the Santaquin Peak - Loafer Mountain Trail

The Santaquin Peak - Loafer Mountain Trail offers hikers plenty of sceneries outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers will surely enjoy.

Catch sight of Santaquin Peak which stands equally beautiful as other Wasatch Front peaks.

Trek the Loafer Ridge and pass through breathtaking views of maple groves and aspen trees; they’re even more magnificent during the fall season.

Go watch some wildlife or spot birds in the trail area.

You can also go on a bike and take the cycling routes near Lake Mountains, the Loafer Mountain Trail, and the Pioneer Trail.

You’ll discover more sights connected to the Santaquin Peak - Loafer Mountain Trail.

Watch the Juab County Fair Demolition Derby

Catch the awesome cars and trucks slam their way to victory at the Juab County Fair Demolition Derby.

This derby is a much-awaited event held annually at the County Fairgrounds.

It was also voted the 2nd Best Demolition Derby in the World in 2017.

Get into this action-packed event and cheer for your bet in different categories like Iron Heat, Stock Heat, Truck Heat, and High School Heat.

Watch the past champs and contenders ram on the dirt grounds and vie for the derby champion spot.

See these derby masters at the Juab County Fair Demolition Derby.

Enjoy Nature Trekking at the Mount Nebo Scenic Loop

View from Mount Nebo Scenic Loop
K. Bradley Washburn / Shutterstock.com

The Mount Nebo Scenic Loop is a 38-mile byway spanning from Nephi’s Uinta National Forest to Payson, looking out on Mount Nebo’s east side.

With a climbing elevation measuring 9,000 feet, you’ll enjoy plenty of splendid views from several outlooks.

You can pitch a tent on the nearby campgrounds, take routes heading to Mount Nebo’s summit or go horseback riding to experience more of the sweeping wilderness views.

Scenic view of Mount Nebo Scenic Loop
GybasDigiPhoto / Shutterstock.com

Other scenic sights you can see along the trail include the Devil’s Kitchen Geologic Interest Site and the salt pillars just right off State Road 132.

Take note that the Mount Nebo Scenic Loop closes from late October through July.

Scenic view from Mount Nebo Loop
K. Bradley Washburn / Shutterstock.com

Sip Fresh Coffee at The Haven Coffee House & Roasting Co.

If you’re looking for a fresh cup of coffee to boost your day, The Haven Coffee House & Roasting Co. is the place to drop by.

Located right next to Old Mill Park, this coffee shop features a nice deck with a great view of Salt Creek.

Their in-house roasting process guarantees coffee lovers a delicious cup each time.

Have an Americano or cappuccino, likewise, you can go for a Breve and Chai Latte.

Want to make your coffee extra special? Ask for add-ins like Espresso Shot, Syrup Shot, or Kicker.

You can also have them iced or try something different like the Monster Mixer or Red Bull Icee.

The Haven Coffee House & Roasting Co. also offers organic roasted coffee beans for order and delivery.

Have a Family Movie Night at Salt Creek Cinemas

Planning for a movie night? Salt Creek Cinemas offers you a fantastic cinema experience.

You’ll get comfortable seating inside a relaxing stadium along with state-of-the-art surround sound systems for a perfect movie-watching atmosphere suited for any age.

Grab some eats while enjoying movies on screen from the concession stands.

You can check out featured movies and showtimes on their website.

Take your family and enjoy the movies together at Salt Creek Cinemas.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Do Water Activities at the Burraston Ponds

At only 6 miles north of the Nephi City Pioneer Park, the Burraston Ponds is a great natural getaway for tourists who want to go out of the city.

The Burraston Ponds is near Mona Reservoir and is a haven for fishermen thanks to its abundance of trout and carp.

If fishing isn’t something you like to do, you can also swim, paddleboard, or dive into the water.

Motorboats are not allowed in the area, but tourists can still try canoeing and kayaking across the pond.

Whatever water activities strike your fancy, you can be sure to find it here at Burraston Ponds!

Final Thoughts

Visiting Nephi involves timing your trips to make the most out of the city’s annual events and traditions.

From thrill-seekers to those who want a more relaxed tour, Nephi caters to everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Whether it’s because of the cozy food options or the variety of things to do, there’s no doubt Nephi is a place you’d keep coming back to every time.

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