15 Best Things to Do in Naples, Long Beach

Naples, Long Beach
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In the beautiful city of Long Beach in California lies a gorgeous neighborhood called Naples.

Obviously, the neighborhood gets its name from the third largest city of Italy, Naples.

You can see the California Naples spread on three islands on Alamitos Bay.

In Naples, you will find the famous large fountain called La Bella Fontana Di Napoli, also known as the Naples Fountain, built in 1969.

As the center of attraction and a popular meeting spot, the three-tiered fountain symbolizes beauty and romance.

Developer Arthur M. Parsons envisioned unique canals and gondolas crossing three islands, so he helped establish Naples in 1905.

Los Angeles’ world-renowned Venice of America concept also inspired the neighborhood.

Parsons and the designers called it the Dreamland of Southern California, completed in the 1920s.

However, Naples is not just the large fountain that serves this area.

There are many exciting things to do in Naples, Long Beach.

Read on to find out more.

Take a Leisure Walk on the Naples Canal

Walkway at Naples Canal
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Beautifully designed homes with gorgeous boats are among the many things you’ll bump into along the Naples Canal.

On weekends, the crowd can get huge, but you can still explore and have coffee in the middle of it.

Daytime view of Naples Canal
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Check out the gorgeous, million-dollar homes and the surrounding areas that replicate a village in Italy.

The gorgeously lit homes on Naples Canal cast gorgeous reflections on the water itself.

Ride along the Enchanting Canals with Gondola Getaway

Aerial view of a Gondola ride on Naples canal
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A boat ride is a must-try when you visit Naples.

Regardless of the occasion, a gondola ride will give you a unique experience, taking you along the enchanting canals of Naples Island.

You can choose the Gondola Getaway, a fleet service that offers an exciting gondola ride with experienced gondoliers.

Since 1982, Gondola Getaway has offered a unique boat ride for guests who want to experience the beauty and romantic ambiance of Naples Island.

The gondola ride will take you to the gorgeous and calm canals of Rivo Alto and Napoli, Accademia, Ravenna, Toledo, Neapolitan East, and the famous Treasure Island bridge.

Go Swimming at Mother’s Beach

Aerial view of Mother’s Beach
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On the northeast side of Naples Island, you will see a gem called Mother’s Beach, known for its gentle waves.

It’s perfect for families with kids in tow.

The water enjoys protection from the open ocean, making it safe for swimming.

At the north end of the beach, you can find a playground camp for children, complete with equipment.

There’s also a spacious grassy spot at the beach where you can put all your picnic stuff under the shade of the trees.

There are restrooms and toilets that you can use and a cafe nearby where you can have homemade meals.

Mother’s Beach was established in 1955.

Paddle Your Way around the Scenic Naples Canal

A person paddle-boarding on Naples Canal
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Apart from the adventure of a gondola ride, you can also try standup paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking around the scenic Naples Canal.

Since the water is calm and gentle most of the time, it’s relatively safe to paddle around the canals.

You can even take a photo with the dolphins at the Naples pier and nearby.

Likewise, you can do other things.

If you choose to go kayaking, you can paddle your way to different restaurants and wealthy waterfront homes around Naples.

Of course, you should know how to swim to enjoy the experience fully.

Try visiting Kayak Rentals and Stand Up Rentals in Naples for your adventure needs.

It’s always a fun way to explore the Naples Canal!

Go on a Picnic at La Bella Fontana Park

As a famous meeting spot in Naples, La Bella Fontana Park offers a vast open space where you can go for a picnic with friends and family.

The park also has benches scattered in the area, but you can bring a blanket if you want a good old-fashioned picnic.

At night, enjoy the La Bella Fontana Di Napoli with bright and beautiful lights.

Built in 1969, the three-tiered fountain started flowing in 1971.

Rent a Hydro Bike in the Gorgeous Alamitos Bay

You can find Naples in Alamitos Bay, where you can enjoy hydro biking.

Rent the hydro bikes at an affordable price and start biking on the water around the bay and through the Naples Canal.

Likewise, the hydro bikes come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite music while biking.

You can go around the beautiful Alamitos Bay and the Naples Canal.

Most hydro bikes have built-in spectacular lights called Glow Ride.

Check them out at night to see their full splendor.

Long Beach Waterbikes offer gorgeous hydro bike rentals if you want a recommendation.

Explore the Beautiful Overlook Park

Residents refer to Overlook Park as Naples Plaza, which gives a fantastic view of Naples Bay.

The long pathways stretch from Corso Di Napoli to Corso Di Oro.

The spacious green space has park benches and a picnic area where you can enjoy yourself with friends and family while sightseeing.

In January 1965, the City Council approved the construction of Overlook Park, which finished that April.

Enjoy the beautiful palm trees and turf with a great bay view.

Soak up the Sun at the Peninsula

If you want to spend a day in Naples doing nothing but reading a book under the sun, the Peninsula is the best spot to visit.

Peninsula Bayside Beach and Peninsula Beach offer the same relaxation.

The former faces Alamitos Bay while the latter meets the Pacific Ocean.

Locals consider the Peninsula a historical treasure for many reasons.

For instance,  social activist and Pulitzer Prize winner Upton Sinclair wrote his timeless novels in one of the area’s summer homes in the late 1920s.

Both Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin visited the award-winning author there.

As soon as you sit on the beach with a book in your hand, you’ll see boats going back and forth.

Otherwise, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see some dolphins and sea lions playing in the sea.

Witness the Christmas Boat Parade on Naples Bay

A boat decorated with holiday lights during the Christmas Boat Parade
clayton harrison / Shutterstock.com

Beautiful lights adorn the decorated boats during Christmas time on Naples Bay.

Spectacular lights glow in the water and on the decorated mansions along the bay.

The annual boat parade starts at 6:00 p.m. for large boats and at 6:30 p.m. for small ships.

What’s more, the boats also receive special awards in different categories, which makes it more exciting, especially for visitors watching the parade.

The Christmas Boat Parade on Naples Bay started in 1946.

Don’t miss this holiday event when you visit Naples on Christmas.

Shop at Marina Pacifica Mall

When you’re in Naples, you’ll find a premier shopping mall where you can shop and dine.

Marina Pacifica Mall, also named Marina Pacifica Shopping Center, houses many known retailers and several restaurants, movie theaters, and shops.

From 1972 to 1973, builders constructed the open-air center based on the concept of a Mediterranean spa.

The Marina Pacifica Mall caters to its neighborhood in Naples, Belmont Shore, Seal Beach, and Los Alamitos.

Fill all your shopping needs at this mall in Naples.

Get a Drink or Two at Crow’s Cocktails of Naples

After a long day, who doesn’t want to get to a bar for a drink or two?

You can do that at Crow’s Cocktails of Naples, where you can find a great selection of high-quality spirits.

The fun dive bar offers a happy and relaxing atmosphere, which is excellent for those who want to explore Naples.

Get some cocktails and traditional fried food to munch on at an affordable price.

Brings your friends to Crow’s Cocktails of Naples for a fun night on the town.

Grab a Bite at Michael’s On Naples

You will feel like visiting Italy in Naples, Long Beach.

Michael’s on Naples also gives you the same ambiance.

Established in late 2004, the restaurant offers both the relaxing atmosphere and the joys of authentic Italian cuisine.

Are you wondering where the best spot is on Michael’s?

It’s on the rooftop!

Enjoy their pizza, pasta, mozzarella, gelato, rich Italian sauces, and many more, made with fresh local ingredients.

You can also pair everything with fine wines for a perfect meal.

Bring your friends or family to Michael’s On Naples for a satisfying dinner.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Spend a Relaxing Afternoon at Belmont Shore

Welcome sign of Belmont Shore
Chris Allan / Shutterstock.com

If you want to walk along the beautiful Naples that connects to the Belmont shore, take a 20-minute trip to see spectacular spots around the area.

When you’re driving, the shore is only four minutes away from Naples.

There are no hotels in the area, but they have home rentals where you can also spend a few days relaxing at the gorgeous shoreline.

Aerial view of Belmont Shore's pier
Richard H Grant / Shutterstock.com

You can sail, kayak, paddle, rent a Duffy boat for sunset, swim at Horny Corner, or waterski at the Marine Stadium.

Of course, you can take leisure walks or even bike along the beach and explore the sandy bars on foot.

Enjoy many pleasant activities at Belmont Shore, and add to your unforgettable Naples experience.

Sunset over Belmont Shore
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Visit the Long Beach Museum of Art

Exterior of Long Beach Museum of Art
Steve Cukrov / Shutterstock.com

You need only seven minutes to reach the Long Beach Museum of Art from Naples.

The museum exhibits the works of dynamic artists and the like.

It houses over 3,200 works that span 300 years of European and American art.

Entrance to the Long Beach Museum of Art
​​Chris Allan / Shutterstock.com

The collection highlights the works of Beatrice Wood, George Rickney and Peter Voulokos, Charles and Ray Eames, Claire Falkenstein, Vasily Kandinsky, Alexej Jawlensky, and more.

These works include ceramic works, wood furniture, paintings, and sculptures.

Founded in 1950, the Long Beach Museum of Art is a member of the North American Reciprocal Museums program.

Bring Your Kids to Colorado Lagoon

The waters of Colorado Lagoon
L.A. Nature Graphics / Shutterstock.com

Who says that vacations with kids aren’t fun?

Well, you can make it more fun when you bring them to Colorado Lagoon, which is only four minutes away from Naples.

Established in 1923, the Colorado Lagoon belongs to the Recreation Park.

It has undergone continued developments to this day, including the Marine Science Education Center.

The lagoon houses the multi-story diving platform, used in the 1932 Olympic Trials, and remained in use until the 1950s.

However, due to natural environmental effects, the lagoon has suffered water discoloration.

It continues to undergo restoration to maintain its quality for swimming.

The Colorado Lagoon also has a playground for the children to play, including a ship mast, store, and telescope.

There are also picnic tables where you can settle with your friends and family to enjoy food while sightseeing.

Final Thoughts

From the beautiful Naples Canal to exciting water adventures along the bay on the island, nothing brings more fun and joy than visiting this gorgeous area.

Everything you need on vacation is already on the island.

For example, you can enjoy outdoor excursions, food, drinks, shopping, and more.

Going to Naples, Long Beach is worth the time, effort, and budget.

It’s also nice to know more about the place.

Don’t miss visiting the museums to gain lots of information about the area.

Book your trip today!

Discover the best things to do in Naples, Long Beach, and sample Italy in California!

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